30 Ways to Make Money Online in 2024 ($100+ per Day)

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We’ve all been there. Doing a job we don’t even like – perhaps even hate.

Some even find that they have to work more than one job just to make ends meet.

Luckily, with technology today, there is the opportunity to work online and make proper money.

Serious cash that is enough to live on. If you put the effort in, you can make 100 a day.

Even for busy mamas (like me) who only have time to work while the kids are at school, there are plenty of part-time gigs you can do as and when it suits.

The even better news is that tasks you can do online are often enjoyable.

It doesn’t even feel like hard work. Or, in some cases, like you’re even working at all.

So I know you’re now asking – how can I make $100 a day online?

Whether you’re in the US and want to make $100 a day, to earn 100 euro per day or to make £100 a day in pounds sterling, this article will answer all your questions about how to make 100 a day – online or offline.

Read on to the end of the article for my story about reaching that $100 a day online income goal with blogging.

30 Ways to Make $100 A Day Online & Offline

There are hundreds of opportunities to make extra money – both online and offline. 

Here, we’ll explore some of the best ways to boost your income significantly.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I make $100 a day?” then read on to find out about so many ways to do just that.

1. Paid surveys

A simple way to make extra cash online is by taking paid surveys.

Lots of sites offer gift cards as well as cash rewards too. Taking online surveys for money can be a great way to supplement your income.

You’re probably not going to make $100 a day just from taking surveys, but in my experience, it’s safer to have multiple streams of income.

That way, if one dries up, you have other options to fall back on.

Plus, taking surveys is easy; you can do it on the couch while watching TV.

Our top picks are:

  • Branded Surveys – excellent reviews on Trustpilot, available in Canada, USA, UK.
  • Swagbucks –  offers surveys, polls, games and more. Available in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Germany.
  • Survey Junkie – popular, highest paying surveys. USA, Australia, Canada.
  • Opinion Outpost – established trust brand – USA and UK.
  • Opinion World – same company as Opinion Outpost. Australia, New Zealand, Ireland.

For more detailed info about the survey sites we recommend, check the links below:

2. Freelance Writing

Working as a freelance writer is one of the best methods for those wondering how to make $100 dollars a day online for free, as it requires no investment.

Assuming you can string a decent sentence together.

When I was starting out with this whole making money online thing, freelance writing was my go-to.

I used Upwork to register, and this blog as a portfolio. I had steady work, paying around $50 per article (up to 500 words) and was always paid on time.

I could easily complete 3 or 4 articles per day, so making even more than $100 per day is possible once you get some good reviews.

Experienced writers can turn out between 500 and 1,000 words per hour, meaning the pay rates improve as you go on.

Freelancing is a great way to get a foothold in the online world.

You’ll learn about the sort of services business owners want and get to hone your writing or tech skills at the same time.

I recommend freelancing alongside building up your own site as the ideal combination.

3. Become a Social Media Manager

If your skills are more photographic or design-led than wordy, why not get paid to post on social media for local businesses?

We all know someone who has no clue about how social media works.

Or have you ever looked for a local company online, only to find that they have zero social media presence?

People like this will pay a more tech-savvy person (that’s you) to sort all that out for them.

Grab a decent camera phone and set up a Canva account, and you can offer to take away those headaches they get just from thinking about social media management.

4. Work as a VA

Working as a VA (virtual assistant) is another excellent way to make 100 a day online, free from big start-up costs.

So how do these people with established blogs or businesses get everything done? 

Outsourcing, that’s how.

Bloggers and business owners will pay you to work from home as a virtual assistant. From essential admin duties to posting on Pinterest, plenty of people need a helping hand.

However, they may not have any office space or the budget to employ someone full-time.

This is where you step into the breach – and may even make $100 a day online in the process.

Abbey Ashley from The Virtual Savvy has an excellent and FREE webinar for people interested in discovering more about how life as a VA might suit them. You can access the webinar here: Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant.

Find out more about becoming a Virtual Assistant here.

5. Sell a Digital Product

Most online training courses that teach people how to make money online are sold as digital subscriptions or downloads.

When selling a digital product, your customer places the order, and then the digital content is accessed via their smartphone, tablet or PC.

A digital product could be an e-book or shorter leaflet, that acts as a guide on how to do something.

It may be a tutorial, meal plan or money management template, exercise routine, or checklist.

Ebooks can be sold via Amazon and promoted on social media. They can also be featured on blogs or websites.

Once established, this is a pretty effortless way to make a decent income.

Designing t-shirts to be sold via Amazon Merch is another top way to make some bucks. All you need to do is to create a design, as Amazon will supply the rest.

They will print and dispatch as orders come in, so again, you don’t need any space for storing – or even printing – stock.

Another exciting way to earn $100 a day online is to sell digital downloads via Etsy.

Trina does exactly that and wrote about how she makes money on Etsy on the blog.

6. Sell a Physical Product

People sell products every day via eBay, Amazon, Etsy and their own sites.

If you can see a market gap, why not give it a go?

You can buy items wholesale via sites like AliExpress; then you’re free to charge what you want to when selling them on.

There may not even be a gap in the market. Could you offer something better – or cheaper – than the competition?

Perhaps there’s an opportunity to offer a monthly subscription box. It’s best to choose a product you really believe in if you want to make this work.

Plus doing that makes everything related to it seem like less of a chore!

Dropshipping means that manufacturers can even dispatch items directly from their warehouse or factory, so storage space doesn’t need to be an issue. 

You can also make items to list on craft sites like Etsy. Etsy offers a global platform with an already built-in audience, so it’s a great place to start selling your wares if they are handmade.

We compiled a list of the best things to sell on Etsy to make money so you know exactly what to start selling in order to meet your income goals. 

Plus, check out our article on 20 money-making items to make at home and sell online.

If you have redundant items lying around the place, you can also clear that clutter by selling used goods on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

7. Create Stock Photos

If you enjoy taking photos, why not sell them as stock images?

Even beginners can earn from selling their pictures, and what you can make is often based on how many downloads are sold.

Here’s a surprising one. There is big money to be made from selling photos of your feet online.

Yes, you did read that right. People will pay for pictures of your feet. We wrote a whole article on it.

8. Sell an Online Course

If you have transferable skills or in-depth knowledge, then people will pay you to pass that on to them.

All you need is to know more than your students do about the subject

Starting an online course is a legitimate way to make money online and share skills that command a high income.

Lots of sites exist to help people create and sell their online courses. These include Teachable, Udemy and SkillShare

Teachable offers a free webinar for anyone interested in getting started.

9. Buy and Sell Websites

Trading in websites rather than stocks and shares is a big money spinner for some.

Specialist sites like Flippa act as an online marketplace for anyone wishing to buy or sell a website, and it can be an effective method of producing passive income.

A website owner might not have the time to run a site, or they might simply tire of it.

Whatever the reason, it’s an ideal investment for anyone who doesn’t want to set up a site from scratch.

Buying and selling websites can make money in several ways.

For example, the site may already generate hundreds of dollars per month in ad revenue.

The other option is to obtain a site for a low price before building it up – either to keep or to sell on at a profit.

10. Trade in Domains

If you have an ear for a great combination of words, you could make money by buying domains and selling on at a profit.

There are still some great domain names out there that can be snapped up for a snip of a price.

It just takes a little creative thinking to find them.

This is an easy way to make cash with very little outlay, and it also takes minimal time or effort.

11. Teach English Online

If you’re from North America or the UK, have a Bachelor’s degree and have some experience working with kids, you can apply to become a teacher with EF – Education First.

All classes are one-to-one, and they currently pay up to $20 per hour.

To work for EF you must hold a 40-hour TEFL certificate which can be taken online.

You must agree to EF undertaking an online background check, which they will pay for.

You can earn a decent hourly rate by teaching online from your home as and when it suits you.

Click here to read more about teaching English online.

(Editors note: As of December 2021, this article has been changed to reflect the closure of VIPKID operations in China. We previously listed VIPKid as an option to teach online however, this is no longer an option for teachers outside of China – more info here).

12. Online Tutoring

It’s not only English you can teach online.

Outschool tutors are paid an average of $50 per hour, which goes a long way towards that goal of making 100 in a day.

While Outschool is a kids’ teaching platform, its tutors can teach almost any subject.

So whether you’re good at cooking or coding is more your forte, you can teach motivated learners when it suits you.

From acting to sketching, there’s bound to be a skill you can pass on. 

You don’t have to be a qualified teacher, either. Just someone who loves young people and is passionate about their subject.

13. Cashback sites

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, and Ibotta are two cashback sites I recommend for anyone who shops online.

That includes making travel bookings, buying Christmas gifts and pretty much anything else you can buy online.

I always check Rakuten first for a coupon and cashback bonus – why wouldn’t you (and you’ll get $10 Free when you sign up).

Rakuten pays quarterly via PayPal, and Ibotta requires you to cash out via the app.

14. Download the right apps

You really can make some money simply by using a cell phone in an intelligent way. Simply sign up for some money making apps, and you can make a few dollars on the side.

Each app will require you to do different things, and you can expect to complete some kind of task in return for payment.

This may be made in gift vouchers or via PayPal. 

Some apps involve mystery shopping tasks, while others might require you to perform searches online or complete surveys.

You may be asked to upload photos of your shopping receipts or even to film yourself talking about a particular product.

Some apps can be a source of passive income, while others might want you to watch a video or enter a competition.

If you’re in the UK, read this article on the best money making apps in the UK.

Australians can also check out a helpful guide here, and for the Kiwi readers, this is your guide.

How to Make $100 a Day Offline

15. Mystery Shopping

If you often shop online or at local stores, take a look at this idea. It is one enjoyable way to make some extra cash.

You might even help to improve the products and service of big companies by providing valuable feedback.

All you need is a computer as well as decent spoken and written communication skills.

Feedback should always be clear and objective, and some companies will set you a test to check this when signing up.

Mystery shoppers are usually given a detailed brief of their tasks.

These might include checking merchandise levels or displays, taking photos, or assessing the standard of customer service.

A lot of mystery shoppers do have to visit retailers, but it can also be possible to work this gig purely from home, as the number of people using online shopping increases.

Mystery shopping is not likely to make you rich, but you can get some great freebies and perks.

A part-time mystery shopper I know was offered the chance to review an all-expenses paid holiday – and she hadn’t even been in the business for long at all.

If you’re in Australia, check out the best mystery shopping companies to work for here, or there’s a guide to mystery shopping in the UK here and New Zealand is here.

16. Join a Focus Group

Why not sign for some focus groups via a sites like User Interviews?

The role of focus groups is to give businesses helpful insights into consumer behavior. They also want real life feedback on their services or products.

Fees do vary, but when you could earn $100 or more for a few hours’ work, it can be a good source of income when groups are available.

Taking part in a focus group generally involves travelling to a specific location. Upon arrival you you will join a group of other people to discuss consumer matters – like your impressions of a a certain product or brand.

In rare cases, someone might even visit your home to get in-depth, one-to-one feedback. It gets you out there meeting people – and you could be paid $100 or more for a few hours’ work.

Due to the recent situation, focus groups online have become more popular.

User Interviews recruit panellists for online focus groups and market research in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other places worldwide.

It’s possible to earn over $100 by participating in one of their online studies.

Eligibility for studies is dependent on life and professional experience, however, you don’t need to have a professional career to become a panelist.

I recently found a study on their website aimed at parents, which was paying over $300.

At the other end of the scale is a task paying $10 for a 10-minute online interview about snack habits, so there really is something for everyone.

Requirements vary, but in most instances, you’ll need a computer with a webcam to participate.

Payment is made using either PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards within ten business days of completing your session.

You can join User Interviews here

17. Airbnb Hosting

Wondering how to make $100 a day from home?

With Airbnb, you can easily make $100 in a day by renting out your home – or even just a spare room.

We are thinking about renting out our place when we travel, and Airbnb reckons we could get $85 a night in the low season and up to $295 per night in the summer – that adds up to some serious extra cash!

You can become an Airbnb host here

18. Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb isn’t only about accommodation these days. It’s also one of the best websites to make $100 per day for another reason.

The idea of Airbnb Experiences is to offer quality, authentic classes, demos, tours and more with a truly local flavor.

There are so many categories to take part in. 

The biggest ones are animal, cooking and adventure experiences, but the world really is your oyster.

From a magic show to a cocktail-making class or an insider’s city tour, the options are almost endless.

Editors note: Airbnb experiences have been paused temporarily, but we will update this article when that changes.

19. Sell your Space

Whether it’s a spare room, a parking spot or a storage closet, you can make real money from letting others use that space.

Companies like Just Park let you list a parking space on their sites.

If you live close to a town, city centre, train station or other major public transport hub, you could make some serious cash from that empty portion of tarmac.

As well as offering parking spaces and garages, Stashbee allows you to rent out a spare room, attic, basement or shed via their site.

If you’re not using the space, why not let others pay you to do just that?

20. Pamper some Pets

If you’re fond of animals, looking after other people’s cats or dogs is the ideal gig.

Sign up with Rover, and you can offer dog walking overnight boarding, or daytime visits to the local feline and canine population. 

It’s an easy job to fit around your life, as many pet care and feeding visits are best done in the mornings and evenings anyway. 

You can also sign up to be a house-sitter. 

21. Offer Childcare

Babysitting has long been a top way for cash strapped teens to make money, but surely full time moms can also make money this way. 

In the past, word-of-mouth was often the only means of getting this type of gig – but not any more.

Now, websites such as Care and SitterCity can easily help you to find a babysitting job.

The Care website also allows you to offer services such as elderly care, tutoring, pet care, housekeeping, and more.

22. Be a Handy Helper

Operating in the US, Canada and the UK, Handy lets you offer to help out with all kinds of tasks.

The most popular ones include cleaning and services like flat-pack furniture assembly, TV hanging, and skilled trades. 

Handy handles billing the customers on your behalf, so you can get on with cleaning their office, painting the lounge room or mowing the lawn before getting paid.

23. Do the Grocery Shopping

If you love shopping, then this is the one for you. 

Instashoppers go to the grocery store on behalf of other people. 

This may be because they are short of time, have mobility issues or hate food shopping.

Sign up to Instacart and become an independent contractor, delivering other people’s shopping.

Once you’re signed up, you shop the orders you’re offered and get paid. Pay varies between $10 and $25 per hour.

You can choose your own hours and pick your orders, making this an ideal gig for a student or stay-at-home parent.

24. Deliver Prepared Food

If you’re not into grocery shopping, how about delivering hot takeout food or cold buffet meals around town?

Many people make $100 a day doing just that.

Various companies will allow you to earn extra money by delivering food from local outlets and caterers.

As many orders placed are for evening delivery, this is a great way to earn in your spare time.

Sign up for UberEats, and you can deliver food whenever it suits you.

There is no minimum time commitment. 

Other options – depending on your location – include Deliveroo and DoorDash.

25. Drive for Amazon Flex

How to make a $100 a day quickly? 

Working for Amazon Flex as a delivery driver can be a great, easy way to make a few bucks by working as little or as much as you like.

Sign up as an Amazon Flex driver, and you’ll collect packages from a specified location.

Their app will even give you the fastest delivery route when delivering the packages.

As deliveries take place 7 days a week and all day long, this is a flexible way to make some extra cash.

26. Wrap Your Car

Wrapify lets users wrap their car in ads – and be paid for it. 

You download the Wrapify app, so they can track your journeys. Once you’ve covered 50 miles, you can join a campaign.

This will involve placing ads on your car between one month and a year. 

To be eligible, you must be 21 or over with a clean driving license and no criminal record.

You car should not be more than about 12 years old.  This is surely the ultimate in passive income – and the wrap will even protect your vehicle’s paintwork at the same time!

Why not get paid when doing the school run or the shopping?

27. Give Someone a Lift

Want to make 100 now? Another way to use your car is by driving other people to where they need to be.

Sign up with Uber or Lyft and quickly earn real cash. Make sure you bear in mind the cost of gas and the wear and tear on your car.

As long as you’re careful about which trips to accept, this is a great option for anyone who loves to drive and is wondering how to make $100 in a day. 

28. Get free sign-up bonuses

Check out this great list of sites that’ll pay you just for signing up – there’s free money to be made for signing up to sites that pay you to take surveys, watch videos, play games and more.

29. Blogging – How I Make $100 a Day 

Screenshot of my accounting dashboard showing that I make 100 a day
In 2018, my online income passed a milestone I’d been working towards for a while. I started to make $100 a day (and even more) from my online pursuits.

The above grainy screenshot shows how much I make online.

I’ve pursued an online business since committing to living a semi-retired life so I can travel the world with my husband and kids.

For me, it’s the only way to make a sustainable income without begging for time off from a manager when I want to travel.

I need to make money while I sleep (which is what actually happens a lot of the time when I open my affiliate dashboards after my morning coffee – sweet!).

Some truth about making money online

Now a few quick things to note because the make money online world is NOTORIOUSLY bad for deception and puffery.

1. Making a living online is no-joke the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I don’t want to make it seem easy because that would be lying. I’m also not selling anything, nor trying to get you in a sales funnel, but this post contains affiliate links.

2. This is not an income report. I hate blogging income reports because 95.7% of the time, they repeat the same info every month and solely exist to push affiliate links for terrible hosting services (starts with B and rhymes with pootoast).

I work with Siteground and highly recommend them. Even though pootoast pays double the commission.

What I want you to take from this post, if nothing else, is that it is POSSIBLE to make a living online if you are truly dedicated to the cause.

And if you want to see where I started from, go have a read here. It was a long road.

Now, on to the details.

How To Make $100 a Day Blogging

In 2015, I started this blog in the public library near my husband’s home in Ireland.

We were on an extended vacation with our then 2-year-old and were about to depart for a six-month stay in Spain.

I think I wrote about my definition of financial freedom or something else equally un-WIIFM (an acronym for ‘What’s In It For Me’).

In fact, for most of the year following, I only wrote about my own experiences with money.

I did not care about making money from a blog at that stage, but I did enjoy writing and virtually meeting other people interested in money.

I had no idea about search engine optimization, keywords, backlinks, domain authority or even Pinterest! (I wish I’d hopped on that Pinterest train in the early days).

It wasn’t until early 2016, when I heard another blogger mention Elite Blog Academy, that I started to think that this could be a thing that made me some money.

Then I realized that maybe I could earn enough to move us back to Spain (our life’s dream), and that was that.

I joined that very expensive course (which I do not recommend). I was in this blogging thing and making a GO of it.

Since then, I’ve invested over $10000 in courses, books, training, software and probably loads of other stuff I’m forgetting (you can read my picks for the best blogging courses here).

I’ve also started other websites, given up on some due to lack of time, and now have 6 active sites I’m working on.

Blogging makes up the majority of my online income. If you’d like to learn more about how I make money blogging, subscribe here.

My income comes from the following sources:

Advertising Income

You will probably notice I run display advertising on this blog.

I use Mediavine and SheMedia across my portfolio.

I also run ads on my other sites. Display advertising is both the simplest and lowest-paying way to earn money from a website.

My ad network, Mediavine, requires a website to have a minimum of 50,000 users per month before it will sign you up. That means they have only high-quality sites, which gives them bargaining power.

I’m with Mediavine for two of my sites, and my other sites have much lower traffic, so I use SheMedia and Google Adsense for those sites.

Display advertising makes up about half of my daily income. It is always paid on time, via PayPal or bank deposit and is relatively hands off.

Affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing makes up most of the remainder of my income.

I am paid either a percentage or a fixed amount (called a CPA – cost per acquisition) when someone purchases a product or signs up for a new service using a link on my website.

My most popular affiliates are money-saving sites like Ebates and Ibotta as well as sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

People come to my site for money-saving tips and ideas on how to make extra money, so these affiliates work well with my audience. 

I also make a little from Amazon each month (around $50-$100).

If you’re a blogger, promoting items that will help improve your readers’ lives is a great way to approach affiliate marketing.

My affiliate networks pay in a variety of different ways, including PayPal, and direct to my USD account in Wise.

Links to Other Websites

These can be another source of income for bloggers, and they can be pretty lucrative. However I do not really recommend this method as a long term strategy.

Such links are found all over the internet, and placing a link to another website within an article can be an easy way to make money.

Some companies are willing to pay bloggers $100 or more for including a relevant link to their website.

They may require you to add this to an existing article, or ask you to write one specially.

Or they might prefer to provide you with a targeted piece that includes the link for you to post.

Why is this not a good idea in the longer term? Well, Google might penalize your site for including such links.

This could lead to a drop in traffic and, thus, in ad network or affiliate income. When adding multiple links to blogs, at some point, you will see your traffic take a nosedive.

I do not sell links, as my Google traffic is far too important to mess with.

As you’ve probably seen, high-profile bloggers will promote products on behalf of big brands.

This normally happens once the blog has high traffic and is relatively well known, and the blogger will then be approached by companies seeking to work together.

Sponsored content may consist of one or a series of sponsored posts. Social media promotion may well be part of the deal too.

This can make bloggers big money, but is best seen by beginners as a long-term goal.

30. Become a proofreader

Proofreading jobs can pay anywhere between $19 and $46 per hour – meaning you can definitely earn 100 per day or more from proofreading.

Proofreading might suit you if you enjoy reading and have an eye for grammar mistakes.

Proofreading skills are in hot demand, and meaning proofreading jobs are more plentiful than ever before.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a freelance proofreader, now is the time to do it.

Why? Our lives are moving increasingly online. With so many sites covering every possible topic, there is so much content on the web.

Put simply, this is what makes a proofreading career such a great idea right now.

Check out our guide to becoming a proofreader to find out more.

What will be your way to make 100 a day?

How to make 100 dollars a day online in 2024?

We hope this article has inspired you to find out how to make $100 a day online or offline.

As you can see, making an extra $100 a day is perfectly possible, and you can achieve this goal by undertaking a range of smaller tasks or one bigger gig.

You – yes, you – can earn money online. With some effort, $100 a day or more is certainly achievable.

There are loads of other ways to make extra money. Check out my list of ways to make money from home here.

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