Octopus Group Review: Highest Paying Survey Site in Australia

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Octopus Group is an online market research group – but with a difference.

Australian based, owned, and operated, this online survey site has committed to offering its members the highest paid surveys for Australians.

You might not get rich, but as a fun and interesting way for Australians to earn some extra spending money, Octopus Group is an excellent choice.

Octopus Group Review – There’s A Lot to Like

Here’s why you should consider joining Australia’s highest-paying market research company.

About Octopus Group

Online marketing sites are commissioned by companies to gather opinions that help with product development, marketing and sales.

It’s a great way for companies to find out what real people think about their product, and what might make it more appealing.

Market research sites like Octopus Group use their massive base of members to get opinions.

The information they use to qualify a person for a survey has all the identifying information removed and just basic statistics are provided – they might know that your answers come from a Sydney man aged 30-40 who earns more than $45,000 a year, but they won’t know your name is Darryl – or anything else that could identify you.

Octopus Group set themselves apart from the crowd in two important ways – they’re Australian, and they claim to pay more than any other market research company open to Australians.

The way they achieve that is to pass more of the money they make along to their members than other research companies, with smaller overheads than the international companies and a commitment to doing the best by their members.

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How does it work?

Any Australian or New Zealand resident who is 15 years or older can join online. The website has a simple sign-up process, where you’ll need to use your mobile number as your log-in.

It’s uncommon for a marketing company to need your mobile number, but Octopus Group has a few important reasons to ask for it:

  • It’s easy to remember
  • It stops people from fraudulently opening up multiple accounts
  • There’s a lot of support for mobile users on this platform with a dedicated mobile app.

Once you have signed up, provided some basic information about your demographics, and confirmed your mobile number by entering the code they send into the sign-in page of the website, you’re ready to go!

The terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, are available on the website if you’d like to know what happens to your information, but Octopus Group is a trustworthy company used by many Australians.

You can get your survey invitations on the app (you’ll need to enable notifications), on the website, or by email.

Octopus Group doesn’t use a confusing points system – you’ll be offered dollar amounts for your time. Once you’ve completed a survey, your reward will be credited to your account automatically.

It should only take a few minutes but might take up to 30 days in rare cases.

The amount you get depends on the length of the survey, so the longer the survey the greater the reward. You might not qualify for every survey opportunity that is sent to you, but Octopus Group offers a small cash compensation even if you’re not selected.

How much can you earn?

Octopus Group claims to offer 80% to 400% more than all other Australian survey companies. Their compensation is definitely generous.

Their stated rate is $0.28/min, which equals $16.80 an hour – far higher than other market research groups. Most surveys will earn you around $4-$8.

Most of your money will come from completing surveys, but Octopus Group has a remarkably generous referral program.

For every friend you refer, you’ll get $1 – but then, Octopus Group will continue to reward you with $1 for every survey your friend completes, up to a total of $20 per friend. That’s far above the market average.

To redeem your cash, you’ll need a minimum of $20. You can check your balance by logging in to the website, or using the “Me” tab on the mobile app.

Octopus Group offers either a bank transfer of your cash or an online gift card for a range of retailers. To redeem your reward, you’ll need to sign in to the website and go to the redemption section.

If you choose to receive the money as a deposit, you’ll need to enter the redemption amount and your bank details.

You’ll get an SMS when it has been successfully validated, containing a six-digit passcode you’ll need to enter into the website to finalise the redemption process. Your money can take up to 30 days to appear in your account.

If you’d like a faster reward, you can choose an eGift card that will appear in your email almost instantly.

The company will even pass on their bulk purchasing discount of 5% for gift cards, so a $20 gift card will only cost you $19, for example. Octopus Group offers a wide range of Australian gift cards to choose from, like Coles, iTunes, JB Hi-Fi, and many more.

Getting the most from Octopus Group

Use the app. Many survey sites are behind the times, and only allow you to complete surveys on your computer or tablet. Octopus Group has a great mobile app that lets you complete surveys on the go. Make sure notifications are enabled so you don’t miss out.

Complete your profile. To receive surveys, the market research company will need to know about you so they can include you in any research that fits your descriptors. The best way to get surveys you qualify for is to keep your profile current. An inactive account can be deleted, so keep giving your opinion.

Make the most of it. Referring friends, taking the surveys that come your way, and keeping your information up to date are all great ways to earn money and make the most of your time.

Most survey sites pay as little as possible, but Octopus Company wants to compensate Australians for their time and opinions fairly.

With Octopus Group market research, you can share your thoughts, support an Australian company, and get paid fairly for your time.

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