10 Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK

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Whether it’s to raise funds for Christmas gifts, as spending money for a family holiday or simply to ease the strain of these cash-strapped times, we could all do with a few more pounds sterling in our pockets.

One of the options that may have already crossed your mind is flogging your old threads.

But is this viable, how much money can you make and where do you even sell clothes for cash, anyway?

This complete guide to selling clothes for cash in the UK has all the answers to those questions – and many more.

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We’ll walk you through exactly how to swap your old clothes for some much-needed moolah, and all the ways you can do it.

Someone out there wants your pre-loved garments.

The second-hand clothes and shoe market is booming, so why not make some extra cash and clear out your wardrobe in one fell swoop?

Here’s all you need to know about how to sell clothes for cash in the UK. And how to make sure you get the best possible price for every single item.

Top 10 Places to Sell Clothes for Cash 2024

1. Vinted

Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK_Vinted

Sell on Vinted and you could get minted.

So how do you sell on Vinted, and what exactly is it?

Vinted is a free, user-friendly app that works as an online marketplace.

It’s used for buying and selling new and used goods. Especially clothes and accessories.

As Vinted is a known and successfully used model for selling clothes, it’s a great place to start.

The app is simple to use, and everything’s there in one place.


  • Free app
  • User-friendly interface
  • Clothing and accessories niche


  • You may need to set up an account

2. Cash for Clothes

Mockup website of Cash for Clothes_Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK Content Image UK

Cash for Clothes can be an easy one, as you can get a shot of a lot of items in one hit.

They have branches around the UK, so you can deal with real people rather than solely online and by post.

Cash for Clothes will buy clothes and footwear that are in clean and wearable condition.

Their branches are all over the place – in car parks, outdoor stores, supermarkets, and more.

The pricing structure is simple. They pay 50p per kilo for most clothing and 30p for some ethnic garments.

30p per kilo is also paid for household items such as linens, bric-a-brac, crockery, and small electricals.

If you have any books, CDs, or DVDs to sell and are willing to accept 5p per kilo, you can take those along too.

The latter must be in cases and books mustn’t be malodorous!


  • Branches across the UK
  • You can offload stuff all at once
  • Some other items also accepted


  • Low prices paid
  • Having to get to the branch
  • Items may not be deemed acceptable

3. eBay

Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK_eBay

Sometimes the tried and tested methods are the best.

If you already have an eBay account, then you can cut out an entire step by listing them on eBay.

Listing pre-loved garments here can also expose them to a broad audience of potential buyers—possibly worldwide.

eBay also lets you use various sales models. You can list items for auction, or use a ‘Buy It Now’ price.

The fees you’ll pay vary according to all sorts of factors.

The downsides of eBay are the competition you’ll face – and the seller fees.

To minimise these, look out for email alerts that will tell you when a fee-free promo period is going to happen.


  • You probably already have an account
  • Auction or ‘Buy it Now’ options
  • Sell to buyers worldwide


  • High selling fees
  • Lots of competition

4. Vestiaire Collective

Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK_Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a resale site that specialises in designer gear.

If you have a sought-after item of clothing to sell, this may be the most appropriate option.

The downside is that fees are even higher than when selling on eBay – but there is a reason for that.

All the second-hand goods sold through Vestiaire Collective are verified by the site, instilling confidence in buyers.

This means they’re more likely to part with more money, as they know what they’ll be getting.

You can only sell via Vestiaire Collective if your garment or accessory is labelled by one of the brands they deal in.

There’s a full list here, and some high-street brands such as Lipsy, Mango, Miss Sixty, Next, and Zara can be found on it.

There are thousands of labels on this list, and many – but not all – are top-end designers.

So how does selling work? You list items for a set price, and doing that is free.

You then pay 14% of the sale price – or a flat rate of £12 for items under £90.

Plus, there’s a fee of 3% for processing.

So do factor all this in when setting your prices.


  • Niche market
  • Designer items verified by the site
  • Some high-street brands included


  • Even higher fees than eBay

5. Car Boot Sales

Two women preparing their items at car boot sales_Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK Content Image UK

Some people just cannot resist a car boot sale bargain.

Meaning you could be quids in if you sell clothes this way.

It can make a fun day out, and you should come home with more cash than you started with, too.

There’s every chance you’ll spend that money at other stalls, though, so be disciplined unless you intend to sell those spoils to make more money!

On the negative side, you could end up coming home with your old clothes that don’t sell.

It will also involve a cash outlay to pay for your pitch – and the fuel to get there.


  • There’s bound to be a local one
  • Some people are very successful
  • It’s a fun day out when you can meet lots of people


  • Upfront payment for pitch
  • You may return with unwanted clothes
  • Shoppers often want to pay very low prices

6. Facebook

 Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK_Facebook

Facebook is a little like eBay in that everyone knows it, and most people have an account.

Selling clothes via local groups on Facebook can be simple and fast – and in some cases lucrative too.

List your unwanted threads on Facebook Marketplace, and it should post them to any local groups you belong to.

Sometimes items are sold within moments, and even then people will ask if they can be next in line if they want what you’ve got.

If selling via Facebook, it’s a good idea to name a higher price than you want, as people tend to haggle.

So leave some room for a bit of bartering.

State whether you’re willing to deliver or if you’d like the buyer to collect.

One downside of Facebook selling is that people don’t turn up sometimes.

Another is that once you communicate with them, buyers can see your profile.

If you ask them to collect, they’ll also know where you live.

This is unlikely to lead to any issues, but there’s always some risk.

If you’re selling a high-value item and live alone, getting someone to visit when your buyer is due to collect is a good idea.

Just to make sure they pay up and to give the impression that someone else lives there with you.


  • Quick and easy
  • You can sell in the local area
  • More willing buyers may be waiting


  • Security and privacy risks
  • No-shows can be high
  • Expect to barter

7. Shpock

Mockup website of Shpock_Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK Content Image UK

Shpock is a bit like Facebook, but the site is dedicated to selling online rather than being a social media hub.

So you have a captive audience, and it’s aimed at buyers in your local area.

Many of the same pros and cons of Facebook apply. If they collect the clothing, buyers will know where you live.

They cannot, however, view a profile as they could on Facebook.

Shpock stands for Shop in your Pocket, and it’s free to use.

Again, expect buyers to barter.

You can post items and receive PayPal payments with Shpock. This isn’t as popular as local selling, however.


  • Free to use
  • More privacy than Facebook
  • Option to post items as well as sell locally


  • Haggling is the norm
  • You might need to set up an account

8. Bride 2 Bride

Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK_Bride 2 Bride

If you have a wedding dress to flog, then Bride 2 Bride could be the site for you.

Though you can try your luck on sites like Vinted, this one’s aimed at a niche market.

Wedding dresses sell for hundreds or even thousands on Bride 2 Bride, so clearly, there’s money to be made.

To list your gown, you’ll need to pay a one-off fee of £14 or £20 (standard or premium).

There’s no time limit, so your dress can stay on the site until it’s sold. Secure messaging is also included.

Which can be especially important when it comes to high-value items.


  • Low fees
  • Niche market
  • No time limit
  • Secure Messaging


  • You may pay a fee and not sell

9. Local Second Hand Stores

Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK_Local Second Hand Stores

Many areas have second-hand shops offering vintage or used designer goods for sale.

So if a place near you specialises in retro or pre-loved goods, you could try selling to them directly.

It can be a fast and simple way to get extra cash.

The store owner will need to make a profit, though. And they may have high overheads.

So don’t expect to get as much money for items when using this kind of ‘middleman’ service.

On the plus side, it might just help someone in your local area to stay in business!


  • This can mean instant cash
  • Helps the local economy
  • Goods will go to a ‘good home’


  • Less lucrative than selling directly

10. Depop

Mockup website of depop_Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK Content Image UK

Why not declutter and sell on Depop?

This clothing marketplace doesn’t strictly specialise in vintage garments, but rare items from the 1990s, in particular, seem to be mega-popular.

Unlike other sites, you can snap selfies of yourself wearing the clothing when listing it for sale if you like, though this isn’t compulsory.

You can add tags to your listings, such as ’90s’, ‘dance’, or ‘bands’.

The vast majority of Depop’s users are in the under-26 or ‘youth’ age demographic, and it seems they’re often seeking 90s or 2000s items from around the time when they were born!

Items that are handmade or classed as vintage can also do well on Depop.

Think of alternative clothing for teens and twenty-somethings, and you’ve got the gist of it.

Depop is another site where buyers tend to haggle, so bear this in mind.

They also charge a 10% fee on all sales.


  • Young market
  • 1990s and 2000s items popular
  • Sought-after items can command high prices


  • 10% sales fee
  • Haggling is de rigueur

7 Top Tips When Selling Clothes for Cash

Woman showing off a clothes she is selling online

1. Show ‘Em Off

No one is turned on by a poorly-lit picture of a creased garment.

It makes the clothes look uncared for, too, which might only decrease their value. As well as the number of willing buyers.

Before you sell clothes, wash them, iron them and hang them up as if you were displaying them in a shop.

Photos of the front, back and any significant details are just what you want.

Labels and price tags are also good ones to zoom in on.

2. A Clear, Concise, and Complete Description

In fact, make that a truthful, concise, and clear description.

Make sure you do mention any stains, holes, or other faults. If you don’t, it will only come back to bite you later.

Think about what the buyer wants to know.

The size – and is this true to size or a little on the large or smaller side?

Maybe suggest an occasion it’s suitable for, so they can really picture themselves wearing it for work, a party, or lounging around.

Do state the colour – it may seem obvious from the picture but they may wonder how accurately the camera has captured the shade.

Another thing to mention is the fabric.

Is it thin or thick, and is the garment machine washable or not?

3. Sell According to Season

No one’s looking for winter jumpers during a sunny June heatwave.

Think one step ahead, maybe – as the shops do – but not six months in advance.

If you want to make as much extra cash as you can, then sell clothes that people will buy at that time.

Christmas jumpers, for example, will fly off the shelves in November, while summer holiday wear will do best when summer’s fast approaching.

4. Don’t Dilly Dally

If you’ve recently bought something and realised you’re not in love with it after all, then get it shifted as soon as possible.

Assuming it can’t be returned, that is.

Clothes depreciate very quickly unless perhaps they’re vintage designer wear or other rare, sought-after items.

So strike while the iron’s hot and get it sold sharpish when it’s too late to take it back to the shop.

5. Factor in P&P

boxing the sold items for shipping_Places to Sell Clothes for Cash in the UK

Don’t forget that it’s going to cost you if you send a garment to someone by post.

There’s the postage itself to pay for, but you might also need to buy a suitable padded envelope, bag, or box to send it in.

Parcels cost a LOT more to send than what Royal Mail classes as ‘large letters’.

If when packaged it weighs 750 grams or less and measures no more than 35 x 25 x 2.5 cm, then you can save around two or three pounds as compared to a 45 x 35 x 16cm ‘small parcel’ weighing up to two kilos.

6. Consider Tracking

What are you going to do if the buyer tells you they never received the item? It happens.

While many (perhaps most) people are honest, some are not.

The only way to know for sure if the clothing arrived with the buyer is to track the delivery.

It costs more but may be worthwhile for higher-value items. You may also be able to pass the cost onto the buyer.

7. Know What Sells

Do you know which sorts of clothes sell well in the UK?

Garments that are among the top items to resell in the UK include branded clothing and wedding dresses.

Don’t forget about accessories too – shoes and deluxe handbags often sell very well indeed.

Where Can I Sell Clothes in the UK – FAQs

How much does Cash For Clothes pay?

Cash for Clothes pays 50p per kilo for most clothing in clean condition. 30p is paid for linens and ethnic garments. For 5p per kilo, Cash for Clothes will also buy boxed DVDs and CDs, and books that are in good nick and don’t smell.

Where is the best place to sell unwanted clothes?

The best place to sell pre-loved clothes depends on the quantity and type of garments. Specialist items like wedding dresses and retro or vintage goods do well on niche sites.

Apps and pages for local sales can also be quick and simple methods. eBay is also a tried and tested method.

How can I get money for my old clothes?

You can sell old clothes online, take them to a Cash for Clothes store, sell at a car boot sale or try trading with a local secondhand shop.

There are many niches and general websites and apps for selling clothes, and some specialise in older items or even wedding dresses.

How can I sell unwanted clothes in the UK?

In the UK, some of the most popular ways to sell unwanted clothes are via Facebook Marketplace or eBay. You can also try specialist apps and sites like Vinted, Shpock, Depop, Vestiaire Collective or Bride 2 Bride.

Selling locally at car boot sales or to pre-loved clothing stores is also an option.

Selling Clothes in the UK – Final Thoughts

If you have clothes you no longer wear, you could sell them for extra cash. And why not, if they’re just sitting there gathering dust?

If you have time to list an item and post it or hand it over to a local buyer, then you could sell clothes online. There are plenty of social media pages, sites and apps to use.

You could also take your unwanted garments to a secondhand store or car boot sale. If you need the space – or the money – and don’t need the clothing, what have you got to lose by swapping your old clothes for cash?

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