Does Harvey Norman Price Match? | What You Need to Know

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Harvey Norman is one of Australia’s biggest household goods retailers. As of 2022, the company has 270 outlets, spread in 8 nations, with over 180 based in Australia.

It’s primarily a franchise operation which may lead you to wonder, does Harvey Norman price match? 

They use the slogan, “The Shop With Confidence Price Guarantee”, to lure in their customers.  So, yes, Harvey Norman does have a price match policy. They have documented that they monitor prices from competitors in-store and online and made it clear to their customers that they will match Australian in-store and online retailers’ prices. 

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Read on to learn more about the Harvey Norman price match guarantee or read more on the policy page of their website.

How to Get a Price Match at Harvey Norman

Now that we are aware that we can request a price match, we should be aware that Harvey Norman stores have a set of policies and procedures that must be adhered to.

  • The policy stipulates that the offer is only applicable when the competitor is an Australian in-store or online retailer.
  • You can claim a price match on the day of purchase or seven days (a week) after the product purchase. 
  • The product must be an identical model in quantity, brand, color, size, description, name, and every other way possible. 
  • The competitor must have the product in stock when claiming the price match. 
  • Your statement must include information about the competitor’s offer, a copy of the current advertisement, or the web address of an online advertisement.
  • The policy does not cover purchases made using consumer credit, bundle deals, free items, limited quantities, negotiated pricing or quotes, or clearance goods.
  • When matching online pricing, Harvey Norman will consider additional tax charges, relevant delivery costs, and extra costs of payment methods.

To get an online price match, provide a Harvey Norman Online® Live Chat customer service rep with appropriate proof of price that meets their terms and conditions. 

A Live Chat rep will check the website and make a decision based on what they see. Here’s a link to their customer support service if you’d like help checking.

Your request for a price match will be verified and approved after the competitor’s product is certified by the customer support agent as being in stock and ready for sale immediately with an identical payment method (and the same term if purchasing with an Interest-Free Plan). 

After that, Harvey Norman will either arrange a refund for the price difference or match it for you.


There are several circumstances in which the price match deal won’t be applicable. A brief list of situations when the policy does not apply is provided below:

  • If the competitor offers cash back, bonuses, bulk discounts, quantity restrictions, or bundles.
  • Pricing with installation or delivery included.
  • Offers not open to the public, such as trade, special events, clubs, or membership discounts.
  • Pricing mistakes.
  • Ex-demonstration, clearance, reconditioned, or second-hand merchandise.
  • Products whose prices are marked considerably below the suggested retail price or the going rate.
  • Products purchased or sold on the auction, marketplace, or classified websites by third-party vendors.
  • Products shipped directly to clients from an international distributor or those sold through unlicensed distributors (often referred to as “grey market” commodities).

Does Harvey Norman Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

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Harvey Norman must be contacted within seven days of the purchase date to request a partial refund or price adjustment.

This will pay the price differential between how much was paid and what an authorized retailer would have charged you for the same item at a lower price.

However, although it will match prices with other retailers, Harvey Norman’s website has no information on a “price drop” or “price adjustment” policy.

We advise you to acquire clarification on this by speaking with one of their customer service representatives for the exact item you purchased.

Does Harvey Norman Store Price Match Amazon?

There is a complicated and even tense history between Amazon and Harvey Norman. 

When Amazon initially started its operations in Australia, Gerry Harvey, the founder of Harvey Norman, was cited as saying that many of the products that Amazon does sell are different from what they sell, and they could compete with them over 15-20% of their market in certain areas.

Additionally, he refuted Amazon’s stance on match pricing by claiming Harvey Norman wouldn’t want Amazon to develop a foothold in Australia by undermining Harvey Norman’s price-matching policies.

In other words, Harvey Norman’s pricing is similar to Amazon’s. Harvey Norman will match or beat Amazon’s prices and is one of the only retailers that will.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match JB HiFi?

Yes, if you find a lower price at JB, Harvey Norman will price match. But, the two companies frequently price match themselves.

In truth, Harvey Norman often assesses its costs against that of JB to ensure JB isn’t providing equivalent products at a lesser cost. You would unlikely find a Harvey Norman product at JB for cheaper outside products on sale.

The justification would be that Harvey Norman often peruses their major competitors’ goods and probably has already matched them.

Harvey Norman and JB consider pricing carefully and keep an eye on what their competitors are charging.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match Bing Lee?

Harvey Norman clearly states that they price match with renowned Australian store Bing Lee

Bing Lee is included in the phrase, without any restrictions, as long as the price they need to match meets the policy’s requirements and the items are identical and in stock. 

Any product you want to purchase or have purchased at Harvey Norman probably has already had its cost compared to products in Bing Lee.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match Online?

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Yes, provided the merchant is approved and located in Australia, Harvey Norman will match prices for goods found at both online and offline retailers.

Please note that websites containing delivery/shipping and installation expenses are not included, nor are classified or auction websites.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match Kogan?

Yes, Kogan is a Harvey Norman rival in Australia and will match pricing based on that, even though it’s an online-only store.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match The Good Guys?

Harvey Norman will match the advertised prices for similar goods sold by The Good Guys in electronics and home appliances.

Other Ways to Save on Harvey Norman

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Below are some ways you can save up by purchasing at Harvey Norman:

  • You can often find discount coupons on third-party websites
  • They offer a discount on BYOD for school students. 
  • You can find Harvey Norman discounted items on their clearance sales site. Here’s the link,
  • You can also find discounted prices on their hot deals site. Check them out using this link.
  • You could shop using gift cards awarded to you by your friends and loved ones. Here’s the link.

Price Matching at Harvey Norman

As Harvey Norman prides itself on keeping prices as low as possible, you usually won’t have to use its comprehensive price match policy. However, if you do find a lower price on a stocked item, you’re very likely to receive a price match.

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