51 Best Ways To Make Money From Home in 2024

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Most of us have wondered at one time or another whether there’s a way to make money from home.

In fact, having some sort of home-based career seems akin to having it all, as you can work around your lifestyle.

Exactly when and how it suits you and your family. (Because even if it’s hard, us parents still prefer working from home).

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So how can you make money online, making sure you get paid for the hours you put in? The good news is there are lots of options, and this guide will take you through all the top ideas.

Just as working from home for someone else is now a thing, making money from home as your own boss is also a very realistic proposition.

Whether you want a lucrative side hustle, or to make enough per month to cover all the household bills.

51 of the Best Ways To Make Money From Home

If you want to find a way to earn money from home, this guide will tell you all you need to know to get started.

Here you will learn how to use your skills, interests, computer and internet connection or creativity in legitimate ways to make extra money.

Whether you want to work part time to make a passive income or wish to start a business, stay right here to find out what sort of offline and online tasks you really can make money from.

1. Become a virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the most popular ways to make money from home – and it’s a service that’s in high demand.

Think about it. Why would anyone employ people and rent premises for them to work in when they could employ freelancers? Then all they have to worry about is paying you to get the job done.

If you have social media or data entry skills, for example, then you could earn a decent extra income by completing those tasks potential employers need to get done.

Whatever your interests and skill set, you could make money if you become a virtual assistant working from home.

If this appeals to you as a full-time career or side hustle, why not check out our complete guides on how to get started as a virtual assistant and the top virtual assistant training courses?

2. Work as a social media manager

If you know your way around platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest – or even know how to set up a YouTube channel – then you could make money at home by managing other people’s social media accounts.

All companies need an online presence these days, but many small business owners have no idea about – or interest in – social media.

Which is where you come in. This can be a full or part time job, and it’s ideal for anyone from college students to stay-at-home moms.

The only criteria, really, is that you know your way around websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok, so it’s ideal for those who already do – or are willing to spend some time learning.

Networking via Facebook groups could see you working for local busineses who haven’t got the time or know-how to run their own social media accounts.

Or you could net clients from all over the world by using freelancing sites like Fiverr, People Per Hour, FlexJobs or Upwork – or even via LinkedIn.

3. Sell your photos

If you’re at your happiest when snapping pictures and want to make money, then you should look at selling your photos to others.

There are various ways to do this. You can sell online via websites like Etsy, where you can market your images as pieces of art.

It’s also possible to sell to stock image sites such as Canva or Getty Images, which will sell them on for use in advertising and marketing and on websites and social media pages.

If making a lot of money per hour for doing relatively little appeals to you, then it’s worth considering selling pictures of your feet.

Yes, you did read that correctly. People will pay good money for foot photos. Although this is little known among side gigs, it can be so lucrative that we’ve written an entire guide on how to start selling feet pictures.

4. Take online surveys

You may have already heard of taking online surveys as a way to make money. While it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, this can be a great side hustle.

It’s really easy to make some extra cash while traveling by public transport or watching TV, simply by filling out a few questions or a longer survey.

If you’ve ever fancied becoming an influencer, this could be your chance to do that too. This is because the market research companies who send you the surveys will pass on your thoughts, opinions and feedback to big brands.

These businesses will then use the data obtained from people like you to shape how future products and services are developed, advertised and sold.

Our Readers Love These Survey Sites:
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You may be paid for your trouble in real cold hard cash, or if you prefer you can convert your earnings into gift cards for your favorite stores.

Taking surveys is such a popular way to make money from home that we’ve covered the topic in several other articles.

Why not take a look at the best survey sites that pay via PayPal or our in-depth reviews of Branded Surveys or Rewardia?

5. Sign up for focus groups

If you want to earn money by giving your opinions but would like to get more involved, then signing up for paid focus groups is a great way to make some extra money per month.

It’s an enjoyable way to spend some time and pays pretty well too. What’s not to love? Sign up to the right sites and you could soon make money at home by taking part online.

So what is a focus group? In short, a collection of individuals who gather in person, or online, to discuss a topic, service or product.

You could be getting paid to share your opinions on anything from household cleaning products or your favorite brand of baby or pet food to world politics or what’s on TV.

When you want to get started, don’t miss this complete guide to the best focus group companies out there right now. With 27 options covered in depth, there’s certainly something for everyone.

6. Work as a freelance writer

If you have a way with words, then a freelance writing gig is one of the best ways to make money from home. It’s interesting and it pays well – plus every day you’re bound to learn something new!

Have you ever wondered what a copywriter is or what a content writer does? Well pretty much everything from read – from the back of a cereal packet to an information leaflet or product description – has been crafted by someone who works as a copy or content writer.

While some of these people are employed full time by a business, many others work for themselves, making a considerable amount of cash per month by working online.

With new websites being set up all the time there’s no shortage of work – and small business owners will often tell you, it can be surprisingly hard to find a reliable writer.

You don’t even need any formal experience, although would-be clients are likely to want to see a portfolio of past work.

There are no rules stating this has to be paid, however. To get some experience and build a portfolio, you could offer to write copy for a friend or even a local business for free.

Once you’re ready to put yourself out there, it’s easy to get started by signing up with freelance sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and People Per Hour.

Joining Textbroker as an author is also a good idea, as they specialize in providing content writing services to bloggers and business owners. You may have to pass a brief test before you can get started.

Other specialist content writing sites to check out include Crowd Content and ContentFly.

Check out our in-depth guide to becoming a freelance writer.

7. Take up online tutoring

If you have knowledge in any subject – particularly one that is on the school or college curriculum – then you could earn money by tutoring other people online.

This is a great option for students or moms who are graduates who are capable of teaching others.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need a qualification at least one level higher than that you’re teaching to made the grade.

So a graduate can teach high school kids, for instance. PhD students can pass their expertise onto those studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

To find out more, specialist site Tutor has a comprehensive guide to what’s involved. If you’re a military spouse even better, as they are also committed to hiring moms or dads who can work remotely.

You could also teach English to others. Native speakers are particularly in demand, and as it all takes place online there’s work available all over the world.

If you want to know more about teaching English online, check out this article.

8. Become a graphic designer

Hand using a stylus, desktop publisher in the background with text overlay that reads "Many graphic designers work from home"
It’s not only your written content that can be used as a way to make money. If you can create eye-catching graphics, then you could earn money by offering those skills to others.

Again this can be one of more enjoyable ways to make money – as well as one of the most lucrative.

What might surprise you is that you don’t necessarily need any training. Many artistic and creative types are self-taught, and sites like Canva are easy to find your way around.

In fact Canva offer so many free and paid templates. This means you can easily source a template for anything from social media graphics that are perfectly sized for platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to posters, leaflets and logos.

If you do fancy learning a little more before you get started, there are plenty of affordable and engaging online course options via providers like Udemy and SkillShare.

Again freelancing sites like People Per Hour, FlexJobs, Upwork and Fiverr can help you find clients.

As with most freelance gigs, once you’re established you may find you accumulate a loyal client base simply via word-of-mouth.

9. Data entry clerk

While some data entry clerks do their day’s work in an office, it is like many occupations, becoming increasingly easy to make money from home in this way.

As the name suggests, the role involves inputting some sort of data into a computer system.

If you have experience of a website building platform such as WordPress, you could well have a head start.

Some gigs may require a minimum typing speed, or they may opt to pay a set rate per task rather than per word or hour.

This is just one way to work as a virtual assistant from home, and in fact a team of VAs are often involved in creating, updating and maintaining a website.

You can find work via the likes of FlexJobs, Upwork, Fiverr and People Per Hour. It’s also worth checking what recruitment agencies may have to offer, or browsing job sites for this kind of work.

10. Set up a YouTube channel

If you’ve got the know-how and aren’t shy of filming yourself for an audience, then setting up your own YouTube channel could be a great way to make money at home.

Social media star or not, there are several ways YouTubers can earn money. A passive income can be made from ad placement, where pay is normally not per hour but per click.

Woman with blonde hair and white shirt sitting in front of laptop. Phone camera is mounted to show her recording. Text overlay reads "Starting a Youtube channel can be a great way to make money from home"

YouTubers may also make money from affiliate marketing. A classic example of this is an unboxing video, where after watching people click on the link to buy. For each sale, the owner of the YouTube channel will make a commission.

Other ways to make money via YouTube include deals with big brands to promote their products, or selling your own merchandise. You can even earn money by placing a virtual tip jar on each video.

If you know your way around social media, aren’t camera shy and would love to become an influencer of sorts, then why not get started on YouTube?

11. Start a blog

If you’re more of a freelance writer than a video editor, an alternative money making option is to start a blog rather than a vlog.

Having your own blog is ideal if you do want to make money from home as a writer, in fact, as it acts as a portfolio filled with examples of your recent work.

So how do bloggers get paid? In the same sort of way as YouTubers – mainly via ad clicks, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Placing your own merch or a ‘buy me a coffee’ link on your site can also earn you extra money.

Do check out the competition before you get started, as it’s much harder to succeed in a saturated market.

As you’re likely to spend a lot of time on your blog, it’s a good idea to write about something that interests you.

It’s also worth learning about search engine optimization before you get started, as you won’t make a cent if no one can actually find your content online.

Search Facebook for beginners’ blogging groups too – these can often be a great and free source of tips, advice and guidance from both rookie and more experienced bloggers.

Before you get started, it’s worth knowing that blogging is a long game rather than a quick fix: it could take some time to see any returns for the time, money and effort invested. Having said that, for those bloggers who are successful the rewards can be considerable.

Why not check out our simple guides to setting up your first blog, or the best blogging courses that are out there right now?

You can also read a real life account of making that first $500 with a blog here.

12. Sell real estate

Woman writing in notebook with house key on coffee table and text overlay that reads "Selling Real Estate is a Flexible Career Path"
If you want to to make money from home but would also like to get out and meet people sometimes, then becoming a realtor could be the job for you.

It’s not the easiest way to make money fast, though, as you will need to pass your state’s exam in order to practice.

After that most people also work for an experienced realtor before setting up in their own right.

Selling residential or commercial property can be a very lucrative gig once you’re established, though, as realtors make around 3% on each sale.

If you want to find a whole new career rather than just a side hustle and are interested in property, this could be the one for you.

As long as you don’t mind investing time and money into your future, selling real estate can be a great way to carve your niche.

13. Create an online course

You may well have thought about doing an online course – but have you actually considered creating one yourself?

Many people with know-how in a particular area are making money from selling their very own online courses.

Whether it’s social media, how to start a podcast, sports skills, flower arranging or pottery, there are people out there who will pay for access to the knowledge you have.

Teachable is a popular platform for those who want to sell courses, and you can browse their site to find out everything you need to know.

As well as finding inspiration regarding the range of subjects online course providers can cover.

Could you help someone learn how to make something, or teach them skills in writing, graphic design, photography or video or audio editing?

If the answer’s yes, then websites like Teachable could help you on your way to a whole new career as an online course creator.

14.Write an e-book

A viable alternative to creating a course or working as a freelance writer is to publish your own e-book.

If you have a story or a skill to share, then there could be a market for the e-book you can create.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform is the way to go for many home-based writers. It’s easy to sign up to and use, and your book will have the potential to reach millions within a few days.

The platform is free to use, and you could make up to 70% of the profit on each download sold.

E-books are often used by experts in their field to complement their products, blog or service, and can be a great promotional tool as well as a good money spinner.

15. Work as a proofreader

Woman with her right hand pointing to a text that reads "Learn how to become a proofreader and start a freelance proofreading business"
It’s not only writing and design skills that are in demand. If you can hone in on grammatical errors and spot spelling mistakes at ten paces, then you could make money from home as a proofreader.

So why a proofreader would be required? Surely a skilled writer can spell, can’t they? Well, yes – but somehow the mistakes in someone else’s work seem to stand out far more than your own.

Enter the proofreader, who can earn a good amount of money per month for pointing out those errors and typos. Surely the perfect job for any grammatical pedant.

The proofreader can help to ensure any copy read as well as it possibly can, so it can be a satisfying line of work to be involved in.

If you want to know more, we recommend checking out the expert advice delivered during Caitlin’s free Proofread Anywhere course. At over an hour long, it’s well worth taking a look to see what tips you can pick up.

Alternatively, check out our guide to getting started as a proofreader – for beginners.

As before, you can connect with potential proofreading clients via sites such as Upwork, People Per Hour, Fiverr and FlexJobs.

16.Take up transcription

If you can type quickly and accurately, then transcription work could be your way forward.

The role involves transforming audio into written copy, so you’ll need to keep up with what’s being said on a video, podcast or other recording.

With the upsurge in podcasts and vlogging, it’s great time to get into transcription, and as you’ll be kept busy the time should pass by quickly.

Look our for transcription jobs on the usual freelancing sites like FlexJobs, Fiverr, People Per Hour and Upwork. Check out our guide to becoming a transcriptionist.

17. Translate into English

If you can speak more than one language, you could get paid to translate text into English.

While translation sites and apps can do some of the hard work, it takes a real live human being to come up with a snappy slogan or to make sure a text is crystal clear.

Rev is a reputable site that pays translators a good rate to make text read well. Tasks may include adding short subtitles in foreign languages or in English.

18. Sign language interpretation

If you know or are willing to learn American Sign Language (ASL), you could be onto one of the more unusual ways to make money remotely.

Your services could be used to add ASL to a video recording, or on a live basis to aid workplace communications.

This is one of those legitimate ways to make money that also has the feel-good factor, so it’s satisfying as well as financially rewarding.

WorldWide Interpreters is the one we recommend you sign up with. They are constantly seeking new ASL interpreters, and allow you to work flexibly as and when it suits you.

19. Design websites

You think that web design is beyond you as a way to earn money, but you could well be wrong.

Platforms like WordPress make it easy for even those without experience to design professional-looking websites, and many who have success with WordPress have had no formal training or experience at all.

Much of the skill lies in knowing where to look for resources, whether it’s a YouTube video taking you through the required steps or a set of stock images to display on each page.

Being able to write good copy is also important – unless, of course, this is being supplied by the client. Or you could even outsource this part yourself.

Many website owners and bloggers manage to create their WordPress sites without any experience – and without any knowledge of coding.

There are numerous WordPress themes on the market so you can customize a site’s look and usability.

If you have set up at least one website before – such as your own blog – then you might feel ready to get started, although some knowledge of search engine optimization is a good idea to help the website to be discovered online.

Once more you can find paying clients whenever you’re ready, via Fiverr, FlexJobs, Upwork and People Per Hour.

You can also find courses to teach you all you need to know via websites like SkillShare and Udemy .

20. Start a podcast

If you prefer to be heard and not seen, starting a podcast might be more palatable option than setting up on YouTube.

Established podcasters can make serious cash via sponsorship, or paid ads. Like bloggers and vloggers, they may also market their own merchandise.

Finding a niche that isn’t already saturated is the first step, then a lot of it comes down to networking.

You can connect with your potential audience – as well as possible interviewees – via social media sites and groups.

If there’s something you’re passionate about, then starting a podcast can be a great way to meet like minded people while you make money from home.

Podcasting may also be used by vloggers and bloggers to complement their existing websites and channels.

21. Get into affiliate marketing

We’ve already touched on affiliate marketing as a way that those with blogs and YouTube channels can make a good income per month.

But you don’t necessarily even need a blog or vlog to make commission on affiliate sales. If you strategically place your affiliate links on social media, it can be possible to make money online via the sales generated.

This is an ideal route for anyone with strong social media skills and an established online presence to go down.

One of the biggest affiliate programs on the planet is the Amazon Associates platform, that can reward you regardless of what anyone buys – as long as you sent the traffic to them.

With programs in almost 20 countries worldwide, becoming an affiliate with Amazon means the world really is your oyster.

22. Do dropshipping

If you’ve always fancied having an online store but have concerns about the storage of stock, then why not think about a dropshipping business?

Dropshipping means that the product is dispatched directly from the supplier as orders come in, so it’s never sent to you. This idea of cutting out the middle man lowers costs and speeds up the process at the same time.

As well as meaning you don’t have to worry about finding the right place to store all that stock. Nor about ordering a ton of it in the first place.

The first step is to try and find a product there is a gap in the market for. This doesn’t have to be a new idea, if you could do it better, or more cheaply.

Wholesale specialist sites like AliExpress are good for ideas as well as finding suppliers, while you can set up an online store via Shopify or Woocommerce (on WordPress).

23. Sign up with Amazon FBA

If you’re the kind of person that likes to carefully examine your stock before you sell it, then signing up with Amazon FBA might be a way of making money that will suit you better.

FBA stands for ‘Fulfillment by Amazon‘, and you’ve probably already seen it when browsing the site. (If not, we bet you’re sure to spot it now!)

This is how it works. You buy the stock and set a price. Then you hand it all over to Amazon, who will store the stock and ship it out as orders come in.

You don’t even have to receive the stock at all if you don’t want to, as it can be sent directly from the supplier from Amazon.

The big plus here is that you have stock in your home country ready for immediate shipping – without you having to store it.

Unlike drop shipping, however, you will need to buy an initial supply of stock. But that may be a price well worth paying if you’d rather have more control over what you’re selling.

24. Become a bookkeeper

If you have a head for figures, it’s worth knowing that many people don’t – and many of them are willing to pay someone like you to deal with their accounting.

Bookkeeping skills are both sought after and well rewarded ones to have. You don’t necessarily even need experience, although you will have to know your way around income reporting and taxation systems.

If you’re comfortable with budgeting, invoicing and handling the tax side of things, then you could make money from home as a bookkeeper.

It’s well worth checking out the free training available at Bookkeepers.com to see if this could be a realistic way to make extra money.

25. Flip items

If you want to make money from home and don’t mind storing a few items in the basement or garage, then you could give flipping a go.

Flipping refers to buying something for a lower price than you then sell it on for, thus leaving you with a nice little profit.

Great items to flip include tech, furnishings, artworks and vintage. If you have an eye for a bargain, then this could be the ideal way of making money from home.

You can source goods to sell by scouring flea markets, thrift stores, local ads and garage sales, or even by sifting through a dumpster or two.

If this way to get paid appeals to you, why not check out this free webinar from the Flea Market Flipper?

26. Upcycle furniture

Take flipping a step further by refurbishing old furniture to sell on for a profit.

Upcycled pieces often sell well on local sites and groups, or you could auction them on eBay if you prefer. Just keep in mind that you may need to arrange delivery, collection or shipping.

Old furniture can be obtained from garage sales, thrift stores and even dumpsters – or you might even have some already sitting around your home or stashed in the attic.

A lick of paint and a set of new knobs can work wonders, and there are plenty of online resources to be found via the likes of Pinterest to inspire you.

Some people even use wallpaper, posters, old comic books or special paint effects to create a one-off showpiece.

27. Rent a room on Airbnb

Airbnb have revolutionized the hospitality industry on a global scale – and if you have a room to spare then you could become part of that process.

There is always a market for good quality accommodation on Airbnb – particularly in areas that are popular with tourists or close to major attractions.

You don’t even have to meet your guests unless you want to, thanks to the likes of the keysafe that means it’s easy to hand over a key and lock up securely without so much as seeing one another in person.

It’s free to get started with Airbnb, and you can browse other listings to get a good idea of what guests are looking for and what might get you repeat business via rave reviews.

28. Sell creations via Etsy

If you can create something – from a printable download to a piece of bespoke jewelry – then you could build a thriving business when you sell goods via Etsy.

Lots of people make money from home buy using the platform, and you can too. All it takes is a little imagination – you don’t need to be of award-winning artist calibre to succeed.

If there’s anything you’re good at making already – such as hand-knitted garments, for instance – than that’s a great starting point. When that’s not the case, a quick scroll through the latest Etsy listings should provide you with some inspiration.

For more on this idea, check out our list of 30 things you can sell on Etsy – or check out how to make a passive income by offering digital downloads for sale.

29. Act as a virtual receptionist

You might think that you need to be present and correct in order to cover a receptionist role – but in fact you can also do this kind of work as a virtual assistant.

Signing up allows you to make money at home by answering calls and emails in the same way you would if you were sat at a front desk.

At the time of writing, Smith.ai were hiring in Mexico as well as the US, and you can apply via the link here.

As long as you have a quiet pace in which to work plus a high speed internet connection, typing ability and good written and spoken communication skills, you could get paid to field calls, make appointments, answer queries and take messages as a virtual receptionist.

30. Customer service representative

As with other roles, customer service is also rapidly becoming something you can work at from home.

Hilton and Apple are two of the big hitters that pay well and are highly rated by both customers and current employees.

You could earn a good part or full time income by taking on this role, and as you get to help members of the public it can be a satisfying career path too.

Similar opportunities may also be found via Upwork and FlexJobs, or are sometimes listed on recruitment sites.

31. Testing websites

Could you really get paid to test websites? Oh yes. As a web search evaluator, you can make an income by checking out websites to make sure their ads and content are relevant to the user and of good quality.

Telus International (formerly Liongate) UserFeel and Appen are three companies to try signing up with if you like the sound of this sort of flexible, do-from-anywhere work.

32. Product testing

If you’d rather get paid to test products than websites, you could earn an income of around $10 per 20 minute test when you sign up with UserTesting.

Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare you can earn USD $4 for taking part, and if you have more time you can receive between $30 and $120 for a live interview.

33. Wrap your vehicle

You could earn hundreds of dollars per month for doing very little if you don’t mind having an advertising wrap placed on your car.

There is of course a downside, in the fact that you’ll have to drive around with ads plastered all over your vehicle – but at least it helps protect the paintwork.

Sign up with Wrapify and if they place ads on your car, all you need to do is drive around just as you normally would. It’s money for (virtually) nothing and thus for many a no-brainer.

34. Share your car

If the idea of fancy having your car covered in shrink wrap doesn’t appeal, then why not rent out your car for others to use instead?

Via Turo you can do just that. They say that you could make money to the tune of several hundred dollars per month – all when you’re not using it.

While this may not be for everyone, it’s a simple way to make the most of your vehicle when it’s just taking up space on the drive for most of the time.

35. Sell storage space

Whether it’s renting out your driveway for others to park their car on or securely storing someone’s stuff in your basement or attic while they travel the world, you can earn an income per month for providing much-needed storage.

Neighbor.com connects people with space to spare with those who are desperately seeking it. If you have room for storage or a vehicle that just sits there unused, this can be a great way to make a passive income.

If you live in a city where space is tight or expensive, then you could find that demand for your storage service is at a premium.

If it’s just your driveway you want to rent out, you can also try JustPark.

36. Rent out your stuff

If you have stuff other people want to use but they don’t want to buy, then you could make money with Reventals.

This company operates in a number of US city areas, and deals in everything from glassware and dinnerware or tables and chairs to tents, linens and decorative items. Plus a whole lot more besides.

Whether you have unused lighting equipment or a collection of pretty dinner plates and glasses, you could earn an extra income per month by allowing others to use your kit for one-off events.

37. Hire out gadgets

It’s not only events equipment that can make you a tidy sum when you rent it out to others. Gadgets can also be a major earner.

If your tech just sits in a drawer or closet for much of the time, collecting dust, then why not make some money from it instead?

Items like cameras, smartphones and other electronics are the most popular – and sharing them is as good for the planet as it is your pocket.

Why not sign up with Fat Llama, to see what you could rent out to paying customers in your neighborhood?

38. Design t-shirts

There are several platforms that allow users to create a t-shirt design, sell it via their site and get paid.

It really is as simple as that, as you don’t need to store any stock or handle any of the shipping. This is because each garment is printed on demand.

Zazzle, Merch by Amazon and Cafepress all allow you to create and market your designs in this way, and it can be a fun as well as lucrative little business to get into.

Whether you go for something with a retro feel or opt for a design that’s bang up to date, why not have a try at creating t-shirts that could be printed for paying customers?

39. Name a new business

If your creative streak involves coming up with catchy phrases, then perhaps you should try naming a business.

Get started by signing up with Naming Force or SquadHelp. If your name is picked, you could earn some money for just a few moments’ work.

With Squadhelp you can also have a go at coming up with a winning logo, business card, slogan, stationery or tagline.

40. Become a baker

One of the most searched for things on sites like Facebook is a baker who can make birthday or other occasion cakes.

Parents go all out to give their kids the party of their dreams, and what party would be complete without a show-stopper of a cake?

Many of the best bakers are self-taught, and it’s really easy to find new clients in your local area through social media.

If you can create cakes with the wow factor and love doing it, then surely this has to be the ideal side or full time gig.

41. Sweet success

As well as cakes, one of the products that tends to sell very well on local trading sites – such as Facebook groups – are candy cones or bouquets.

They’re not that tricky to make, and all you need to make a cone is some transparent cones to fill with colorful candy before tying with pretty ribbon.

If they sell, you can then upgrade to bouquets as you grown in confidence, adding items like cheap vases, long lollipops and larger cellophane wraps into the mix.

Why not make one or two before listing for sale, so you can gauge local demand before buying more materials?

Hot chocolate and mixed candy cones are always popular for birthdays and the holiday season, for gifting or handing out as party favors.

You could even keep the kids busy with this one- especially if you offer them a share of any profits.

Why not get creative and try making themed ones, such as wedding cones in white, valentine cones with red and pink candy and Easter cones with mini eggs and pastel colored sweet treats?

42. Buy and sell domains

This one can be a bit of a gamble, but as domains can often be snapped up for as little as around a few dollars there may not be much to lose by giving this a go.

It’s perhaps especially good for those who are good at coming up with catchy names or phrases, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Any domain name that instantly tells the user what the site is about could be a potential winner. As can anything short yet memorable.

43. List books on eBay

There are people who make a living from buying and selling books. The trick is getting a stack of books at a wholesale price, then splitting them up to list separately.

These wholesale book deals can also be found on eBay, under the job lots or wholesale categories. Think about where to store them before you buy.

Discounted deals can work well here – such as offering a reduction on the second or third book bought, or three books in a certain category for a set price.

Why not get started by selling any unwanted books you have at home? You can then see what those sell for, and how much to factor in for packaging and shipping costs going forward.

44. Apply for a cashback credit card

While is not going to give you a large income, you could net a sum of cash back per week for doing little more than trading your old credit card for a new one.

Cash back credit cards are the way to go here. If you choose carefully, you could get up to 5% cash back on everything you spend.

This one won’t make you rich, but it’s money for nothing once you’ve swapped the card and get into the habit of using it as much as possible.

Just make sure you pay it off in full per month if you don’t want to be charged any interest or fees.

45. Answer questions

Answer questions online and you really could earn a reasonable sum of money per month – assuming you have expertise in some area or other.

Dust off that college degree and you could sign up with Just Answer, an online platform devoted to providing expert answers to all sorts of questions.

You don’t necessarily need to be a graduate, either. Just Answer recruits all sorts of professionals, from plumbers and mechanics to vets, lawyers, accountants and computer tech specialists.

Just Answer state that you could earn between $2,000 and $7,000 per month when you sign up with them. All you need is a computer, internet connection, some spare time and some kind of expert know-how.

46. Play video games

Yep, you did read that right. Some people do get paid to try out video games before their official launch, so why not try to become one of them?

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you work from, as the testing takes place across the whole world.

As long as you’re over 18 and willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, you could take part in game testing throughout the year.

If getting paid for gaming appeals to you – or another adult in household – why not get started with the Global Beta Test Network?

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47. Start pet-sitting

Get started with pet sitting and you could make decent money per month for feeding cats, walking dogs or taking care of smaller animals.

It’s entirely your call whether to offer this as a home-based service – where customers bring their pets to you – or as a going where you travel around to dish out pet food or walk someone’s four legged friends.

Bear in mind that you’ll need a pet-friendly home if you want to care for pets in your own house – or to factor in traveling expenses if you’d prefer to travel.

Again local sites, groups and pages can be a great source of free advertising to potential clients in your local area.

48. Write a kids’ book

If you can draw, string a sentence together and have the imagination to come up with a story, then you could publish your very own children’s story book with Blurb.

Even J K Rowling was turned down by literary agents before she found phenomenal success as the author of the Harry Potter series, but you can bypass all that stress by publishing it yourself.

Of course there’s no guarantees of making money, but if you have time to spare you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Good books often sell because of word-of-mouth. Give out a few free copies to friends, family and other parents, and who knows where it could lead?

You could also reserve a copy for sending out to a literary agent.

49. Try out TaskRabbit

If you have a skill you can sell or are happy to help someone around the house, you could make a reasonable income per week by signing up with TaskRabbit.

There are all sorts of jobs you can do, from cleaning someone’s bathroom to putting up a shelf or mirror. You might even get to plant flowers or assemble furniture.

If you want to work from home but don’t mind a little traveling, TaskRabbit could connect you with people who will pay you to run errands, tidy their garden, do their grocery shopping or clean their kitchen.

50. Build a creative community

If you’re an arty type, then you could build a community that pays around your interest, turning it into a real livelihood in the process.

Patreon is an online community of over 200,000 creators who will pay a monthly membership fee in return for access to exclusive content and insights into your creative process.

If you reckon you could build a buzz around what you can create, then why not give Patreon a go?

The platform isn’t just for artists: it’s also ideal for podcasters, musicians, writers, film makers and more.

51. Become a closed captioner

Working from home as a closed captioner is the ideal side job for someone who loves watching movies and videos.

Offline closed captioning is the main form of closed captioning you can do from home. Real time closed captioning is usually done in studio and requires years of experience.

For beginners, we recommend starting out looking for offline captioning work. All you need is basic equipment like a computer and internet connection, and this is flexible work you can fit around your lifestyle.

Closed captioners make varying amounts – with one company stating it’s captioners make between $25o and $1600 per month.

You can read our in-depth guide to becoming a closed captioner here

Ways to make money from home – FAQs

What can I do from home to make a lot of money?

If you want to make a lot of money, there are several options open to you.

You can find one high-paying gig and stick to it. Once you’ve built up a regular client base – and raised your rates if appropriate – you could earn a decent online income per month that may even be enough to live on.

The other main option is to concentrate on building multiple income streams. This means the cash you earn per month comes from a number of sources rather than only one.

For example, a blogger may also write e-books, buy and sell domain names, take on freelance proofreading work, host a podcast and create online courses.

The key advantage of this approach is that you’re never reliant on just one income stream, and if one really takes off you can drop the others to focus on the real money-spinner.

How can I make a living from home in 2024?

Seriously, there’s never been a better time to work from home – whether you opt for online or offline.

If you already have a computer and internet connection, then you could make anything from a few gift cards or some cash back to a five-figure income.

As this guide shows, those with particularly sought-after skills or expertise can really expect to see their home based business take off.

What can I get paid to do from home?

With 50 ways to make money from home covered in this guide alone – and new ones popping up all the time – you can can get paid to do all kinds of tasks from the comfort of your sofa.

It’s all about working out what will suit your lifestyle, interests, skills and knowledge best. For inspiration, simply scroll through the list above.

What immediately jumps out at you? What would would you be willing to try?

How will you make money from home?

Why not get started with some simple ideas that appeal to you? There is often absolutely nothing to lose, yet so much to gain.

Whether it’s managing social media for local businesses, overseeing a team of virtual assistants or spending your spare time on survey sites to help with market research, making money from home is easy once you have the right tools.


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