44 Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK in 2024

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If you want to make extra money in the UK, you’re in the right place. 

Whether you’d prefer to work an online side hustle when the kids are at school or to find a job that you can do during evenings or weekends, there are plenty of opportunities.

Woman pointing at the money bag_Make Extra Money in the UK

So, if you want to make some extra money quickly, read on to discover the multitude of exciting ways in which you can do so.

I should know – as I’m earning money working from my laptop at home right now.

Remember that you will need to register with HMRC for taxes if you undertake work on a self-employed basis.

44 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money in the UK 

You don’t necessarily need any special equipment or skills to get started.

If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop and an internet connection, you can begin making money right away.

There are various opportunities to work outside the home, too. So if you fancy a change of scene at weekends or during weekday evenings, check out the kind of jobs you can do locally.

You can meet new people, learn new skills and make cash at the same time.

Here is how to make extra money in the UK. Which way will work best for you?

1. Complete Paid Surveys Online

Bills and coins_Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If giving clear, constructive feedback is something that appeals to you, why not get paid for your opinion by signing up to complete paid surveys online?

It’s an ideal option for anyone wondering how to make extra money from home, as and when it suits them.

Like mystery shopping and other ways of making a quick quid, this is not quite the path to instant riches.

But you can easily do it while performing other tasks – such as looking after a small child who is busy playing.

Our top picks for UK survey sites are: 

  • Branded Surveys: Massive range of gift cards – cashing out from 500 points.
  • Ipsos i-Say: Best for Amazon and Tesco gift cards, as well as prepaid MasterCards;
  • Pinecone Research: High-paying surveys and product testing opportunities;
  • Swagbucks: Earn points from surveys as well as watching videos and playing games;
  • Inbox Pounds: ‘Get-paid-to’ site that pays you to take surveys, shop online, use coupons, etc.

Each completed survey will earn you either pounds paid via PayPal or vouchers for retailers such as Amazon.

If you want to earn money from taking surveys, check out this article on making money from UK survey sites.

2. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Woman in the kitchen sitting with laptop in front of her_Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If the idea of an office job doesn’t appeal – then why not do the same sort of work whenever and wherever you want to?

This is a great way to make a significant extra income – from the UK, or in fact anywhere.

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the top work-from-home jobs in the UK.

Anyone with administration experience, or who has worked as a personal assistant, can make decent money by working from home as a Virtual Assistant (VA). Or in fact anywhere you like.

It’s a way that people can make money easily in a way that suits them – whether they are travelling the world or looking to earn an income during school hours.

If you can type, and have a computer and internet access, then you could be working from home as a VA.

Interested? Check out this complete guide to becoming a VA to find out all about this exciting and flexible career opportunity.

3. Teach English Online

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you’re a native or very experienced English speaker, then you already possess a very desirable skill.

This is one of the best ideas when it comes to how to earn extra money, as you can work from home and earn a decent hourly rate while doing so.

English truly is the international language of tourism – the fact that the phonetic alphabet and all ticketing codes are all based on English is a testament to that.

I used to work as a travel consultant, and even when dealing with overseas airlines, tour operators, or hotels, everything was written and spoken in English.

Learning English is, therefore, a must for people from many countries – basically, anywhere it is not already the main spoken language.

While young people used to flock to London or other UK towns and cities to attend English language schools, both they and their teachers have now discovered an easier and cheaper way to learn the language. Lots of lessons are now delivered online.

This means you can work from home as an English teacher, delivering lessons to people anywhere in the world. Ideally, you will need a degree and to be a native speaker.

To find out more, check out this article about how to make money teaching English online.

Written by someone who does exactly that.

4. Start a Blog

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

While blogging used to be seen as a hobby – albeit an interesting one – it is now also an example of how to make money on the side in the UK or overseas.

Over the last decade, blogging has exploded as more and more people discover this enjoyable way to earn extra money.

At first it may provide you with only a small income, but there is the potential to make serious cash in the longer term.

Many bloggers earn their living from it.

The huge bonus is that they can do so – once successful – in a way that requires minimal effort.

Once the blog content is out there, many earn a nice amount per month in passive income.

Some investment is required if you’re determined to make it a full-time gig, but initially, all you need is a web hosting provider and a desktop or laptop.

We recommend investing in a good blogging course to avoid wasting time doing the wrong things. 

Blogging is a long-term game rather than a fast way to make money.

To find out more, check out this detailed article about how to make money with a blog.

5. Sell Downloads via Etsy

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you’ve thought about selling online but are concerned about buying and storing lots of stock, check out this idea.

It’s one of the best ways to make money from home – especially if you have a creative streak.

Selling digital downloads may sound like a complex way to earn a few quid, but in fact, it’s a great way to earn passive income.

Set up a shop on Etsy. Once it’s all there, all you have to do is keep an eye on it.

It’s another example of the kind of work that you can do from anywhere.

Once you’ve created some digital downloads, you can literally make money while doing very little.

And if you think you necessarily need to be a great artist, then you might be wrong there.

Think about how popular text images are now – such as motivational quotes.

You don’t need fancy software to get started, and you could produce printables of anything from business cards or leaflets to planners – and, of course, artworks.

You can find out all about making money by selling digital downloads on Etsy in a guest post from Trina – a UK mum who makes a considerable passive income from doing just that.

6. Set Up a Small Business

Photo of a laptop_Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you’re wondering how to make money quickly here in the UK, then why not think about setting up a small business?

It could be the answer to your burning question of how to make a lot of money. Or even just prove to be a small extra source of income.

Running a business from home can be the ideal side hustle – or may provide you with a full-time income.

You’re the boss, so you can decide what products or services to offer and when to work.

We’ve mentioned some ways to make money in this way already, such as blogging, working as a VA, selling digital downloads or teaching English online.

But you don’t have to be tied to a desk.

There are plenty of other ways to make money, either from home or by working remotely.

Whether you’d rather offer childcare or pet care or would like to get out and about doing cleaning or gardening for others, check out this piece packed with small business ideas for busy people.

7. Make Money from Matched Betting

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Looking for easy second income ideas in the UK?

Here’s one you may not have thought of—and chances are you may not even have heard of it.

Matched betting works on a basic mathematical principle. People who learn to use this to their advantage can make some serious cash, although it’s not for everyone.

If you have a good head for figures, a computer and an internet connection, why not check out how to make money from matched betting?

Making cash from matched betting does require a lot of willpower, as the betting companies do, of course, want to lure you into more gambling.

If you think you may have any inclination to become addicted, then please steer clear of this one.

8. Become a Mystery Shopper

A hand carrying paper bags_Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you’re often out and about shopping or you love a bit of online retail therapy, then check out this idea.

It is one example of how to make some extra money in the UK – while providing valuable feedback to improve the products and services offered by big brands.

You’ll need good spoken and written communication skills and the use of a computer. You should be able to give feedback in a clear and objective way, too.

Mystery shoppers are generally given a very detailed brief to complete. Your tasks may include taking photos, checking displays or stock levels and assessing the level of customer service offered by employees.

While many mystery shoppers do get out there into the stores, it’s also perfectly possible to work from home. Online shopping is on the increase, so naturally companies want to check the experiences of those customers too.

Pay varies, and while it’s unlikely to make you rich there can be some great perks.

Someone I know did some mystery shopping on the side and, before long, was offered the chance to sample an all-expenses paid holiday.

Why not learn more about the mystery shopping opportunities here in the UK?

9. Sign Up to Money Making Apps

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

In the smartphone age, it is simple to make money from using your mobile phone.

All you have to do is sign up for the best money-making apps, and off you go.

The apps vary in what they require you to do. All will involve completing some sort of task in return for payment. Again, this is often made via PayPal or gift vouchers.

Some are mystery shopping apps, while others want you to upload photos of your shopping receipts.

You might be asked to complete surveys, perform online searches or even make short videos of yourself talking about a product.

Various apps can make you passive income in some way, or will request that you enter a competition or watch a video.

To discover more, check out this article on the UK’s best money making apps.

10. Test Products and Provide Feedback

Become a product tester, and you could be paid to share your feedback on brand-new products and services before they go to market.

Product testing is a popular way to earn gift cards, cash and get free stuff in exchange for your opinion. 

If working as a product tester is of interest to you, check out our guide to the best product testing websites in the UK to get started.

11. Work as a Social Media Manager

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you think everyone finds social media as easy to use as you do, think again.

Many companies have no clue about posting on Instagram, setting up a Facebook page, or why they should send a Tweet, let alone how to use TikTok or why they should have a YouTube account.

Large and small businesses are always looking for people who know their way around social media.

If that describes you – and you can learn how to use paid advertising on each channel – then you have a marketable skill that could make you some serious cash.

(Side note: Social media management is on our list of the top high-income skills—it can be very lucrative.)

If you feel that your skills need a little polishing before you start, there are some very affordable ways to train online.

There is a Udemy course, for instance, that requires very little investment and can teach you all about setting up as a social media manager.

12. Get Paid to Write

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you have a good grasp of English – or indeed a foreign language – then you can earn money by writing copy for print publications, blogs and websites.

Even bloggers don’t always want – or have time – to write all of their own content. The same goes for businesses large and small. Even if they want to, not everyone finds writing an easy task. If you do, then you could be quids in.

For those wondering how to earn more money in the UK as they want to make a good income, then being paid to create engaging content is a great option. Especially if you actually love to write, as I do.

It’s how I make a living. There are various websites out there that you can use to find work. Not all pay well, so you may need to be selective.

Ideally, a portfolio of your work will be of huge benefit. If you already have a blog, so much the better, as potential clients can see just what you can do.

I’ve written a guide to becoming a freelance writer with no experience which you can check out here.

You can also find out more about writing for a living by reading all about finding clients via Upwork.

13. Earn Cash at the Local Pub

Pubs are almost always looking for casual bar staff. Especially to cover those busy evenings and weekends. A pub job is one of the best ways to make money fast in the UK.

Unlike working from home, a job in a bar gives you the chance to get out and meet new people, too. If you give great service, there is also the potential to earn extra money via tips.

Check out the pub or brewery’s website for opportunities, or simply ask around. If you’re a night owl, you could even try nightclubs too.

I worked in a Manchester one during my university days, and it gave me some very memorable experiences as well as that all-important cold, hard cash.

14. Deliver Parcels with Amazon Flex

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you have access to a vehicle and some spare time on your hands, then working as an Amazon Flex delivery driver is perhaps the ideal way to make a side income in the UK. As you can choose your own hours, the sky’s the limit.

An Amazon Flex driver books a block of work, which they then complete before getting paid. Job done. There is even an Amazon Flex app to make organising your day as easy as can be.

Surely there are worse ways to earn a crust than by driving around for part of the day, dropping off online shopping orders?

Put on your favourite music and explore the neighbourhood, while earning an estimated hourly rate of £13-15 per hour.

15. Get a Saturday Shop Job

You may associate shop jobs with young people looking for weekend work, but there’s no reason why an evening or weekend job wouldn’t also work for you.

Whether it’s the local supermarket or your favourite city centre fashion retailer, working as a store assistant can be a great way for those wondering how to make money fast in the UK.

Convenience stores often employ extra staff for busy periods too, so don’t overlook your local corner shop.

The run-up to Christmas is the best time to find this kind of work, although it is available all year round.

I worked in a large department store during my uni holidays, and the festive period was always the best for getting plenty of work.

While you’re out working, you’re not spending any money. You may also qualify for a staff discount – usually after working there for a set period of time.

To find shop work, ask around locally, search on job sites or check out the websites of the large retailers themselves.

16. Serve up Supper

As with shops and pubs, many restaurant chains also reply heavily on employing staff to cover their busiest serving times.

Again, these will normally be during evenings and weekends, although lunch can sometimes be a period of equally high demand.

Local, independent cafes and restaurants also often require an extra pair of hands too.

Serving food may give you the chance to discover a new cuisine, or mean that you meet people you never would otherwise have encountered.

Hours are often flexible – as long as there are enough staff to cover each shift, the employer isn’t usually bothered by you picking your own hours to fit around the school run or when your partner returns from work.

17. Rent Out the Spare Room on Airbnb

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you have a room to spare, then letting it out via Airbnb can be a really lucrative money-spinner.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either. Airbnb themselves say it’s all about managing expectations. In other words, tell it like it is.

Rooms with a private en-suite bathroom and kitchen facilities will generally attract higher rates. How much you can charge also depends on where you live.

Anywhere that’s popular with tourists is a really good bet, so if you live in a central part of a city, near the coast or among picturesque countryside then you’re definitely onto a winner.

Whether it’s a loft conversion, a summerhouse in the garden or an unused granny annex, letting out your spare room on Airbnb can provide a serious income.

Unlike having a lodger, you can also choose when to rent out the room, too. You can find out more about listing your property on Airbnb here.

18. Data Entry

You may think you need a fast typing speed or lots of experience to secure an office job, that is not necessarily the case. Data entry is one of the best ways to make extra money in the UK. It pays pretty well, too.

All sorts of organisations require people to enter data. It requires a keen eye and a high degree of accuracy, but it’s easy enough to pick up. One of my previous office jobs involved working in data entry for a major high street bank.

While the work is repetitive, there is something perhaps surprisingly soothing about the routine. Having a lot of work to do can also make the time fly by.

Data entry positions are advertised on various UK job sites. Work is often available during weekends or evenings too, and some can be done online.

19. Work Online as a Tutor

Like many industries, private tutoring has also largely moved online.

So if you have specialist knowledge that you can pass on to others, then online tutoring might be one of the best money-making ideas in the UK for you.

Whether you’re a qualified primary school teacher, a full-time student or have a degree in an A-Level or Higher subject, you can make good money online by passing your knowledge on to younger people.

Knowledge of the appropriate curriculum or syllabus will be required, but it isn’t too difficult to grasp that once you’ve read the right books.

Like other online earners, it’s easy to choose your own hours while working from home.

Simply search online for a range of opportunities, paying from around £10 per hour to much more.

20. Let Others Drive Your Car

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If your car spends a lot of time sitting on the driveway, gathering dust, dirt and bird droppings, then hiring it out to others could put that time to good use.

While there is a market for prestige vehicles, many people are simply searching for something to get them safely from A to B.

A quick search on Hiyacar reveals available vehicles in my local area – and we’re not talking central London location here.

To join up, you can enter your registration number and Hiyacar will give you a price.

I entered the details of our family Ford and was given a quote of up to £645 per month. For a car that’s over ten years old – and that we rarely use.

It is an attractive proposition – although you do have to feel comfortable with the idea of strangers using your wheels.

You can rent your car out by the hour or day, so if you only want to be without it on sunny days, for example, then that is entirely up to you.

21. Rent Out a Parking Space

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Letting others use your parking space – when you’re not – is surely one of the most easy ways to make money here in the UK.

If your area is in demand when it comes to finding a parking spot, then you could earn a passive income from letting others park on your drive, in your allocated space or in a garage or underground car park.

Those who live near a town or city centre will generally find that demand is high. Especially if they happen to live near a train or underground station.

It is easy money. You can list your space, complete with photos – and any other useful details – and receive an email or text if someone books the space. You then get paid monthly via PayPal or bank transfer.

Head on over to Your Parking Space to find out more.

22. Provide Storage Space

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If the idea of strangers staying in your home doesn’t appeal, then you could consider becoming one of those who rents out their spare room for storage instead.

It’s free to list the space via sites like Stashbee. All you’ll need is the exact location, room dimensions and a few photographs.

Then people can find your space within the listings. Stashbee verifies potential bookers before they can send you a request.

Cash is paid securely on a monthly basis. People also have the reassurance of insurance backing and a support team when using Stashbee.

23. Sell Your Stuff Online

It’s so easy to sell items you no longer want online.

One man or woman’s trash is another’s treasure, so why not make a few pounds by selling those things you no longer use – or even like?

Take a good look around your home and in your wardrobe. Are there items that no one would miss if you sold them on?

If the answer is yes, then why not snap a few photographs before listing them on Facebook Marketplace or eBay?

You might be surprised at what people will buy – as well as what they’ll pay.

A friend of mine sold an old pair of trainers that she was going to give to the charity shop – and got a good price for them, too.

As with many things in life, you won’t know until you try – and if you don’t ask for a decent price then you have no chance of getting it.

24. Focus Groups

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Sign up to take part in focus groups – via sites like Focus 4 People – and you could be paid up to £100 for half a day’s work.

Focus groups exist so that companies can gain useful insights into consumer behaviour as well as feedback on their products.

Taking part in a typical focus group will mean travelling to a given location. There, you will discuss issues such as your shopping or thoughts on a particular brand.

Sometimes you can take part in such groups online – or an interviewer may even come to your home to gain one-to-one feedback.

While fees vary, you could earn between £50 and £100 for a few hours’ work, making this a nice little earner when work is available.

25. Be a Film Extra

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

It won’t exactly earn you a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – but starring as a TV or film extra can certainly offer a unique experience.

Film or TV show makers may be after a particular look, or it may be more of a numbers game if they need to pack out a crowd scene.

Be warned, though – being an extra can be boring, as it often involves hours of waiting around on set for that precious few moments of shooting.

It makes a great story to tell, though, and extras can earn around £200 per day into the bargain.

A member of my family is seriously into films, and used to own a cinema. He featured as an extra in Alice in Wonderland, and it was good fun trying to spot him in the crowd when we got round to watching the finished film.

To find work as an extra, try signing up with specialist agencies such as Extra People or Casting Collective.

Then just keep an eye on your emails and phone calls, and you never know where you might end up. Even on the silver screen.

26. Sell your Old Mobile Phones

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

I know we already mentioned selling items you no longer want, but mobile phones are so often overlooked.

While they may not spring to mind when considering how to make money in the UK, they can be a very easy and lucrative little earner.

When we sign up for a new phone contract, we always trade-in or sell our old mobiles. You may be able to do this via the network provider.

If not, you can sell them to stores that specialise in offering second-hand technology in good condition – such as CEX.

The better the condition, the more money you will be offered. As we’ve always kept our phones in cases and used screen protectors, they have been in great condition when we’ve come to trade-in time.

The other factors that will contribute to the price concern make, model and age of the phone. A nearly new iPhone, for instance, will fetch more cash than an old Android made by a lesser-known company.

We’ve had Samsung smartphones since the Galaxy S1 came out, and have been selling or trading them in ever since.

Each phone has made us at least £100, and once we were given around £200 each for our old mobiles. Not bad for a phone that is already two years old.

So don’t let them sit around in a drawer collecting dust – get out there and let your redundant mobile phones make you a few quid. They’ll even take broken phones, although you won’t get much for them. 

You can also sell other items like tablets, laptops, or gaming equipment in the same way.

27. Car Boot Sales

There are many fans of car boot sales across the UK. For those who know how to use them, they can be a lovely little way to make a small profit while enjoying a day out in the fresh air.

You can use car boot sales in two ways. Simply sell your old stuff at them to make some money, and you can ditch the clutter while making a bit of cash at the same time.

Those in the know buy from boot sales, too. Top tips from avid car booters include turning up early and learning what you’re looking for. Once you snap up a bargain, you can then sell it on. Either via another boot sale, or online.

You can check out our list of the best things to resell in the UK here and get some ideas to look out for.

A former neighbour of mine scours car boot sales and charity shops for covetable vintage items, which she then sells online to fans.

Interest is drummed up via social media such as Facebook and Instagram pages, which are free to set up and use.

If you like getting out, meeting people and uncovering an interesting find, using car boot sales to your advantage could work well for you. Sometimes the tried and tested ways ways to make extra money can be the best.

28. Get Crafty

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you enjoy making things, then what better way to earn a few pounds than by selling the fruits of your labour?

Whether it’s a cushion cover that you can quickly run up on the sewing machine or a bespoke blanket hand-sewn from scraps of old baby clothes, handmade items are super popular.

Home-baked goods always sell, too – especially making birthday cakes to order.

I should know – I’ve bought some of these items myself. Such as a pretty pinboard handmade to order from my choice of fabric by a local crafter, or the beach hut cushion cover I picked up at a craft fair.

How to sell your items depends entirely on your preferences. Book a stall at a local craft fair or market, or you can sell your goods online via sites like Etsy or Folksy if you prefer.

We wrote about the best items to sell on Etsy so you can make maximum profit.

Many cake makers succeed by advertising their wares on social media pages – as well as by word of mouth.

29. Sign up with Fat Llama

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

You what? What, or who, on earth is Fat Llama?

Fat Llama specialise in renting out items. We’ve already covered renting out your car, driveway or spare room. Well, that’s not all you can make money from. Lend your items to those who want to borrow them and you could be quids in.

Like what? Well whether it’s power tools, a camera, your bike, a lawnmower, or your husband’s drone, there may be people in your area who are willing to pay you for the privilege of using it.

Then there’s projectors, DJ equipment, musical instruments, electric scooters and even sewing machines. The possibilities are almost endless – especially if you own a lot of desirable electronic items.

30. Offer Airbnb Experiences

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Not having a spare room does not have to mean you cannot make money via Airbnb. Because you can – by offering Airbnb Experiences instead.

So – how to earn extra money in the UK through doing this? What kind of experiences are we talking about?

Whether it’s offering cookery or fitness classes, teaching people to play a musical instrument or hosting an animal encounter or adventure, there are all sorts of creative ways to give people a one-off experience, while making money at the same time.

If you have a skill or talent to share, then why not give it a whirl? Lead a guided tour of an area you know well, host a cooking or art class, or get someone started on their journey to fitness and wellbeing. While boosting your bank account at the same time. What’s not to love?

31. Advertise On Your Car

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Why not make some passive income by displaying ads on your car? With Car Quids, this can be an easy way to make some extra cash – with very little effort required.

You don’t need to worry about damaging the paintwork, as the ads are designed to be simple and quick to remove once the campaign has run its course.

Get involved by signing up with Car Quids. Once you’ve registered, they will get in touch if a match is found.

They will then arrange for the ads to be placed on your vehicle. Any earnings are then paid directly into your bank account.

While it won’t make you rich, this is a simple way to earn some money. Without putting in much work at all. As side income ideas go, this surely has to be one of the easiest.

32. Give Your Home a Starring Role

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

While you might not fancy appearing on TV or waiting around for hours on set, there is another way to make money – and it doesn’t involve you being seen on screen at all.

TV, film and even photography companies will pay to use your home as the location for filming or a photographic shoot.

All of these images and footage have to be captured somewhere, after all, and building a set every time would be incredibly costly and time-consuming.

The most desirable properties may offer certain features. Period style homes are always sought after, while any house with lots of space, as well as good access, offers a film crew practicality.

As most major production companies are based in or near to the capital, having a home near the M25 will also enhance your chances of success.

Try specialist companies like Location Works, and you could make your home work hard for the benefit of your bank balance.

33. Convert Audio into Written Material

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Working from home as a transcriber is a relatively little known field. Yet it might work for you as a way of making an extra income from home.

Transcribers are paid to transform video or audio recordings into written content. So you’ll need a computer, internet connection, headphones and a decent typing speed – but that’s it. No formal qualifications or years of experience are necessary.

Take Note is a UK site offering the opportunity to work from home as a transcriber. Pass their tests and you could earn money whenever it suits you, picking your own hours as you please.

If you can type 65 words per minute or more, have the basic equipment and a good command of written English (GCSE grade C or equivalent), why not take a look at this simple way to make extra money in the UK?

34. Help out with Handy

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Sign up to work via Handy and you could get paid to clean homes or offices, hang pictures or TVs, paint walls, mow lawns or assemble flat-pack furniture.

Earnings depend on what you do, as well as how much work you choose to take on. Handy people may make from £9 for cleaning work up to £44 per job providing lawn care.

Handy sorts out the payment side of things, making it easy to take on as few or as many jobs as you like, with minimal concerns about completing paperwork or chasing invoices.

35. Be a Babysitter

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

With an increasingly mobile population, many people in the UK have no one to call on when they want to take a night off.

A friend of mine made the most of that fact by signing up with Sitters. I can testify that Sitters do check the people they take on, as I was asked to provide a personal reference for the lady concerned.

Another friend uses Sitters regularly, especially when her job takes her away from home. Even when they’re staying at a hotel, Sitters can provide reliable childcare, meaning the parents can enjoy a well-deserved night off.

This is an ideal way for busy mums to make some extra money – especially as many of these childcare jobs involve evening work.

36. Do Deliveroo

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you’re over 18 with the right to work in the UK, then you could make cash by delivering takeaway food. You will also require a reasonably recent smartphone and the use of a bike, scooter or car. Plus a safety helmet, if applicable.

Deliveroo is always looking out for new delivery staff, as they expand the areas they operate in. They offer their riders constant support via an app as well as accident insurance.

If getting out and about and exploring the town or city appeals to you, then why not try delivering fresh, hot food in your spare time?

37. Start Dropshipping

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you’ve been put off selling online by stock storage issues, then there is another way to proceed. Dropshipping can be a great way to make money in the UK – without having to store the items you sell.

The majority of dropshippers will source their stock via suppliers like Ali Express. They list everything you can think of – and then some. Most items are made in China, and are delivered directly from there to the buyer.

You will need some sort of online selling platform, as well as ideas about how to market your chosen goods. That said, social media can be a great way to get started.

Depending on the product, your initial outlay may not need to be very high, either.

38. Do the Ironing

So many people hate ironing – or simply don’t have the time to spare. A problem when their work requires them to look as neatly-turned out as possible.

You might be surprised by the response if you ask around locally – or advertise on the free Facebook groups for services in your area.

My mother-in-law used to pay someone to do her ironing, so there are definitely people out there that will do the same.

39. Buy and Sell Domain Names

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

An SEO expert I know is always saying there are no single-word domain names left. While that may be true, it would be far too time-consuming to test. Neither would it mean that all the good domain names are gone.

Any domain name that is short sounds good or describes what the website is about will always be in demand.

Some people do make good money when buying domains from providers, then selling these on via specialist sites such as Sedo.

40. Buy Via Cashback Sites

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

If you’re shopping anyway – why not get paid a few pounds in the process? That’s exactly what happens when you sign up to cashback sites like Quidco or Top Cashback.

Top Cashback say their members earn just under £345 per year on average. Simply by buying what you would have anyway. Money can be paid to you via PayPal, bank transfer or come in the form of gift cards.

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41. Design T-Shirts with Merch by Amazon

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

Fancy a creative opportunity with no outlay required? Then take a look at Amazon Merch, perhaps one of the best, quick money-making ideas in the UK at the moment.

No investment is required, and Amazon will take care of the production and delivery. They can even provide customer service.

To get started, just upload a design, choose a product and the colour and write a description. As each item is printed to order, there is no wastage either.

You’ll need to request an invitation before you begin, detailing your experience and background. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not give this creative way of making some money a go?

42. Rent a Room

Ways to Make Extra Money in the UK

For a more steady source of income, check out the government’s Rent a Room scheme.

The scheme allows you to make up to £7,500 per year. Tax-free. All you need to do is rent out one or more furnished rooms in your house or flat.

As long as you make under £7,500 you don’t even have to do anything, as the exemption is automatic.

If you’ve been wondering how to make more money right here in the UK and you have space in your home to spare, this could bring in hundreds of tax-free pounds per month.

43. Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Hosting a foreign exchange student is another way to make money from a spare room in your house with the added benefit of cultural enrichment.

You will still be governed by the Rent-a-Room scheme mentioned above, however, this option is great for people who don’t want a long-term commitment.

You can check out our guide for more information: Do You Get Paid To Host A Foreign Exchange Student?

44. Sell Clothes for Cash

Selling clothes for cash in the UK is a great way to make some extra money and clear out your wardrobe.

There are many platforms available, such as Vinted, Cash for Clothes, eBay and Vestiaire Collective which specialises in designer gear.

Selling on Facebook or Shpock is easy but comes with security risks if buyers come to collect items from you directly.

Bride 2 Bride is ideal for wedding dresses while local second-hand stores may offer instant cash – although at a lower price than selling direct online would get you.

Depop caters mostly towards younger audiences looking specifically for vintage 90s/2000s items or handmade alternative clothing pieces of teens/twenty-something age group fashion trends.

When selling clothes it’s important to show them off well with good photos taken from different angles; provide accurate descriptions including size & fabric type; sell according to season & don’t wait too long before listing them!

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How To Make Extra Money UK – 40+ Ways

Looking to earn extra money in the UK? Try these proven methods to boost your income.

Explore online opportunities like freelancing, starting a side business, or participating in paid surveys.

You can also consider renting out a spare room, selling unwanted items, or taking on part-time gigs. 

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