Does The Good Guys Price Match?

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Since its inception, The Good Guys have only continued to strengthen its place as one of Australia’s best electronic retail shops.

Their classic “Pay cash, and we’ll slash the prices” slogan aims to get us to come in and see The Good Guys. But are their prices always as low as they say, and will they price match their competitors if they’re not? 

The answer is yes. The Good Guys will usually price match any product. You can contact them by phone or head into a store with reasonable proof of pre-purchase. 

You can also get a store credit refund after purchase as long as the competing store advertised the product within 30 days after you buy. The product is from a competitor approved by The Good Guys.

You will get a 120% of difference in price if this happens provided the price difference is not less than 5 dollars. You must add the Gold Service Extras to your purchase for this benefit.

How to Get a Price Match at The Good Guy’s Stores

Before buying from The Good Guys, you can call 1300 942 765 to discuss a pre-purchase price match. You could also head into your local store or find what number to call on here.

If you have evidence from a legitimate competing store, you will likely be approved for a price match on the spot.

Do The Good Guys Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

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Yes, but it’s important to note that only shoppers who purchase with the Concierge Gold Service Extras are eligible for the offer. 

After you make a purchase, stay alert for any price drop within 30 days. Also, make sure to keep any receipt or evidence of purchase as you may need it in getting the offer. 

If you notice a price drop of 5 dollars or more, you can proceed to claim from the store. You complete the claim online and must produce evidence of the lower price along with the purchase proof.

The store will give you 120% of the difference if the claim is verified and approved. This can be acquired either as a Payless EFTPOS card (within 21 days) or store credit (within 2 days).

Be sure to confirm that The Good Guys acknowledge the store from which you found the lower price. All the big names will be approved.

Examples of allowed competitors include JB-HiFi, Myer, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Big W, Bing Lee, Target, Retravision, Joyce Maine, Appliances Online, and David Jones. You can check out the website for additional information on approved stores. 

Here Is a Quick Checklist of What Is Required for the Good Guys 30-Day Low Price Policy to Take Effect:

  • Purchases must be made with the Concierge Gold Service Extras.
  • You will be required to produce proof of purchase and evidence of the cheaper product.
  • The offer only works with competitors approved by The Good Guys.
  • There is a 30-day after-purchase limit where the offer is valid.
  • The price difference must not be less than $5.
  • The product must be purchased from The Good Guys Store.
  • The claims are completed online.

Other Ways to Save at The Good Guys Store

Other than the price match, there are many other ways you can use to ensure you are always paying the cheapest prices while at The Good Guys stores.

One of the best ways to spend less while at the store is to get their special Concierge membership. You will notice that we mentioned this before in the price match section.

Other than the price match benefit, you also have exclusive member-only deals, and a range of discounts on their extra products, such as movie tickets/gift cards.

Another way to save is to always be on the lookout for promos, discounts, and bonuses the store may be offering. One way to make it a fun experience is to just ask the store employees if there are any special offers every time you visit the store.

Also, using coupons from cashback sites like Shopback and Cashrewards, you can save a few bucks each time you shop.

And let’s not forget their classic “Pay cash, and we’ll slash the prices” slogan. Ask if any money can be saved by buying expensive products outright.

If you are looking to get products delivered to you, be on the lookout for price drops in terms of the delivery cost.

The Good Guy’s delivery costs usually vary and are sometimes even free, depending on various factors. 

Do The Good Guys Price Match Amazon?

No, The Good Guys stores only accept price matches if the cheaper retail store is on their approved competitor’s list.

Their approved list comprises authorized Australian retail shops and does not include online marketplaces.

Do The Good Guys Price Match Kogan?

No, Kogan is not included in The Good Guy’s approved competitors list. You should always compare to ensure The Good Guys is the cheaper option between the two before making purchases.

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