Mom, mum, mama, maman. No matter your mothering moniker, most mothers have one thing in common. We want to be financially comfortable while raising our families.

Here at, we aim to be the number one resource for finding flexible ways to make money from home including work-from-home jobs, online business ideas and side hustles.

We also help with ideas and tips to shop smarter, manage your money and live your best family life on a budget. Welcome!

Welcome to Mum’s Money

Hi, my name is Emma Healey and I am the founder and editor of

I am obsessed with achieving financial independence so I can spend more time with my family. But I’m not prepared to work crazy long hours and miss my children growing up to get there.

My goal is to build a flexible income that works around my family’s lifestyle and gives us plenty of opportunities to travel. I also want to invest aggressively so that we don’t spend the second half of our lives paying off the first half.

To achieve this goal we’ve downsized our house, cut our expenses (to a point – frugality will only get you so far), paid off consumer debt, created multiple income streams and built a thriving online business.

Now we are a digital nomad family with the freedom to travel and explore whenever we want.

I write about it all here on the blog, as well as practical tips to help you achieve your own dreams. Thanks for being here!

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