Does JB Hi-Fi Price Match?

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JB Hi-Fi is one of the most popular retail stores in Australia.

Still, for us shoppers looking for the best prices, every time we step foot into a JB store we need one question answered, do they price match?

The simple answer to this is yes. JB Hi-Fi’s price match policy was set in place to ensure customers get the best prices and market-leading deals each time they shop. 

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How to Get a Price Match at JB Hi-Fi Stores

To get a price match deal, simply bring proof of the competitor’s low price. A URL link with the cheaper product works best.

Also, remember to consider delivery costs for online purchases as that will be included.

On What Products Does the Policy Apply?

Well, according to the store’s official website;

The policy applies to similar products that are in stock at both the relevant JB Hi-Fi store and the rival at the time you make the price match claim.” 

So, as long as you can find it lower simply get proof and the same product exists in both shops you are good to go.

However, JB states that there are certain scenarios where the deal will not apply. Here is a quick checklist of scenarios where the policy does not apply:

  • Cashback offers and store credits.
  • Coupon promotions.
  • Competitor advertising errors.
  • Grey or direct import products not sold through an authorised Australian reseller.
  • Commercial orders.
  • Bonus and bundled promotions.
  • Competitor clearance products or products with limited or restricted quantities.
  • Members-only or subscription prices.

At the store, simply visit a customer care desk where a team member will assist you. Alternatively, contact JB’S sales line (13 52 44) open 7 days a week, 8 am – 9 pm AEST.

Other Ways to Save at JB Hi-Fi

To save more while at a JB store, you could ask the salespersons for the best prices on items. According to a JB Hi-Fi employee, Auj Mirza, employees are any shopper’s best friend.

This is because they can offer tips on products that have discounts. The only problem is that a lot of times shoppers don’t care to ask.

A good tip is to order through Click & Collect and stay alert in case of price drops in purchased products. JB’s price match policy ensures;

If the price drops for an item that you’ve ordered through Click & Collect, you’ll be offered a store credit, goods to the value of the difference, or a refund when you collect your goods in-store.

Also, if you are a student looking to purchase an Apple or Microsoft Surface Range product, check to see if your school is under JB Hi-Fi’s BYOD program.

You can get discounts on these products if it just happens your school is part of the program.

Discounts are also in place for teachers, specifically on Microsoft Surface products. Remember to carry your student ID, and as a side note, it is important to be aware that student discounts don’t work online.

Does JB Hi-Fi Price Match Officeworks?

Yes, the price match policy applies to most of JB’s competitors, including Officeworks.

As long as it’s a similar product present in both shops at the time of the request and all terms and conditions are met, you should always give it a try.

Does JB Hi-Fi Have After Pay?

Yes, After Pay allows customers to pay for already received goods in installments every two weeks. JB’s After Pay policy is restricted only to items that are between the $20-$1000 mark.

Purchases made through the phone sale line can’t be bought with After Pay.

Does JB Hi-Fi Have a Change of Mind Policy?

Yes, as long as you have not opened or damaged the product in any way, there is a 30-day window in which you can return products.

Also, if the product is faulty or damaged and the customer is not at fault, there is a 90-day window through which items can be returned.

How Does JB Hi-Fi’s Click and Collect Work?

Click and collect is an easy way to purchase goods online instead of having to go to the stores for purchase.

As the name suggests, all you have to do is find the product you intend to purchase, then checkout and select ‘click and collect’.

Depending on your postcode, the nearest pickup point will then be recommended to you. Remember to carry your identification card for verification. Also, bring proof of purchase.

Summarising the JB Hi-Fi Guarantee

In short, JB Hi-Fi has a broad-reaching price match policy that only requires proof of the current price of the same product from a competitor such as EB Games.

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