20 Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

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If you enjoy craft projects and creating items used daily, then you may be on your way to making some extra money.

That’s right! You can turn your crafting, something you love to do, into a stream of revenue?!

You can find tons of easy DIY craft ideas to sell on the internet – handcrafted wood projects, upcycled jars, homemade skincare, etc.

Whatever your crafting niche is or isn’t, there is somebody out there who will want what you’re making, and they either don’t have the time or the skill to do it themselves.

20 Gorgeous Crafty Things to Make and Sell for Profit

To help you get the creative juices flowing, here are 20 Craft Projects to Make and Sell.

The below include ideas of crafts that make money at local markets, car boot sales, online via social media or even with an Etsy store.

Crochet Sandals are a light and comfy choice for ladies on those warm sunny days. Let your customers customize their colors for a more personal touch.

Tarnished Mason Jar Canisters with themed charms are a beautiful addition to any farmhouse decor – they can easily store & organize any bathroom essentials or a kitchen pantry.

DIY Headbands fabricated from old t-shirts are one of the most affordable fashion crafts that you can make. This upcycled project is simple, stylish and sustainable.

Personalized Door Mats don’t need a fancy machine to be embellished. All you need to turn a drab mat into a cute colorful makeover project is acrylic paints, stencils and brushes.

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs cost less than a dollar each, making them not only a cool accessory for a morning coffee or late night tea but also an easy and profitable craft idea to sell.

Pizza Pan Wreaths are budget-friendly and charming wall or door decor, it’s just what every maker (and home) needs!

Faux DIY Agate Wood Coasters look just as fancy and detailed as the real thing at a fraction of the cost to make and sell for profit.

Hidden Essential Oil Storage with an uplifting quote is a secretive solution to keep kiddos or anyone else from touching your precious standard oils that help with so many things.

Modern Charging Boxes are a modern way to keep electronics and pesky cords out of sight. Any box of any size will work, depending on which electronics you want to stay hidden.

Wood & Marble Cutting Boards are beautiful pieces to enjoy delicious charcuterie plates. The leftover tile makes it look high end and adds extra value to this DIY kitchen accessory.

Rustic Painted Wooden Heart Signs are super trendy but can also be super expensive. If you can make it for a quarter of a cost, you can sell it for half and still profit.

A Modern Driftwood Macrame Wall Hanging is a little more time consuming than some DIY home decor projects depending on how picky you are with the driftwood that you find washed up on shore, but the result will have your buyers in aww!

DIYCork Map Coasters are a personalized way for jet setters to celebrate their travels, plus they make great conversation starters with guests!

A Himmeli Hanging Air Planter makes it look like a plant is hanging in thin air. It can be confusing to make if you try to rush through it, but the aftermath is breathtaking!

Colorful Typographic Luggage Tags are a bold and cute way to tell your luggage apart from others. These bright travel necessities are a must-have for any girl’s weekend away from home!

A Simple Catch-All Tray adds a pop of color to any home and requires just three supplies to make, all of which you can find at your local dollar store.

Countertop DIY Wine Racks are simple to make. Paint this compact modern design any color to compliment everyone’s home decor. This is a neat idea for crafts that make money.

Beard Oil hydrates and soothes skin and is a perfect skincare product for bearded men. Play around with your essential oils to get the best combination any man will want to add to their ‘beauty’ routine.

Leather Jewelry Rolls keeps all fashion accessories organized in your luggage while travelling or purse when you want to take your daywear to nightwear in a hurry.

Chunky Knit Blankets can cost a little more to make, depending on the type of yarn you decide to use, higher quality yarn will make the blanket softer and cozier.

We hope this list of crafts to sell has helped you get inspired. Remember, the most profitable crafts to sell are the ones that are easy for you to make and source products for.

Your time is worth money so always factor in the cost of your time when working out how profitable your craft side hustle is.

Do you make crafts to sell? Share your tips in the comments.

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