8 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses for 2024

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If you dream of running your own successful business from home, have you considered becoming a virtual assistant?

A VA business is ideal for parents, as you can work whenever you like. 

So how do you become a virtual assistant, what does the role involve, and which is the best virtual assistant training course?

A VA in front of PC_Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses

This post will take you through all you need to know, so you can select the VA course that suits your interests best.

Working as a virtual assistant is the ideal way to run an online business from home – or indeed anywhere in the world.

Investing in the right training course also means you’ll cover everything involved – from services you can offer to how to find clients – including via social media.

We detail 8 different virtual assistant training courses – all run by people who have established a successful virtual assistant business of their own.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how much money and time you’d need to invest to become a virtual assistant, choosing your own hours, tasks and clients.

Why undertake virtual assistant training?

You may already know how to use WordPress, write good copy, create a pretty pin or keep track of invoices. Do you really need training?

  • Business skills –  Training can help with setting up your virtual assistant business so it runs smoothly.
  • Expert advice – Established, highly respected virtual assistants have created these courses. So you benefit from their experience, copying only what they did right while avoiding the rookie errors they made.
  • Access to a client database – Some virtual assistant courses offer access to high paying clients, via the course leader’s network of valuable contacts.
  • Network with your peers – You can also share tips and thoughts with fellow students via private groups.

Read on to find the best virtual assistant course so you can make money online. How soon could you secure your first client? What are the high income skills you might specialize in?

The world of virtual assistants is expanding at a rapid pace, so there’s never been a better time to get on board!

The 8 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses 2024

Here’s all you need to know about the best virtual assistant courses out there.

From 10K VA, 90 day VA or fully booked VA to a couple of specialist Pinterest VA course options, these are the top virtual assistant training picks.

1. 10K VA by Kayla Sloan

Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses for 2023_10K VA by Kayla Sloan

Best for – those with big ambitions

10K VA is one of the best-known names in the business and is brought to you by Kayla Sloan, a respected figure from the world of virtual assistant work.

The 10K VA standard from a leading course creator will teach you how to become a successful virtual assistant from scratch.

This course covers services to offer, pricing, how to pitch to business owners and even upscaling to become a VA business making serious money.

So what’s the 10K all about – a small business to run as a sideline, making 10K per year? Oh no. This virtual assistant training course aims high. Students are taught how to become a successful VA earning 10k per month, not per year.

Kayla Sloan herself went from a complete beginner to earning 10K each month within 3 years. Her training programs are thus based on what she’s learned the hard way, saving you from making the same mistakes that she did.

The idea of this online virtual assistant course is that you can learn how to earn more money in as little time as possible.

This online course covers the skills required, the services to offer potential clients and how to create an online presence that gets you noticed.

How to set prices and increase these over time is also included, so you can be certain of earning more as time goes by.

You’ll also study practical skills such as marketing, planning and scheduling, contracts, taxes and creating a portfolio to sell your skills.

For those with big ambitions, the 10K VA course also covers how to build your own VA agency, and outsourcing tasks to others while you get paid.

Connecting with others on social media can be a great way to network, so 10K VA students get access to a private Facebook group that’s for members only.

If you don’t mind paying a little more, there is also the option to join an additional, exclusive group – giving you direct access to potential clients via Kayla’s own network of contacts.

At the time of writing, the 10K VA standard course costs $497.

Find out more about 10K VA by Kayla Sloan here

2. Fully Booked VA by Gina Horkey

Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses for 2023_Fully Booked VA by Gina Horkey

Best for – fast-track virtual assistant training

Free opt-in: How to Get 3 Clients, in 3 Days 

This one sells itself, really, thanks to the name. Course creator Gina Horkey runs a site that helps interested clients to either become a VA – or to find one.

This means Fully Booked VA gives you valuable new skills to acquire your first client, as she knows exactly what VA courses should cover.

The Horkey Handbook Fully Booked VA training program covers everything you must know about how to become a virtual assistant.

This includes how to launch your online business, day-to-day running – and of course sourcing those high-paying clients.

Again, this course was created after Gina Horkey created her own successful virtual assistant business.

The training program is for those who want to do the same, and the site is packed with glowing testimonials from students who have taken the course.

It’s all done step-by-step, so there’s no need to panic about how many new skills you need to learn.

The online training covers how to establish an online presence to secure your first VA job, and there are even pitch templates to use during the early stages of forming client relationships.

Day-to-day project management is also covered, including planner templates, as well as various strategies to use and a range of virtual assistant services.

If you’re wondering how to find clients, that’s included too, as well as how to build successful, long-term business relationships.

This virtual assistant training from Horkey Handbook also includes a VA certification. Members also gain exclusive access to an online community that is likely to land you your first job.

The Fully Booked VA Foundations course currently costs $497. This includes 90 days of access to the Fully Booked VA system – plus lifetime access to the VA Foundations course. Group coaching via live weekly sessions is also included.

The Horkey Handbook also offers a mini course, which is ideal for those who aren’t yet certain about whether the full training program really is for them.

This costs just $19, so there’s not a lot to lose: it’s the ideal way to dip your toe in the water.

Click here to check out Fully Booked VA aka Horkey Handbook

3. The Savvy System by Abbey Ashley

The Savvy System by Abbey Ashley

Best for – building a long-term business

Via her site The Virtual Savvy, Abbey Ashley also offers renowned virtual assistant training for those who want a flexible VA job they can do from home. Or indeed anywhere in the world!

An interesting feature on the website’s home page is a quiz that aims to uncover what sort of VA you should be. Are you best suited to working as a creative, a helper, a socialite, an organizer or an expert?

There is also some free virtual assistant training offered, in the form of a starter kit with a checklist, details of over 100 virtual services to offer and a one hour training video on how to market yourself to business owners.

The Savvy System will teach you how to create and upscale an online business from scratch. Units cover what services you can offer, how to package these, establish a brand and online presence and how to get your first job.

For those interested in progressing further, this course also covers setting up an agency for virtual assistants.

You can learn all about becoming a virtual assistant at your own pace, working your way up as and when it suits you to how to raise prices and even create a team of virtual assistants who work for you.

The Virtual Savvy can help you decide what to specialize in, how to build packages, pricing and creating a brand identity and marketing your services to potential, paying clients.

Practicalities like taxes, legal stuff, invoicing and finance are also covered as part of this course.

Advanced topics, for those who wish to upscale, include hiring other virtual assistants and how to increase prices to ensure ongoing growth.

There are two options for those who want to join the Savvy System. The 14-module course costs $1,497, which can be paid in 12 instalments, while the Ultimate membership costs $2,997.

The latter option includes lifetime access to all new courses, plus exclusive access to the Virtual Savvy online community.

If you later decide it’s not for you, students can get their money back on the Savvy System within 30 days of purchase.

See what the Savvy System has to offer right here

4. 90 Day VA by Esther Inman

90 Day VA by Esther Inman

Best for – free training to try before you buy

Esther Inman is the brains behind 90 day VA, and says her course is ideal for parents, military spouses and anyone who wants a flexible career they can work at from anywhere.

The aim, as you might expect from the title, is to achieve this within 3 months.

90 Day VA is a 12-week online VA course in which you’ll be taught all about acquiring in-demand VA skills. This training program also includes monthly group calls and gives you access to VA job listings.

This is one of the longest established VA courses, and satisfied clients have reported landed their first paid job before the 12 weeks is even up.

Although it’s designed to be completed in just under 3 months, it’s also possible to study at precisely the pace that fits around your lifestyle.

Course modules cover what working remotely for others as a virtual assistant involves. You’ll learn about managing websites, content writing, blogging, social media management, podcasts, video editing, email marketing and project management.

How to secure your first virtual assistant job is also included, as well as a VA starter pack that includes all you need to know about handling the money side of things, networking and finding clients.

Like some other courses, the 90 day VA one currently sells for $497. A free class is also available for those who want to try before they buy.

This provides helpful training, addressing issues like what a virtual assistant does and how you can work remotely – even without prior experience as a VA.

Get the full lowdown from the 90-day VA site here

5. Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp by Amanda Kolbye

Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp by Amanda Kolbye

Best for – fully immersive VA training

If you like the idea of live coaching sessions each week as well as access to a supportive community of like-minded virtual assistant wannabes, then Amanda Kolbye’s Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp could be the one for you.

This particular course is more immersive than others, which justifies the higher price tag. As does the one-on-one support offered by an expert in her field.

The course includes step-by-step tuition regarding building your own successful virtual assistant business, ready-to-use templates and even worth-their-weight-in-gold live coaching sessions.

Over the 12 week period students learn all about laying the foundations for a virtual assistant business that can be run from anywhere. There is a particular focus on achieving the right mindset for success.

You will also discover how to select the right niche, pinpointing your target market, packaging and pricing services, money issues, managing projects, social media, email marketing and creating content.

A module about client onboarding is included, as well as how to deal with discovery calls. Like some other virtual assistant online courses, you will also learn how to plan effectively for long-term success.

The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp course also includes 5 masterclasses, delivered by others who are successfully working as social media managers, copywriters or email marketing experts.

There is also a mini Pinterest marketing course, as well as a tax module and various technical tutorials.

Whether you want to specialize in design, content writing, bookkeeping, digital marketing, branding, sales funnels, SEO, video editing, photography, business coaching or blogging, this course can set you on the right path.

The real, hands-on nature of this course means it offers more value, but of course, this comes as a higher price.

A one-off cost of $2,997 applies, or it can be paid via 6 or 12 monthly instalments. Those who pay in full upfront benefit from an extra 30-minute one-to-one coaching call.

Click here for all the info on the Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp


6. Work from Home as a VA via Udemy

Work from Home as a VA via Udemy


Best for – basic training at a budget price

If you want to sign up for a no-nonsense virtual assistant course without breaking the bank, this one available via Udemy is well worth a look.

While it won’t put you in touch with potential clients, it can help you to decide whether being a virtual assistant is a viable career option for you. Day to day management, social media, pricing and lots of other topics are covered, to help in setting up your new business.

With lifetime access, 1 hour of audio and 3 of video on demand plus 5 downloadable resources, this is a great starting point for someone who wants to learn more about becoming a VA and creating a business that should attract paying clients in the longer term.

View the ‘Work from Home as a VA’ course on Udemy here

7. Pinterest VA Ninja by Megan Johnson

Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses for 2023_Pinterest VA Ninja by Megan Johnson

Best for – finding work as a Pinterest specialist

The Pinterest VA Ninja course is aimed at those who want to specialize in offering Pinterest services to clients.

Via this course, students can discover the range of tasks a Pinterest Virtual Assistant carries out, how to package services and market them and how to secure that all-important first job.

The Pinterest niche is ideal for creative types, especially those who already love using this platform. Something of a hybrid between a social network and and a search engine, it really is possible to make Pinterest your day job.

As well as packaging, marketing and client onboarding and how to make money, course leader Megan Johnson also teaches students about taxation, banking and invoicing, plus the legal side of being a Pinterest virtual assistant.

The course is delivered mainly via online videos, so it’s ideal for visual learners. It can also be downloaded in its entirety for future reference. Lots of templates are included too.

There is very much a marketing focus, aimed at VAs who will work by helping businesses make money online via the Pinterest platform. In turn, the course helps students make this their job by allowing them to add their details to the database.

This includes a headshot and live link that will be promoted via paid ads on Instagram, Facebook and of course Pinterest. Non-students can also sign up for this, but it will cost them $100.

There is a private Facebook group for students, and this includes live monthly training sessions where you can get advice on boosting Pins to perform and convert more effectively. It’s up to you whether you use this for your own Pins, or those belonging to a paying client.

The course currently costs $125, though the taxes that apply in your country of residence may mean you pay more like $150.

In terms of price this is therefore one of the best virtual assistant courses, although there’s no money-back guarantee included here.

Discover more about becoming a Pinterest VA pro here

8. Pinterest VA by Kristin Larsen

Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses for 2023_Pinterest VA by Kristin Larsen

Best for – free Pinterest training workshop

This virtual assistant course also focuses on becoming a Pinterest expert assistant. Creator Kristin Larsen speaks from experience, as she built up a successful VA business from scratch so she could quit her full-time job.

If you want to emulate her success, this course will show you how – in an accessible and affordable way. There’s some decent free training you can sign up for before making a commitment too.

The Pinterest VA site also helps put businesses in touch with Pinterest assistants, managers and experts, which clearly creates an opportunity for graduates of the course to put their services out there to the site’s visitors.

At the time of writing the course programs were being re-evaluated, but as the free training is still available, there is absolutely nothing to lose by taking a look.

Check out this Pinterest virtual assistant course here

Best virtual assistant course FAQs

A VA holding a phone

What is the best virtual assistant training course?

As you can see, there are various virtual assistant training course options. So which of these virtual assistant courses is best for you?

Whichever you pick, if you follow the steps given you can become a virtual assistant, with a VA business than brings in decent money every month.

It depends largely on your budget, how you learn and what your ambitions are. If you see yourself heading up the best virtual assistant agency out there one day, then it’s worth investing in virtual assistant training that will help you realize those ambitions.

Some of the best virtual assistant training courses detailed here includes exclusive access to networks that will help you secure job after job. If you want to keep the money flowing into your VA business, then it’s well worth paying extra for such contacts and access to paying clients.

Other features of some virtual assistant courses online include live training or group sessions, where you can swap ideas with others about matters like how to effectively work from home, securing clients, acquiring skills and how much money to charge for each service offered.

The best VA training course can, in short, set you up for life, in a high paying career that you can also expand – and of course enjoy.

What virtual assistant skills are in demand?

Virtual assistants offer all sorts of skills that businesses need so they can stay on top.

These include research, copywriting, WordPress management, media graphics and posts, managing Pinterest business accounts, video or podcast editing and accounting tasks.

The scope – and therefore the required skills – of the virtual assistant job is pretty wide.

You could be managing someone’s Etsy shop, researching blog posts, linking to Amazon for affiliate marketers or simply helping out with general admin tasks.

Whether you opt for freelance writing, want to specialize in social media or are keen to offer a general helping hand, you can work from home in a job you’ll enjoy, making a good amount of money per month.

The beauty is that you can earn a living from something you can do. If you’re not great with words, for example, then a client may pay you to upload content someone else has written, ask you to create attractive graphics or hire you to keep track of their finances.

Whatever your skills, you can tailor make your virtual assistant role to suit you. As well as those people who will pay you a good amount of money per month to take the pressure off them!

How do I train to be a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistant training is delivered in the same way that the job is done – online. All the courses detailed in this guide are completed online.

If you have experience in administration, bookkeeping, copywriting or even pinning you may think you don’t need to complete a course, but that’s not necessarily true. Having the skills is only half the battle.

The rest involves setting up a successful business – and one of those requires a steady stream of paying clients. How will you connect with these?

Also, what about issues such as taxation, invoicing, pricing and marketing? Are you experienced in managing projects, or could those skills do with a little bit of a polish?

Unless you can answer all of the above with a resounding yes – and already know how you’ll find the businesses that need you – a virtual assistant training course could make all the difference between success and failure.

Undertaken in your own time, a VA training course can also act as a final way of checking that working from home, at your own pace, actually suits you as an individual!

Do you need certification to be a virtual assistant?

No certificates or formal qualifications are required to become a VA. All you really require are some marketable skills. You also need the drive to succeed.

If you can work on your own initiative and don’t need someone else to make you start work each day, then being a VA could suit you down to the ground. No certification required.

Above all, it’s clients that you need. So while you don’t require a qualification, completing reputable VA training can put you in touch with all the right people. As well as teaching you the desired skills.

We all know what they say. It’s not what you know… but if you’re in touch with the leading VA training experts, then surely you have far more chance of securing the right clients than someone who has no contacts in the field.

Which is the best virtual assistant training for you?

Woman with laptop_Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses

Whether you decide to get started by taking up some free virtual assistant training or are ready to take the plunge by investing in the most immersive virtual assistant course out there, we hope this guide can set you on your way.

You too can find clients who will pay you to use your skills while doing something that you actually enjoy. We should know, as everyone involved in creating this post does exactly that!

Why not check out our list of all the best free online training courses here?


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