12 Best Money Making Apps in the UK [2021 Guide]

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Do you want to make a little extra money? By starting a side hustle that you can work from your mobile phone, it’s possible to make a few pounds by using the some of the apps that pay you for doing so. 

If you have ever wondered how to make some money by using your smartphone, read on to discover the best money making apps, UK.

If you’re not familiar with the idea, it can be easy to assume that such apps must be a scam. While lots of online scams exist – phishing emails that try to get your to part with your personal information being a key case in point – these apps do indeed allow you to make money online. Instantly, sometimes. 

Using UK money making apps is unlikely to make you rich. Yet you could earn enough for extras like birthday and Christmas presents, a short break or a shopping trip – and using them is usually quick and easy. 

I have made money with apps myself by using ‘get paid to’ or  survey sites. Most of the apps that make money in the UK require their users to complete some sort of simple task in return for payment.

Often, this will mean participating in a survey or completing a task. Sometimes this involves playing a game or watching a video. 

The 12 Best Money Making Apps in the UK

I’ve separated the good from the bad so you don’t have to. Some apps offer a poor user experience, are too time-consuming or simply don’t pay enough.

The apps listed in this guide include all sorts of UK money making apps. There are mystery shopping apps like Roamler, Field Agent and BeMyEye. 

ClickSnap and CheckoutSmart allow you to make money when doing the weekly shop, while EarnApp pays you cash for your smartphone’s idle time.

Toluna, Swagbucks, StreetBees and Pocket Bounty users can complete surveys or other tasks, or give your opinion via a one-minute video to Voxpopme and you can get paid for doing so.

Use Fronto to earn rewards simply by swiping to unlock your screen.

They might not make you rich, but you have nothing to lose by trying some of these apps for yourself. 

1. Toluna

Toluna is among the best UK money making apps out there. It is simple and enjoyable to use, and regulars say they enjoy the sense of belonging that comes from joining the Toluna community.

This company calls its devotees ‘Toluna influencers’, as their input can be used to help shape the way big brands operate. 

It is basically a survey app. Typically a major Toluna survey will take around 15 minutes to complete, and you will be rewarded with 2,000 points plus. You can also answer one-off questions to earn 15 points. 

One of the best things about Toluna is the range of rewards you can choose from. Points can be exchanged for PayPal cash or vouchers for big brands like Amazon. Like many of these money making apps, you will have to give demographic information that might affect how many surveys you are invited to take part in.

Find out more about Toluna here

2. Roamler

Roamler is one of the best money making apps around. From a Dutch tech company, the Roamler app on Apple and Android allow users to make money by completing small mystery shopping tasks. 

There are a couple of initial obstacles – but don’t let that put you off as they’re easily surmountable. Firstly you need an invitation to join up.

This may sound tricky, but requesting one via the Roamler UK Facebook page will usually do the trick, or you can message them directly via the Roamler app.

You will also need to complete several unpaid tasks before you can secure paid ones. Roamler say this is to ensure that users are committed to making the app work for both parties.

This also works as a type of training, as you learn by performing real tasks what is really required of you. Initially you can expect to fail a task or two, but after that it’s easy enough to pick up. 

As more tasks are completed you get the chance to move up to to a higher level. A Which? tester achieved this within just a few days.

At level two and above  you can expect to be offered more paid tasks. A word of warning – if you fail to follow the instructions to the letter then you will not be paid. That said, you will soon get the hang of it. 

While this might sound like a lot of effort, in reality most tasks only take a few minutes to complete – so it’s easy money.

If you make regular shopping trips or spend your lunch hour in the city centre, then it doesn’t take long at all to take a quick snap or check product availability. 

Get started with Roamler here

3. BeMyEye

BeMyEye is basically a mystery shopping app.

They represent big names like L’Oréal, Nestle and Samsing, who want to gather data on how retailers display their products within stores.

Those who sign up to BeMyEye are thus paid to collect this information.

This one is widely regarded as one of the best game apps to make money, so jobs are allocated quickly. Again, this is a simple one to fit into your day, if that involves shopping trips in the town centre or grocery store. 

Tasks do vary slightly, which can make life more interesting. You may be required to make notes, take photos of stock displays or answer questions. In some cases users might be asked to approach shop staff with queries to report back on their performance. You may also need to buy products, and the cost of these will be reimbursed.

The level of difficulty varies, and BeMyEye usually pay between £1 and £10 per task. Cash will be paid into your chosen PayPal account.

Begin with BeMyEye here

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4. Field Agent

This mystery shopping app allows users to earn for filling out reports, posting online reviews, carrying out retail audits, participating in digital product demo and more.

The list of brands ranges from stores to restaurants and bars.

You can choose between carrying out tasks while in-store, or if you prefer you can stick to doing surveys from home. Users may also purchase products and provide a review, and will be rewarded for doing so.

Payments can be made from Field Agent straight to your bank account, and this usually occurs within a few days.

This idea of Field Agent is to obtain accurate and useful shopper insights and retail information. Brands can then use this to target opportunities for growth.

The app enables Field Agent to give brands instant feedback on the real-life experiences of shoppers. 

Are products in the right place? What catches a shopper’s eye? How is the customer service, and how are consumers using the products once they get them home?

Field Agent helps brands and retailers to answer such questions, so by taking part you can help to shape the shopping future for us all.

View the Field Agent app here

5. CheckoutSmart

As the name suggests, CheckoutSmart pays you for those trips to the supermarket. All you have to do is upload a picture of your shopping receipt following your trip.

You can also use it when ordering groceries online. Even those without a smartphone can use this, as the receipts can be uploaded to their website instead via a laptop or PC.

A bonus of using CheckoutSmart is that they give you exclusive access to special discounts from big brand names. Payment can be made either via PayPal, or directly into the user’s nominated bank account.

The CheckoutSmart website features some impressive testimonials from the likes of the BBC, Good Housekeeping and money saving expert Martin Lewis.

Their partner brands cover the big four supermarkets as well as many more, so whether you shop at Asda, Aldi, Ocado, Spar, Superdrug or Waitrose you can earn while you buy.

Check out the CheckoutSmart app here

6. ClickSnap

ClickSnap comes from Quidco, one of the UK’s biggest and best known cash back sites. Like CheckoutSmart, it involves earning money when doing your supermarket shopping.

As with Quidco, you earn cash back every time you use the ClickSnap app. This can later be credited to your PayPal or back account.

There are three simple ways to earn this cash back via ClickSnap.

Take a photo within the app when shopping in store, upload the image of your receipt onto the main website or give ClickSnap your online supermarket account details and featured products will be credited to you each time you shop.

Participating retailers include Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose and Ocado. As well as earning money, app users can make the most of some unbeatable offers on a large range of big brand essentials.

Make a start with the ClickSnap app here

7. Swagbucks

Of all the quick money making apps in the UK, Swagbucks is one of the most well known.

Using it involves various online tasks, such as taking part in surveys, completing web searches or watching videos. Swagbucks also has a cash back site, and it too can pay you in Swagbucks. There are plenty of special deals listed there.

According to Which? it might be easier to make money from a desktop or laptop. There are plug-ins out there that allow you to run Swagbucks while you work.

For example, you can run ads in another window on your PC or tab on your Mac, or Swagbucks can be set as the default search engine. This means you can make a few pounds with very little effort. 

Of all the Swagbucks tasks you can complete on your phone, completing surveys seemed to be the most lucrative.

Once you earn enough, you can either trade Swagbucks for an Amazon voucher or be paid via PayPal.

For that reason, this is one of the best ways to earn instant PayPal money in the UK.

Sign up with Swagbucks here

8. StreetBees

Streetbees is an app offering users various types of task. In terms of variety, this is a great option, and the app is fun to use.

Your allotted tasks might mean completing a survey, recording a video of you testing a product, or taking one or more photos. 

StreetBees are paid via PayPal rather than in gift cards or vouchers or gift cards. How much you can earn depends on which tasks become available to you. This in turn is influenced by various factors, including your location. In terms of pay, this one is pretty good – you can typically earn around £1 for a five minute task.

Why not download this one to check out what tasks are available to you?Not your standard survey app! Share moments of your everyday lives with us – and get paid up to £5 each time you do it.

The StreetBees ethos is to find out all about what consumers are up to. Whether that means finding out about how you spend your spare time, the device you own or your favourite snack foods. It’s entirely up to you how much information you decide to share.

Become a Streetbee by downloading the app here

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9. Voxpopme

If you fancy yourself as an influencer – particularly a YouTuber – then Voxpopme might be the best option for you.

Once you’ve downloaded the smartphone app, you can get started on making money by sharing your views. The company reward users for their opinions, which are given via quick one-minute video.

They give you a topic, and pay you for uploading a recording of you talking about that subject.

Voxpopme users earn 25p for each video. Basically, they want you to get your message across to the brands they work with – in just one minute.

So it suits anyone who is good at talking in a clear and concise manner. It will also appeal to anyone who is keen to have their voice heard.

Give your opinion via video and get paid for it. What you earn can then be transferred to your PayPal account. You do have to earn a minimum of £10 before you can claim a payout, however.

Download the Voxpopme app here

10. Pocket Bounty

Pocket Bounty is among the best money making apps when it comes to choice. You can earn by completing a variety of tasks, and these range from taking surveys to downloading apps.

You can also be paid to watch videos or enter competitions. Earning can then be spent on Amazon or Google Play vouchers, or you can claim cash via PayPal.

Watching videos appears to be the least lucrative task, although if you can get them to run in the background that could prove more worthwhile. One coin is paid per ad, and these may be a minute or two long.

Downloading apps varied. With some, the user only has to download and open the app to get paid, but with others a certain level of interaction is required. For instance, a certain level should be reached on a game before Pocket Bounty will pay out. 

Once more taking surveys seems to be the best use of time in terms of reward. You will also have to complete various demographic information before you can take part. 

Discover more about Pocket Bounty here

11. Fronto

Looking for quick money making apps UK? Fronto is another option you could consider. Download the Android app and you can start making some money via your smartphone. Reward suppliers include Google Play, iTunes, Amazon and PayPal gift cards.

Once you’ve created a Fronto user account, the app then automatically becomes your phone’s default lock screen. You then unlock it by swiping as usual. This triggers ads, which you are then paid to view. In a nutshell, you get paid to use your smartphone just as you normally would. Unless you are very easily distracted by ads, then it’s an easy way to make a few quid.

If you click through on the ads, you will earn more money. Again its one of those things that you could use to occupy time while waiting for a train or setting on the bus or tube. 

View the Fronto app here

12. EarnApp

The big selling point of this one – as compared to other game apps that pay you – is that it’s all about when your phone is doing absolutely nothing. According to EarnApp, our phones are idle for an average of 21 hours per day, so why not put this time to good use?

Your phone must have some battery life in it, or be charging, and you must also be connected to WiFi. Other than that, EarnApp users can make money while literally doing nothing. It’s what is known as passive income. 

Once you download EarnApp, the company basically use your phone’s bandwidth to direct secure traffic. Businesses are apparently carefully vetted by EarnApp, who then route their traffic via your device. The aim being to increase competition in the marketplace. Put simply, that may help to drive down prices for consumers just like you.

Luminati are the brains behind EarnApp. Their aim – as well as reducing prices – is to protect brands to reduce the incidence of counterfeit goods and fraud. They also carry out website testing and track search engine performance.

Various factors can affect what you can make when using EarnApp. These include your location, plus the internet speed and connectivity of your chosen device.

Make money with EarnApp today by signing up here

Which UK money making app will you try?

It is an interesting list, right? While it’s true that we all lead busy lives, the average smartphone user spends three hours a day using their phone.

If a lot of your screen time is spent on scrolling through social media sites or checking out the latest shopping discounts, why not put that time to better use by signing up to a money making app?
Whether it’s uploading your receipt after doing the weekly shop, doing a quick ‘talking heads’ stint or completing a longer survey, there is nothing to lose by giving the best money making apps in the UK a good go.

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