Do CEX Buy Broken Phones?

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It is all too easy to accidentally break or damage your phone.

An unfortunate fall for your device is all it takes to render your phone unusable and you find yourself stuck with a handset that is no use to you.

Do CEX Buy Broken Phones?

Luckily there are places such as CEX that will buy older devices, it is reasonable to assume that they will also buy damaged and broken phones from the public as well.

In this article, we will look at whether or not CEX will buy a broken phone and whether it is worth selling your old handset to CEX.

What Is CEX?

CEX, or Complete Entertainment Exchange, is a business that buys and sells used electronics and games.

From old phone handsets to games consoles to DVDs and computer games, they will buy any entertainment paraphernalia that you are clearing out.

Anyone who is a fan of gaming or movies will view CEX stores as a place filled with nostalgia and childhood memories, truly a treasure trove of gaming history.

If you are less interested in gaming, movies, and electronics it can be a place to clear some extra space in your house and make a little bit of money in the process.

Alternatively, it can be a great place to replace a broken phone at a significantly reduced price or to purchase a first phone for your child.

Do CEX Buy Broken Phones?

The simple answer to this question is, yes they do. If you take your broken or damaged phone to a CEX store, they will most likely purchase it.

An exception to this would be if the phone is so old as to render it obsolete.

When you take your broken phone to a CEX cashier, they will make an offer based on the condition of the phone and what they can sell it for.

In the case of a broken phone, they will be unlikely to try to fix it and sell it on unless it is a brand new phone that could be sold for a significant profit.

Instead, they are more likely to purchase it for parts and spares.

Because a phone that is only used for parts and spares isn’t going to provide much of a profit if any, the price that they will give you will be extremely low.

Testimonials from previous customers attest to broken handsets being valued at under ten dollars a piece.

However, when your phone is broken, it is less about the profit that you can make than it is about getting rid of a broken item in the best way possible.

When you sell your broken handset to CEX or any other company that takes old and broken handsets, you know that the parts that still work are being recycled and used to increase the longevity of other handsets.

This is always a better option than simply throwing your broken phone away.

Is It Worth Selling A Broken Phone To CEX?

Is It Worth Selling A Broken Phone To CEX?

Of course, if the price that you get for your broken phone is important to you, CEX may not be the best option for you.

As mentioned above, companies such as CEX will always offer the lowest price possible for an item so that they can maximize the amount of profit they make from it.

In the case of broken handsets, they are not generating any profit in themselves, therefore the price that they are worth to CEX is very low.

While this may not be as big of an issue if your broken phone is an old model, if it is a newer model it can be annoying to be offered such a low amount.

You may also wish to make back as much of the cost as possible in order to be able to replace the handset.

In these cases, it is probably a better idea to bypass companies such as CEX and instead sell your handset for spares and parts yourself.

With this method, you can make a significantly higher amount of cash than you would do by selling to a company.

Alternatives To Selling To CEX

If you have decided that the amount of money you get from the sale of your handset is important to you, there are some alternatives to selling your phone to CEX that can result in a higher financial gain.

One of the best places to sell your broken handset is on bidding sites such as eBay.

It is common for people to sell phones for parts or spares on such sites and reach final bidding prices of closer to fifty dollars than less than ten.

It is important to point out that getting a higher sum online is not always guaranteed and that the price people are willing to pay depends greatly on the make and model of the phone that you are selling.

If it is a popular phone that is still in high demand, you are likely to get a higher price for it than if it is an older model.

Another alternative to selling your broken phone to CEX for parts is to sell it to a company that recycles phones.

These companies are more likely to offer a flat rate for handsets rather than focusing entirely on the profit they can make from using the parts.

This is because the main purpose of these companies is to ensure that old and broken handsets are being broken down and recycled rather than ending up in landfills.

Also, with these companies, you can sometimes get vouchers for money off refurbished phones when you send your handset to be recycled.

Final Thoughts

CEX will buy your broken phone from you if you take it in, although it will be for an insignificant amount of money.

If the money you get for your phone is important to you, you may be better off looking into alternative options such as selling the handset yourself on a bidding site.

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