Does Bing Lee Price Match?

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Bing Lee is an old family-owned business that deals in electronics and telecommunication goods and appliances in Australia.

But do those family values include price matching at Bing Lee? Let’s take a look.

Bing Lee has a competitor pricing policy that states that they will match the price of another store as advertised. However, you can only request a price match for sales made by Bing Lee in their retail stores or online. Unfortunately, their price-matching policy has a lot of terms and conditions.

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Here are their full policy terms.

How to Get a Price Match at Bing Lee

On the surface, the process of getting a price match at Bing lee is a seemingly simple affair. You can get price matching both online and in their physical stores. Here’s how:


If you want a price match in-store,

  • Go with proof that the other store offers a lower price.
  • Request the price match
  • Once they confirm the price is lower, they will match the price


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If you would like to price match online:

  • Contact their customer service.
  • You can also request a price match by phone number: 1300 609 228

Getting a price match online at Bing Lee can be difficult at times, according to some reviews.

This is because customer service online is not incentivized by individual sales. Most of the time, they may reject the price match request. 

It is better to price match in-store since the salesperson will be more likely to accept in order to meet their target sales.


There are certain conditions that Bing Lee has in order to request a price match. The terms and conditions for a price are long and extensive, so you must read through them carefully if you want to request one.

They are outlined in their competitor pricing policy as follows:

The conditions for the Competitor are as follows:

  • The business has to be Australian, have an ABN, and pay GST.
  • The competing business must own and operate in at least two physical locations.

The conditions for the product offered by the Competitor are:

  • You must bring the product to attention during the purchase
  • The product must be identical
  • The item must be in stock, available for purchase, and not on back order at the competing store and Bing Lee
  • The product must not be part of bundled or bonus offers
  • For an online store, the item must be available for immediate delivery.

You should also note that:

  • The price to be matched must be for an individual item
  • The price should be after GST, delivery, and handling charges.
  • Bing Lee staff must be able to verify the price.


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Price matching is not available for:

  • Items purchased through Finance, Afterpay, Zip Money, Zip Pay, or similar services.
  • Products purchased on eBay 
  • Products purchased with a coupon or gift voucher
  • If there is an error in the advertised price or product by Bing Lee or the other store.
  • Commercial quantities 
  • Fees on delivery, installation, or handling.
  • Item purchased on finance or credit terms.
  • Offers from resellers, classifieds, and online auction pages. 
  • Prices from paid membership programs/stores
  • Prices from manufacturers, distributors, or importers 
  • Items requiring delivery to or from an area, not inside Australia
  • Display stock, admin sales, liquidation, or clearance lines
  • Time or stock-limited offers
  • Restructuring or amalgamation of sales
  • Grey imports are not included—These are products that are sold by internationally based distributors and are not the local importers for the manufacturer. They can also be called direct import products. They are usually delivered to the customer directly from abroad.
  • Bing Lee also excludes some products from this Policy from time to time, for example, Apple products.

As you can see, the list of terms and conditions looks almost endless. These conditions and exclusions for price matching at Bing Lee make it very hard and time-consuming to get a price matching approval.

Most customers who have made a request have been denied.

Does Bing Lee have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Unfortunately no. According to their customer care service, Bing Lee doesn’t change previous orders. If you make a purchase and the product price drops afterwards, they cannot change it.

If you would like to know if they will price adjust based on sales that they are currently running, then you can try talking to one of their staff at their stores or calling their customer service number. 

Does Bing Lee Price Match Online?

No. Bing Lee doesn’t price match online-only products. According to their competitor pricing policy, the price match must be an Australian retailer with at least two physical stores.

They might price match if you purchase online and all the other conditions are met. For example, if it’s an online-only deal at Harvey Norman, but as mentioned before, price matching online is a little difficult.

The best way to check is to talk directly to their staff through their customer service number.

Does Bing Lee Price Match Amazon?

Unfortunately no, Bing Lee doesn’t price match with Amazon. According to their policy, they only match companies with at least two physical outlets.

Also, most of the international sellers on Amazon are not registered businesses in Australia, although Amazon does have an ABN and is registered for Goods and Service Tax.

Does Bing Lee Price Match Harvey Norman?

Yes, as Harvey Norman has (way) more than two physical retail stores in Australia, Bing Lee will offer a price match on their products.

The price match must meet the policy’s requirements, and the items are identical and in stock. So, confirm all the conditions and exclusions before requesting the price match.

Does Bing Lee Price Match Officeworks?

According to their policy, Bing Lee should be able to price match Officeworks since it is a registered Australian business with more than 2 physical stores in Australia.

Make sure the products are identical and meet all the other conditions required for the price match.

Does Bing Lee Price Match The Good Guys?

Yes, they do accept price matching for The Good Guys since it’s a registered business in Australia with 101 stores across six states in the country.

Again, it’s better to visit a physical store than to try to do an online price match.

Other Ways to Save At Bing Lee

A webpage of Bing Lee that shows several discount and saving offers

Here are some ways you can save up by purchasing at Bing Lee:

  • Bing Lee has discounted items on their clearance sales, You can find them here.
  • They also offer a variety of bonuses such as free installations, complementary products, and money-back guarantees.
  • You can find sales on different products at their stores and online here.
  • They advertise a 20% student discount with student identification at their site here.
  • You can get a number of coupons and promo codes from their Facebook page and other websites.
  • They also have free complimentary items for certain products. You can find such offers on their Facebook page.
  • Customers can join their mailing lists to get exclusive deals. To join the mailing list, go to this page, click Join Mailing List and add your email address.

Price Matching at Bing Lee

To wrap up, Bing Lee does price match, but you must jump through a few hoops and make sure the products meet all the terms and conditions first.

You’re better off going into a physical store or calling customer service than using the online chat for price matching.

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