What Is the Amazon Baby Wishlist Free Gift?

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Everyone loves to spoil new parents. Which is a very good reason to sign up for the Amazon baby wishlist.

If you’re wondering what it’s all about, then the one thing you should know is this. You get a free gift when you spend money via your Amazon baby wishlist.

Other than this free welcome gift, are there any other baby wishlist benefits worth knowing about? How might it work, for example, for drawing up a list of baby essentials?

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The Amazon Baby Wishlist free gift allows you to choose from a list of around six or seven top-brand products. All of these are genuinely useful items and are worth approximately £10 each.

To find out all about Amazon’s baby wishlist, simply read on. This post covers details of any free gifts you may be eligible for.

Also detailed is how exactly the baby wishlist service works.

While welcome gifts are all very well, are there any drawbacks to be aware of before you create a baby wishlist?

This brief guide for expectant parents covers all the pros and cons, you can decide whether to sign up or not. Let’s go!

So – What Is the Amazon Baby Wishlist Free Gift?

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Let’s cut to the quick before covering the pros, cons, and FAQs. What is this free item you can claim from Amazon?

In fact, the answer is that you actually have a choice. Which is great news when you’re expecting a new baby.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already bought things or have received generous gifts from friends and family, as you can pick out something you don’t already have. Good eh?

At the time of writing, Amazon offered over half a dozen items to choose from. Though these may vary, here’s the list so you can see the sort of baby products you might get:

  • Tommee Tippee nappy bin. With a clever twist-and-click design, this product seals nasty sniffs away, leaving your home as fresh as a daisy!
  • Neal’s Yard baby balm. This organic remedy is fragrance-free, packed only with good stuff like soothing shea butter and nourishing flower oils.
  • Fisher Price baby dumbbell. This cute toy has a fun face, plays music, and even lights up, and is ideal between 6 and 36 months.
  • Tommee Tippee bottles. You can pick between Closer to Nature and anti-colic bottles. Each comes as a three-pack.
  • Baby Bjorn bib. You’ll only ever need one bib when you have this one. You can wash it with the dishes or wipe it clean, and a deep pocket catches any spills.
  • WaterWipes baby wipes. If you want to try these unscented, biodegradable wipes, this handy four-pack will certainly get you started.

Prices can of course change on a daily basis, but the anti-colic bottles, nappy bin, or bib are among the higher-value items to snap up.

The fact that product links are provided by Amazon means you can check current prices. As well as finding out more about each one.

What Are Eligible Baby Products?

There is a caveat when signing up for the Amazon baby wishlist. (Isn’t there always?) Getting your free welcome gift depends on how many eligible baby products are sold to you, of course.

So what is meant by ‘qualifying items’?

Amazon says you must have spent £20 plus on items on your baby wishlist. These should be sold and dispatched by Amazon, rather than third parties. Amazon Warehouse items are also excluded.

Formula milk, baby food, nappies, and books are also not counted as eligible baby products.

When buying baby essentials, any free gifts don’t of course count as part of the £20 minimum!

You’ll also need to add the appropriate promotional code when ordering eligible products. The current code will be supplied on the ‘Create your Baby Wishlist’ page.

The Pros and Cons of the Amazon Baby Wishlist

Amazon Baby Wishlist Benefits

  • Claim your free gift. Don’t forget to claim that freebie!
  • A handy checklist. Amazon provides a helpful checklist of baby items you may need. There is no obligation to buy these, but it could well remind you of something you would’ve forgotten!
  • Up to 15% off. Save up to 15% when you spend with the baby wishlist. You’ll need to spend £200 or more. Prime members get the full 15% off via a code you must enter, while non-members get 10% off.
  • Share with friends & family. If your nearest and dearest are stuck on what to buy you, help them out by sharing your baby wishlist!
  • No extra spam. As anyone with an Amazon account has already given out their home and email addresses, you shouldn’t be inundated with unsolicited mail.

Amazon Baby Wishlist Drawbacks

  • Free gifts have limited value. Though this may vary, the free gifts offered aren’t high-ticket items. On average, they’re worth between £10 and £20.
  • Many items are excluded. Remember that ‘qualifying items’ caveat? This term does not cover nappies, formula milk, baby food, and books. Not does it apply to third-party sellers or Amazon Warehouse items?
  • You need to enter a code. While it’s not a drawback as such, forgetting to enter the applicable code will mean missing out on those free gifts or discounts!

Amazon Baby Wishlist FAQs

What Is the Amazon Baby Registry?

a website where to register for amazon baby wishlist

The Amazon baby registry is known as the Amazon baby wishlist. It’s a simple way of listing all you might need in one place.

You can also share the list with family and friends, and receive a free gift when spending £20 plus on eligible items. Exclusive discounts are also offered.

Does Amazon Tell You Who Purchased Your Baby Registry Items?

A Thank You list stored within your Amazon baby registry account will display the names of those who’ve purchased items from it.

Addresses will also be shown if shared by each giver. Items you’ve bought yourself won’t be shown on this Thank You list.

Amazon Baby Wishlist | Final Thoughts

Here at Mum’s Money, we reckon the Amazon baby wishlist is worth signing up to.

In fact, with up to 15% off £200 worth of baby essentials, this exclusive discount is actually worth more than any of the free gifts!

As long as you don’t forget to add the applicable code on the ‘Review your Order’ page – and check the promotion has been applied correctly – you could get at least tens of pounds’ worth of free baby stuff.

It may also help out those close to you who are looking for the perfect gift item to give. As well as storing a handy thank-you list to refer to later!

If you want to buy eligible products anyway, why not sign up for the baby wishlist today?

Find out more about getting free baby samples in the UK with this complete guide.


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