Rewardia Review 2024: Make Money Playing Games and Answering Surveys

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I’m so excited to finally be able to share this Rewardia review with you.

I was surprised to find there aren’t many Rewardia reviews online but I guess that’s because it’s mainly in Australia and New Zealand at the moment.

Rewardia Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for an Australian company to join for some extra online cash-earning potential, Rewardia is a fantastic option.

Rewardia is based out of Bondi, NSW and they’re more than just a survey site.

Commonly referred to as a GPT or “Get Paid To” site, Rewardia offers a wide variety of ways to earn points that can be redeemed for cash.

Here’s how you can join Rewardia and how to get the most out of your time.

What is Rewardia?

Rewardia is a Get Paid To (GPT) site which offers users the chance to earn points which can be exchanged for gift cards or cash (paid by bank deposit).

You can earn points by answering trivia questions, playing games – pretty decent games too like Sudoku or other brain-twisters, answering surveys and watching videos.

Similar to Swagbucks, this site offers you a lot of different chances to earn.

The main difference here is that it’s really well set up for Aussies and Kiwis, whereas I find a lot of the Swagbucks offers are American-centric and not always relevant to us down under.

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Is Rewardia legit?

No one likes a survey scam, and when you are writing about making money online like I do you have to be extra careful not to recommend a dodgy site.

That’s why I do a lot of research and tried to find as many Rewardia reviews as I could to get a good feel of the site before I started completing tasks.

Most reviews are overwhelmingly positive, including an excellent score on both Trustpilot and

Is Rewardia safe?

Rewardia uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to ensure the security of the site. However, you are giving your personal information and it’s fair enough that you ask questions.

There’s no real way to succeed with paid surveys and get paid to sites without providing a large amount of personal information, so you need to feel comfortable with this before proceeding.

If this isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other (more lucrative) ways to make money online.

How does Rewardia work?

Market research sites connect companies who want opinions on their products and services, with real-life participants who sign up to give their point of view and earn rewards.

The payment is usually small and builds up over time before the member can redeem it – these days, that’s usually an online gift card or perhaps a bank deposit.

Sites like Rewardia go quite a few steps further to increase the earning potential of their members.

Using revenue they get from referrals and advertising, Rewardia offers its members points to play games, visit websites, and complete other simple online tasks.

While the payouts aren’t huge, accumulating points for fun activities means you can earn real rewards for doing things you’d normally be doing in your spare time anyway.

Signing up for Rewardia

Pre-screening surveys

Signing up is extremely simple, and will start you off with a points bonus. First, the sign-up page on the home screen will ask for your name, email address and a password to use on the site.

Once you’ve logged in, you can get 300 points just for heading to that email account and clicking to confirm your email address.

Afterwards, the best place to head is the “Survey Centre” tab, where you’ll have a range of “pre-screening surveys” that will be quick to complete and earn you a few points.

These surveys help Rewardia understand basic information about who you are, so they can try to increase the chances that you’ll qualify for any surveys they send you.

Once you’ve completed the pre-screening surveys, it’s time to explore the site and continue earning points!

How do you earn points?

Because Rewardia is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site, surveys will still be your biggest payout, but you’ll never be short on options to earn points.

The “Play and Earn” tab up the top of the site takes you to the page where all the varied ways you can earn points are listed – and the number of opportunities is extensive.

There are plenty of games, but also options like clicking through to visit a website that will earn you points. The type of activity and the number of points you will receive is clearly stated, and surveys will give you an estimate of how long answering the questions will take you.

The five basic ways to earn points are:

  • Complete surveys. Surveys will be offered to you via the website or by email. You will clearly see the kind of survey, how long it is expected to take, and how many points you’ll earn. Surveys are the highest earners but they aren’t always available, and after a few initial questions you could be screened out of the survey if you don’t fit the profile of who they are looking for at that time.
  • Play games. It’s not the highest earner, but the games on Rewardia are a very attractive option. Plenty of people play online games, so Rewardia simply offers them the chance to get rewarded for it. There are always games to play, so your earning potential is only limited by how long you play.
  • Various activities. There are plenty of other simple tasks that will earn you a few points, like going to a particular website to check the weather or watching a short video.
  • Promo codes. While many survey sites have promo codes to keep members engaged, very few offer them almost daily like Rewardia. Join the email mailing list or get the codes off Facebook for a points boost that changes every day.
  • Referral program. Rewardia have a generous referral program. You will receive 10% of any points earned by people who have signed up using your referral link. If you can recruit active members, it’s a great way to earn points. You will earn 10% of your friend’s earnings on purchases, Surveys and Games for life. Your referrals will receive 3,000 bonus points once they earn their first 3,000 points as an added bonus for them.
  • One-off offers. There are also a few once-off offers, such as the signing-up bonus of 100 points, and Rewardia will give you a once-off bonus of 5,000 points once you earn your first 5,000.

How much can you earn?

As with all survey and GPT sites, it’s important to say from the get-go that you should only be expecting to earn a bit of pocket money.

There’s not enough earning potential in surveys to deliver significant income. However, if you’re going to be online anyway, you may as well earn some rewards!

Rewardia works with a points-based system. 1,000 points are equal to $1, and you’ll need a minimum of $5 to start earning rewards, with a minimum of $50 to qualify for a bank transfer.

Surveys are generally the highest earners, but you’ll need to be sent an invitation and then you’ll need to qualify for the survey. 

Rewardia eGift card reward options

Playing games and other tasks won’t earn you as much but are a far steadier source of income. Ranging from around 3 points to 99 points, it will take a while to accumulate but there are as many options as you want.

Once you have enough points to redeem, you choose the amount and get a Flexi e-Gift Card, which has an expiry date of around 3 years.

You can then use that card to purchase gift cards to an absolutely massive range of stores, charities and other options, which are emailed to you. Those gift cards generally come with a shorter expiry period.

Tips and tricks

Using a mobile. Rewardia doesn’t have an app, but the site is optimised for use with a mobile web browser, so you can still access many areas of the site. Some functionality of the surveys might be reduced, so you might need to use your laptop or computer anyway.

Australasia only. Rewardia is an Australian entity, and only members located in Australia and NZ are eligible to earn rewards from Surveys & Games. (Here of our top picks for Australian online surveys and New Zealand paid surveys)

2024 Update: Rewardia is now recruiting in the USA also, so the above point is no longer valid. That said, Rewardia are still based in Australia with the bulk of their surveys going to Australian and New Zealand members.

Keep going. Any Rewardia account that goes unused for three years or more is considered inactive and the account closed.

Member Levels. Depending on how active you are, each month your membership level is reviewed. You get a bonus for being active – for example, to reach the highest membership status of platinum you need to earn at least 30,000 points per month for 3 consecutive months. If you can achieve that, you get a 3% bonus on any gift cards from $50 – $99, and a 5% bonus for $100+.

Joining Rewardia

Rewardia is a fun, Australian-based company with a wide range of ways to earn points that can be turned into real rewards from a large number of stores.

As a “Get Paid To” company instead of just a survey site, points can be earned from occasional surveys but are always available with a long list of other enjoyable tasks.

Make the most of your time online, support an Australian company, and give Rewardia a go to turn your games time into rewards.

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Things that could be improved

The ADS! I know I have ads on my website but I feel like survey sites cheapen themselves from having ads throughout the dashboard.

It’s weird and makes an otherwise awesome site seem unprofessional. It’s not enough to turn me off the site but I want you to expect some ads.

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