Cashrewards Review 2024: Is This Australia’s Top Cashback Site?

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Some deals seem too good to be true, and at first glance, you might think Cashrewards is one of them.

In this Cashrewards review, we’ll show you why this money-saving website is worth your time.

Cashrewards is an Australian site that is willing to give you actual cash back when you purchase products from a massive range of major retailers.

It’s legit, easy, and you can get real money back in your account just for shopping.

Here’s why you should consider joining Cashrewards.

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Cashrewards Review 2024: Best Cashback Site for Australians

Is Cashrewards legit?

Cashrewards is legit.

Started in 2014 by a couple in Sydney who wanted a business that could give back to the community, Cashrewards went from a kitchen table to an office in Chatswood – and they’re still growing.

Cashrewards have chosen the Starlight Foundation to support, with 1% of business equity and 1% of all cashback redeemed going to the charity to support sick kids.

No Cashrewards Australia review would be complete without sharing the fact that 7,000 children have received help so far, so you can feel extra good about using Cashrewards.

Australians who use Cashrewards have also been helped, with $90,000,000 given to members as cash back, which is the main reason we consider this to be Australia’s best cashback site.

How do you use Cashrewards?

After creating an account, you are ready to go shopping!

You’ll need to use either the app or the website for the purchase to count.

Each brand has its offers, which offer a percentage of cash back and sometimes additional discounts or offers as well, such as free shipping.

While most of Cashrewards shopping is done online, you can shop in store at selected retailers and still receive cash back.

To shop in-store, you’ll need to link your MasterCard or Visa to your Cashrewards account. When you shop at a participating retailer, the percentage of cash back will be applied to your account.

How does Cashrewards make money?

The reason it sounds too good to be true is because for you, it’s basically free money (as long as you don’t go on an unplanned spending spree).

Cashrewards are paid a percentage of the business that comes through their site by the brands you buy from.

When you shop using your Cashrewards account, the store you shop with pays them a commission for driving business to their store.

They pass on part of that amount to you, and 1% goes to the Starlight Foundation.

It’s a win all around for everyone. (Check out the Cashrewards reviews on Trustpilot if you don’t believe us).

Your Cashrewards credit does not expire, assuming your account doesn’t become inactive or terminated.

You can redeem your cashback total when it goes over $10.01.

How does cashback work?

Just some of the stores you can save at with CashrewardsCashrewards has partnered with hundreds of brands, including major retailers such as Coles, the Apple store, Cellarmasters and Adidas, among many others.

But first, you’ll need to create an account.

The site only accepts people aged 14+, and the number of accounts tied to each Australian address is limited.

The sign-up process is simple.

Go to the main page, log in, and fill out your information.

You’ll need your name, email address, postcode, and mobile number for phone verification.

Once that’s done, you’re able to start shopping.

You have three main options when it comes to earning money using the Cashrewards system:

1 – Use the website.

Once logged in to the Cashrewards website, you can browse the hundreds of stores and the great discounts and special offers.

If you don’t go through the website, your purchases won’t be counted as part of the Cashrewards program.

2 – Use the app.

There is an app available for iOS and Android, which makes it easy to shop great bargains from the convenience of your phone.

(We consider Cashrewards to be one of the top money apps in Australia)

3 – Download the tool bar

Then browse the web as the toolbar gives you notifications when you encounter a product or service that has a discount or cash back applied to it, so you never miss a bargain.

Cashrewards also offer a “refer a friend” program.

By referring a friend who goes on to spend $20, you will get a $10 credit, and your friend will also earn a $10 bonus.

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How do you get paid?

Get paid options with Cashrewards

Your credit won’t be there immediately after making a purchase using the Cashrewards app.

You could be waiting up to 100 days.

It’s up to the retailer when they release funds.

Cashrewards will let you know how long they estimate it will take to get your money.

To get paid, you’ll need a cash back bonus of over $10.01 in credit.

Click to redeem, and then you can choose whether the money gets sent to your nominated bank account or PayPal account. It’s as easy as that!

You can only request payment three times per month (maximum of ten per year), and can only withdraw up to $30.

That means you can earn a maximum of $90 a month for making your purchases with Cashrewards partners through their site or app.

Saving on your Purchases.

Cashrewards offers plenty of options to save on household expenses.

Some areas to consider are:

* General shopping – major shops like Coles and Woolworths will offer discounts and cash back for doing your shopping with them. Amazon is another major partner.

* Health and wellbeing – Cashrewards has joined with major pharmacies and other health stores such as Chemist Warehouse, Specsavers, and beauty retailers like Adore Beauty to make looking after your family earn you cash back.

* Fashion – From sportswear to streetwear, earn cash back on your clothing purchases.

Cashrewards doesn’t just limit you to purchasing items.

There are a wide range of experiences – you might like to use Cashrewards to access discounts for popular discount sites Groupon and Scoopon, as well as getting cash back on your final purchases.

That can be used for hotels, flights, car rental, and everything you need to take your family away for less, all while receiving money back on your purchases.

If you shop online – or even shop in-store with selected brands using a registered card – you could be making your purchases work for you.

It’s a fast and easy sign-up process to join Cashrewards, and you could be making use of discounts, earning cash back and helping a worthwhile charity.

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