Toluna Australia Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Inside: This Toluna Australia review covers how Toluna works, what rewards are available and the best ways to maximise your earnings.

Who knew that your opinion could be so valuable? Companies around the world need to make sure their products and services appeal to the widest group of people – and they need people like us to help.

Market research companies connect businesses with people who are willing to share their opinion in exchange for rewards.

Toluna Australia Review 2022

Toluna is one of the biggest, with millions of members across the world including many opportunities for Australians.

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You probably won’t earn a lot, but if you’re looking for a legit way to earn some rewards from home, Toluna is a great way to give your opinion, engage with an international community, and get paid.

How does Toluna work?

Toluna was founded in Paris back in 2000 but has now grown in a big way with over 26 million members from more than 70 countries. They are one of the largest and most trusted survey sites in Australia.

Toluna partner with major national and international brands who are seeking input from potential customers.

These companies pay Toluna to get a wide range of opinions, allowing them to get an idea of how their product will perform when it hits the market, or what changes they can make to meet their customers’ needs.

These are usually in the form of surveys, although sometimes there are other market research opportunities like surveys over the phone or even group discussions.

Toluna passes a small amount of that payment to each member who participates, in the form of points. The system of paying a lot of people a small amount of money allows them to get a big picture from a diverse group and allows the participants to get points to use towards a reward.

That means your opinion counts! Toluna members can also have access to surveys about products that haven’t even hit the market yet and can influence decisions like pricing, packaging and marketing for exciting products from major brands.

How do you earn points?

Toluna offers a number of ways that members can earn points.

1. Completing Surveys

These market research companies are usually referred to as “paid survey sites” for a good reason – the bulk of your points are going to come from taking surveys.

Not every survey invite you are sent will be right for you, so you’ll need to take screening questions and then continue with the survey if you are selected.

2. Profile.

It’s in your best interests to have an up-to-date profile, and Toluna needs to know about you in order to send relevant surveys. You’ll receive points as an extra incentive to fill in your profile and keep it current.

3. Interacting with members.

Toluna emphasises their community, so you can earn points by networking with other people. Creating polls and other content for members to vote on can earn you points, and the most active members get bonus points every month.

4. Playing games.

There are plenty of other opportunities to earn points on the site, like playing games and voting in sponsored polls. The points from these activities are relatively low but as most people find themselves on their phones anyway, it’s worth spending the time on something that will help you work towards a reward.

5. Inviting friends.

Once a friend signs up using your invite link, your account is credited with 500 points. You can invite a maximum of 10 friends per month.

6. Staying active.

Toluna automatically gives entries into their “Millionaire Daily Lottery”, where each active member has the chance to win a million points.

7. Product testing.

It won’t earn you points, but there are often opportunities to sign up to test products in return for your opinion. Register your interest and if you’re chosen, you’ll get to keep what you try.

How much can you earn?

Earning is generally slow and steady. On average, a survey will give you around 3000 – 9000 points, equivalent to about $1-$3.

The other activities around the site will give you varying amounts for participating. It all adds up, but it can be slow going.

When you have accumulated at least 29,500 points, you can redeem them for a reward – that amount will get you a $10 gift card at a range of places like JB Hi-Fi and Deliveroo.

The most straightforward option – a PayPal cash transfer – starts at 61,000 points for $20. There are gift cards on offer to many other major Australian brands like Coles, Bunnings and K-Mart.

Signing up for Toluna

Signing up is very simple. Either you complete a very limited number of questions to begin, or you can use your Facebook login. The next step should be to start filling out your profile information.

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You don’t have to answer questions if they make you uncomfortable, but filling in your information allows Toluna to match you to different demographics.

Your answers aren’t directly traced back to you, but they do need to know that you are answering as a married woman who lives in the suburbs (for example) to make sure they are asking the right people.

Once your details are correct and your profile is filled out, you can start earning points. There should be surveys available straight away, or you could head to the community pages. Toluna has a great FAQ section, so you should find the information you need there.

From there, you will receive survey invitations by email or mobile (depending on your preferences) but the best strategy is to check in often to the website.

You won’t qualify for every survey, even after you’ve completed the screening questions. However, if you’re persistent, there should be plenty of opportunities.

Points can take a few weeks to load, and they do expire within 16 months so it’s important to try to reach the redemption threshold before that time.

Tips and tricks

Keep profile information up to date. Toluna uses the information you give them to decide what opportunities you might be suitable for. If you make sure your information is as accurate as possible, you maximise your chance of being offered surveys.

Complete surveys. Wherever possible, it’s a good idea to complete a survey as soon as you can get to it. Some have limited numbers so taking as many as possible is the fastest way to boost your points balance.

Participate in the community. Not only does Toluna offer you a great way to get opinions on products from the massive community of members, but they also give you points for doing so.

Members can create Thumb Its (where other members can give a thumbs up or down to a statement you make) or battles, where you pit two products against each other and members can vote. It’s a great way to get a public opinion as well as earning points.

Joining Toluna

Toluna is a trusted market research company, and the information you give will be used safely according to their privacy policy.

They are a legit site with real opportunities to earn rewards. The key to having the best experience is consistency and managing expectations around how much extra money you can realistically make.

Regularly completing small tasks will add up over time, so when you have some moments free it’s a good idea to head over to the website and see what opportunities are waiting.

The community can be genuinely helpful if you are after opinions on products and services, and opportunities like product testing are rare but worthwhile.

As market research opportunities go, Toluna is one of the best. The earnings are very competitive with other sites, the rewards are worthwhile, and the member’s community is a great additional incentive to keep coming back.

It’s definitely not enough money to quit your day job, but Toluna offers an interesting way to spend some spare time, engage with a great community, and earn some real rewards.

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(Please note, our Toluna Review is based on experiences using the site from Australia and New Zealand so experiences in other countries may vary).

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