Branded Surveys Review: Scam or Legit Side Hustle? [2024 Update]

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If you’re wondering what Branded Surveys is all about, this review is for you. We’ll take you through all you need to know about one of the best known survey websites around.

Including how Branded Surveys works, the pros and cons – and whether or not you can really make money by taking part in paid surveys.

If you’re interested in being paid to share your opinions with leading brands and big businesses while having the opportunity to earn cash or gift cards, Branded Surveys could be ideal for you.

Read on for the full lowdown on Branded Surveys points – from what you can earn them for to what you might like to spend your money on!

Branded surveys review: paid surveys for money

If you sometimes have anything from a few moments to several hours to spare, then you may well have considered signing up to one or more survey sites to see what they offer.

Formerly known as MintVine, Branded Surveys is one of the best known online surveys and market research companies out there.

But is Branded Surveys legit? What does signing up to this survey site really mean – both in terms of what you would do and can you make money?

Whether you want to know about Branded Surveys bronze, silver and gold badges, how often completing surveys will be required, how you get paid or how to redeem your points, stay with this full review to find out everything a would-be Branded Surveys user should be aware of.

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What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is one of many paid survey sites you can find online. In short, its many users take surveys to earn points.

It’s free and simple to sign up, and once your profile is complete you’ll be able to take online surveys to earn points.

Branded Surveys is basically a market research company that connects major brands with consumers. This is because these businesses really want to know what you think!

The user friendly site rewards members who take part, and the points you earn reflect the effort you put in. Complete surveys available and you can make extra cash to spend, however you like.

If you join, you’ll get points for completing daily polls, taking surveys and taking part in branded research. You may also earn a bonus here and there, and these can soon add up.

Money is paid as cash or gift cards, and Branded Surveys also offer added incentives such as the chance to earn a bronze or silver badge.

As a leading survey site, Branded Surveys specializes in exactly that. You’ll get paid in points every time you take a long or short online survey. As well as the odd bonus.

You cannot earn with Branded Surveys for completing the other types of tasks offered by some of their competitors – such as playing games or completing internet searches.

Branded Surveys is first and foremost a market research company, so the assignments offered will reflect this.

Is Branded Surveys legit?

Is branded Survey legit? It’s a very reasonable question to ask, and as such the first one we want to answer.

Yes, Branded Surveys is absolutely legit. Although you shouldn’t think of it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

The site has been around since 2012, and was previously known as MintVine. There are plenty of reviews out there to read if you want to.

If you want to sign up for an account with one of the best survey sites around – so you can earn points to redeem for a gift card or even cash – Branded Surveys is a pretty cool way to make extra money.

As well as being rewarded with points for every survey completed, you can also use your account to influence the big brands, who use members’ opinions when developing, marketing and improving their products or services.

It’s one of the most legit ways to earn money while also making a difference – all for completing surveys of some sort or another.

Having been around for some time, Branded Surveys is indeed legit. The platform has also received many positive reviews from those who already have an account.

You can always check out what the latest members have to say by reading the comments on sites such as Trustpilot. (At the time of writing, the rating was ‘excellent’.)

Branded Surveys sign up

Branded Surveys recruits members from USA, Canada and the UK. Members can sign up with Branded Surveys by using an email address or a Facebook account.

Once the account is set up you’ll need to fill out your profile. This involves answering a series of questions, but don’t be deterred.

In fact the more information you can give when setting up your account, the more likely you are to be offered more chances to make extra cash. This is because demographics are used to target the right participants.

It shouldn’t take any longer than five to ten minutes to get set up as a member, and you will receive your first 100 points as a sign up bonus.

Once you’re signed up, you will be notified when appropriate surveys become available.

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The Branded Elite loyalty program

A major part of being a Branded Surveys member is the Branded Elite loyalty program.

The program Branded Elite is a scheme that rewards those who regularly and consistently complete an online survey through the site.

Branded Elite has three levels. Reaching the first means earning a bronze badge, and from there you may progress to the silver and gold badges.

In fact every member starts out with bronze badge status, so earning your first accolade is just a simple matter of setting up your account.

To acquire a silver badge, you need to earn 600 points, although you can redeem points as soon as you reach 500. Some members manage this quite easily within just a few days.

Gold badge holders must have accumulated at least 2,100 points, and the ways to earn vary slightly according to which tier you’re on.

There is no upper limit to how many surveys you can take each day. Nor is there any minimum requirement – although to get paid you will clearly need to complete enough surveys to cash out.

It’s also worth working your way up the levels as silver and gold members can earn more by completing multiple weekly surveys.

To maintain the level you’re at, you will be required to earn a set number of points each month, so that’s something worth bearing in mind if you’re going for gold.

The higher your level within the Branded Elite, the more bonus points you’ll be able to earn. These are paid on top of those earned when you complete a survey.

Gold and silver members can also earn extra money via the referral scheme, which pays at least 50 points when a friend of yours signs up.

The best Branded Surveys members may even rank on the site’s leaderboards, thus earning between 50 and 300 points for being in the daily, weekly or monthly top 20 or 50.

How does Branded Surveys work for you?

So each user gets rewarded when they complete surveys. As with any survey site, each paid survey varies in type and length, and these factors determine whether you earn 100 points or 1,000 points.

Sign up bonus

Branded is one of the few sites that offer a sign up bonus to new members. You will receive 100 points (equivalent to $1) for signing up and filling our your profile. You can find other sites that pay you to sign up in this article.

Daily polls

Answer just one or a few quick-fire questions and you could earn between 5 and 10 points for each complete survey. In this way, you can earn points for answering just one question!

This is one of the easiest ways to rack up those points, and there’s usually an ‘unsure’ or ‘don’t know’ type response option offered.

Poll streak

To take part in poll streak, take a daily poll for 10 consecutive days and you will be rewarded with up to 100 bonus points.

Online surveys

Branded Surveys’ longer questionnaires take about 15 minutes to fill out on average, and typically pay up to 300 points each.

Survey streak

Branded Elite gold and silver members can earn up to 300 bonus points when completing a set number of surveys in a week.

Partner surveys

Some surveys offered via the site are through partners, rather than via Branded Surveys themselves.

If you complete these you can earn extra points, and such bonus opportunities are often run by reputable third parties.

Refer a friend

The Branded Surveys referral scheme can be one of the best ways to earn if you know a lot of interested parties – such as fellow mums or students.

You’ll be paid for every new member who signs up via your link, so posting this on your social media pages could be well worth a few moments of your time!

Sometimes you may be sent a promotional code, and you can earn you more points (and therefore money) simply by adding these codes to your account to get a free bonus.

Other ways to earn

As well as short and longer surveys and ‘streaks’, Branded Surveys members can earn more points by signing up to trials. In some regions, they may also benefit from deals offered in the local area.

There are often special promotions and cashback deals available too, so its’s worth keeping your eyes peeled when planning a purchase. Or when Black Friday is approaching.

How Branded Surveys points make prizes

The Branded Surveys reward scheme is super easy to keep track of, as one point is equal to one cent. This applies to survey points and bonus points.

You’ll need to rack up at least 500 points before you can claim cash or a gift card, and one point equates to one cent in US dollars.

Cash can be transferred to a PayPal account or via Branded Pay, and there are a number of gift cards to choose from too.

Most surveys pay between 50 and 500 points, although in some cases it’s a little less than this.

You will be told how long each survey should take and how much it pays, so it’s pretty simple to work out how much you would earn per minute or hour for taking part.

Branded Surveys FAQs

Do Branded Surveys pay?

Branded Surveys do indeed pay for completing surveys – but how much all depends on the effort and time you put in. It’s also worth going for those bonus extra points if you can.

One of the factors worth drawing attention to in this Branded Surveys review is how simple their reward structure is.

With every point equaling one cent in US dollars, it’s really easy to see how much you’ve earned with just a quick glance. This is not the case with some of the other survey sites out there!

How much do you earn from Branded Surveys?

You can earn as much or as little as you like. Top tips for earning more with Branded Surveys include filling out as complete a profile as possible.

If you want to be taking surveys frequently, you’ll also need to check your inbox as often as you can to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities that are offered.

What every survey pays can also vary, so it’s worth weighing the fee against the time it should take to complete it.

Surveys may pay anything from 5 points for a quick-fire option to 500 or more for a longer one.

How do I redeem my Branded Survey money?

There are two main ways to claim your Branded Surveys rewards. You can redeem your points for gift cards, or claim cash that’s sent via PayPal.

For those who choose to get paid in gift cards, there is a wide range of retailers and restaurants to pick from.

Branded Surveys members based in the US can also claim a payout via Branded Pay, or can donate to charity instead if preferred.

How many points do you need to cash out on Branded Surveys?

New members must reach at least 500 before they can get paid, but don’t forget that new members receive at least 50 points just for signing up!

Once you reach 600 points, you can also become a silver member.

What can you buy with Branded Surveys points?

Branded Surveys partners with a range of participating retailers, cafes and restaurants, and you can redeem your points for gift cards to spend with these.

Examples range from Starbucks and Uber to Amazon, Mastercard and the Apple Store – plus many more.

You can also opt for cash via PayPal, meaning you can spend those points however and wherever you wish.

How much is 1000 points with Branded Surveys?

As each point equals a cent, 1,000 Branded Surveys points can be redeemed for $10, paid via PayPal, Branded Pay or as a gift card.

You can cash out once you’ve racked up at least 500 – so you must earn the equivalent of $5 in points before you’ll be paid.

What are some alternatives to Branded Surveys?

There are of course other sites out there with surveys available that will pay you 50 points – or more or less – when you complete a survey or even just your profile.

There’s nothing stopping you from signing up for an account with a competitor such as Survey Junkie. Or check out our guides to other paying survey sites as listed below:

What about Branded Surveys security?

There is a range of information about Branded Surveys’ security measures available on their website. You can also contact their customer service team with a specific query via the Knowledge Base.

To protect your data, Branded Surveys use secure software, and also have firewalls in place for members’ added peace of mind.

In the event of any data breach, all members would be kept fully informed and advised of any appropriate steps they may wish to take.

For added peace of mind, almost every one of the Branded Surveys reviews we read was overwhelmingly positive.

The pros and cons of Branded Surveys

The pros of Branded Surveys

  • It’s free, quick and easy to sign up via the user-friendly website
  • You should only be sent surveys that fit with your profile
  • Surveys vary in duration and are thus easy to squeeze into your day
  • Reviewers report being offered more surveys than with other sites
  • The estimated time taken to complete paid surveys is stated each time
  • Generous sign up bonus
  • Low payout threshold for cashing in
  • Three levels of badges help keep you motivated – and rewarded
  • Branded Surveys offers more survey and bonus points than other comparable survey sites
  • Your earning potential increases the longer you stay signed up
  • Extra earning opportunities can earn you additional bonus points
  • Be rewarded via the referral scheme when your friends get involved
  • Pick between PayPal or Branded Pay cash, a range of gift cards or even charity donations
  • There’s a good program for earning bonus points, rewarding members well for loyalty
  • It’s a highly rated survey site with a dedicated customer service team and ‘Knowledge Base’
  • Lots of genuine member reviews give the site the thumbs-up

The cons of Branded Surveys

  • Qualifying for paid surveys depends on whether your profile matches what the brand is looking for
  • You may waste time filling out survey info, only to be told you’re not a suitable candidate for that particular survey
  • Gift cards or cash cannot be claimed until you have racked up at least 500 points
  • Getting money to your bank account via PayPal may take several business days – or even a few weeks
  • Your email inbox may be swamped. To combat this, however, you could set up a separate email address
  • Some users say their accounts have been deactivated without any prior warning. (When taking surveys, do watch out for trick questions that are sometimes put in place to ensure users pay attention!)
  • Users outside the US, Canada and the UK will not be accepted

It is worth noting that the cons of Branded Surveys normally also apply to other comparable survey sites.

Branded Surveys Review Final Thoughts: Is Branded Surveys Worth It?

If you have anything from a few minutes to a few hours to spare here and there, you have nothing to lose by signing up with Branded Surveys.

While taking part won’t make you rich, it can earn you enough extra money to buy a treat – or even perhaps to cover the cost of a specific purchase. Maybe even some Christmas shopping at an expensive time of the year.

Taking part also means passing on your opinions to decision-makers at big brands, so effectively your input could affect how their services or products are made and sold in the future.

The only way to find out whether Branded Surveys is worth it is to sign up and see where it takes you. If you have even just a few minutes to spare, what have you got to lose?

Get paid cash for sharing your opinion through Surveys, Daily Polls & Competitions! Click here to join the thousands who have fun making money every day with Branded Surveys. 

If you’re interested in making money from other sites – such as Survey Junkie – don’t miss the Mum’s Money guides to the best options for moms or international users!


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