BP Rewards Guide – Make Your Petrol Spend Work Harder

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Want to make your petrol spend work a bit harder? With BP Rewards you can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points or David Jones gift cards. Sound good?

Read on to find out how to join and benefit from the BP reward program.

More than one million subscribers joined BP Reward Program seven months after its launch in March 2020. In that year alone, members of the program redeemed BP points worth more than $1.8 million.

What Is the New BP Rewards Program?

BP reward is the leading Australian fuel loyalty program. The program awards members BP points whenever they spend on fuel at participating BP fuel stations or on any in-store purchases at BP stores across Australia.

Before travelling, BP advises customers to find out which stations are participating in the rewards program by using the online BP rewards fuel station map.

What is Qantas BP Rewards?

The largest airline in Australia, Qantas partnered with BP, allowing BP to reward members to points referred to as Qantas points.

Other than awarding Qantas flyer points, BP’s reward program allows its members to join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program for free. Typically, membership costs $99.50 for an Australian to join Qantas’ Frequent Flyer program.

BP Qantas rewards are currently the only fuel loyalty program that directly awards Qantas points.

How to Join the BP Reward Program

Signing up for the BP reward program is simple, straight forward and takes less than a minute. Visit the BP rewards website or the Qantas BP rewards Frequent Flyer page and fill in the required details.

  • BP reward website registration form requires members names and email, while the mobile number and BP reward card number are optional.
  • Similarly, the Qantas Frequent Flyer form requires members names and emails with an additional request for the Frequent Flyer number. The mobile number remains optional.

In addition, BP allows members to sign up through the BPme app.

How to Earn Points for BP Rewards

It is easy to earn BP points. BP reward members gain points automatically when they use the BPme app during a purchase or before payment by;

  • Scanning their BP rewards card,
  • Scanning their virtual BP rewards card using the BPme app
  • Scanning their Qantas Frequent Flyer card via the Qantas app

BP Points Earning Rates

BP rewards give generous points on qualified purchases as follows;

  • 2 points per 1 litre BP Ultimate Unleaded fuel
  • 1 point per 1 litre BP fuels
  • 1 point for every $1 spent on eligible in-store BP purchases

The number of points is the same whether you redeem them as BP points or Qantas points. In the meantime, it is essential to note that some selected items will not earn you points.

Nicotine and tobacco products are prime examples of items that won’t earn points.

BP rewards outline the eligible and non-eligible products in their terms and conditions.

How Do I Check My BP Rewards Points Balance?

BP reward members can save up their points and redeem them later. To check accumulated points earn tally, customers may use the BPme app or log in to the BP rewards site.

How Do I Claim My BP Rewards Points?

Customers claim BP rewards either by redeeming BP points or Qantas points.

Redeem BP Points

BP rewards offer members flexible ways of redeeming their points. For example, customers can choose to use their BP points on David Jones eGift cards or dollars off fuel and in-store BP purchases.

How Do I Redeem BP Points For Dollars off at BP?

BP rewards members can redeem from 500 BP points equivalent to $5 when making payments at a participating BP.

An extra cent off is offered for any additional point above 500 BP points. For instance, 825 points will fetch you $8.25 off.

To qualify for dollars off at BP, a customer’s transaction needs to include products worth at least $5 and a valid BP Rewards card.

How Do I Redeem My BP Points for David Jones eGift Cards?

Customers can redeem from 1000 BP points for David Jones eGift card worth $10.

To redeem BP Points for David Jones eGift Card, you need to log in to BPrewards.com.au and go to My Offers and Rewards. Then they can select one of the eGift cards options of $10, $25 or $50.

Once a customer confirms that they want to spend their BP points for a David Jones eGift card, BP send one to their email.

Redeem Qantas Points

When one decides to convert their BP points to Qantas points, they can redeem them through the Qantas Frequent Flyer Classic reward seats as follows:

  • 8,000 Qantas points for the Economy flight
  • 18,400 Qantas points for the Business class
  • Business-class upgrades start from 5,400 Qantas points for the shortest domestic trips

Additionally, rewards members can claim through Classic Qantas Hotel Rewards, which are non-refundable or booking an online car hire in Australia at qantas.com/cars.

Qantas has a facility that allows customers to specify the minimum level of points to redeem and pay the remainder with a debit or credit card.

What is ‘Pay with Points’ in the BPme App?

It is the option of using the BP Points for dollars off at participating BP stores from the comfort of your car through the BPme app.

How to Save My BP Points for Later

Whenever a customer makes a purchase at BP, they get prompted to redeem their points. However, a BP rewards member can choose not to get prompted to save up their points.

BP rewards customers can make changes to their preferences at BPrewards.com.au. Once logged in, they need to select the ‘Choose My Points’ option then check the box under ‘Manage my rewards’.

Can You Switch BP Points to Qantas Points?

Yes. The BP reward program offers the flexibility of converting BP points to Qantas points one for one.

Do BP Rewards Expire?

Yes. Qantas points expire when customers are dormant on their accounts. A customer needs to use their account at least once every 18 months, and that period begins from the date of the customer’s last eligible activity.

Will My Account Close if I Am Inactive?

Yes. A users account can be closed if it remains dormant for a period of four years. Customers will be contacted by at least 6o days in advance through their email.

What Is a BP Plus Card?

A BP plus card is a fuel card that allows fleet owners to keep track of their fuel transactions. In addition, BP plus customers can earn Qantas points through the partnership with the Qantas Business Rewards program on top of their discounts on BP products.

Therefore, this means that Qantas points can be earned twice if you’re a business owner – through BP rewards and BP plus.

Apart from the earlier stipulated points, a customer can earn through BP rewards. Customers can earn the following additional points with a BP Plus card:

  • 1 point per 1 litre BP Ultimate Unleaded fuel
  • 1 point per 2 litres BP fuels
  • 1 point for every $1 spent on eligible BP in-store purchases

BP rewards are even more beneficial to business owners. However, some Australian government employees and companies cannot earn points.

Benefits of BP Plus Fuel Card

  • It lets you consolidate all fuel and vehicle expenses in a single statement
  • BP Plus online reporting and fleet management tool is available 24/7
  • The card is accepted at over 1400 BP stores in Australia

Is BP Plus the Same as BP Rewards?
BP plus card is not the same as the BP rewards card. The BP Plus card is a loyalty card for business owners, while BP rewards don’t have restrictions for the general public.

Benefits of BP Reward Program

  • It’s free to join. Signing up for the program is free and easy as well.
  • There are several reward schemes to choose from. BP rewards give its members the option to decide whether to earn BP points or Qantas points. Alternatively, BP reward members can redeem their BP points as David Jones eGift cards or get dollars off purchases at BP stores and other selected outlets in Australia.
  • Generous rewards. Members gain up to 2 points when purchasing fuel or choice items from participating BP stores.
  • Convenient Payment. The program does not discriminate on any payment method. Members of the BP reward program can pay using a credit card, cash or in-app.

Drawbacks of BP Rewards Program

  • It requires frequent spending, and a customer can only accumulate many points by spending often in BP fuel stations and in-stores.
  • Points on selected items. Some in-store BP items are not eligible to gain BP points.
  • Exclusion of some BP stores. Customers can only gain and redeem points from participating BP stores across Australia.

BP Rewards Take-Aways

If you occasionally purchase fuel or buy essentials, BP gives you a win-win opportunity of racking up points. The flexibility it provides allows customers by choosing how they want to redeem their points is a big plus.

Other than the previously mentioned way of earning points, BP has limited offers from time to time, which awards customers with more points.

Don’t be left out. Join the BP Rewards Program today by clicking here. It is free, easy and won’t take more than one minute.

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