33 Legit Stay at Home Dad Jobs to Make Money in 2024

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If you’re looking around to see what stay at home dad jobs are out there, you’re in just the right place.

There are plenty of gigs for the stay at home dad these days, not least because of the societal shift towards remote working in the wake of the worldwide pandemic.

Whether you’re searching for online jobs working for others or prefer the idea of your own business, stay at home moms and dads have never had it so good when it comes to career choice.

Man Working at Home with a Laptop with a Baby on His Hands

From a flexible job with part-time hours to making serious money and having a steady income, there are so many home jobs you can do.

It’s not all about being a virtual assistant either – here are some options that involve meeting new people while you earn. Ideal for sociable types, perhaps.

The world of work has changed forever – and that’s a big bonus for stay at home dads and moms. Lots of people out here are making money in this way, with no real need to leave their home while doing so.

If you’re a stay at home parent who’d like to do the same, there’ll be no stopping you once you know the breadth of remote positions you could get involved with.

Whether you want to make money blogging because you enjoy writing or are wondering who would hire freelance writers, this article will point you in the right direction.

From creating online courses or managing social media accounts on behalf of businesses to paid data entry positions or getting paid to teach English online, there’s never been a better time to join the remote work brigade.

33 of the Best Stay at Home Dad Jobs

If you like the idea of a stay at home job that allows you pick your own hours while earning the same sort of money that a full time job might pay, read on to discover what the best stay at home, flexible jobs are right now.

Let’s go to work!

1. English teaching

teacher conducting english lesson online

If you have a strong command of the English language, you already have a key skill you can use to your advantage when it comes to earning money. You could get paid to teach English online.

While some companies recruiting English language teachers require a college degree, that’s not always the case.

VIPKID is one of the top options for those who wish to teach English online, and they pay college graduates around USD $25 per hour. In many cases you’d be teaching Chinese students who need to practice their language skills.

Your degree can be in any subject and you’ll need at least a year’s experience of working with kids. As a stay at home dad, that shouldn’t pose too much of a problem!

You will also need a high speed internet connection, and the ability to get up early due to the time differences.

If you could teach people English online, you could quickly find your skills are in high demand, particularly among Asian students.

2. Tutoring

college tutor recording lesson

Another way of earning extra cash by harnessing your skills is by taking up online tutoring. If you could teach any school or college subject to others, then this could be one of the best work from home jobs for you.

In general, a successful tutor will have a qualification above the level they are teaching. So a college graduate could teach high school kids, for instance, while someone completing a higher level degree could tutor undergraduates.

Tutor is the first site we’d recommend taking a look at. As a member of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), Tutor is used to hiring those who can work remotely in a flexible way that suits their lifestyle. Ideal for stay at home parents!

If you can tutor people in subjects related to science, math or computer science, you may find your skills are in particularly high demand. Find out more on Tutor’s FAQs page here.

3. Bookkeeping

Business woman reading or inspecting financial documents on her desk

Bookkeeping has in many cases been a remote job long before this type of working even became common, as this kind of work is typically done by freelancers.

If you’re comfortable working with numbers, and are familiar with taxation and accounting systems, then you could earn extra money by taking on paying bookkeeping clients.

Bookkeepers offers some free taster training, which you can take a look at without forking out a cent. Delivered as three free classes, you’ve nothing to lose by signing up for those.

Bookkeepers has a clear, multi-step program in place. The idea is that recruits will at first build their online business before growing, scaling, optimizing and finally transforming this into a highly profitable and helpful money making machine.

4. Proofreading

proofreader at work

If you’re good at picking up on spelling and grammatical errors and want to make more money, have you though about proofreading for profit?

It’s the ideal side hustle or full time job for eagle eyed types – as well as avid readers. You could actually be paid to read the latest bestseller before anyone else does!

Think about it. All that print and web content out there in the world should be checked before it goes live or to print.

Especially when it will be sold as books, magazines, newspapers or journals, which cannot be corrected as quickly and easily as a website.

If you’re interested, find out all you need to know in our in-depth article: A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Proofreader

5. Transcription

white laptop and headphones on table, a concept for transcription, a couple of hands typing on a keyboard

Transcription work is ideal for fast-fingered stay at home parents who want to make the time fly by while earning good money.

There are several types of transcription. Legal and medical transcription are more specialized fields, while general transcription involves transforming pretty much any kind of audio or video into the written word.

The medical and legal fields are ideal for people like former nurses or those with some legal knowledge.

Many companies will require a high school diploma and a good typing speed – at least 50 wpm, up to 70-80 wpm or more.

While court reporting cannot be done from home, some legal transcription such as social work and police reports may be done on this basis.

With the burgeoning popularity of vlogs and podcasts, there is often plenty of general transcription work available via freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Flex Jobs and People Per Hour.

Rev is also a good source, as they actually specialize in transcription, subtitling and captioning.

6. Closed captioning

Closed captioning sign illustration

Working as a closed captioner is related to transcription, though it’s not exactly the same. There are two types – online and offline closed captioning.

Again you’d be creating written content from an audio or video recording, and this may be used to provide commentary to the deaf community.

Offline closed captioning is the best place for inexperienced workers to start. It’s not quite as well paid as online captioning, but the slower pace makes it perfect for those starting out.

All you’ll need to get started is a computer and a reliable internet connection, and you can expect to get paid per video minute rather than per hour.

Again Rev is a good first port of call for would-be captioners, or you can find more companies to approach – as well as much more info in our guide: How To Become A Closed Captioner

7. Virtual assistance

young man working from home

Working as a virtual assistant means you can fix a flexible schedule to suit you. The role can be pretty wide-ranging, or you could opt to specialize in a particular field. Virtual assistants come in many forms.

There are so many options when it comes to working as a virtual assistant. You could offer general admin support, or get into researching, fact-checking or social media.

You might be organizing someone’s calendar, booking their travel tickets and accommodations, doing some bookkeeping or even getting involved with customer service.

Virtual assistants might also do some content writing or creation, or work in a specific field such as real estate, e-commerce or SEO.

If you want to know more about working as a virtual assistant, check out the articles below: 

8. Social media manager

businessman showing his social media manager visiting card, social media apps in virtual reality

If you know your way around TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube, then you might be able to make money by offering your services as a social media manager.

It’s the ideal gig for tech-savvy stay at home moms and dads – and is more in demand than you might think.

A local high street store near you, for instance, might wish to set up their own online shop, but don’t have a clue about how to market their products to others. This is where your knowledge of video editing, hashtags or networking could come in very useful.

Those with tech-phobia are often very happy to pay someone who knows their way around social media better than they do, and you could work for local businesses or companies hiring remotely.

Check out freelancing sites like Upwork, Flex Jobs, People Per Hour and Fiverr for opportunities – or, go on, you know what to do. Use your own social media platforms to find clients!

Some knowledge of paid ads can be helpful, but most of the info you may need – and don’t already know – can be found within each social media channel’s own guides.

9. Graphic design

Graphic designer at work

Perhaps you don’t have strong typing skills, or aren’t the best at stringing sentences together. No matter if you have an eye for the visually appealing, as graphic design is a skill that’s also very much in demand.

Maybe you’ve worked in the field before, or simply like tinkering about on sites or apps like Canva.

As with social media management, graphic design skills are among those that busy people will pay you to take off their hands.

Why not take a look at Canva to see just how easy this can be?

With ready-made templates the perfect size for social media or to use as posters, logos, flyers and much more, with a few clicks anyone with an artistic eye can easily create a unique graphics to use anywhere.

You can even customize fonts, colors and sizes, or add your own images to create eye-catching graphics.

To find graphic design work, check out freelancing sites, ask locally or network via social media groups devoted to particular niches or areas.

10. Web design

a young man doing web designing

Web design is another field that many people simply don’t want or have the time to dip their toe into.

If you know your way around systems like WordPress – or are willing to learn – you could soon be building sites for paying clients.

Someone might, for example, want to set up their own online shop using a service like Shopify, but simply don’t have the skills or patience required to see the job through.

That’s where you come in. If you worked as a web designer before you became a stay at home mom or dad, so much the better.

With web design skills, setting up your own site and pages on various social media platforms to market your services should be a breeze. You may also find gigs via freelancer sites.

11. SEO consultant

SEO search engine optimization concept

Websites aren’t only about what looks good. There’s no point in having the most attractive website in the world if no one can find you online.

This is where SEO comes in – and as an SEO expert you could make money. Serious money.

Over the past few years, businesses of all kinds have moved more online, and with this comes a big opportunity to earn money.

An SEO consultant might also be able to make money blogging or by starting a niche site in their spare time, as they already know how to make sure their site gets lots of traffic.

If you’re a bit of a tech nerd with knowledge of on-page SEO, keywords and all that, you could soon be raking it in by offering your services as an SEO consultant.

Find opportunities via social media platforms like LinkedIn, freelancing sites or of course by optimizing your own professional website to make sure you’re the consultant who gets hired.

12. Customer service

male customer service operator showing thumb up in office

When you need to renew your insurance, ask a store a question or call the bank, who deals with your query?

Customer service representatives, that’s who. And as with other roles, massive call centers are becoming a thing of the past as more employees opt to work in remote positions.

Which opens up an opportunity for you. These jobs are generally pretty easy to find, too, as they’re often listed on job sites like Indeed.

This kind of remote job will probably come with more fixed hours than other remote positions, but for some these are the best jobs to have as there’s a clear separation between home and work life.

If you like dealing with people via web chat, on the phone or by email, there should be a remote customer service job out there to suit you.

From personal finance to e-commerce or big brands, companies all over the planet need reliable people to become the voice of their business.

You should be able to find customer service work via local, national or international job websites, or search for opportunities in your local area via word of mouth or networking.

13. Recruiting

Human resource management and recruitment employment business concept

If you don’t fancy customer service but would rather work in the jobs market itself, recruitment could be the role to get involved with.

This industry focuses on matching clients with specific job roles, and if you have personal experience in the agency’s field then you have a head start.

These days a lot of recruitment takes place online, and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are used to source skilled candidates.

Check out recruitment companies in person or online to find opportunities in this area.

14. Data entry

female hands working on data entry with keyboard

Another desk job that you could be making money from is data entry.

As it’s pretty routine this can be a less demanding role than others, so it’s good for those whose kids may need regular attention.

As long as the data is entered accurately, you may be able to work at your own pace.

Opportunities in data entry can be found on job sites or pages, as well as via freelancing sites or networking on social media.

15. Freelance writing

male freelancer writing on paper

There are also plenty of freelance writing opportunities due to the move being made to online and remote working.

Job boards may not make it seem like web designers, SEO consultants and freelance writers are in demand, but if you think about it logically it stands to reason that they are.

How else do all these new start-ups, websites, blogs and e-commerce stores come to be? And they all require good quality written content, from product descriptions to in-depth articles crafted for SEO purposes.

Who but a freelance writer creates all the blog posts found on sites just like this one you’re reading now? Once established, professional bloggers may not have time to write all their own content, or they may not even want to.

Many entrepreneurs have multiple websites, and they may not have the inclination nor the skills to create engaging copy. Print publications also open up another avenue of opportunity.

To find work in freelance writing, try freelancing sites, asking around or social networking.

You can also read our in-depth article on freelance writing – written by a real-life content writer and member of the Mum’s Money team.

16. Blogging

person using a laptop

Making money blogging. Is it do-able? The short answer is yes, absolutely – you’re reading a successful blog right now.

It is a long-term game, however – no one becomes an overnight blogging success (unless they get an incredibly lucky break, such as going viral on social media).

Bloggers make money in a few ways. They may get a commission when you click on an affiliate link placed on their blog, or be paid for placing ads.

Another way established bloggers make money is via sponsored content, where big businesses pay them to write an article or feature their product.

While it can be great fun, there can be lot more to blogging than meets the eye. If this piques your interest, check out our blogging content here.

17. eBook writing

ebook and ebook reader, keyboard background with the text ebook on it

For many bloggers, the aim is to make a passive income, and one of the ways to do this is to sell eBooks. Not that you must be a blogger to create or market one.

If there’s a topic you know a lot about, that could provide you with the perfect opportunity to write a popular eBook.

The simplest and best-known way is via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Once written, you book could be out there on the market in minutes and you get to keep up to 70% of the sale price. Cool huh?

18. Course creation

online course concept

When it comes to online courses, the clue is often in the website name. Udemy – academy. SkillShare – sharing your skills.

If you can break down facts in an engaging, relevant and easy-to-follow way, you could have a bright future as an online course creator.

One of the easiest ways to see if it’s for you is to browse online course sites to see what sort of courses they’re selling. If you could see yourself providing something similar, why not check out how you could work with SkillShare or Udemy?

19. Podcast production

a man recording and broadcasting his podcast from home

Podcast producers or podcast virtual assistants form part of another rapidly growing market. You could be helping with all aspects of production – from finding guests to editing, admin and more.

To discover more about what the role involves, why not check out what Podcast Production School have to say?

20. Flipping

young man buying in second hand store

What’s flipping? Buying used items to sell on at a profit, that’s what. If you have an eye for a bargain – and know where to get one – you could make serious cash flogging all sorts of sued stuff.

Buying from garage sales or thrift stores is ideal. Though many sellers are now aware of the real value of items, anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

Once you’ve snatched up some great deals, all you need to do is list them on a site like eBay or Vinted and watch them fly!

21. Upcycling

Denim upcycling ideas

Upcycling is a step up from flipping – it involves tidying up tired goods for sale. This can be done cheaply with a lick of paint, some new handles and some strategically placed wallpaper and the like.

As furniture is heavy, local sites and pages are your best bet for items like this. Facebook buying and selling pages for your neighborhood, for instance.

22. Product designing

screenshot of Amazon Merch

You may not have realized how easy it really is to design your very own merch these days.

Lots of sites offer this service, including Amazon Merch.

Once you’ve created a wonderful design, you just upload this, add a description and choose a product type and color.

Amazon handle the rest, and you get a cut from each item sold. All without any upfront costs, storage and shipping hassles, or customer service concerns.

23. Amazon selling

Browsing the Amazon webpage on an ipad

You can also sell your own items via Amazon.

They’ll even store the stock on your behalf, ready for shipping out to customers all over the country.

It’s called Fulfilment by Amazon and you can find out all about it here.

24. Dropshipping

dropshipping touch screen is operated by man

Sites like Shopify make it easy to set up drop shipping businesses.

The beauty of this system is that stock is sent directly from factory to customer, giving you no storage worries whatsoever.

Find out all about drop shipping in this useful Shopify guide.

25. Website testing

a man testing out the new website

Even those with little tech know-how can be recruited by big forms to test out their websites.

This is so they can be as user-friendly as possible.

Respondent is a great site to start with, as it offers other opportunities and website testing.

26. Search engine evaluator

evaluation with businessman

This is pretty similar to site testing, but involves checking how search engines perform, rather than websites.

It can be a great one for anyone with an interest in SEO, as you’ll really get to see how search engines work.

Gigs like this can be found via freelancer sites like Flex Jobs, Fiverr and more.

27. Paid focus groups

ideas for focus group

Paid focus groups are also an interesting gig that involves discussing topics ranging from mental health to your opinions on a particular product.

Some paid focus group companies pay around $100 per hour, so it can be pretty lucrative too. 

28. Travel consulting

male hands typing on a laptop, travel concept background

Like other businesses, travel has also largely shifted online.

Whether you’ve worked in this industry before or have done a lot of traveling yourself, this could present an opportunity for you.

If you enjoy sales and can confidently talk about vacation destinations, why not search freelance sites and the web to see which gigs might currently be offered?

29. Baking

hand painting with bread brush

We all love a sweet treat – and if you like making them too, you could have a lucrative little business on your (flour-dusted) hands.

Due to mailing issues, it’s best to see this as a local enterprise.

Keep an eye on your local Facebook pages and you might just be amazed by how often cake makers are requested.

If you enjoy design you could make birthday cakes, or opt for a cupcake delivery service featuring popular flavors that will always sell.

30. Pet sitting

Man Playing with His Pet Dogs

Pet sitting is another one for people who like to engage with the public.

You may simple pop in to feed a cat once or twice a day, or could get involved in walking the dogs, cleaning out cages or even providing a vet taxi service.

Again local social media pages are ideal for finding this sort of work – as is word of mouth. If you love animals, it’s surely a no brainer.

31. Childcare

If you don’t mind taking on extra children daily or for a few hours, you could always look after other people’s kids to make money while providing a very valuable service for parents who go out to work.

Where you want to work on your own schedule, you could opt for babysitting jobs in the evenings, when your partner may be home to care for your own offspring.

32. Personal training

man doing barbell

If you’re something of a fitness fanatic, how about working as a personal trainer? It’s ideal for former physical therapists, or those with a good knowledge of health and fitness.

This is also a gig that will get you outside, while making a real discernable difference to people’s lives.

You can even host classes over Zoom if you prefer to stay at home.

33. Airbnb host

screenshot of airbnb host

This one requires a spare room or pool house – but if you have that and live somewhere people would want to stay then you could be onto a winner.

The explosion of Airbnb and similar sites like the Plum Guide means that all sorts of accommodation is being offered to paying guests – from an attic space to a basement or even something more quirky.

Many people end up making this their full time gig, so who knows where letting out your spare room could lead?

Stay at home dad jobs – FAQs

How can I make money as a stay-at-home dad?

Anyone can make money from home these days – it’s really not at all difficult!

From working as a virtual assistant or making cakes to taking on a full time remote job or designing websites, there are so many options open to people seeking a home-based career.

How do stay-at-home dads survive?

It’s hard for stay at home moms and dads – especially with a couple of young kids in tow.

Yet finding fulfilling paid work you can fit around your family can be a welcome source of distraction – while making sure the money keeps flowing in too!

How can a dad work from home?

More money is being made from home than ever before. Many job seekers are now offered the option of full or part time home working, saving them so much in terms of travel costs and time. All you typically need is a computer, an internet connection and the will to succeed.

Stay at home dad jobs – Final thoughts

If you want to earn money from home and are looking beyond the likes of online surveys to provide a good income, then we hope this guide has given you some inspo.

There are more stay at home jobs available than ever before – whether you’re keen on working for someone else or setting up your own business.

Who knows what the future could hold? With the advent of remote working, the world really is your oyster.

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