Does EB Games Price Match?

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EB is the biggest video game-based retailer in Australia, but they have plenty of competition on their products through multi-niche stores like JB HiFi and Big W. So, their prices aren’t always the lowest available. But, will they price match?

Yes, they will. In the event, you find a lower price for a product, EB Games stores will price match any retail competitor stores.

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However, the competitor stores must be local or at a reasonable distance from their stores. In addition, the products must be available in both stores at the time of the price match claim.

How to Get a Price Match at EB’s Stores

Multiple terms and conditions need to be followed to get a price match from an EB Games store. Firstly, as we mentioned in the intro section, the policy states that the deal is only valid when the competitor’s store is at a fair distance.

What is considered a reliable distance usually varies between the stores, so make sure to confirm the competitor store you’re comparing to is in this category by the specific EB store you intend to claim the price match.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be fine if it’s under an hour’s driving distance away.

Their price match policy will obviously cover any store in the same shopping center.

The policy also only applies to products that are available in stock at physical retail stores. So, no price match for online stores.

EB also requires that the product should be identical in color, size, brand, and model for the price match to take effect.

It is important to note that they do not offer a price match guarantee for products such as consoles or other hardware.

The lower price must also not be a result of exclusive price deals such as closing down sales or liquidation sales.

If everything else is in check, you will be required to provide proof of the lower price for validation.

It is also important to note that as EB’s considers the price match a service rather than a policy to be followed you may find the rules on what is acceptable may sometimes vary amongst different stores.

Here Is a Quick Checklist of the Eb Games General Rules

  • Competitor stores must be at a reasonable distance/local area.
  • The items must be available in stock at both stores.
  • The items must be identical in color, size, and brand.
  • The service is only valid for physical retail stores and is not available for online stores.
  • There is no price match guarantee for consoles or other hardware.
  • You must have proof of the competitor’s cheaper price.

Does EB Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

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There is no documentation about a price adjustment policy. However, they once mentioned on Twitter that they would price adjust in-store if a competitor has a better price on a pre-order when you pick the product up.

Other Ways to Save At EB Games

Trade In

One other way you can save while at EB Games stores is to utilize their trade-in service.

This service allows customers to bring in old consoles and/or video games for the chance to save a few bucks on newer products they may want to purchase. So, don’t throw away older devices you may have.

Also, remember to carry identification. Like most retail shops, getting a membership with EB will grant you access to tons of exclusive member deals. You can rise through the various levels of membership to get more exclusive deals.

Cashback on Gift Cards

Cashrewards sells EB Games gift cards with 2.5% cashback as at time of publication. So you could buy a $100 gift card and get $2.5 cashback on your gift card. You’d then need to shop with your gift card at EB Games.

It’s not a massive saving but the $10 Signup Bonus for Cashrewards (currently $20) makes it worthwhile! Plus every dollar counts, right?

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Does EB Price Match Kmart?

EB’s price match service terms and conditions will price match any retail competitor as long as they are within a reasonable distance. In addition, the stores need to be physical stores.

So yes, as long as your local Kmart meets these conditions, you can try.

Does EB Price Match Amazon?

No, the EB price service is only available for physical competitor stores in the EB store’s locality.

For this reason, all online stores are excluded from the price match policy, including Amazon.

Summarising the EB Guarantee

There are no overarching hard rules for EB, and each store will have slightly different policies you can check.

Yet, they generally offer price matching if the product is at another store within a reasonable distance. This policy does not apply to hardware such as video game consoles.

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