33 Best Ways to Get Free Steam Codes in 2023

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If you or your family love playing games, accessing free Steam codes can save you a bundle of cash.

Steam codes work in the same way as a gift card, and the user can spend them on Steam when buying games and other software via the platform.

As with other gift certificates or vouchers, having cash in your Steam wallet means the holder has access to what they really want.

Steam gift cards are available to purchase worldwide in various denominations – but did you know that you can also get Steam codes as a reward, simply for using various apps or shopping online?

These free Steam wallet codes give the user all the benefits of paid Steam codes – but without spending any actual cash.

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So how do you get your hands on a free Steam wallet code or two? This article will outline a large number of ways in which you can get a Steam code reward for free.

Yes, you can add funds to your Steam account when you earn free codes – or PayPal cash that can be transferred to your Steam wallet.

Why purchase Steam codes when you can save money on playing games?

Your PayPal balance can be used to get free Steam gift cards, so any site that gives you a reward via the platform can be used to get a free Steam wallet to spend as you like.

Steam gift cards can also be bought via Amazon, so in this way you can exchange that Amazon gift card you’ve earned to get a free Steam wallet card.

Free Steam keys, cash from PayPal or a gift card added to your wallet effectively lets each user play games without paying. Even if you have just a few moments to spare here and there, each Steam code or PayPal cash reward soon adds up.

Some apps will even give you Steam gift cards or codes for free, all as a reward for doing what you love best – playing, discussing and reviewing the latest games.

Signing up online or downloading an app can also sometimes earn you a reward or codes without even taking part.

33 of the Best Ways to Get Free Steam Codes

If you want to find out all the best ways to get free Steam codes, stay right here. You or a family member could soon be playing a new game – without spending a single cent!

It’s the ultimate in rewards for any avid game user. Why not see how much money you could be adding to your online Steam account?

1. Survey Junkie

Signing up with Survey Junkie means you can complete questionnaires or even take part in focus groups whenever you have a little time to spare.

If you don’t mind answering questions whenever you have the opportunity, you can join Survey Junkie for free.

They pay each user a reward worth anywhere between 5 cents and $150 in rewards, depending on the task. These range from quick-fire questions to a longer survey, and even perhaps focus groups held in a location close to you.

As Survey Junkie pay out cash via PayPal, the user can then redeem this cash reward as a way of adding a Steam gift card to your wallet. Without forking out real money for a game.

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2. Ibotta

Add the Ibotta app to your smartphone and you can start saving cash right away by making the most of their unbeatable coupon code generators and exclusive offers.

You can make big money savings on everyday items like groceries, baby essentials and even Uber rides. As well as larger purchases like hotel stays, or when online shopping for big ticket products.

The Ibotta app also has a generous referral scheme in place, so you both earn a reward when you refer a friend.

Once you have $20 or more, you can be paid via PayPal. At that point, why not redeem yourself by buying a game on Steam?

3. GameGleam

GameGleam sure is an app for those who like to play, as every user can earn free steam wallet codes as a reward from gaming or completing quests.

It’s one of the top ways to get free Steam codes if you’re into gaming. Rather than the usual gift cards, points can be swapped out for skins, game currencies like Robux and of course the games themselves.

You can also earn more by inviting friends to join or even by creating content. Sign up with GameGleam by using a social media account, or use your email address if you prefer.

4. Earnably

Watch videos, answer surveys or complete other simple tasks and you could be on your way to getting free Steam wallet codes as rewards via Earnably.

If you can persuade your friends to join in with this survey app too, there’s even more potential for racking up some serious points. You’ll earn 10% of what they do for life as a reward!

As usual, create an account for free and you could get free Steam codes thanks to Earnably.

5. TopCashback

As the name suggests, TopCashback allows you to access the thousands of stores they partner with to earn cashback on your purchases. You can then redeem this cash to buy Steam games.

This is one of the longest established and reputable cashback reward sites, with users all over the world. They currently have around 20 million members.

You can claim PayPal cash once you’ve created a TopCashback account and made qualifying purchases. This can then be traded for free Steam codes.

6. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another platform that pays via PayPal. This means you can spend the reward points earned just as you like – such as by using them to buy Steam wallet codes.

Tasks may include playing games as well as completing quick consumer polls or longer questionnaires, so it can be a fun way to earn a cash reward in your free time if you don’t mind filling out surveys.

You can also sign up with Inbox Dollars for free.

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7. Prize Rebel

Signing up with Prize Rebel offers a very flexible means of earning rewards, as you can redeem points for PayPal cash or a range of gift cards.

It’s thus an ideal way to earn free Steam codes, so you can then redeem these against the game of your choice via the Steam user site.

Again typical user tasks involve completing surveys of various lengths and types, so you can do these whenever it suits you. Such as when watching TV or using public transport.

8. IdleEmpire

IdleEmpire is one of the few sites that actually allows you to earn free Steam codes directly.

One of the best things about IdleEmpire is the fact that one of the ways to earn these is by the user – you guessed it – playing games!

Each user can also earn a reward for watching videos or completing surveys. You can sign up for free using social media or email, and IdleEmpire promise to deliver redeemed Steam codes within 24 hours.

9. Mistplay

Mistplay is also an app that targets fans of mobile gaming. At the time of writing, it was available to the user on Google Play for Android only.

How does this one work? In a nutshell, the more you play the more you earn. Mistplay will recommend games to you, and reward you with points for playing them.

It’s like having access to a curated, portable gaming library of your own, and at the same time you can earn Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash to use for free Steam wallet codes, thus topping up that account too.

10. GrabPoints

A GrabPoints user can earn points and then exchange these directly for free Steam wallet codes.

The tasks offered to those who sign up with GrabPoints include downloading other apps as well as playing games, taking surveys or watching videos.

This is one of the only sites that lets you redeem Steam codes directly, so you don’t have to claim them by using PayPal or an Amazon gift card first.

11. MyPoints

A MyPoints user can earn cash in a couple of different ways. You can earn by completing surveys, or be rewarded whenever you shop at your favorite stores.

You can simply shop online as you normally would, but signing up with MyPoints means accessing special user deals and discount codes as well as racking up points.

Survey completion equals points and points make prizes, and in this case the reward is given via PayPal to spend as the user wishes – such as for buying credit to use on the Steam platform. You can also claim gift cards for a number of retailers as a reward.

12. Swagbucks

Those who join Swagbucks can also earn a reward for completing one of or a range of tasks. Some are as simple as watching videos, so it’s an easy way to make money that can be converted to Steam codes.

Swagbucks also offer paid survey opportunities via the app or platform, so each user can rack up more money that way to spend on Steam games.

Every user can also take advantage of the exclusive deals offered with big brands and retailers via Swagbucks.

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13. Gamehag

Gamehag provides perhaps the ideal way of earning Steam codes if you’re a gamer, as it’s all about playing games. A reward in itself for many!

Once you create a Gamehag account, each user can also interact with the Gamehag community or complete special quests to earn extra bonuses.

You can then redeem the points racked up for various game-related rewards, from free skins to free Steam keys or a Steam wallet code for topping up your gaming cash levels.

14. Rakuten

Rakuten – formerly known as Ebates – pays out whenever a user makes a qualifying purchase. With over 2,000 stores to pick from, using this cashback site is a no-brainer.

Rakuten often pays out sign-up bonuses to each new user too, and may also alert you to to special limited-time offers on products you have your eye on.

It’s well worth signing up to Rakuten, as the site sometimes pays considerable sums in cashback. You can also earn more via referrals, so people you know can access these deals too while you get rewarded.

Cash can be paid via PayPal, so you and your friends can then redeem your balance as a way of earning free Steam codes as a reward.

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15. PointsPrizes

Each user of PointsPrizes can earn by taking surveys and snapping up special offers when they’re available.

The PointsPrizes app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android or Apple. Every user may also earn a reward from watching videos or playing games as well as filling out a survey.

Various rewards are available, and these include Steam wallet gift cards as well as the likes of Amazon gift cards that each user can redeem as they see fit.

16. Tada

Tada (formerly ShopAtHome) also allows each user to earn free cashback rewards on their purchases, as well as giving access to special deals. Again, you simply follow the link to the store you want and buy as normal.

Rewards for doing this are paid to the user via gift cards or PayPal. You can then add the latter to your Steam account to spend on games as your reward.

When you join Tada you can also earn cashback on grocery shopping, so it’s a quick way to stack up those points.

17. BeFrugal

Get started with BeFrugal and you can access user coupon codes that will be automatically applied. All sorts of huge brands take part, such as Macy’s, Walmart and Bloomingdale’s.

There is often a bonus paid just for signing up, and you can then shop at more than 5,000 online stores. You can use that cashback paid to purchase Steam codes in the usual way.

18. Points2Shop

Create an account with Points2Shop and you could soon be on your way to a free Steam gift card.

As with similar sites, a user can can earn reward points for playing games, if you watch videos and by taking surveys as well as for shopping online.

Earn cash from Points2Shop and you can use the gift cards to buy Steam codes. It’s an easy way to earn free Steam codes as a reward for completing a variety of online activities, such as a short or longer survey.

19. Dosh

If you’ve been put off claiming shopping rewards by having to upload receipts or find coupon codes, then why not give Dosh a go?

The clever feature of the Dosh app is that it works automatically once you’ve linked your debit or credit card. Saving you (gaming) time as well as money.

It really is as simple as swiping your card. Dosh then pays out your reward dollars via PayPal, which you can then use to get free Steam codes for gaming.

20. Honey

Using Honey as a way to get free Steam wallet codes is a little more indirect, but it sure is a simple way of getting that reward.

All you need to do is add it as a browser extension, and the best discounts will automatically be tracked down then added to your cart when shopping online for deals.

Honey is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and other big name browsers, and it doesn’t matter if you’re using a Mac or Windows.

With Honey Gold you can also earn cashback, and this type of reward can then be used to purchase Steam codes in the usual way.

21. InstaGC

Insta GC – what’s that about then? Earning instant gift cards, of course!

Insta GC has an active online community who earn free Steam codes and other rewards for doing some of the things you already do online. Such as internet searches and shopping.

Once signed up with InstaGC, you can also do some extra tasks like completing surveys or watching videos to earn points and instant digital gift cards.

The list of reward options available in certain countries includes free Steam gift cards.

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22. Mr Rebates

Users of Mr Rebates also earn cashback. The site is partnered with over 3,000 retailers, and offers special deals such as ‘Store of the Week’ (which was Gap at the time of writing).

They also have a large range of weekly deals from big names like JCPenney, Sephora, Adidas, Dell, Groupon and many more.

Your cash rebates can then be used as a way to earn free Steam codes.

23. Gift Card Granny

Sign up to Gift Card Granny and you can order customizable gift cards for your friends, colleagues, family or business associates. While earning cashback at the same time.

As well as getting cashback on your own gift card purchases, you can also earn by referring friends to Gift Card Granny. This money can then be used to fund your next Steam wallet code!

Cards can include a photo or logo of your choice, or be ordered as e-codes for last minute giving. Participating gift card issuers include Visa and Mastercard as well as brands ranging from Kohl’s or LL Bean to Apple or Starbuck’s.

24. ReceiptHog

Using ReceiptHog involves snapping and uploading pictures of your shopping receipts, so it hardly takes up any time at all.

Like most similar apps, it is available via Apple or Google Play for Android. Once you earn your rewards, you can then use these to get a free Steam gift card.

25. ExtraBux

ExtraBux is another cashback site that can earn you bonus bucks for shopping as you usually would.

All you need to do is click through to one of 10,000 retailers partnered with the site. Once you buy, ExtraBux pays you some of what they receive for the referral.

Again you can claim gift cards, a check or PayPal cash, so if you use the latter this is a simple way to get free Steam codes for doing your usual online shopping via your Extrabux account.

26. Drop

Once installed, the Drop app allows you to shop directly from it, whether you’re buying clothes, ordering takeout, or booking an uber ride or flight.

Every time you use Drop you’ll earn points, and these can be used to obtain Amazon gift cards. Get paid by Amazon gift card and you can then use these to get free Steam wallet codes.

27. Bananatic

Bananatic is another site aimed specifically at gamers. If you want to earn points while testing new games and writing reviews, you could soon be bagging yourself some Steam codes for free.

Create an account with Bananatic and first off you’ll get to play some games for free. When you complete a game and give feedback, you’re rewarded with ‘bananas’.

Your bananas can then be transformed into Amazon gift cards, skins and of course Steam game codes to buy you yet more free games. It’s a win/win for avid gamers.

28. Mobee

The Mobee app is a little different from many others in this list, because using it involves undertaking mystery shopping exercises.

Earning points therefore means completing an assigned ‘mission’. This provides valuable feeback to big brands, who use this real consumer experience to improve their products and services.

Anyone can create a Mobee account via Apple or Google Play and start earning as soon as gigs become available.

It’s best to complete your profile as fully as possible to maximize your chances of earning gift card codes. Those like Amazon can then be used to buy credit to spend at the Steam store.

29. Listia

Listia is also different, and in fact quite unique among money making apps. It works a lot like sites such as eBay or Vinted, as it involves selling your unwanted goods.

Once sold, Listia users get paid with points as well as the cash for the items sold. This is to spend wherever they wish. Such as, for example, on the Steam platform for new games.

There are over 10 million Listia members. If you want to get rid of unwanted clutter while earning points to spend as you like, why not consider signing up with Listia?

30. Shopkick

Get your kicks the simple way with Shopkick, whose users can start earning cash – aka ‘kicks’ – after signing up.

You can add points to your account by buying a specified item, or can enter the code on certain products by scanning the barcode – with no purchase required.

You may also be able to top up your account by watching a video or even browsing content within the Shopkick app, or when you buy via one of their retail partners.

Earning an Amazon card via Shopkick means you can then trade this for free Steam wallet codes to use when gaming.

31. Checkout 51

Even buying gas can lead to bonus free steam wallet codes when you sign up with Checkout 51. Even if all you seem to buy is groceries and fuel for your car.

As the first step to more Steam codes, create an account via the Apple or Android app. Or you can sign up to the main site on a laptop or desktop.

New offers are added weekly every Thursday, and you can simply scan your gas receipt to earn cashback. This cash can in turn be used to get Steam codes for free.

The Checkout 51 app is currently available in the US, and is ‘coming soon’ to Canada. So watch this space if you live north of the border!

32. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is another of those ideal apps for dedicated gamers. The biggest prize is a million dollar jackpot, but you can also use smaller wins to get free Steam wallet codes.

There are also $10,000 and $1,000 dollar prizes, as well as others like a trip to Universal Orlando. Even if you don’t win big, you can luck out by building up tokens that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Signing up to Lucktastic costs nothing and the sky is pretty much the limit. From free Steam codes to life-changing sums of money, you need to be in it to win it!

33. Sweatcoin

Have you ever felt that you need a little extra motivation to complete that workout? If the answer is yes, then Sweatcoin may be the ideal app for you.

In short, every step taken means you earn points. This free cash – or Sweatcoins – can then be converted as you wish to earn free codes.

It’s not all about getting that Steam wallet code though. Sweatcoin makes some bold and fully backed-up claims, such as the fact that it’s the quickest growing app for health – ever.

Sweatcoin and the British Journal of Medicine also say that the app has caused a substantial increase in physical activity. It’s also number one on the App Store chart in a number of countries worldwide.

If you want to get fit, surely Sweatcoin is one of the best ways to get free Steam codes to redeem during your downtime.

Free steam codes FAQs

How do steam codes work?

A Steam code buys the user a code for a game – or in-game purchase like a skin or currency. You can add funds to a Steam wallet to redeem Steam exactly as you or they wish.

They use the funds in the digital Steam wallet held online. Get Steam codes to play games, and there’s no need to use a credit or debit card. In fact, earning free Steam value means using no real money at all!

Is there steam $10?

You can get Steam wallet codes – or gift cards – in various denominations, in cash equivalent values ranging from $5 to £100. Including a $10 card – or one in another country’s currency.

So you can combine the Steam code cards to add a cash amount of your choice to any Steam account, as along as it’s in multiples of five.

Are there any other ways to get free Steam codes?

Quite honestly, this article has only really scratched the surface by listing the most popular ways to get cash for Steam codes.

For more ideas that earn points, why not check out our post on the top paid focus groups? As these tend to pay more than online survey, game or tasks sites, it can be a way of earning serious cash to feed your Steam game habit.

How will you earn free Steam codes?

As you can see, there are many ways to get free Steam wallet codes, whether you use online gift cards to buy them or are rewarded with actual Steam gift cards.

If you’re into gaming and love the Steam site, why not see how long it takes to add your first Steam code to your own or someone else’s Steam account?

For those who love to play games online, earning Steam points by signing up to a gaming app is surely living the (Steam) dream.

Steam games are great fun for all fans of gaming, and a well-chosen Steam game also makes a great gift.

Add funds to their Steam account and your gift recipient can redeem this online for the rewards they want. Without you spending any of your own money!

From adding a simple browser extension to save money when shopping online to earning cash from completing surveys or other tasks, you could soon be claiming your rewards in the form of a brand new game.

If you want to take advantage of what is effectively free money, why not sign up as a user so you can start earning codes without spending a cent?


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