Shoppix Review: Is This Receipt App Worth Your Time?

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What do you do with your shopping receipts? Store them somehow, in case you need them, or do you tend to lose them or throw them in the bin?

Whichever the answer is, Shoppix users know there’s a much better option.

This Shoppix review will reveal how you can make money by snapping receipts before you file them.

Finally, a positive way to use those unloved scraps of paper that mount up during the week when spending money on goods or services.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth your while, then this Shoppix app review is for you. By the end of this article, you’ll know if you should go ahead and download the app on Google Play or Apple.

Covered is what using the app involves and what you get in return for every receipt you snap, as well as which shopping receipts Shoppix will accept.

We also go through the weekly prize draws and what they could mean for you – plus you’d get paid and whether or not you need to be completing surveys.

If you want the full lowdown on what Shoppix could do for you, then stay right here to find out all you should know before signing up!

Shoppix App Review 2024

In brief, Shoppix is an app that pays users for snapping receipts. It’s not the only app that will reward you for every receipt you snap, but it is one of the simplest to use.

At this point, you may well be wondering – why would anyone pay me for a picture of a receipt? It’s a good question.

When you snap receipts and upload them, you’re providing information about consumer shopping habits – and this is exactly the sort of market research big brands want to get their mitts on.

If they know how regular shoppers behave, they can tailor their individual items or services accordingly. Which should lead to increased sales and higher profits.

Happy company plus happy customers – surely it’s a win/win for everyone.

How does it work?

You can download Shoppix via the app store or Google Play. Once you’re signed up, simply upload each valid receipt you have to earn money, and entry into prize draws.

It’s best practice to snap receipts as soon as you can. Receipts that are over a week old are not accepted. You can also earn bonus tokens for uploading receipts on the actual day of purchase.

Typically 25 to 30 tokens are awarded for each paper or e-receipt, up to a maximum of 30 per week.

You can also earn extra tokens by completing short surveys via the app. Once you rack up those tokens, you can benefit in several ways.

Tokens can be redeemed for either cash paid via PayPal or as gift cards for various retailers. Users may also get lucky by winning the weekly prize draw.

Shoppers can also move ‘up the shelves’ to earn extra tokens. This usually happens after uploading receipts in consecutive weeks.

Like most similar money apps, what you get out reflects the effort you put in, meaning regular users will gain more than those who are snapping receipts only occasionally.

How to sign up

If you’re in the UK and aged 18 or over, then you should have no problems with installing and using Shoppix – as long as you have a compatible smartphone.

After signing up you will be required to complete a short profile, but you will be rewarded for doing so with some starter tokens plus a scratch card.

If you cannot see your verification email, do check your junk folder, as it could have ended up there.

Paper receipts

Any receipts uploaded to Shoppix must be just that: a printed receipt rather than an invoice, statement, bill, ticket or card slip. Your photo must not be blurred, with all detail clearly visible.

The receipt should also be itemised, with the amount for each product purchased clearly shown. They also want to see the shop or service provider you bought from, the total price paid and the date.

A receipt should be 7 days old or less, and if you can upload it on the day of purchase, you might earn extra tokens.

Does Shoppix Accept E-receipts for Online Shopping?

Yes: in spring 2020, they began accepting e-receipts and paper ones. To access this facility, you can click on the app’s e-receipt section.

Simply signing up to the automatic e-receipt facility – known as Shoppix Online – means being rewarded with 200 bonus tokens, but this means giving access to your entire inbox.

Alternatively, you can be given an email address to forward all e-receipts to, which is the method app users prefer.

You can later view your stored e-receipts via the app, just as you can with their paper counterparts, making it easy to store all your records digitally.

You will only be rewarded for uploading e-receipts from the list of approved merchants. This list includes over 200 popular online retailers.

If you can, sign up to this facility when you first download the app, as you can then start forwarding each e-receipt as you receive it.


Each time you submit a receipt you may trigger a survey to be offered to you. The good news is that you will be rewarded if you complete this – unlike other apps where you may need to qualify first.

These market research surveys comprise a list of multiple-choice questions, so they’re not too taxing. Even when your brain is tired.

When the survey is offered, you should be told how many tokens you’ll earn for taking part.

Doing so will also mean contributing to how big brands operate. So albeit in a small way, your opinion does count and can make a difference.

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Scratch cards

If you take part in surveys or upload so many receipts within a set time frame, you may be rewarded with scratch cards for your trouble.

These are usually awarded in return for sending in every paper or e-receipt you get for two or three consecutive weeks.

You may win up to 50 tokens on these electronic scratch cards. Whether you win or lose, you may also gain entry into the prize draw every week.

Shopping bags and shelves

Once you submit a valid receipt, you will light up one of the shopping bags on the shelves. For the first couple of shelves, you can move up after lighting just one or two bags.

After that, you need to light up four bags to progress to the next shelf or level. Each time you move up you will earn more bonus tokens.

The Shoppix prize draw

As mentioned throughout this guide, there is a weekly prize draw to participate in. So what’s the deal with this?

Prizes vary, but you can keep an eye on the latest goodies up for grabs via the app – simply click on the ‘See the prize draws’ button.

With weekly tokens or even real cash up for grabs, the prize draw is a nice little bonus that may come up trumps for you now and then.

Draws take place each Monday morning at 8 am, and you can keep track of the winners via the Rewards section of the app.

Swapping Shoppix tokens for cash

Now we get down to the nitty gritty of this Shoppix app review. How many tokens do you need to earn before you can cash out, and how much will you get?

Once you have 3,200 tokens, you can claim £5 via your PayPal account or as a gift card. For 6,000 tokens you’ll get £10, and you can redeem 11,500 for £20.

There are various gift cards to choose from, including huge names like Amazon, Love2Shop and iTunes.

As you can see, you get a little more value for slightly fewer tokens when you let them build up to a higher amount.

If you’re tempted to grab the calculator at this point, let us save you the effort. If you scan the permitted 30 receipts per week – on the day you got them – it will take over 3 weeks to reach £5.

However, you can earn extra tokens for referring friends and by winning on scratchcards or in the weekly prize draw – meaning you could rack up those points far more quickly.

Shoppix Pros and Cons

Shoppix pros

  • The app is available on both Apple and Android and is very simple to use.
  • Taking pictures in-app is very easy, and they tend to appear clearly every time.
  • It’s possible to take photos of A4-sized receipts, which can be good for online shoppers in particular.
  • You can submit pictures of receipts that other household members have as well as your own, meaning you may be able to rack up tokens more quickly.
  • Storing your receipts in this way means you know just where they are if you need them, saving you time and quite possibly money if something goes wrong.
  • Shoppix online allows you to submit online e-receipts as well as paper ones.
  • Your opinion counts, and will be used to influence how companies develop, market and sell their goods or services.
  • Weekly prize draws, and scratch cards mean you could pocket much more.
  • If you win in prize draws, you could be awarded 10,000 tokens – or even £100 in cash.
  • The Shoppix referral scheme means you can be paid when you get friends to sign up.
  • Users report PayPal cash or gift cards arriving in their accounts within a few days.

Shoppix cons

  • Shoppix themselves freely admit that the app is primarily designed for smartphones. This means it doesn’t yet work on tablets as well as it could, but this is something Shoppix is working on. At the time of writing, it’s not compatible with desktop PCs or laptops.
  • Handwritten receipts are not accepted by Shoppix, although receipts from small retailers can be submitted.
  • Only one receipt per store per day is permitted – although in practice, having more than one is not likely to happen very often anyway.
  • There is currently a cap set at 30 receipts per week for earning tokens. You can submit more than this, but unless it’s for your own records, there would be little point.
  • Shoppix online only works with its own list of approved retailers, so if you shop with smaller companies, you may be unable to submit those e-receipts.
  • It can be difficult to do anything if Shoppix rejects your receipt. You do have the right to challenge the decision, but getting anywhere can be time-consuming and thus not worthwhile.

Shoppix app – FAQs

Is Shoppix app safe?

Shoppix promises that your personal information is indeed safe with them. As with all such matters, do check the small print for consent clauses, as they will not pass on your details to third parties unless they have your agreement.

They also say there is no way the companies they deal with could identify individuals based on the information they provide to them.

All personal data is safeguarded by UK Data Protection legislation, as well as the Code of Conduct issued by the Market Research Society.

As for e-receipts, all content is permanently deleted from these 90 days after you forward them.

If you do forward a personal email in error, this will be automatically erased once it’s not recognised by the system as an e-receipt.

You can find out everything you need to know about your data may be used via the Privacy Policy page.

What does Shoppix do with your receipts?

In a nutshell, your receipts are used for research purposes. Big brands and businesses gather information about consumer habits from them. This can then inform how they develop and market products or services in the future.

Is Shoppix legit?

Shoppix is legitimate. It’s owned by a large market research company and does reward users who upload their shopping receipts and take part in short surveys.

Who owns Shoppix?

A company called Kantar Worldpanel owns Shoppix, and they specialise in providing consumer-related data to businesses and brands.

Some 30,000 UK households are involved in providing this data to Kantar Worldpanel, some of whom are app users.

Can you use online receipts for Shoppix?

Indeed you can use an e-receipt as well as a paper one. This is explained in more depth above and is easy to do via the dedicated area of the app.

What about Shoppix help?

If you’re a bit stuck, the FAQs section of the Shoppix website is a good first port of call. Many questions are addressed here, so it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for.

You can also use the Help section in-app – or if all else fails, try emailing them via

Should you sign up with Shoppix?

Hopefully, this Shoppix app review has helped you decide whether or not it’s worth signing up with Shoppix. While it will not make you rich, it takes little time to snap your valid receipts via the app.

If you’d like to store all your receipts in one place without having to contend with scraps of paper, signing up to Shoppix means you know just where they are when you need them.

When you upload receipts every time you shop those tokens soon mount up, meaning you get to earn some cash or gift cards – while keeping all your records safe at the same time.

It’s easy to keep up with Shoppix during your commute or while watching TV in the evening.

So if you have a few moments during the day to spend on snapping receipts, surely there’s nothing to lose by giving Shoppix a try?

Shoppix boasted a score of 4.7 on the App Store at the time of writing.

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