36 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2024 Update)

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If you’re used to the daily post bringing you nothing but bills wouldn’t it be nice to get some free items through the mail for a change? Then why not sign up for some free baby samples in the UK?

Here’s some good news for you. When you’re expecting a baby, there is so much free stuff out there. Just waiting for you to snap it up.

Pro Tip: The Amazon Baby Wishlist offers a free welcome gift when you spend £20. Find out more here.

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Free, you say? But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? While these products won’t keep you and your bump fed or watered, they are indeed 100% free. With no catch.

Why? When people have babies, they become part of a large group of consumers. Consumers who need baby products.

Every company that makes baby products wants you to buy from them rather than their competitors. Which is just where those free samples come in.

What better way to get you interested in their product than by letting you try, for free, before you buy?

We’ve trawled the internet to uncover the best free products out there, which are all listed in this comprehensive guide.

From a series of gift bags filled with goodies to a cute miniature tube of nappy cream, free stickers, trials and money-off vouchers, there’s plenty out there. With your name and address written all over it.

Here is our ultimate guide to the best free baby samples in the UK.

Free Baby Samples UK: The Ultimate Guide

Don’t miss this fabulous selection of free baby stuff samples, available in the UK to expectant parents. There are gift packs, parenting clubs and free samples of many baby products in the UK.

Baby Gift Packs

1. Emma’s Diary 

An ad about joining a baby club for Free Baby Samples and Offers

You can get not one but four gift packs when you sign up for Emma’s Diary. These are packed full of totally free baby samples from UK and international brands.

There are also lots of high value money-off coupons to be used at the likes of Argos and Photobook. The packs are tailored to various stages of pregnancy and after birth.

You also get weekly email updates, and an app to help you track the process of your pregnancy. This is the one to go for if you’d like to receive some free Johnson’s baby samples in the UK.

2. Bounty 

An online ad about baby products for Free Baby Samples and Offers

Like Emma’s Dairy, Bounty helps track your little one’s development and gives you lots of lovely free samples for your baby in the UK.

Your midwife will usually dole out your first Bounty information pack during your initial booking-in appointment.

After that, you can pick up the free Bounty Mum-to-be pack from Asda, Boots or Tesco once you’re 13 weeks pregnant or more.

A newborn pack will also be given to you in the maternity ward once the baby is born. This is one of those giving every family free baby wipes samples in the UK.

3. Parent Club Baby Box (Scotland only) 

Parent Club Baby Box (Scotland only) 

Every child in Scotland is welcomed by their very own baby box, the idea being to give little ones a great start in life.

The box itself is actually suitable for use as a bed during the first few months and comes complete with bedding and a mattress.

It also contains clothes, post-natal essentials, toys, thermometers and more. Don’t miss this bonus if you live north of the border!

Parenting Clubs

4. MAM Club 

36 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Mam Club

Sign up with MAM to get exclusive baby samples for free in the UK and special offers, newsletters, and pregnancy and baby development calendars.

5. Boots Parenting Club 

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Boots Parenting Club 

Grab a Boots Advantage Card for free – if you don’t have one already – and you can join their parenting club. You’ll get expert advice, 8 points for every £1 spent on baby products, and special offers.

You’ll also get free baby product samples from UK suppliers at various stages of your child’s development – right up to age five.

6. Aptaclub 

36 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Aptaclub 

Registering with Aptaclub is quick and easy. Do so and you’ll get free expert advice in addition to more access to free samples of baby stuff in the UK.

7. Pampers Club 

36 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Pampers

Pampers are one of the best-known brands when it comes to baby products. Join their club, and you will receive a free promotional code worth £30 off at ‘ergo baby’ when you spend £60.

You will also get all sorts of free samples – including, of course, nappies.

8. HiPP BabyClub 

HiPP BabyClub

HiPP Organic’s very own baby club offers all the usual benefits, such as free advice and competitions. This one also allows you to sign up for participation in future research and product testing.

9. Your Baby Club 

Your Baby Club

Sign up to Your Baby Club to receive all sorts of appealing free baby samples by mail in the UK.

From Pampers nappy vouchers or a free photo, canvas or teddy bear to exclusive Amazon giveaways and discounts, there are plenty of benefits to being a member of Your Baby Club. Read our in-depth guide to find out more.

10. Cow and Gate baby club 

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Cow and Gate baby club 

Like other clubs, signing up for the Cow and Gate one means access to various free baby samples and coupons here in the UK. As well as regular email updates and advice on pregnancy and parenting.

11. SMA Baby Club 

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_SMA Baby Club 

Sign up with the SMA baby club for free products tailored to you. SMA baby club members can also access exclusive offers and get expert advice from the 24/7 Careline team.

Other bonuses include email updates and useful tools, such as your own Baby Time calendar.

Income-related freebies

12. Statutory Maternity Pay 

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Statutory Maternity Pay

This is paid via your employer for any leave you take due to pregnancy. You can check the government site for details regarding eligibility. Applications are made via your employer.

13. Maternity Allowance 

Maternity Allowance 

This may be paid during pregnancy if you’re not eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay. Amounts vary, so do check and apply via the official government website.

14. Sure Start Maternity Grant 

Sure Start Maternity Grant

There may be more freebies up for grabs if you’re on a low income, so make sure you do check your entitlement.

One of the biggest baby bonuses is the Sure Start Maternity Grant, available to low-income families. It’s worth £500, so don’t miss out!

15. Best Start Baby Payment (Scotland only)

 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Best Start Baby Payment (Scotland only)

Scotland has its own system, and residents there may qualify for their Best Start Baby Payment instead of the Sure Start grant.

This is worth up to £600 for the first child and £300 for subsequent children.

16. Best Start Foods Payment (Scotland only)

Best Start Foods Payment (Scotland only)


Again this scheme applies only to Scotland. Pre-paid food cards can be used to buy healthy foods during pregnancy and up to age three.

Payments are currently £34 every 4 weeks between birth and age one. During pregnancy and from one to three, the four-weekly sum is £17.

17. Healthy Start 

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Healthy Start 

Those who qualify for Healthy Start can access free vitamins and vouchers to spend on milk, fruit, and vegetables.

The scheme is administered by the NHS and is worth £6.20 per week for children under one. Between ages one and four, you would get £3.10 per week.

18. NHS prescriptions and dental treatment

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_NHS prescriptions and dental treatment

Anyone who is pregnant or has given birth in the last 12 months is entitled to free NHS dental care and prescriptions.

A medical practitioner can apply on your behalf, as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed.

Children’s Savings

19. Kidstart 

36 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Kidstart 

Kidstart helps you to start and top up a savings account for your child. Every time you buy from selected retailers, the child’s savings account is topped up – and it won’t cost you a bean.

Participating outlets include big brands like M&S, Waitrose, Boots, Argos and eBay.

Children’s Books

20. BookTrust

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_BookTrust

BookTrust is a charity aimed at getting kids to develop a love of reading.

To this end, they give away a free Bookstart baby pack to every child in England. This can be collected from your local library or health visitor before your child turns one.

Nappies & Pull-Ups

21. Beaming Baby 

_Beaming Baby 

Of all the baby-free samples available in the UK, nappies are among the best, giving you a chance to try before deciding on a brand.

Beaming Baby is one of those companies that give away free nappies when you sign up. What’s more is they are bio-degradable, skin-kind nappies too.

22. DryNites Pyjama Pants 

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_DryNites Pyjama Pants 

This may be one for a little further down the line, but you can get some free DryNites delivered to your door by answering just a few quick questions. Your freebie will be age and gender specific.

23. Huggies Pull-Ups 

 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Huggies Pull-Ups 

To entice you to use their brand, Huggies are giving away free ‘Big Kid’ stickers and wall charts, which you can use to encourage potty training. They also offer free Disney stickers for slightly bigger kids.

24. Pampers Preemie Nappies

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Pampers Preemie Nappies

Pampers nappies specially designed for premature babies can be yours, gratis, when you collect from Asda.

Over 250 in-store Asda pharmacies are taking part, and many of these are situated close to local hospitals.

25. Pampers Poonami-Proof Pants

ree Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Pampers Poonami-proof Pants

Any parent can try Pampers’ ‘Poonami Proof’ pants for free in exchange for completing a very short form.

If your baby’s explosive poos are a worry when a special occasion’s coming up, getting hold of these might be a game-changer.

26. Aldi Mamia Nappies

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Aldi Mamia Nappies

If you fancy trying Aldi’s nappies for even less than their great value price, sign up via the NetMums New Baby Club to get free samples. Plus wipes and much more.

Travel & Transport

27. Give Me Space 

 Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_Give Me Space 

The Give Me Space campaign is aimed at achieving safe parking for pregnant women and small children.

Sign up to get a free sticker pack, then everyone will know that you need a little more room when parking the car.

28. TfL Baby on Board 

Free Baby Samples and Offers in the UK (2023 Update)_TfL Baby on Board 

Transport for London supply all expectant mums with a free ‘Baby on Board’ badge.

Wear it and you’re far more likely to be given that much-needed seat when travelling by public transport across London. It’s a pretty cool item for that baby memories box, too.

Infant Feeding

29. Ella’s Kitchen 

Ella’s Kitchen 

Want free baby food samples in the UK? Join up with Ella’s Kitchen to get edible free samples for your UK baby. You will get vouchers for free food and money-off coupons, plus a free wall chart and weaning guide.

30. Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee

Sign up for the Tommee Tippee testing programme and you could get cups, bottles and even electricals without paying a penny.

The products are provided free in exchange for your honest review, and you might be one of the very first families to try them out!

Safety First

31. First Aid

This one has more than mere monetary value – it could save a little one’s life.

To get your free baby first aid guide from the experts, simply sign up with your name and address.


32. Caterpillar Music 

Caterpillar Music 

Providing engaging and fun music and activity classes for under-threes, Caterpillar Music offers a free trial to anyone who wishes to request one via their website.

33. Puddle Ducks 

Puddle Ducks

Swimming is such an important life skill, do make sure your child doesn’t miss out by attending a free trial session with the UK’s experts in child swimming tuition.

34. Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree Play & Music

Find out if you and your child will love Gymboree’s fun musical and play sessions. There’s no commitment when you sign up online for your free trial.


35. Bounty Photo Session 

As well as offering their bumper packs of free samples for every baby in the UK, Bounty also offers their newborn photography sessions on a complimentary basis.

Find out if your hospital participates and you can take part, with no obligation to buy.

And finally…

36. Amazon Baby Wishlist

A baby holding bottle with text that reads Claim your free welcome gift which offers samples

Amazon Baby Wishlist is a handy place to keep all those products you’re interested in for future reference. Sign up for yours here and get a decent discount or freebie – offers vary throughout the year.

We wrote a brief guide to the likely freebies you’ll receive if you sign up for the Amazon Baby Wishlist that you can check out here.

Get your free baby samples UK!

Don’t miss that baby boat. Make sure you sign up to all of those listed above that interest or apply to you. That way, you’ll get the maximum possible free baby samples in the UK.

From a free maternity gift pack to a trial class for your toddler, it’s all out there and up for grabs.

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