25 Top Paid Surveys UK for 2024

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When it comes to easy side hustles, you can’t go past online surveys. Whilst paid surveys in the UK are not huge earners, they are very easy to do when you have a few moments to yourself.

Even if you only earn a quid or two per survey, this soon adds up.

If you are, for example, a stay at home mum, there may be very few windows of time during the day when you can sit down with a cuppa and relax.

When you do this – and often spend that time scrolling through your phone – why not get paid to do just that?

This is why doing surveys for cash can work so well. You only need to do them when you have that time. Earning either gift vouchers or cash can mean having a few extra little luxuries in your life or saving for Christmas etc.

Completing surveys for money in the UK can be an excellent way to boost your income.

So read on to find out all you need to know regarding how to get paid to take surveys in your spare time. Exactly how and when it suits your lifestyle.

We list and review the top 25 best paid survey sites in the UK right now, so look no further if you want to make a bit of extra cash in a fun and interesting way.

Your opinions may also be used to shape big brands, charities and even – in some cases – government policy.

Keen to start earning? Get started right away with our top picks i-Say and Branded Surveys.

The Best Paid Surveys in the UK 2024

So here they are – all the top paid surveys in the UK. Why not sign up to some of these to see if you can earn a few extra pounds?

Whether you’d prefer short paid surveys or something to really get your teeth into, these are all the best paid survey sites in the UK.

1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys – previously Mintvine – is another of the UK’s highest paying survey sites. This respected panel site also allows you to earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards or PayPal cash.

1,000 Branded Survey points are worth £10. 1,000 points is also their redemption threshold.

At the time of writing, TrustPilot reviews indicate that Branded Surveys send regular surveys and also pay out quickly.

The site is user-friendly; you can even be paid for referring friends. Branded Surveys also offer daily polls to help you rack up points.

Those who complete these quick surveys on consecutive days can earn additional bonus points.

Read our full Branded Surveys review here.

Why we love Branded Surveys:

  • There are good Trustpilot reviews of this trusted survey site
  • Earn extra by referring your friends
  • Completing daily polls can mean points stack up quickly


  • Online or high street gift cards, or cash paid via PayPal

You can join Branded Surveys here>>

2. i-Say (Ipsos)

We are big fans of i-Say (Ipsos) here at Mum’s Money. There are two main reasons why we rate i-Say as one of the best survey sites.

The points you earn can add up quickly. Most surveys are worth between 5 and 250 points. Members are usually offered an average of 4 surveys per month – often more.

Plus i-Say has a loyalty program which offers extra bonus points for taking more surveys.

Once you complete over 5 surveys in a year – which is not hard to do at all – you earn 25 bonus loyalty rewards. This loyalty program covers each calendar year.

Many people who use i-Say earn £10 or more in Amazon vouchers per month. The points required to exchange for a voucher varies. A £5 Amazon voucher, for example, will require 490 points.

One of the things we rate about i-Say is how open they are about the survey length and payment, right from the outset.

Other types of retail vouchers can be earned as well as Amazon ones – these include John Lewis as well as ‘Compliments vouchers’. The latter can be spent at various high street stores including Argos, Clarks, H Samuel, Iceland and Waterstone’s. Some hotel chains also take them.

You need to earn £5 with I-Say before you can claim payment.

Why we love I-Say:

  • Average time taken to complete survey is just 15 minutes
  • Typical payout per survey is 5p to £1.80
  • Payout threshold is only £5


  • Online or high street vouchers, including Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and more

You can join i-Say here>>

3. Swagbucks

While Swagbucks is a survey site – it offers a whole lot more besides.

Taking paid online surveys can be the best way to make money from Swagbucks, but that’s not all. You can also watch videos, complete online searches or play games to earn points.

There are plenty of ways to boost your earnings with Swagbucks. They will pay you in ‘Swagbucks’ – or points – when you respond to daily polls.

Your Swagbucks can be spent in their own Rewards store, or you can claim cash via PayPal.

Points can be spent on rewards in its Rewards Store – for example, you can exchange 700 points for a £5 Amazon voucher.

Do read the terms carefully, as some types of poll will only pay out once per day – which means you’d be wasting your time by taking part in any more.

Various offers exist to tempt you into signing up – past participants, for instance, have earned an Amazon gift card just for joining.

Swagbucks is one of the only survey sites in the UK that allows teens aged 13 and over to join.

You can read our full Swagbucks review here.

Why we love Swagbucks:

  • The average survey completion time is around 10-20 minutes
  • The average survey pays 70 Swagbucks (about 50p)
  • Gift cards are often paid just for signing up


  • Amazon vouchers or cash paid via PayPal

You can sign up with Swagbucks here

4. Toluna

Toluna is a global survey site.

You earn points by taking part in battles, answering surveys and sometimes testing products.

Toluna works on behalf of big brands, who need to know your opinions on selected services, products or issues – or specific ad campaigns.

Rewards include cash payments made via PayPal, but you tend to get more for your points in gift vouchers for Amazon and other high street stores.

You need to earn 27,000 points before you can start claiming rewards. For example, 27,000 points can be exchanged for a £5 Starbucks gift voucher.

80,000 points can earn you a £15 voucher.

Survey payment varies according to length.

Each typically takes around 15 minutes to complete.

At the start, every survey will ask a few questions to check you’re right for it.

New surveys can be found daily on the Toluna website, or you may receive an email invitation to take part.

As with all survey sites that pay, completing your profile in full detail can give you the best chance of being selected.

Why we love Toluna:

  • Typical survey completion time is about 15 minutes
  • Filling out a full and detailed profile can increase surveys offered
  • Feedback from participants influences big brands


  • High street or online vouchers or PayPal cash

You can become a Toluna Influencer here

5. LifePoints

LifePoints (formerly known as MySurvey) has a huge panel, offering loads of surveys.

They claim to be the world’s number 1 survey site. Users report frequent survey offers from MySurvey and no problems getting paid.

Rewards include cash out with Paypal, Amazon vouchers and high street vouchers. The average survey pays 100 LifePoints and will typically take about 15 minutes to complete.

Sometimes, you may also be sent products to test and review.

Once you’ve given the required information about yourself, you’ll be emailed survey invitations as they become available.

Why we love LifePoints:

  • Typical survey time is around 15 minutes
  • Surveys are emailed as they become available
  • Product testing and reviews also offered


  • PayPal cash payments or online and high street vouchers

You can join LifePoints right here>>

6. InboxPounds

Inbox Pounds say they’ve paid over £2 million to their members, who earn rewards for taking surveys, searching online or playing games.

Invitations are sent after signing up.

As with many paid surveys online, InboxPounds works with its big brand partners who want to gain real consumer feedback from the likes of you.

InboxPounds has its own search page, which pays each time you use it to search online.

So by using this to complete your usual online searches, you can earn a little cash.

Or complete surveys and you’ll be paid for each one.

TrustPilot reviewers rate Inbox Pounds, as it attracts a high number of positive reviews.

It’s a little different from other top paying survey sites, as you may even be asked to read emails in return for payment.

As with all sites offering online surveys for money, it can take a short while to reach the payout threshold.

Why we love Inbox Pounds:

  • Online searches, games, reading emails and taking surveys all pay
  • Big brands will use your feedback to improve products and services
  • Using its search pays out whenever you browse online


  • Cash PayPal payments or high street and online gift cards

You can sign up with InboxPounds here>>

7. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is an established survey for money site.

Not only that, but it also offers some high-paying surveys.

Users are paid using various retailer gift cards, including the likes of M&S, TK Maxx, John Lewis, and Amazon.

Valued Opinions pays out around £1 to £5 for each completed survey. One minor drawback is the fact that a 50p admin fee is charged when redeeming.

In reality, this means you’d require £10.50 worth of points to get a £10 voucher. Rewards can also take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

Valued Opinions send out relevant surveys based on each user’s profile. Their surveys tend to be fairly interesting and may take between 10 and 30 minutes to fill in.

Why we love Valued Opinions:

  • The surveys tend to be interesting and varied
  • A variety of gift card rewards are offered
  • One of the best paid survey sites


  • A range of gift vouchers such as M&S, T K Maxx, John Lewis and Amazon

You can join Valued Opinions here>>

8. Opinion Outpost

As Opinion Outpost has a lower payout threshold than many sites – and reportedly pays out quickly – you can get paid for surveys sooner after signing up.

Theirs can also be quite fun to do.

They pay in cash via PayPal, or as Amazon and other vouchers.

50p is paid in cash or vouchers per survey, and these typically take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

However some of their surveys ‘pay’ by entering you into a prize draw instead, so do check carefully.

Why we love Opinion Outpost:

  • The minimum threshold is just £2.50
  • Payout can be claimed once 5 surveys are completed
  • Surveys can be more fun than those on other sites


  • A range of gift vouchers or PayPal cash

You can join up with Opinion Outpost here>>

9. Attapoll

Attapoll offers payment for taking surveys on your smartphone. Once you’ve installed the app, you can take surveys for money – whenever you have a few free moments.

Payout thresholds are low, and you can claim various vouchers or cash. They will also pay referral bonuses to those who get friends to sign up.

According to satisfied users, this one pays out pretty fast too.

Again, make sure your profile is as detailed as possible. Not only can this mean getting offered more surveys, it can also save time at the start of each one when demographics are required.

Why we love Attapoll:

  • Smartphone app makes it easy to complete surveys in any spare time
  • Referral bonuses paid when your friends sign up
  • A complete profile can lead to more surveys being sent


  • A range of gift cards, PayPal cash or charity donations

You can sign up to Attapoll here>>

10. Prolific

Prolific – or Prolific Academic – is a research platform used by the likes of charities, universities and business startups and charities.

A variety of quizzes, games – and of course surveys – are used to gauge how users’ minds work.

Prolific pays in cash via PayPal, and tasks range from those taking just a few minutes to longer-term, multi-stage research projects that can go on for some time.

A key advantage of using Prolific is their promise that once you begin a survey, you’ll be paid. Having said that, you do need to give useful, high-quality answers in order to maintain a good score.

Drop below an acceptable level means being offered fewer surveys.

Surveys with this top-end platform tend to take about 45 minutes to complete.

Payout may be as much as £10, so decent money can be made.

In terms of online surveys that pay, Prolific can do just what it says when used correctly.

Why we love Prolific:

  • More interesting research than the average platform
  • Payment guaranteed once you start a survey
  • Good money can be made by giving full, rounded responses


  • Cash only

You can join Prolific Academic here>>

11. YouGov

As the name suggests, YouGov is used by the government to gauge public opinion. This respected polling company apparently offers frequent surveys and pays out fast.

YouGov points add up to cold hard cash, but the minimum threshold is 5,000 points – or £50. Surveys can be longer than average – meaning they take longer, but pay you more.

As YouGov focuses on public affairs, social issues, politics and other general interest topics. So it’s an interesting one to use if you like your voice to be heard.

Why we love YouGov:

  • Great for those who love to give their opinions
  • Interesting and varied subject matter
  • Highly respected polling company


  • Cash payment

You can sign up with YouGov here>>

12. Qmee

Qmee was first known for its add-on that paid you to browse online, but they now also let you complete paid surveys.

Participants can use the Apple or Android app.

Qmee members say that they are offered frequent surveys, though these tend to be lower paid than some.

You don’t have to earn a minimum amount before being paid, however, making this a good one to try out.

Their strapline is ‘earn cash, not swag or points’, which tells you all you need to know about payment methods.

You can be paid to search – and even to shop – as well as for completing surveys.

Why we love Qmee:

  • No minimum payment threshold
  • Be paid to search and shop as well as for surveys
  • Smartphone app makes participation easy


  • Payment is in cash

You can join the Qmee community here>>

13. Populus Live

Populus Live also offers free sign up. Just complete your profile with this leading research site and you can get started with paid surveys.

Populus Live differs in the fact that £1 is paid for every 5 minutes spent on each survey. As the majority take 5 to 15 minutes each, you could earn up to a few pounds for each. It can thus be one of the better paid survey sites.

However you need to reach the £50 minimum threshold before you will be paid.

It’s particularly important with Populus to complete your profile in detail to ensure you’re offered as many opportunities as possible. There are also strict quality checks in place.

Surveys may also fill up quickly with respondents.

If you get in fast and have a detailed profile, Populus Live does offer a decent payout – once you’ve reached that higher threshold. Topics can be varied, including current affairs and business as well as shopping, sports and more.

Why we love Populus Live:

  • Wide range of optics covered, including politics, business and current affairs
  • £1 paid for every 5 minutes spent on a survey
  • Decent pay in real cash


  • Payment via bank transfer

You can join the Populus Live panel here>>

14. OnePoll

OnePoll specialises in asking quick-fire questions. As such, their surveys typically take just 3 minutes to complete.

These can be fun, on all sorts of subjects from social issues to celebrities. Their poll results are often cited in the national media. If you read, for instance, that ‘over 75% of people think…’, then those respondents may well have come from OnePoll.

They also work in partnership with various big brands. Sign up is free, and most of the short polls pay between 10p and £1. The minimum payment threshold is £40.

Referring friends can also earn you extra. There is an Apple or Android app, and payment is in cash via bank transfer. Payment can take up to 28 days to reach your account.

Why we love OnePoll:

  • Short, sharp surveys mean there’s no chance of boredom
  • Results often quoted in the news and media
  • Android and Apple app makes participation simple


  • Bank transfer payments

You can sign up to OnePoll here>>

15. Curious Cat

Curious Cat is an app available via the App Store or Google Play, and is one of the best options for completing short surveys while on the go.

Curious Cat will also pay out when you’ve earned as little as £1, so it’s a great one to try out with nothing to lose.

Surveys tend to be quick and fun to complete too.

The average task time is just 3 minutes, and you‘ll be paid cash via PayPal just for voicing your opinions.

Why we love Curious Cat:

  • Quick-fire surveys take around 3 minutes to complete
  • Payout threshold is just £1
  • App makes it easy to take part anytime and anywhere


  • Cash paid via PayPal

You can join the Curious Cat team here>>

16. Panel Opinion

Panel Opinion also offers users short online surveys, and rewards can be claimed once you reach the £10 payout threshold.

A typical Panel Opinion survey takes 10 minutes to complete and pays about 50p. TrustPilot reviewers say that Panel Opinion pays promptly.

They also offer a monthly ‘VIP draw’ with a £250 cash prize. Panel Opinion is one of the UK’s most popular survey sites, with fast, short surveys making it easy to fit into your day.

Why we love Panel Opinion:

  • Short surveys around 10 minutes long
  • Minimum threshold £10 with prompt payment
  • Bonus monthly draw to win £250


  • Cash via PayPal or bank transfer

You can sign up with Panel Opinion here>>

17. Pinecone

Pinecone Research is one of the UK’s longest running survey sites. £3 to £5 is typically paid per survey, and these will generally take about 30 minutes to complete.

TrustPilot reviews of Pinecone Research like the fact that there’s no minimum payment threshold, but some say that a low number of surveys is offered.

Pinecone is regarded as one of the most exclusive survey sites out there, and you can join by invitation only.

Some get lucky by spotting an ad inviting them to an immediate sign up. Once you know to look for it, you might just be one of the fortunate ones.

Participants are paid in cash via PayPal or bank transfer.

Pinecone also acts as a product testing company, so you could also receive free products to test, review and keep.

Why we love Pinecone:

  • This exclusive survey side has a certain kudos
  • Product testing may be offered as well as surveys
  • Relatively good rate of pay in cash


  • Cash paid by PayPal or bank transfer

Find out more about Pinecone Research here>>

18. Panelbase

Panelbase is a market research company that rewards members for taking part. It is often seen as one of the best paid survey organisations.

At the time of writing, a sign-up bonus was also offered. Every survey you complete will earn you between 50p and £10. The average is about £1.50. It’s a broad range, reflecting the diversity of surveys offered.

As well as online surveys, you could receive them by SMS or phone.

Panelbase tend to send their members very relevant surveys, as they take great care when choosing respondents. So make sure you pay some attention to completing your profile fully.

As well as cash, Panelbase may pay out in the form of gift vouchers or prize draws.

The frequency of surveys can result in good earnings, and there may also be market research projects, product testing or focus groups to take part in.

Why we love Panelbase:

  • Sign-up bonus may apply when joining
  • Broad range of surveys, research methods and other tasks
  • Comparatively good rate of pay


  • Cash via PayPal or bank transfer

You can join up with Panelbase here>>

19. Hiving

Completing paid surveys with Hiving will earn you points that can be swapped for cash via PayPal or Amazon gift vouchers.

At times Hiving may also send products for you to test and review at home.

There are also puzzles, lotteries and quizzes to take part in.

There is also a low reward threshold of just £4.

A Hiving survey pays about 50p, and they do give some points even for incomplete surveys that you don’t quite qualify for.

Hiving runs a range of online surveys on behalf of big brands, and will also give points when you refer a friend.

Why we love Hiving:

  • Product reviews, quizzes, lotteries and puzzles as well as surveys
  • Low payout threshold at only £4
  • Points awarded even for incomplete surveys


  • Cash or Amazon gift cards paid

You can get set up with Hiving here>>

20. SurveyBods

Get started with SurveyBods by signing up and filling out as complete a profile as possible.

You can then take part in profile surveys, which can earn you your first points – to the value of around £2.

After this you should be invited to complete research surveys, paying between 50p and £3. Payments are via bank transfer via BACS or Amazon gift vouchers.

You need to reach the 1,500 point threshold – about £15 – before payout. SurveyBods also host a monthly prize draw, which may earn you extra bonus points.

The average survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. Honesty is highly prized by this trusted site that partners with big brands.

SurveyBods also has a very appealing website – and were offering a free bonus for signing up when this article was written.

Why we love SurveyBods:

  • Attractive, user-friendly website
  • Sign-up bonus may apply when joining
  • Monthly prize draw to win extra points


You can sign up to Surveybods here>>

21. Opinion Panel

Not to be confused with Panel Opinion, Opinion Panel is exclusively for 13-30 year olds.

At the current time they are also offering a sign-up bonus worth £10. So it’s ideal for those younger mums out there. As well as students.

The payout threshold is £25, and at this point they will also pay an extra £10 bonus.

There are different kinds of surveys offered, including online, mobile and video surveys. Sometimes they will offer product testing or focus groups too.

Each survey pays between 50p and £4. A focus group will earn participants around £30 to £50. A typical survey will take about 10 minutes.

Opinion Panel’s surveys and online focus groups tend to be more interesting than the norm, and they work on behalf of universities as well as big brands.

The results of their research will often be cited via the media too.

Why we love Opinion Panel:

  • Used by universities as well as big brands
  • Online focus groups may also be offered
  • Interesting topics that often reach the news


  • Unique voucher codes for online and high-street stores

13-30 year olds can join Opinion Panel here>>

22. MindMover

MindMover’s members who complete their online questionnaires to earn cash as well as prizes.

Surveys pay between 50p and £10, which depends on their complexity. The minimum payout level is 2,000 points – or £20 – and cash is paid via PayPal, or redeemed as Amazon vouchers.

Some members have reported being sent surveys within just a couple of hours of signing up. Others, however, say MindMover is slow-burner, with infrequent surveys being sent out.

MindMover fans rated their surveys as being more interesting than those offered on other paid survey sites.

Why we love MindMover:

  • Large variety of survey lengths
  • A range of interesting topics covered
  • Chance to earn various prizes as well as payment


  • PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards

You can get set up with MindMover here>>

23. Crowdology

Crowdology garners public opinion on behalf of leading brands.

According to the site, the typical survey takes between 2 and 15 minutes to do, and the user-friendly system is designed to ward off that tick-box boredom.

Pay for each survey ranges between 40p and £10 plus, dependent on the type and length of survey.

Money can be claimed via Paypal once you reach the low £4 balance threshold.

Crowdology’s surveys cover a range of topics, and they also run regular draws to win tech gadgets like an iPad or Apple watch.

Why we love Crowdology:

  • A variety of survey subjects
  • Each may pay up to £10 – or even more
  • Regular prize draws to win great gadgets


  • PayPal cash payment

You can sign up to Crowdology here>>

24. Opinium

Opinium is another decent survey site offering something a little different.

The surveys can be absorbing, gauging opinion on all sorts of subjects, including current affairs and politics.

Surveys tend to be short, and this site is praised for the fact that it doesn’t often screen users out after they answer some questions.

Surveys may not be sent as frequently as with other sites, however.

What’s interesting is the range of topics covered, and the fact that your say can go some way towards shaping how brands, charities and even the government do things.

Why we love Opinium:

  • Some interesting survey subjects
  • Feedback can be used to influence brands, charities and even government
  • Short surveys are quick to complete


  • Cash payments or Amazon vouchers

You can join the Opinium panel here>>

25. Triaba Panel

The Triaba Panel offers a wealth of paid survey-earning opportunities. Part of the respected Cint exchange, this Norweigan company offers a range of online and mobile surveys.

Rewards can be redeemed as Paypal cash or given in gift cards for Amazon or other retailers. They also offer G-codes.

Up to £4 will be paid for every completed survey. Rewards can be claimed once you’ve accumulated £8.

Most surveys take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Why we love Triaba Panel:

  • Payment can be as cash, gift cards or G-codes
  • Short surveys take just 5 to 20 minutes
  • Lots of surveys are normally available


  • Cash, Amazon or other gift vouchers or G-codes

You can get set up on Triaba Panel here>>

Taking Paid Surveys in the UK – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Paid Survey?

Companies, charities and even the government want to gauge public opinion on their products, services or policies. They will therefore partner with research companies to gain this valued feedback.

These survey companies will then pay consumers for providing data and opinions. Points are often paid for completing each survey, which can later be exchanged for a cash or gift card reward.

How Do I Find Paid Surveys?

We list all the top 25 paid survey sites in the UK right here. Read up on them to see which interests you.

If you like the sound of it, click the link beneath each to get started straight away.

What’s the Best Way to Earn Money for Paid Surveys?

Sadly – and as with many things in life – some so-called survey sites are not legitimate. That’s why we’ve listed 25 of the best survey sites that do pay out.

Never, ever pay to join a survey site. To maximise your chances of making money from paid surveys, do sign up to as many as you can.

Also make sure you complete every profile as fully as you possibly can, as this may form the basis for participant selection. Also, be honest, as many sites will kick you out if they detect any foul play.

How Long do Paid Surveys Take?

The companies listed here offer surveys ranging from a few minutes in duration to much longer ones. It all depends on the subject matter.

Some sites and paid apps specialise in short surveys, while others tend to conduct more in-depth research on behalf of companies, universities, charities and even the government.

How Will I be Paid?

Payment may be made in cash via bank transfer or PayPal. Some companies pay cash only, while others solely offer vouchers.

Many will offer both options. The vast majority of survey sites have some sort of minimum payment threshold – so check this carefully if you want to earn money fast.

How Do I Avoid Being Bombarded with Emails?

The downside of signing up to a number of survey sites is the resulting deluge of emails. If you want more control over this, we recommend setting up a dedicated email account.

That way, you can check in whenever it suits you – and avoid being bothered when it doesn’t! Having said that, do at least glance at your inbox whenever you can, if you want to snap up every survey opportunity.

Some do fill up very quickly.

Why Paid Surveys in the UK Work Well for Mums

Here at Mum’s Money us female parents have a lot more success in receiving offers from the highest paying survey sites than male friends – or even our own mums.

We think this is because mums are the perfect demographic for paid surveys.

We’re usually the main decision-maker when it comes to everyday purchases, and often have a major say in big household purchases like home appliances, cars and electronics. Not to mention holidays.

The thoughts and opinions of mums are very valuable to marketing companies, and so taking paid surveys is an excellent side hustle for mums in particular.

That’s not to say you won’t succeed with UK online surveys if you’re not a mum. But if you are, there just might be more money out there waiting for you!

Which Paid Surveys in the UK will suit you best?

We hope this guide is helpful in finding you some simple and interesting paid survey work.

Whether you prefer quick-fire questionnaires or would love to take part in more in-depth research, you can make your opinion count in more ways than one.

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