Does Bunnings Price Match?

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It is a fact that Bunnings’ slogan, “lowest prices are just the beginning,” attracts customers.

Even if a company’s reputation for low prices, knowledgeable staff, and quality are crucial, there is another thing you should consider before purchasing your equipment and supplies: their price match policy.

You’ll be relieved to learn that Bunnings has a price-matching policy. If you’ve ever seen a Bunnings TV ad, you would have heard them say, “If you find a lower price on a stocked item, we’ll beat it by 10%.” Only authorised Australian retailers are subject to the policy, which applies to all identical products.

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Bunnings states, that they will undercut competitors’ rates by 10% if you discover them for the identical in-stock item that is available for same-day delivery or pickup and includes GST and delivery fees. 

You can read more of their price policies on their website.

How to Get a Price Match at a Bunnings Store 

Bunnings will only match rival retailers’ prices in Australia.  You must also provide evidence that another company has an identical product offered for less.

If you show up to a store with appropriate proof, Bunnings will decrease the cost of their items to match the amount indicated by the competitors and discount it by 10%.

You may have complete faith that Bunnings will consistently provide the most competitive prices in the industry. 

The policy covers any cheaper goods you discover, both in-store and genuine online retailers. 

You must provide a Bunnings staff member with documentation of a competitor’s lower pricing.  You can show a picture or URL of the competitor’s listing price. 

The price match policy of Bunnings is very competitive and one of the most lenient ones in terms of its product eligibility criteria.

However, there are still some terms and conditions that need to be met for a successful price match claim:

  • The item offered on the rival’s website must be identical in all senses. In other words, they have to be the same model, brand, colour, and size.
  • Both Bunnings and the rival store must have the product in stock.
  • Commercial quantities, stock liquidations, and marketplace products are not eligible for price matching.
  • Clearance items and items purchased at member-only prices are not eligible for price matching.
  • The item cannot be part of a bundle, be purchased with a voucher, or be available at a discounted rate for members.
  • The product’s GST fees and delivery costs are included in the price match.

If all the rules are followed, Bunnings will beat the competitor’s price.

To complete the price guarantee and make your purchase online, contact Bunnings customer support.


  • The price beat will not be valid if a rival is being liquidated. This is because items at liquidation auctions are frequently offered below cost. Going to the liquidation sale is, therefore, your best option in this situation.
  • Bunnings does not honour its price-matching policy for commercial volumes (you can probably negotiate a better deal directly, anyway).
  • Trade quotes
  • Items requiring delivery to or from an area, not inside Australia
  • Offers from resellers, classifieds, and online auction pages. 
  • Prices from manufacturers, distributors, or importers 
  • Prices for paid membership programs/stores

Does Bunnings Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

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Unfortunately, Bunnings’ official website makes no mention of a “price adjustment” or “price reduction” policy.

Their price match policy is all they have.

As a result, there isn’t an established procedure for receiving a partial refund after the purchase.

Price adjustment policies cover price changes made after the sale, while price match is a discount offered before purchase.

You must evaluate pricing before the sale to get the best deal from Bunnings. You may have some luck if you visit a store, but it’s unlikely.

When you’ve already purchased the item and learn that a rival is selling it for less, you can contact Bunnings’s customer service at for advice.

If they don’t offer a partial refund, browse Bunnings’ return policy to get the best deal possible on the product.

Does Bunnings Price Match Amazon?

Yes, Bunning will match Amazon. If you find an identical product on Amazon for less, the price will be matched or beaten by 10% by Bunnings.

For the price match policy to apply, the items must be exactly the same in terms of scale, brand, colour, etc.

As discussed earlier, if you discover the same item for a lower price on Amazon, you may not be able to return it.

Bunnings documentation doesn’t state anything regarding price adjustments for already-purchased products at Bunnings.

Does Bunnings Price Match Online?

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Yes, Bunnings matches the pricing offered by online merchants.

To price-match when purchasing online, you have to contact the Bunnings support service and provide evidence that a competitor has the same items listed for a lower price than Bunnings.

If the products are identical to what the competitor marketed them for, customer service will reduce the price by 10%.

If the items aren’t completely comparable, the price match policy won’t be applicable.

Also, the price match won’t be used if the online retailer is not a legitimate store.

Does Bunning Price Match Bing Lee?

Bunnings will price match Bing Lee for comparable items.

To price match Bing Lee products at Bunnings, you must speak with a customer service attendant and provide proof of Bing Lee’s better price.

The stated price will be lowered by 10% less at Bunnings if the employee finds the products match. 

Other Ways to Save At Bunnings Stores

Price Beat at Bunnings

Bunnings not only price matches, they also beat competitors’ prices by 10%. So, it’s definitely worth taking competitors’ catalogues into your local store to get the best price possible on your new tools or construction material

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