50 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money in Australia in 2024

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Want to make some extra money in Australia? These ideas are just what you need.

When it comes to finding ways to make extra money, Australia really is the lucky country.

Opportunities abound whether you’re looking to make money online, from home or just a regular part-time side hustle.

I should know. When I was 21, I moved to Sydney and quickly became a party girl. I spent a lot of money (which I don’t regret, YOLO and all that) and ended up in debt up to my eyeballs.

I had a breakdown at H&R Block in Bondi Junction when I realised I had no money to pay my huge ATO bill. I needed to find a way to make extra money fast.

50 Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Australia


Using the tips below, plus some hardcore frugal living, I paid that tax bill, got out of debt completely, boosted my superannuation funds, and saved enough to travel and buy a house from earning extra cash.

I’ve included ways to make extra money online and offline.

Some of us want to make money from home, and some would prefer to find a side hustle that gets us out of the house.

Either way, there’s bound to be an idea that suits you here.

If you’re wondering how to make money online, Australia offers many online income opportunities.

1. Take Online Surveys That Pay Cash

A quick way to make some extra cash is with paid surveys.

Survey companies collect data from users on behalf of companies.

These companies typically use the data for marketing or analytics to launch new products or services or improve an existing service. 

There are loads of good survey sites in Australia, but if you want to earn cash, there are three you should consider joining right away:

All three of these Aussie survey sites pay cash (via PayPal or bank transfer), and their surveys are regular.

Some pay a token amount when you screen out (don’t qualify), which is a nice touch.

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2. Become a Virtual Assistant

Working from home as a virtual assistant is a great side hustle for administrators, personal assistants and executive assistants.

You can make decent money from home working as a virtual assistant (or VA for short).

All you need is your existing skill base, a computer and an internet connection.

I worked in this manner after my son was born, and the gig continued after we left Sydney to travel.

I was earning AUD and spending Mexican pesos, which gave me a taste of geographic arbitrage (when you earn a strong currency and spend a weaker one, more about that here)

Abbey Ashley from The Virtual Savvy runs a 60-minute FREE training webinar on becoming a booked-out virtual assistant. The training includes ideas on which services to offer, finding customers, scaling your business and more.

3. Watch Videos With Swagbucks[$5 Sign Up Bonus]

Swagbucks is an online survey site that offers way more than just surveys. 

You can earn points by watching videos and switching your search engine to their search.

There are many other ways to earn money on Swagbucks, including referring friends, taking surveys, and even shopping via their cashback offers.

Plus, you’ll get $5 (USD) just for signing up. It’s not huge money, but you can earn it from the couch!

Click to join Swagbucks and get your $5USD FREE today>>

4. Become a Social Media Manager

If you are obsessed with Instagram or know your way around the Facebook advertising dashboard, there is money to be made.

Much like a virtual assistant, a social media manager often works remotely and manages the social media profiles of their clients.

A Social Media Manager is a professional who specialises in creating, managing and optimising content for social media platforms.

They are responsible for developing and executing strategies to increase brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, and sales.

They create original content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, graphics and other forms of digital media to engage with their target audience.

Additionally, they monitor analytics on social media accounts to measure the success of campaigns/strategies and adjust them accordingly.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to make money from home, Australian and overseas companies are always looking for reliable staff who know how to rock social media. 

And even if your skills aren’t yet up to scratch, plenty of training courses are available online.

This Udemy course is a great place to start.

5. Take Polls and Battles With Toluna

Toluna is one of the best paid surveys for Australians

Toluna offers a fun way to earn some extra cash for Australians.

You can take polls and battles with other members on their platform.

Toluna also offers traditional online surveys. They pay cash rewards via Paypal, or you can choose from loads of vouchers. (You can read our full Toluna Australia review here).

One thing to note with Toluna is that there can be a delay in adding your points to your account.

This is because they don’t credit the points you earn for the paid survey until after the survey has closed.

I’ve never had a problem with them being added but it does take time.

Click here to join Toluna>>

6. Become a Transcriptionist

Transcribing audio clips for businesses is another great side hustle for Australians.

You can do the tasks from anywhere you have an internet connection, get paid weekly in US Dollars and work as much or as little as you like.

You’ll need to be comfortable typing quickly and using American English (organize, not organise, color, not colour etc) and have space to work, but transcription can be a lucrative home business if you can do that.

As a transcriptionist, you’ll turn audio files into typed documents using a free online editor developed by Rev.

You can earn between $0.36 USD and $0.45 USD per audio minute of transcription. 

You can pick and choose jobs that interest you. Payment is made weekly via Paypal.

The application process includes some rigorous testing but the company has great reviews so this is one extra income option definitely worth checking out.

Click here to learn more about becoming a transcriptionist with Rev>>

7. Download Money-Earning Apps

There are loads of money-earning apps for Australians.

You can get paid to scan your groceries with Homescan and iRi Shopper, share your opinions with survey sites, play games, go mystery shopping with iShop for Ipsos and more.

Check out this guide to the best Australian apps that pay.

8. Share Your Online Activity with Nielsen Computer Panel

With the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, you can get paid for allowing Nielsen to track your internet usage.

When you join the panel, you will be asked to install an app on your computer or mobile device that will track your internet activity.

You will then be rewarded with points for each month that you remain active on the panel.

These points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash rewards and work out at about $10 per month, so over the year they can add up to a decent pile for Christmas spending.

By participating in the panel, you are helping Nielsen build a better understanding of how people use the internet, which in turn helps companies create better products and services PLUS you’re getting an easy additional income stream.

9. Teach English Online

Teaching English online is a relatively new field for Australians.

It’s actually the perfect side gig for Aussies due to the time difference with China (currently two hours behind AEST).

You can earn up to $25 USD per 40-minute lesson and work as much as suits you.

During the week, lessons are mainly in the evenings.

On the weekends they are all day long so you can really make a lot of extra cash on top of your Monday-Friday gig if you hustle hard.

You’ll need to be a native speaker with a degree and some teaching experience. 

The Udemy Course “Teach English Online” by Charles Cornelius, is an excellent resource to get you started for a very low cost.

The course is designed to give English teachers the skills they need to teach online.

It covers topics such as finding students, deciding what to teach, understanding student needs and wants, establishing a premium rate niche English course, setting rates and getting paid, essential tools needed for teaching online, resources for high-quality materials, teaching core language skills and exam preparation.

So pretty much all the knowledge you need to become a successful online English teacher!

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10. Start a Blog

Blogging is a lucrative way to make money online for Australians and it is an industry that is starting to become mainstream.

I started my first little blog in a workshop in Sydney in 2011. It was a free site on WordPress.com and it was not one bit cool.

But I was hooked. Blogging soon became a hobby I loved and through many iterations, my blog finally started to make money.

That wee site started in a work seminar all those years ago and has morphed into an online business that earns me over $7500/AUD per month.

Blogs make money in various ways including affiliate marketing, display ad revenue, sponsored posts as well as providing a platform for selling online courses and more.

Here is a detailed guide showing exactly how blogs make money.

I’m not saying blogging is easy, but it’s a solid way to earn money online.

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11. Take Part in Online Focus Groups

Two legitimate companies paying excellent money for online focus groups are User Interviews and Respondent.

Both platforms generously reward their members (in USD!) for sharing their knowledge and experience.

They are actively looking for participants in all industries to participate in focus groups. Payment is made by PayPal.

Taking part in these focus groups takes longer than regular online surveys but the pay is GOOD.

The offers you will receive will be tied to your professional working and life experience so ensure you have a complete profile.

I was offered a marketing panel paying $65USD for 45 minutes when I last logged on. 

Unfortunately, the toddler had other plans so I wasn’t able to participate but I’ll be keeping a close eye on this site. 

Sign-up is simple, they do require a PayPal address and all the usual info but it’s nothing too intensive.

Just make sure you’re accurate about the description of your work as that’ll determine the invitations you get.

Click to join User Interviews now>>

Click to join Respondent.io now>>

12. Write articles for blogs and websites

So you can string a sentence together and want to earn money from home? Brilliant.

You can join thousands of other Aussies who are earning money by writing for websites and publications.

In fact, copywriting is one of the top high-income skills you can learn

I used to do this before focusing on blogging and would earn around $50 for a 500-word article. 

If you’re interested in this extra income idea, click here to read how I earned money writing on Upwork.

13. Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

A sample of Trina’s gorgeous art.

When Trina reached out to me to share how she was making passive income on Etsy selling digital downloads, I was intrigued.

Here was a side hustle that works wherever you are in the world.

Trina only sells digital files of her art – just like the piece above – and once she has set up the Etsy shop, she simply has to maintain it.

Digital downloads mean she carries no stock, has no overhead and makes money while she sleeps. The perfect extra income idea – especially as a busy mum.

You can read more about how Trina makes money on Etsy in this guest post she wrote for me: How to Earn Passive Income on Etsy With Digital Downloads

14. Sell Pictures of Your Feet

It may surprise you to learn that you can make money selling pictures of your feet online.

When I first heard of this interesting side hustle, I was intrigued. 

After doing some research, I realised it’s not as icky as it sounds and can be a legit source of income for those of us blessed with nice feet.

If you reckon your feet have a shot at being famous (or satisfying someone’s fetish), you’ll love this guide to selling pictures of your feet online

15. Register for Market Research/Focus Groups

Another lucrative way to boost your income in Australia is by signing up to take part in focus groups.

These are often held in-person and I’ve attended sessions in the CBD and all over the place.

Just google ‘focus groups + your city’ to find out where to register. I’ve had some pay me over $100 for an evening of sharing my opinion and eating their yummy snacks.

Check out our guide to Australian paid focus groups and market research here

16. Get Your RSA and Find Casual Bar Work

Getting my RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate) was probably the best investment I made into earning more money.

The actual certificate was done and dusted in a day and I was instantly able to register with agencies for casual bar work, netting a couple of hundred dollars a day.

A few times I was lucky enough to tend the bar at events like the Bledisloe Cup and NRL matches. I was also once a Cougar bourbon girl at a Speedway meet – cringe!

Plus, I even got to attend a festival that I really wanted to go to but couldn’t afford by working behind the bar (I couldn’t dance but I still had fun listening to the music and earning moolah at the same time).

17. Deliver Packages With Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a new side hustle for Australians. How it works is you register to join the program as a Delivery Partner through the Amazon Flex app.

Once you’re approved, you choose a delivery block (four hours), pick up packages from the depot and deliver them to the assigned area within the assigned timeframe.

You need to be 20 or older with a full driver’s license, a four-door car, and a smartphone and be able to pass a background check.

You’ll also need an ABN as you will be working as a contractor and responsible for your own tax.

Payment rates vary depending on a number of factors such as time of day, day of week etc but the system is very transparent.

You will be provided with the estimated duration and payment for each block before you accept it on the Amazon Flex app and rates are competitive – they will differ depending on demand in your area.

Payments are made weekly by direct deposit.

Click here to find out more about Amazon Flex>>

18. Data Entry

Data entry work consists of repetitive typing and requires extreme accuracy.

It’s also frequently available at nights and weekends making it a great side job to earn extra money.

Data entry jobs can be found in loads of industries. You’ll find hundreds of opportunities on Seek.com.au

Earn extra money so you can travel or just get out of debt with these ideas.

19. Work Retail at the Weekends

Retail work is the ideal way to make extra money in Oz.

I started off as a Christmas casual at a huge electronic retailer (tip  – Christmas casual jobs are freakin’ awesome because you earn extra cash at the time of year you need it most and you also have less time to spend it. Check out these ideas to boost your income at Christmas).

After Christmas was over I worked every weekend (I worked 7 days a week at the peak of my debt payoff journey) and a couple of late nights after my corporate gig was finished for the day.

It was hard, sure, but the penalty rates (especially on Sundays) eased the pain a little and working my butt off meant I wasn’t out partying or shopping.

Weekend retail jobs are also a great way to meet fellow side hustlers.

I made loads of new friends who were also working full-time day jobs and using their side income to save for things like travel or paying off their credit cards.

20. Rent Out Your Car

If you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and have a car that is less than 6 years old, you could make some extra cash by renting it out on UberCarshare (formerly Car Next Door).

This would be perfect for those of us who only use our car for weekend trips.

Your car needs to meet the following conditions:

Your car must:

  • be well maintained
  • be manufactured no earlier than 2001
  • have a value of $50,000 or less if listed in Victoria, or $60,000 or less in other states. 

There are a few more technical requirements which you can check out here.

21. Rent Out Your Spare Room on Airbnb

Renting out your spare room on Airbnb is a great side hustle for Australians.
In this example, you could make up to $1585 a month renting out your spare room in Sydney, to a traveller for around 15 nights a month.

Got a spare room or studio to spare? You could make serious coin renting out your spare space on Airbnb. The great thing about Airbnb hosting is you can choose which days you have guests, unlike a full-time housemate.

There is work involved in keeping the room clean and making your guest feel welcome, but it’s a great way to meet new people and a solid income booster. Find out more about becoming an Airbnb host here>>

22. Rent Out Your Parking Space

Do you have a spare parking space at home or work? If so, you can earn extra money renting your spare car space with Parkable.

Central locations pay the best, but city fringe and locations near events or major employment centres can also be lucrative.

Read more about making money with Parkable here.

23. Share Your Storage Space

Got a garage you don’t use? Lucky you! People will pay money to rent your garage or storage space.

Check out Spacer to get an earnings estimate>>

24. Matched Betting

Matched betting is a technique used to generate profit from bookmaker offers and bonuses by placing two bets – one with a bookmaker and one with an exchange.

This ensures a profit is earned every time, regardless of the outcome of an event. It is possible for matched bettors to make a profit each month in Australia.

Websites like BonusBank offer free and paid services. Signing up to the website and downloading the app is free.

Members can then access tutorials and lite versions of software/calculators, allowing them to understand matched betting and make a $75 profit.

If members opt into a premium membership, they can apply the same principles and make more money.

From what I’ve heard matched betting is more of a maths play, than gambling. That said, if you have ever had any trouble with gambling or addiction, you best leave this idea out.

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25. Start a Crafty Side Hustle

If you’re crafty or creative, there’s money to be made in making and selling crafts.

Handmade and homemade goods are popular at local markets, on Facebook Marketplace or you could sell them on Etsy.

There is no limit to the wonderful things you can make and sell, but if you’re stuck for ideas, check out these crafts you can sell for profit. 

You could also sell your crafts through Etsy. We dug in and discovered the best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

26. Food Delivery

Food Delivery

If you’re looking to make money as a food delivery driver in Australia, there are plenty of opportunities available. 

Delivery apps such as Menulog, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Deliveroo offer flexible hours and great pay.

According to previous Dashers, drivers are paid per delivery and can earn well through tips. 

The average annual base salary of a food delivery driver in Australia is $52,250. Food delivery jobs are also listed on Indeed.com with salaries ranging from $9-$13 per hour.

Making money as a food delivery driver in Australia is a great way to supplement your income or even become your full-time job.

With flexible hours and the potential for good pay, it’s an attractive option for many people looking to make extra cash.

27. Online Course

Making money by creating and selling your own course is the passive income dream. This can be done through a platform like Udemy or Teachable.

First, you’ll need to create your course content. This can include videos, PDFs, and other materials.

Once you have your course content ready, you can then create your sales page and start marketing your course.

Using an online course provider like Udemy is a smart long-term move. This means that you will provide the course content and they will handle all of the marketing and sales.

This can be a great option if you don’t want to deal with creating your own sales page or marketing your course.

If you’re happy to create a sales page and be in charge of your own marketing, Teachable can host your course and handle the payment and distribution side for you.

The Teachable blog is a wealth of information.

28. Upskill for Your Day Job

You might not even need a side hustle if you can get a promotion at your day job.

Upskilling for your day job helps you stay ahead of the competition and gain greater job security. Plus it makes you more valuable to prospective employers.

Ever heard the saying “an investment in knowledge pays the best dividends”? That’s because, for most of us, our most valuable asset is our ability to generate an income.

Ask your employer to recommend professional development courses for your role.

Look into professional qualifications with universities and TAFE. Research the certificates that are in demand in your field to get ahead.

These qualifications don’t have to be costly either – there are scholarships and grants available, often from within your organisation.

29. Swap Bank Accounts

Swap Bank Accounts

A lot of banks now offer sign-up bonuses, such as cash when you open a new account.

You could use this money to your advantage – sign up for different bank accounts and switch regularly to ensure that you are always receiving bonus cash.

It would take a bit of effort but could be worth your time – only you can make that decision.

30. Online Tutoring

With the rise of technology, online tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular side hustle.

There are many different ways to become an online tutor in Australia, ranging from working for established tutoring companies to setting up your own independent business.

If you’re looking for a more structured approach, there are plenty of companies that offer online tutoring services in Australia. 

TeacherOn is one such company that provides highly skilled online tutors with experience in all subject areas. 

The Tutoring Company also offers individualised instruction through their state-of-the-art platform, while KIS Academics provides private online tutoring and study skills consultations. 

Cluey Learning and Alchemy Tuition both provide personalised lessons for K-12 students, while Edugraff offers the best online tutoring in Australia by expert educators. 

Finally, Tutor Finder has a wide range of maths and English tutors available across Australia, and Learnmate has online tutors available in every Australian State and Territory.

When it comes to setting up your own independent business as an online tutor, you will need to create a website or profile on an existing platform such as Upwork or Freelancer.

You will also need to market yourself effectively so potential clients can find you easily.

Once you have established yourself as an experienced tutor with good reviews from past clients, you can start charging higher rates for your services.

Overall, becoming an online tutor in Australia is a great way to make money online while helping others learn new skills or improve their academic performance. 

31. Turn Your Home Into a Film Location

Location agencies like Pure Locations and Setbook connect homeowners with location-scouting agencies for films, TV or photography shoots.

Pure Location is the largest agency in Australia and represents properties ranging from luxurious to suburban homes.

SetBook notes that homeowners can earn between $500-3000 / hire, and it is free to list your property.

If you own your own home and think it is ready to take a starring role, listing it with a location agency could be a neat way to make money from your home.

32. Work as a mother’s helper

There are many ways to make money as a mother’s helper in Australia.

A mother’s helper is someone who helps a mother with her daily tasks. This could include running errands, doing grocery shopping, providing childcare, preparing family meals – basically everything a parent does – you would help with.

You’ll often work during typical after-school hours – between 3 pm and 6 pm – giving you lots of flexibility to study or work other jobs in your free time.

Expect to earn around $30 + per hour.

33. Advertise Your Services via Airtasker

Airtasker is an online marketplace that connects people who need tasks done with people who are willing to do them.

You can find all sorts of jobs on Airtasker, from furniture assembly and data entry to gardening and cleaning.

Getting started with Airtasker is easy. All you have to do is create an account, set up your profile, and start browsing through the available tasks.

You can filter the tasks by location, budget, and time frame so that you can find something that suits your needs.

Once you’ve found a task that interests you, simply submit your offer and wait for the customer to accept it.

Airtasker offers a secure payment system called Airtasker Pay so that both parties can feel confident about their transactions.

When you complete a task and request payment, the customer will release the payment directly into your nominated bank account.

34. Sign Up for Product Testing

Product testing is an interesting side hustle.

Companies and market research firms will offer customers samples of a product or service, in exchange for their opinion. Product testers are often paid for in product or gift cards. 

As a product tester, you’ll be asked to try the product and provide feedback on how it performed and if you would buy it.

This will help the company form their marketing direction for the product.

In some cases, the feedback from product testers may even determine whether or not the product gets released!

You can read more in our guide to product testing in Australia.

35. Take the Minutes

Take the Minutes

If you have good organisation and typing skills, you can make money as a minute taker.

As a minute taker, your job will be to attend meetings and take notes on what is discussed.

This information will then be compiled into minutes, which will be distributed to the meeting participants.

Taking minutes can be a challenging task, as you will need to pay close attention to the discussion and capture all of the important points.

However, if you are able to do this effectively, you can charge between $45-$100 per hour.

The Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney run an online training course in Effective Minute Taking via Zoom for those looking for official training.

36. Publish on KDP

Are you an aspiring author looking for a way to make money from your writing?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a platform that allows authors to self-publish their books and sell them to readers around the world.

There are a number of different ways to make money on KDP. Here is just a couple:

1. Sell your book as an eBook. When you list your book on KDP, you can choose to sell it as an eBook or as a print book.

If you want to maximise your earnings, then selling your book as an eBook is generally the best option.

This is because eBooks have no production costs and they can be sold for lower prices than print books.

Furthermore, readers are increasingly choosing to purchase eBooks over print books, so you’ll likely reach a larger audience by selling your book as an eBook.

2. Enrol your book in Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is a program that allows readers to access thousands of eBooks for a flat monthly fee.

When you enrol your book in Kindle Unlimited, it will be available for readers to borrow and read for free.

While you won’t earn any money from readers who borrow your book through Kindle Unlimited, you will earn a percentage of the total pot of money that Amazon pays out to authors each month.

This can be a significant amount of money if your book is popular among Kindle Unlimited readers.

A good place to find out more is the Reddit thread /r/selfpublish

37. Babysitting

Babysitting is a popular way for teenagers and young adults to make extra money.

If you’re considering becoming a babysitter, you’ll need to have a valid Working With Children Check which is issued by your state government.

A first aid certificate is also beneficial to have and will give parents peace of mind, helping you to stand out amongst other applicants.

You can start by advertising your services to family and friends, or by signing up with a local babysitting agency.

Rates start at $20/hr.

38. Run a Class With ClassBento

Run a Class With ClassBento

Do you have a skill or passion that you want to share with others?

With ClassBento, you can make money running a class and teaching your craft to others.

ClassBento makes it easy to teach in-person or online. You can run live-streaming virtual classes via Zoom or Facebook Live, or sell pre-recorded classes.

Or, you can run in-person classes from a studio or public venue.

You can also sell DIY craft kits with all the materials needed for your class.

Whether it’s cooking, painting, crafting, photography, drawing, making perfume or creating digital art – there’s something for everyone!

You can even send pre-prepared materials kits so that your students can easily follow along with your lessons from the comfort of their own homes.

ClassBento’s top teachers earn over $100,000 per year on the platform. You can find out more on their website.

39. Rideshare Driving

Rideshare driving is a popular way to make some extra money in Australia. It’s flexible and convenient, allowing you to work when it suits you.

With rideshare companies like Uber, Ola, DiDi, Shebah and GoCatch operating in Australia, it’s never been easier to get started.

You can choose your own hours and decide how much or how little you want to work.

A new study found that the pay of Uber drivers is substantially lower than minimum wage and other jobs in the road and rail industry.

With half of all Uber drivers having another job, 11% studying and 18% looking for a job – rideshare driving is definitely a side hustle and probably not something you can turn into a full-time income.

Drivers are able to adjust their work hours to suit their needs, which increases job satisfaction but not income.

Making more money on Uber depends on working Friday and Saturday nights as well as during surge pricing periods as well as knowing good locations to pick up fares is also important to gain higher-paying fares.

Labor plans to give the Fair Work Commission power over the gig economy, which has favourable conditions at the moment due to low unemployment and underemployment figures.

40. Host an Experience on Airbnb

From chocolate or coffee tours of your city to cooking classes and hiking experiences, there are plenty of ways to make money with Airbnb Experiences.

When creating an experience, it’s important to think about what activities you can offer that will be enjoyable for guests and profitable for you.

You can create activities based on your passions, interests, hobbies, or skills. You can also take tourists on a tour of the area and photograph them in picturesque locations.

When setting a price for your experience, make sure it covers your costs and leaves you with a profit. It’s also important to market your experience effectively so that more people know about it.

Hosting an experience on Airbnb can be a great way to make extra money while doing something you love.

41. Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

Become the neighbourhood handyperson and take on odd jobs to make some extra cash.

Here are a few ideas that can help you get started:

Gardening and landscaping: If you have green fingers, offer your services as a gardener or landscaper.
You could offer basic lawn care services such as mowing and weeding, or you could take on bigger projects like planting trees and creating gardens. 

Errands and deliveries: Help out your neighbours by becoming a delivery person or errand-runner. You could do grocery shopping, pick up packages from the post office, or move furniture items in a van. 

Handyman services: If you’re good with tools, you can offer handyman services such as furniture assembly and basic home repairs. This is an ideal job for those with carpentry skills who don’t want to commit to full-time work.

List your services on Facebook Marketplace or in local groups.

42. Shop Smarter

We all know that saving money means we don’t need to make as much, so it’s helpful to think of your non-essential purchases in terms of the time required to purchase.

Are those new jeans really worth four hours of work?

Could you find a vintage pair in an op shop for a fraction of the price?

Save money and the environment? Win-win!

If you can’t buy second-hand, can you get a price match? Stores like JB Hifi, EB Games, and Officeworks all offer price-matching policies.

Using cashback sites for online purchases can nab you a decent discount. Australian cashback sites include Cashrewards, Shopback, and Cashback club.

I also find it helpful to plan my shopping expeditions before I leave the house. I write a list of what I need then mentally plan out my route before I get in the car.

This is the best way to ensure I spend as little as possible.

Impulse purchases almost always end up more expensive (and the inevitable post-purchase online price comparison will reveal a saving I missed – every time).

43. Collecting and Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling metal is more economical than mining new metal so every time you recycle scrap metal, you are doing Planet Earth a favour.

It can be quite lucrative too.

The best way to make scrap metal recycling worthwhile is to accumulate a pile of metal before going to the scrap yard.

Putting a notice up on community Facebook groups, and offering to take scrap metal away for free is a great way to grow your stash. You’ll no doubt have many takers.

You’ll get the most for copper, brass, nickel, tin and aluminium, but scrap steel and rebar are still worth a few bob.

44. Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a smart way to earn money while doing something you love and keeping fit.

To become a professional dog walker in Australia, you don’t need to complete formal training.

However, it is recommended that you undertake a Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour or Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services as these courses will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to safely and effectively handle dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Additionally, having some experience working with animals can also be beneficial when applying for jobs.

Once you have the necessary qualifications and experience, the best way to find work as a dog walker is by joining an online platform such as Pet Backer or Mad Paws which connects pet owners with experienced pet sitters and dog walkers.

45. House Sitting

Like dog walking, no formal qualifications are required, but it is helpful to have experience working with animals, as many people are looking for house sitters who can care for their pets. 

The best way to find work as a house sitter is by joining an online platform such as HouseSitMatch or Nomador which connects homeowners with experienced house sitters. 

Most house-sitting jobs include free accommodation in exchange for looking after the property while the homeowner is away, so you will need to consider how much you would need to cover other costs like transport and meals during the assignment. 

Whilst house sitting is often unpaid, the savings in accommodation costs can be significant.

A former colleague of mine house sat full-time while renting out her Sydney apartment.

She had excellent reviews which meant she was booked 95% of the time and stayed with her parents on an odd day between sits. 

It’s also a neat way to travel on the cheap.

46. Reselling on eBay

Reselling items online is the perfect make money online side hustle if you’re willing to put in the hours.

Selling items in the house is a great way to learn or alternatively, starting with $50 at op shops can be rewarding.

Kirra Thomas, an Adelaide-based reseller, recommends trying church op shops.

She says that church op shops are particularly beneficial as they have fewer picked-over items than bigger stores. 

Markets and garage sales also offer good opportunities for resellers, by asking if there are any hidden gems not yet brought out.

You’ll need an eBay account in good standing. The eBay blog has some good tips on getting started.

47. Exam Invigilator

Exam Invigilator

An exam invigilator is responsible for ensuring that test conditions are fair and secure for those taking exams.

This includes supervising the exam room, providing assistance to students where necessary, collecting answer sheets after the exam has finished and inspecting these sheets for any suspicious activity.

An exam invigilator must also adhere to various regulations and guidelines pertaining to the assessment process, such as monitoring student behaviour and notifying their supervisor if any cheating occurs.

Exam Invigilator roles are an excellent side hustle as they tend to be in 3-4 hour blocks, and at certain times of the year so you can work around other commitments and pay well. Expect to earn over $30 per hour.

Just Google “Exam Invigilator jobs + your city” to find local opportunities.

You will need a valid Working with Children check.

48. Cleaning

Cleaning is a great side hustle because it provides flexible working hours.

It also pays well – often much better than minimum wage – and can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.

Additionally, cleaning services are in high demand due to busy lifestyles, meaning that there is plenty of potential for growth if you are looking to expand your client base.

Check out local Facebook groups to see what’s needed in your area, or run a job search through Seek if you would prefer regular hours.

49. Stocktaking

Businesses often hire extra staff to help with stocktake because it is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task.

Doing an accurate stocktake requires counting, weighing, or measuring every item in the store or warehouse.

Having additional staff on hand can also make the process faster, allowing businesses to complete their stock take more quickly and accurately.

This is good news for Aussie side hustlers because casual stock-taking jobs tend to be at the weekends or evenings and once you’re in with a good agency you can accept as much work as you like.

Expect to earn around minimum wage.

50. Write an E-book

Write an E-book

Writing and selling an e-book allows you to leverage your writing skills and expertise, providing an opportunity to turn your knowledge into passive income. 

With the right strategy, you can reach more people than traditional publishing channels allow and eliminate any financial barriers associated with printing costs, distribution fees, or publishing contracts. 

Digital books also require less production time giving you more control over your creative work and boosting your potential return on investment.

Ideally, you’d have a social media platform or mailing list to promote to, or you could use paid Facebook advertising to bring leads.

Side Hustles in Australia – Things to Know

What is the tax-free threshold in Australia?

The tax-free threshold in Australia is currently $18,200.

If you are an Australian resident for tax purposes, the first $18,200 of your yearly income is not subject to income tax. This threshold applies to all taxpayers regardless of their age or employment status.

I hope this article on how to earn extra money in Australia has been helpful.

Whether you want to take on a side hustle or dive deep into making money online, I’m sure you’ll find something here to help you find the best way to add some extra money to your budget. 

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