Does Officeworks Price Match?

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Officeworks is one of Australia’s biggest brands in stationery and office supplies, as well as a go-to source for the school stationery list.

So if you’ve shopped around and found a cheaper price elsewhere you might have wondered if Officeworks will price match other stores?

Officeworks offers a price match policy which is called their “price beat guarantee” or PBG if you prefer acronyms. They will beat a competitor’s price by 5% for an identical product that is available and in stock, at the time you claim the price-beat guarantee. You must claim the price beat guarantee in-store or on their 1300 number. 

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How does the Officeworks Price Beat Guarantee Work?

To claim the Price Beat Guarantee, you must present evidence of a product being in stock and available to purchase at the time you make the claim.

This can be with a website link, a screenshot, a brochure or even a clipping from a catalog (as long as it’s currently valid). 

You can either present this in-store or call 1300 Office to make your saving.

Does Officeworks Price Match Amazon?

Yes, Officeworks will price match Amazon BUT they will include the cost of delivery in their calculations. 

This means if Amazon has an item for $40 and charges $5 for shipping, they will price beat $45 – not $40.

To quote Officeworks directly: “If the identical, in-stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%.”

If you have Amazon Prime it can still be worth looking into – especially if you are in an Officeworks store and want to take the item with you right away.

Plus, you are supporting an Australian-owned business.

Does Officeworks Price Match School Lists?

Officeworks have an additional price match policy for school lists called the Parents Price Promise. 

The Parents Price Promise only applies to prices on official school lists that are uploaded to the website or presented in-store.

The Parents Price Promise will beat the price of your official school list by 20%, making it an incredibly enticing saving for very little effort.

Bear in mind that your school may receive donations or kickbacks from stationery suppliers so shopping through the Officeworks Parents Price Promise will reduce the amount a school will receive.

This was available for the 2021/2022 school year but is not guaranteed to return for the 2022/2023 school year.

What is not covered by the Officeworks price match policy?

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Some exclusions to the Officeworks Price Beat policy are:

Cashback offers

You can’t claim the price beat guarantee when you are availing of cashback offers. These are most commonly offered in the case of computer and printer purchases.

Commercial Quantities

Commercial quantities do not qualify for the price beat guarantee (you can probably negotiate a better deal directly, anyway).

Liquidation sales

If a competitor is being put into liquidation, the price beat will not apply. This is because goods sold at liquidation sales are usually below cost. So your best bet in this instance is to go to the liquidation sale.

Getting a price match is a smart way to shop and keep more of your own dollars in your pocket. You don’t have to waste petrol driving to another store when you avail of a price match policy like the price beat guarantee at Officeworks.

Officeworks has free Wi-Fi in all stores so make the most of it by running a quick Google on your phone to see if you can find a cheaper item elsewhere.

Even if it’s only by a buck or two, you’ll still save 5% on the lower price which can really add up.

Happy shopping!


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