Is ReceiptJar Legit? Everything You Need to Know

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At Mumsmoney we are always looking to make a little extra money on the side, especially from something you do anyway – like your grocery shopping!

Yep, you can make money from your receipts, just from doing your regular weekly shopping. Apps like ReceiptJar allow you to share your receipts for rewards like gift cards and cash.

Today, we will be investigating ReceiptJar and how you can use it to make a little extra money on your average weekly shopping this year. 

Whilst it may seem a little bit too good to be true, we will be exploring how legit ReceiptJar is, how ReceiptJar makes money and how you can use this app to your financial advantage. 

How does ReceiptJar work?

ReceiptJar allows you to upload receipts from leading retailers and supermarkets, including IGA, Aldi, Kmart, Dan Murphy’s, Spotlight, JB HiFi and many more.

ReceiptJar will enable you to take pictures of your receipts in the app and win rewards depending on the type of receipt and where it’s from. 

ReceiptJar accepts receipts for any physical products (aside from gift cards and other exceptions like movie tickets) purchased within the last 14 days.

You can only send receipts once, and ReceiptJar doesn’t accept service receipts or EFTPOS receipts.

Simply take a photo of your receipt in the app to begin earning rewards. You must upload clear pictures of your receipts and select a suitable store type to fast-track your approval.

There are limits to how many receipts you can upload in a week to prevent fraudulent activities. 

ReceiptJar offers multiple ways to earn rewards through your receipts. You will receive rewards based on the receipts you upload, and you can also win shake bonuses and other fun prizes within the app. 

How does ReceiptJar make money?

ReceiptJar uses your receipts for market research. They don’t save your personal information and use the information from your receipt to formulate an anonymous market research report that companies can buy.

ReceiptJar makes money from these market research reports. An example of one of the reports they could sell is “Do families in Cairns CBD buy their soft drinks from Woolworths or IGA?”

When companies buy these reports, ReceiptJar passes down some of the earnings to customers for sharing their receipts. This is how you earn money from ReceiptJar and how the app profits from your receipts.

ReceiptJar is very secure and doesn’t store your personal information. 

How do you make money with ReceiptJar?

As you upload your receipts into the ReceiptJar app, you earn points depending on the type of receipt and where it’s from.

Once you’ve made a certain number of Points, you can cash these points out for an eGift Card. 

Here are the amounts of points you earn from each receipt:

  • Below $10 = 5 points
  • $11-$50 = 10 points
  • $51 – $100 = 15 points
  • Over $100 = 20 points

As of December 2021, ReceiptJar’s cash out amounts are as follows:

  • 1,000-1,100 points = $5
  • 2,900+ points = $15
  • 3,900+ points = $20
  • 9,500 points = $50

The eGift cards that ReceiptJar issues are Woolworths/Coles gift cards. You can choose which eGift card you would like to receive.

As ReceiptJar buys the gift cards directly from retailers, they are subject to the limitations that are set by the retailers. Thus, it’s essential to do your research on which eGift card works best for your family and shopping habits. 

All in all, ReceiptJar makes money off of your information. The more receipts you share, the better rewards you earn.

Maintaining a good account score may allow you to cash out greater rewards, and ReceiptJar also offers additional opportunities to earn rewards through shake bonuses and more in-app.

Is ReceiptJar worth it?

You have to earn a lot of points to win rewards. If you regularly spend over $100 at retailers like Woolworths and Aldi, ReceiptJar is a fun, free and frugal way to earn cashback on your purchases. 

Some downsides to ReceiptJar include the length of time it takes to earn monetary rewards back from your receipts and the imposed receipt upload limits, and other strict guidelines.

You can receive account warnings quickly, mainly if the app detects fraudulent activity. Every single receipt you upload has to be approved for you to earn rewards. 

However, ReceiptJar is a legit money making app and valuable for earning a small amount of cashback on your regular shopping activities.

Over a year, the points do add up and can offer you ample rewards for your shopping. The eGift cards come from a range of leading Australian retailers, which is also helpful.

You can download ReceiptJar on iOS or Android

Final Thoughts:

ReceiptJar offers a fun way for you to earn rewards on your regular weekly shopping. The app allows you to upload your receipts and earn small rewards for sharing your purchases for market research. 

We recommend ReceiptJar if you’re a busy Mum looking to earn a little bit extra cash on the side for your weekly shopping.

The app is insanely easy to use, and the fact that the eGift cards come from leading Australian retailers is a definite plus. 

ReceiptJar is legit and allows you to earn rewards for taking photos of your receipts.

Over the course of the year, your points will definitely add up, and you may be able to make a lovely $50 voucher in time for Christmas, which is a definite perk.

We recommend ReceiptJar if you want to earn for your weekly shopping today. 

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