26 Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards in the UK

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If we said we could tell you how to get free Amazon gift cards would you be interested?

Heck, who wouldn’t? Getting your mitts on a free Amazon voucher is almost the same as having free cash to spend any way you like.

Amazon Gift Cards Uk

You can buy just about anything at Amazon.

The colossal online retailer sells it all, from their own brand devices like the Kindle e-reader, the Fire tablet and Alexa speakers to beauty, clothing, homeware and even groceries.

Then there’s books, electronics, pet supplies, shoes, toys… whatever you want, there’s a very high chance you’ll be able to get it delivered the very next day by Amazon.

Especially if you’re a Prime member and that’s included for free.

This article will tell you exactly how to earn your first free Amazon gift card – and then how to keep ‘em coming.

Prepare to be amazed by the number of apps and sites that want to reward you with free Amazon gift card codes in the UK!

26 Best Ways to Get Amazon Gift Cards UK

The best ways to earn Amazon gift cards in the UK are all detailed here.

So if you want to know how to get free Amazon gift cards to spend in any way you want, read on to see how you can earn them in your spare moments.

1. Branded Surveys

branded surveys uk home page

Our number one favourite way to earn a free Amazon voucher in the UK is to sign up with Branded Surveys, so we thought we’d feature them first.

If you’re interested in sharing your opinion so it’ll be taken on board by big name brands, this is also a great one to sign up with.

What does it involve? The clue is in the name. This market research company specialise in conducting online surveys on behalf of leading brands. 

Quite simply, join Branded Surveys and they’ll send you carefully selected surveys to complete.

The insider information you give them is used to inform their partners regarding what real life consumers really think.

This means that the products and services offered by market leaders could be developed, marketed and sold based on what people like you have to say.

Every completed survey earns you points, which you can later redeem for cash paid via PayPal – or, of course, a free Amazon gift card. 

Branded Surveys users see it as a fun way to make some extra money, working from wherever you happen to be at the time. Whether that’s waiting for school pick-up, watching TV at home or travelling via public transport.

Check out Branded Surveys here

2. Valued Opinions

Valued opinions uk home page

In this case, the name says it all. This survey site values your feedback, thoughts and ideas, and will reward you for sharing these with them so they can pass them onto brands.

Valued Opinions tend to offer a range of interesting surveys, and each should take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.

Rewards are generally between £1 and £5 per survey, so you can quickly rack them up when you fill them in regularly. Amazon is just one of the retailers whose vouchers you can earn. 

The emphasis is very much on making your voice heard by the brands they work with, so if you like to share your opinion this could be the survey site for you. 

Take a look at Valued Opinions here

3. SurveyBods

surveybods uk home page

Just signing up to SurveyBods will earn you a bonus worth £1.50, so it’s a good incentive to get started. 

SurveyBods also specialises in the consumer surveys side of market research, and they pledge to offer participants regular questionnaires.

Members can also be entered into regular prize draws, giving you the chance to win a bigger reward each month.

Your points can be traded for a free gift card or cash, just as you prefer. 

Discover what SurveyBods is all about here

4. LifePoints

lifepoints home page

LifePoints is another paid survey site, where you can earn cash or free Amazon vouchers for taking part in the surveys you’re offered.

At the time of writing they’re offering 10 LifePoints just for signing up. If you download the LifePoints app, you can also answer surveys wherever you are and whenever you have any time available.

Again LifePoints works with some major brands, so by giving your opinions you have the potential to shape future products and services.

As you’ll often be giving feedback before products go on sale, you also get a sneak peek and what’s brand new on the market – in advance of it being launched to the public.

Take a look at LifePoints here   

5. Crowdology

crowdology homepage

Crowdology provides UK residents with another way to make surveys pay. Their specialism is shorter questionnaires, so these typically take between two and 15 minutes to fill out.

This site is also committed to creating a user-friendly experience. Rather than endless lines of tick boxes, surveys are designed to be fun and intuitive to take part in.

The minimum payment is 40p, while for some surveys you could be paid £10 plus. This can be withdrawn via PayPal or converted to Amazon gift codes.

Crowdology also runs regular competitions, with big prizes like iPads or Apple watches up for grabs.

See if Crowdology might be for you here

6. MindMover Connect

mindmoverconnect home page

MindMover Connect is aimed at users living in the UK, and is an online community devoted to market research.

Surveys are more varied and interesting than with some of the competitors, and users can also take part in online discussions with other members.

You may also get the opportunity to win prizes, and can earn cash or gift cards simply for sharing your views via the surveys offered.

It’s not only about products with MindMover Connect – they also garner public opinion on a range of issues. You can get a quick taster by taking the latest poll on their homepage. 

View MindMover Connect’s current ‘quick poll’ here

7. Triaba

triaba uk home page

Triaba UK is part of a company which operates survey panels in over 80 countries worldwide. Surveys tend to be fast and simple to complete, so you can earn vouchers pretty quickly.

Up to £4 is paid per survey completed and you can start to cash in once you’ve reached their £8 threshold.

You can also participate via the OpinionAPP, which will show you immediately if there are surveys available to fill out.

Explore what Triaba has to offer here

8. Attapoll

attapoll uk home page

Attapoll is also a survey site, but the idea is to complete surveys on your smartphone or tablet rather than a laptop or desktop. It’s thus ideal for those who are always on the go.

It’s really simple to get started, as all you need to do is install the app on your iPad, phone or other mobile device.

Attapoll allows users to choose their reward, and you can of course pick Amazon vouchers. Instead, you can also opt to donate to charity or claim cash via PayPal.

Like some others, Attapoll also rewards users who refer friends to the app, so if you know a lot of people who might like to join in, that’s another way of earning more money.

Find out all about the Attapoll app here

9. Opinion Panel

opinionpanel uk homepage

Opinion Panel is looking for anyone aged between 13 and 30 to join up, so if you’re a teen or twenty-something it’s a good one to go for.

At the time of writing, Opinion Panel were offering voucher credits worth £10 for signing up with them, so it’s money for nothing initially. 

Earnings range between £4 and a whopping £70, depending on exactly which surveys you take part in. Once you’ve reached the £25 threshold, you can claim your reward.

Instead of receiving a gift card, you’ll then be emailed a unique code that can be redeemed at a range of online or high street retailers. Including Amazon.

Get started with Opinion Panel here

10. Opinium

opinium uk home page

Opinium stands out from other survey sites because they offer users the chance to share opinions on a wider range of topics than most. 

Their strapline says they want to know what the public think, how they behave and how they feel about all manner of things.

Opinium’s list of partners is impressive, including retailers such as Lidl and Next as well as charities, banks, universities and even a government office. 

If you want to help make sure a wide range of organisations stay connected to what real people think, do and feel, Opinium could provide you with your ideal way of earning money to spend at Amazon.

Discover what Opinium offer members here

11. Maru Voice

maruvoice uk home page

Maru Voice UK is a little like Opinium, as they also work with non-profit and government organisations as well as big brands.

Get a taster by checking out their homepage, which displays the current ‘quick poll’. At the time of writing, this was about how frequently respondents exercised. 

If you want the media to hear your opinions this could also be the one for you, as Maru Voice also works with them.

Around £5,000 per month is paid out to Maru Voice members, and you can cash your points for Amazon vouchers or cash via PayPal.

Explore what Maru Voice is all about here

12. PrizeRebel

prizerebel uk home page

If you want to look a little beyond just the free Amazon gift card, PrizeRebel could be the perfect site for you.

PrizeRebel offers their members gift vouchers for a wide range of retailers. It’s great for gamers, as you can claim steam codes, PlayStation vouchers, Roblox game cards and more.

This Californian company has been around since 2007, and says they have over 12 million users across the planet.

PrizeRebel may also reward you for taking part in games, watching videos or snapping up special offers.

Find out what PrizeRebel offers right here

13. Hiving

Hiving uk home page

If you’d like to do a little more than just fill out surveys, Hiving could be the app or site for you to get signed up with.

You may also be offered the opportunity of trying out new products, and you can also get rewarded for referring friends.

Hiving’s community of consumers also gives you the chance to join in with quizzes, raffles and competitions, as well as connecting with other like-minded folk.

You can pick how to be paid with Hiving. Claim PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes or even donate your earnings to a chosen charity.

Get set up with Hiving here

14. Swagbucks

swagbucks uk home page

Swagbucks is also one of the best sites and apps to use when you want to get free Amazon gift card codes in the UK. 

It works in a similar way to Branded Surveys and the like, but it’s not only about completing questionnaires. With Swagbucks there’s a wide range of tasks available, so there’s always something different to do.

Swagbucks say they reward users for doing the things they normally would while online – such as shopping, searching the web, looking for great deals and watching short videos. They even pay you to play games.

They do send out surveys too, so if you’re interested in giving your opinion there are various ways to make sure your voice is heard.

You can take part via the Swagbucks app, available via Apple or for Android. Again you rack up points each time you get involved, which can later be exchanged for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.

Discover what Swagbucks offers here

15. GetPaidTo

getpaidto uk home page

Get paid to do what, exactly?

GetPaidTo offers their members various ways to earn a crust – in the form of an Amazon voucher, if you like.

You can be rewarded for activities ranging from playing games or filling out surveys to grabbing online offers or completing quick tasks.

The quick tasks are pretty varied, and include the likes of completing captchas as well as watching videos, trailers or ads.

Set yourself up with GetPaidTo here

16. InboxPounds

inboxpounds uk home page

InboxPounds also rewards users for filling out surveys – and even for completing internet searches too.

They are paid by brands for providing consumer opinions, and in turn you’ll be rewarded by them for taking part.

Rewards offered can be paid in cash or as gift cards – and yes, you guessed it, Amazon gift vouchers are high on the list!

You can even search the web via InboxPounds’ very own search page, and you may also be paid for reading any emails they send.

See more about how InboxPounds works here

17. Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost uk home page

Like Branded Surveys, Opinion Outpost is a survey site, but like Swagbucks you can earn points in other ways as well as by completing surveys.

Opinion Outpost members can also be rewarded for watching ads or even testing products. They can then share opinions in exchange for rewards.

Once you’ve stacked up enough points, you can swap those for your chosen rewards – and the options, of course, include Amazon gift vouchers. 

Like the other survey sites it’s free to join, and Opinion Outpost has over 2 million members across the world.

The brands Opinion Outpost works with include entertainment and fashion companies, and as you’ll never be sent the same survey twice there’s no risk of boredom.

Check out Opinion Outpost here

18. Toluna

toluna uk home page

Toluna’s unique selling point is that they are building a community, with every member known as a ‘Toluna influencer’. The focus is thus very much on making your opinions matter.

The idea, they say, is to make sure your thoughts reach the people who can use them to shape how services and products are developed and advertised.

If you’re impressed by big brand names, you should like the look of Toluna – their website proudly proclaims that they work in partnership with Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Kellogg’s, Sony Music and Fiat. Oh, and Amazon.

Most Toluna surveys take about 15 to 20 minutes to fill out and you can cash in your rewards by claiming an Amazon gift card or cash. 

Explore the world of Toluna Influencers here

19. InstaGC

instagc uk home page

InstaGC? Instant Gift Cards, of course – including Amazon ones!

This site offers user rewards to those who participate in various activities, including online searching and shopping as well as surveys or watching videos.

If you already do these things online, why not get paid for doing just that? With over 320 different gift cards to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to spending those pounds.

Voucher codes are also delivered instantly, so there’s no waiting around when that must-have item has your name on it.

View how InstaGC could work for you here

20. FeaturePoints

featurepoints uk home page

FeaturePoints offer rewards in a range of ways, including via cashback and paid surveys. It can be accessed via the website or app.

This company also offers instant contests, so you could win a big 50,000 points bonus just for playing a virtual scratch card game. 

Consumer feedback is sought on a range of issues, from the car you drive to which games consoles you play or if there’s a pet in your household.

There’s an assortment of rewards to choose from, including names like PlayStation, Starbucks, XBox and Bitcoin in addition to Amazon.

Click here to find out more about FeaturePoints

21. Quidco

quidco uk home page

Quidco is a cashback site, so you earn a little top-up every time you spend money when shopping online. 

Once you sign up, all you need to do is shop via the retailers you’d normally use. Just make sure you access them via the Quidco links so that your purchases can be tracked and thus rewarded correctly.

In fact, Quidco promises the ‘highest cashback’ of any UK site offering this sort of bonus. Apparently, the average member earns around £300 per year, which is not bad for shopping just as you normally would.

One of Quidco’s partners is Amazon, so you can even earn points towards your next gift card while you spend with them. 

Just make sure you press the ‘get cashback’ button every time, so every time you spend you earn more cashback.

22. MobileXpression

mobilexpression uk home page

MobileXpression says you can earn a £10 Amazon gift card in just a fortnight – and all for simply installing their software.

Rather than paying cashback or providing your feedback to big companies, MobileXpression is concerned with making the internet a better place to be.

They’ve given away five million dollars worth of free gift vouchers – and all you need to do is use the internet on your device just as you normally would.

23. YouSpotProperty

youspotproperty uk home page

If you dislike seeing empty properties sitting around when they could be put to good use, YouSpotProperty could be the site for you.

When you report a qualifying empty property they’ll pay you £20 in the form of a gift card. 

If the property then goes on to sell, you’ll also get 1% of the purchase price – and they’ll also make a donation to your chosen charity. 

As the company has an experienced team of researchers, they reckon your chances of that 1% payout are pretty good.

24. Honey

honey uk home page

Honey is a cashback site that offers users the chance to earn rewards in the form of Honey Gold.

Users can earn rewards when they shop online by using the free browser extension to claim cashback and coupons. Honey also offers a handy price drop feature to show you when an item changes price.

Honey makes it super simple to redeem Amazon gift cards once you reach the points threshold. You can top up your Amazon gift card balance directly from the Honey website.

25. Amazon Trade-in

amazon trade in uk

The Amazon Trade in program allows you to trade in eligible electronic devices in order to receive UK Amazon gift cards as payment.

The devices must be functional, in good condition, not financed and unlocked from your network.

According to the Amazon UK website: “To be paid at the highest value for your trade-in, your device must be in good condition with all features of the device operational. It must power on, hold a charge, and not power off unexpectedly.

It mustn’t have any breaks, dents, cracks, missing buttons, or other defects beyond normal wear and tear, and mustn’t have any water damage, corrosion, or significant wear marks. “

If you have an old device gathering dust that meets this criteria, you could be a shoe in for an Amazon gift card.

26. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers the opportunity to earn free gift cards as well as other rewards like cash through PayPal.

One of the top survey sites in the UK, Survey Junkie offers frequent well-paid surveys with a low payout threshold

Redemption options include Amazon gift cards, iTunes vouchers and loads of other sites.

How to use free Amazon gift cards?

One of my favourite ways to use free gift cards is to buy Kindle books. I add the gift cards to my gift card balance and then it’s just one click to purchase a new book.

There are loads of other ways to maximise value from the free money you are earning from the above sites – you could save them up for Christmas presents, birthdays or even for Black Friday. You can even get your groceries in with Amazon Fresh.

Keeping a balance in your Amazon account can be a neat way to save money and then purchase items you need when the price is reduced.

Gift cards expire ten years after the date of issuance so you’ll have plenty of time to use your credit for online shopping.

How will you get free Amazon gift cards in the UK?

As you can see, there are so many ways to get your mitts on a free Amazon gift card!

Whether you earn it as cashback, for completing surveys or other tasks, using shopping apps or even for reporting an empty property, those free Amazon vouchers will soon stack up. Then all you have to decide is – how will you spend yours?


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