What Age Do You Have to Be to Work at Coles?

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When you reach the age to work at Coles, working at a supermarket is a fantastic first job.

It gives you great experience, there are a variety of employment opportunities, and it can help you develop independence and a work ethic that will last a lifetime.

The wages are an extra reason to start your job search at an early age.

But what is the minimum age to work at Coles? Let’s look at the right age for you to start hunting for those great employment opportunities at a Coles near you. 

My First Job

Coles is very supportive of younger workers, with plenty of information online about securing your job at the major Australian chain.

But many young people want to know—how old do I have to be to work at Coles? The Coles employment age starts at 15, with a minimum age of 18 required to work in stores that sell alcohol, such as First Choice or Coles Express.

It differs from state and territory.

Before you apply, check the Coles employment age in your area, and contact the Fair Work authority to find out whether you are legally entitled to begin work. 

In general, Coles requires a minimum age to begin work of around 15. After age 14, you can begin researching employment opportunities in your area and register your interest in working for Coles. 


Wages are an obvious reason to begin working at Coles. But how much does Coles pay a 15-year-old?

Based on income reports, casual 15-year-old workers at Coles can expect to earn around $12-$13 per hour. 

There are also heavy restrictions on how many hours a young worker can complete, and whether they can work during school hours.

Coles is a fantastic job for younger workers looking to gain some money after school hours.

However, if you are looking for employment during school hours, extra restrictions apply depending on the Coles employment age.

Again, the rules differ between states and territories, so it’s worth doing more specific research to check your entitlements and requirements before you apply.  

The Benefits 

The best age to work at Coles depends on the individual – but regardless of age, there are plenty of benefits to starting work at a younger age. 

At Coles, you will have the opportunity to interact with customers, work with stock, and encounter a range of responsibilities that will help throughout your working career.

It’s the perfect place to begin earning money as a young person.


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