12 Best Paid Survey Apps in Australia 2024

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Inside: Find the best paid survey apps in Australia to help you make extra money from your phone.

Life gets busy, and you don’t always have the time to switch on your computer, sit down and complete a survey.

While survey sites are a great way to influence brands and get paid for your opinions, it can be difficult to set aside the time.

That’s where paid survey apps come in.

Launched from your phone or smart device, apps that pay you to take surveys send the survey right to your screen, making it much easier to complete surveys on the go.

Best Paid Survey Apps Australia 2024: What You Need to Know

The best money making apps in Australia give you the freedom to access their paid survey opportunities in a time and location that works for you.

Let’s look at some of the best paid survey apps in Australia that can help you make the most of your time.

How do paid survey apps work?

While each market research company tends to have a slightly different focus, the main idea is the same.

Companies and brands pay market research companies to get opinions from real people, just like you. 

Market research companies have a large number of participants on their books, and using profile information they can choose who to send a survey invitation to, in order to collect the responses of a specific group or a wide range of people, depending on what information the company requires.

The participant is generally given an estimate of how long the survey will take, and how much they will be rewarded for their participation.

After completing a few screening questions to ensure that the market research company is getting the right person for their survey, the participant is able to move on and give their thoughts and opinions on the company, product, brand, or service.

Participation is completely voluntary, and once the brand has paid the market research company, some of that payment is passed on to you.

Now that the world is increasingly digital and mobile, many companies have made it a priority to offer an app, which makes the survey process much easier to complete on the go. 

Here are a few of the best paid survey apps in Australia, and what you can expect if you choose to sign up with them. 

1. Toluna Influencers

Toluna is one of the big names in market research and one of the best paid survey apps Australia has to offer.

Founded in May 2000, it has become a global phenomenon – and it has a dedicated site for Australians.

The app is available on Android or iPhone.

It exists to support the original site, so while there are interesting functions such as swiping through cards to give your opinion, when it comes time to take a survey you’re likely to be redirected to your mobile browser, instead of taking the survey within the app itself. 

Each survey tends to pay around 3000-6000 points, and you’ll need 30,000 points for around a $10 reward.

Along with a massive assortment of gift cards for major Australian retailers, Toluna is one of the rare companies that will allow you to deposit your earnings straight into a PayPal account, once you’ve reached the minimum threshold. 

toluna logo

Cashout from $10
Earn from surveys, games and more

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another app that will let you withdraw your earnings to a PayPal account, although you’ll need a $25 minimum to do so.

A survey app with a difference, Swagbucks lets you earn points (called SB) by watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and of course – completing surveys.

Swagbucks has partnered with over 200 major retailers to offer a massive range of gift cards, in addition to the PayPal option.

Swagbucks is a great way to earn money for doing things you’d probably be using your phone for anyway, such as earning cashback from online shopping. Swagbucks is available on Android, iOS and on the website.

swagbucks square

Frequent surveys
Multiple ways to earn

3. Pureprofile

Also combining a range of ways to earn points, Pureprofile places their emphasis on keeping your profile up to date.

While you won’t earn points for your profile, it can dramatically influence the type and number of surveys that you might be offered.

Available on iOS and Android, your Pureprofile app lets you earn points by watching videos, completing personal invitations, visiting websites and taking surveys (they are one of our top picks for Australia survey sites).

Once you’ve reached $20 you can cash out into your PayPal account, or choose movie tickets or gift cards instead.

You won’t be able to redeem more than $70 in a 60 day period, however much you earn.


✓ Cash out to Paypal ✓ High earnings ✓ Reliable

4. Octopus Group

Octopus Group keep it simple – they’re Australian owned, they pay in gift cards or bank deposit, and they offer some of the highest payment rates in the market research world.

This highly respected Australian survey company requires you to have earned at least $20 before you can cash out, and with the relatively high rates offered it shouldn’t take a dedicated survey-taker too long to reach that amount.

Their app is available on iOS and Android, and you’ll need to get onto the website to complete some surveys. 


Australia's highest paid surveys
Generous refer a friend scheme

5. Nielsen Consumer Panel

Nielsen Homescan, now called the Nielsen Consumer Panel, take a slightly different approach to the usual survey sites.

This branch of the Nielsen group is interested in your shopping – what you buy, how much, and when.

In the past, participants had to use a dedicated scanner to collect the information. These days, it’s easy to simply use the app.

After signing up, participants use their Android or iOS phone to scan the bar codes of their groceries after every shop.

All scanned purchases earn points, which are able to be redeemed for gift cards.

nielsen square app

Get paid to scan your groceries
Keep app installed to earn

6. Nielsen Beauty

nielsen beauty app
For those who are passionate about beauty products, Nielsen Beauty are an exclusive panel that offer rewards for simply scanning the bar codes of beauty items.

Members receive points based on their weekly activity can then redeem for gift cards – once the points total $20 in value, a gift card of the member’s choice is automatically redeemed.

This app is available for Android or iOS, but you’ll need to be invited to take part, so the best you can do to begin with is register your interest.

Need to know: Users must be 18+ yo Females who recently bought any beauty/hygiene product. Users receive points on based on their weekly activity, which are redeemed into Gift Pay vouchers automatically once a certain number of points is reached; they also receive other incentives for first installation of the app, 6 month and 1 year anniversary, birthday and any online surveys. Read our full overview here

nielsen square app

Scan the barcodes of beauty products you buy and unlock point rewards which can be redeemed for gift cards

7. IRi Shopper

Another shopping app, the iRi Shopper works in a similar way to the Nielsen Homescan – after shopping, you’ll need to scan your barcodes to send information about your purchasing habits using the app on your Android or iOS phone.

Points accrue over time, with extra points being added for milestones like your first six weeks using the app, and there are sweepstakes prizes as well.

Once you have earned enough, your points can be redeemed for a range of rewards from their gift catalogue, including gift cards.

iri shopper app

Get paid to scan the barcodes of your shopping

8. YouGov

apps to take surveys yougov australia

Another paid survey app available for Australians, YouGov focus mainly on asking your opinions about topics such as brands, TV shows and other relevant content.

Available on either Android or iOS, this app pays relatively well – 100 points is equal to $1, and most surveys pay around $4.

The only slight catch is that surveys aren’t always very frequent, and YouGov has a very high minimum cash out rate. You’ll need to earn the equivalent of $50 to be paid.

However, they do offer some great bonuses and pay in cash, so it could be worth the wait.

yougov australia logo

Your opinions could make the news!
Cashout from $50

9. MyView

i-Say is the name of the app created by the well-known market research company MyView. You’ll need to sign up for MyView before you download the i-Say app.

As a dedicated survey app, it’s well designed and easy to use on either your iPhone or Android smartphone.

i-Say delivers a generous number of surveys, and will inform you how much you will earn and the survey length before you accept.

Once you have accrued 1,000-2,000 points (depending on the reward), you can choose from a range of vouchers, a donation to a charity, or a physical gift card.  

myview isay

Earn gift cards by answering fun quizzes, polls and surveys.

10. Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is a good old-fashioned survey app – with a long-established name, you can earn points by referring friends and watching videos, but the main focus is on surveys.

Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, the Opinion Bureau app will send you notifications when you have a survey available, including how much you can earn and how long it should take.

Instead of a points system, this survey app tells you straight in dollar amounts how much each survey is worth.

Once you’ve reached the minimum of $10, you can choose an online gift card as a reward.

opinion bureau square logo

Earn in dollar amounts
Plentiful surveys


mobrog australian survey app

An online paid survey site with an app to help you complete surveys on the go, MOBROG are a relatively new site for Australians with some great options for earning.

They’re upfront about how much you’re likely to make, and are clear about the dollars that you will earn instead of using a points system.

Most surveys will earn you an average of $0.5-$5 per survey, and when you have reached your minimum amount required to redeem (which will be disclosed on your profile), you simply request for the funds to be deposited into your PayPal account.

mobrog logo

Get paid cash via Paypal

12. Univox ($2 Signup Bonus)

Straight away, Univox offer a sign-on bonus of 200 points (equivalent to $2), and then you can begin to earn points through the surveys they offer.

This company focuses mostly on surveys, and their app is well designed and allows you to take their surveys from your Android or iPhone.

Once you have accumulated enough points to check out, you can choose from a wide range of gift cards, including a virtual MasterCard which gives you the freedom to spend your rewards at the online store of your choosing.

univox australia logo

Earn from surveys, games and more with this global survey app provider

Survey apps are a quick and easy way to make money online in Australia. You won’t earn enough to quit your day job, but you can definitely earn enough to help out with birthday presents and Christmas gifts. 

Do you use online survey apps? Which are your favourites?

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