Valued Opinions Australia Review 2024

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Inside: We discuss how to earn gift cards and donate to charity by taking surveys in this Valued Opinions Australia review.

Did you know that your opinions have real world value? Companies care what people like you have to say, and they’re willing to pay to find out what you think of them.

That’s where online market research companies come in.

Whenever a business needs to gauge public opinion about their product or brand, they make use of the people signed up to a site like Valued Opinions to find out what real people think.

Through surveys and polls, opinions influence how the company proceeds. They pay a fee to the market research company, and some of that fee gets passed on to the people who gave feedback – which could be you!

Mum’s Money Reviews: Valued Opinions Australia Review 2024

Valued Opinions are a trusted group that offer Australians the chance to influence major brands and get rewarded for providing their feedback.

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Company background and information

Valued Opinions is owned by Dynata Global UK Limited, who are global leaders in market research using digital panels.

They are well trusted around the world, specialising in online fieldwork and other research techniques. The company focuses on trust and quality, looking after members and their clients.

The brand works with other research agencies to help them get the best data for the needs of the companies that hire them.

They use their extensive panel of members to select respondents who fit the criteria and who will give a good sample of the population.

All members have chosen to be there – they sign up and opt in for each survey, so there isn’t any spam marketing.

Members also have control over what correspondence they receive, and whether they would like to accept the invitation for any research opportunities.

How does it work?

Becoming a panel member for Valued Opinions is simple.

The website has an easy sign-up option, where you need to enter your personal details, including an email address and a physical address.

Your email address becomes your username, and you’ll need to choose a password.

Once you’ve signed up, your first move should be to fill in the short profile surveys.

They won’t earn you any money, but it helps Valued Opinions to get a better idea of your demographics, or basic information about you that allows them to decide whether a particular survey might be right for you.

Once your profile information is up to date, the best move is to start taking surveys.

The website is fully functional on smaller devices, or you can participate in market research opportunities on a computer if you prefer.

How do you earn points?

Most of the earning opportunities offered by Valued Opinions come in the form of surveys.

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While there are a few other options such as in-person market research opportunities and product testing, surveys are definitely the focus.

If Valued Opinions have a survey available that they think is a good fit, they will send an invitation to the survey that you can receive as an email, or find on the dashboard of the website.

Most surveys take between 10-30 minutes, depending on their length and complexity.

The survey invitation will include how long the survey should take, as well as how much compensation they are willing to offer.

The first few questions of a survey are designed to decide if you’ll be a good fit or not, so after answering a few questions you might be screened out.

Also, surveys can reach the maximum number of respondents quickly, which could mean by the time you get to it, it’s already been closed.

How much can you earn?

valued opinions australia rewards

Market research companies offer a way to earn some extra spending money, but they don’t offer enough to be considered a job.

While the company is legit and the gift cards are nice to have, it should be considered a bonus, not any kind of substantial income.

Most surveys offer between $1-$5, depending on how long or complex they are.

There are also very rare opportunities to join a focus group, but it’s safe to say that the vast majority of your earnings will be in the form of online surveys.

After you have completed a survey successfully, the amount should be credited automatically in most cases.

These gift cards start at $10, and as Valued Opinions simply state the dollar amount of compensation instead of using a points system, it’s easy to watch your balance grow.

How much you earn depends on your commitment to filling out surveys and how many you qualify to take.

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How do you redeem points?

When you have reached the minimum of $10, you can redeem your earnings for gift cards.

Your account balance and pending credits are displayed at the top of the screen when you log in to your Valued Opinions account, as well as being displayed on your dashboard.

Going to the “Rewards” tab, you can choose a gift card for a range of top Australian brands.

The voucher will be emailed to you once you have completed the mobile verification process – you’ll need to enter your mobile number and confirm the verification code.

Your voucher options come from a range of major Australian retailers like Coles, Bunnings and JB Hi-Fi, or you can even choose to give to charity.

Valued Opinions are already supporting charities – they donate $10,000 every month to the Red Cross on behalf of their members.

Joining Valued Opinions

To join the Valued Opinions panel you’ll need to be an Australian resident who is 16 years or older.

It’s a simple sign up process and a no-frills way to earn rewards – by product testing, taking polls or completing surveys, you can turn your spare time into a little bit of extra spending money.

To make the most of your earning potential, make the most of survey invites by responding to them in a timely manner and keeping your profile information up to date so the surveys sent to you are more likely to be a good fit.

Valued Opinions are legit and trustworthy, with a solid data security policy.

Trusted around the world, they have over 3 million members globally. Your opinion can help guide major brands to offer products and services that better meet the needs of people like you.

Join this market research panel to share your thoughts in a trustworthy, Australian-based forum, and get rewarded with Valued Opinions.

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