Daily Mail Rewards: How To Rack Up Free Nectar Points

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For the last few years, anyone who reads the Daily Mail on weekdays or the Mail on Sunday can rack up points via the Daily Mail Rewards club. Yet many readers don’t even know that they can collect Nectar points in this way.

As Nectar points can be spent just like cash, missing out on this opportunity means missing out on what is basically free money. Why would anyone want to do that?

Here is everything you need to know about how to earn Nectar points with the Daily Mail newspaper.

Spoiler – you might not even have to buy a newspaper to take part.

How the Daily Mail Rewards Club works

MyMail homescreen

So what’s the connection between Daily Mail Rewards and your Nectar card? Well, even regular readers of the Daily Mail would be forgiven for not noticing that each newspaper carries a code.

Yet every day, the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday has unique numbers printed on the back page. Especially for those who skip the sports section, though, it’s easy to miss them.

These numbers are your ticket to free Nectar points. You can earn up to 250 monthly Nectar points by using this unique code.

You simply enter these numbers on the My Mail site, and in exchange you can benefit from earning free Nectar card points. Like other similar reward offers, this is basically a loyalty scheme.

Do you know a loyal Daily Mail reader whose newspaper you could use?

How to rack up points – without buying the newspaper

Daily mail rewards can be earned without even buying the newspaper
If you buy or subscribe to the Daily Mail anyway, then you’re already quids in. But what if you don’t?

You might think you cannot possibly benefit from this scheme, because you don’t buy the Daily Mail. But give it a moment’s thought. Does your gran always have a copy sitting on the coffee table, along with her mug of tea and the remote control?

Perhaps your uncle always does the crossword (and perhaps often grumbles to you about the cryptic clues)?

If you can’t think of a family member or friend who buys the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, then what about the neighbours?

Have you seen the paper being delivered each day, or witnessed a neighbour’s regular return from the local newsagents’ every morning, with a copy of the Mail tucked under their arm?

If the answer is yes, then why not ask them to keep the newspapers for you? Then all you need to do is get the unique code from the papers before recycling them as usual.

Another approach could be to the shop themselves. Newsagents generally pile up unsold papers, ready for collection. If these are stacked outside the shop, why not take a quick photo of the code on the back page when you pass?

Should you know someone who works in a supermarket or store which sells papers, so much the better. It would only take them a few seconds to send a snap of the code to you.

There is also another way to grab a free copy of the Mail. Simply select your supermarket carefully and sign up to its own reward scheme…

myWaitrose free newspaper

mywaitrose and daily mail rewards
Members of myWaitrose can also take advantage of the retailer’s free newspaper offer to get their hands on a copy of the Mail. As long as you spend £10 or more in store, they will deduct the price of the paper from the cost of your shopping.

This applies to selected newspapers only – but luckily the list includes both The Daily Mail and and The Mail on Sunday.

Find out more about this promotion here.

Where to find the Daily Mail unique codes

Once you know where to look for these codes, you will wonder how it was that you didn’t spot them before! Turn to the back page of the paper – right where the sports headlines are. Look at the bottom right of that back page, and you’ll see the date with a series of numbers printed underneath.

That 12-digit number sequence below the date is the Daily Mail Rewards unique number entry you will need to input online.

If there are letters after the 12-digit number, you can simply ignore these.

How to open a free Daily Mail Rewards account

Nectar Points Homescreen

It’s easy to link your Nectar card to a MyMail account. Once you do, you can earn Nectar points quickly and simply. If you don’t already have one, just create an account via the website.

Then it’s just a case of linking your Nectar card number with your Mail account. Just as you do when shopping with Argos or on eBay.

To do this, you’ll need your Nectar password. Then just log into the Nectar site.

If you do not have an online Nectar account, that doesn’t mean you cannot earn points, as the MyMail website will allow you to set up a Nectar card number there.

How long do I have to enter the codes?

The codes can be entered beyond the day of publication. MyMail club members have until midnight, four days after the newspaper’s date, to input the codes.

This can be a real time saver. So if you are getting the codes from someone else’s paper, you could simply collect and enter them twice per week, instead of every day.

Save time by entering the codes just twice per week.

What if the unique code is missing?

Life happens. The back page may have been ripped as the newspaper was being pushed through the letterbox, or perhaps the rain has soaked the edge, rendering the numbers illegible.

If this or something similar is the case, then it is perfectly possible to retrieve that lost code.

You will need a copy of the paper, as well as any supplements that came with it. Then you can go onto the Mail website and fill out a quick enquiry form.

All you have to enter is the publication date and the reason you cannot access the code. This might be because it’s already been used, it’s unreadable, or it wasn’t printed correctly in the first place.

For verification, the online system will then ask you a simple question about the paper or its supplements. This will relate to content on a particular page, so that’s why you need your copy to hand.

Once you’ve selected the correct answer, the Nectar points should be credited to your account in the usual way.

Don’t miss out due to a missing code.

How many Nectar points can I collect?


Those who do not subscribe can earn almost as many Nectar points as those who do – up to 50 per week. Weekday issues earn you 5 Nectar points each, while the Saturday edition is worth 10 points. If you’re a fan of Sunday papers only, then buying only the Mail on Sunday can net you 15 points per week.


If you subscribe to the Mail, then you can get 250 points a month as a maximum.

The Ultimate Pack

Ultimate Pack subscribers can earn double the rewards of non-subscribers. Weekday editions are worth 10 points in this case, increasing to 20 on a Saturday or 30 on a Sunday.

The Digital Edition

If you receive the Digital Edition rather than a paper copy, then you don’t have to do anything to earn Nectar points. 50 Nectar points will be credited automatically, during each month after an active subscription is live. These points are paid by 21st of each month in arrears.

If you buy just one newspaper per week, then why not make it the Mail on Sunday?

How to use your Daily Mail Nectar points

Nectar points screenshot for where to spend nectar points

As well as collecting Nectar points with the Daily Mail, Nectar points can be racked up when shopping with various retailers. These include (at the time of writing) Sainsbury’s, eBay and Argos.

You can check a complete and up-to-date list of Nectar partners here.

In addition to Argos, Sainsbury’s and eBay, other Nectar retailers include big names like Caffe Nero, Eurostar, Dulux, Sky and Vue cinemas.

As your points with the Mail add up, you may also be earning when doing your weekly shop or ordering an item online.

The Mail also have their own exclusive offers, so you can use your points for these instead of spending them when shopping.

Examples include savings of 50% or more on all sorts of selected products and services.

You can check out the Mail’s current offers here.

What are my Nectar points worth?

The value of each Nectar point equates to half a penny. This applies wherever you earn them. 100 Nectar points are thus worth 50p, while 1,000 are worth £5 and so on.

Over a year, you can earn 3,000 points with the Daily Mail. This means they have a value of £15. Time things carefully, though, and you might earn a whole lot more.

The Nectar ‘Double Up’ promotion takes place once or twice a year, usually before Christmas and sometimes also around Easter. By timing it right, you can earn £30 in Nectar points from the Daily Mail scheme rather than £15.

Sainsbury’s will advertise the ‘Double Up’ promotion via in-store posters and leaflets, so if you shop there regularly anyway, it is really easy to make the most of those precious Nectar points.

Why not earn points when shopping for goods you buy anyway?

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Daily Mail Rewards Top Tips

Still not convinced it’s worth it? Then check out this list of tips for using the Daily Mail Nectar points scheme.

Nectar points add up

The key to earning some serious Nectar is to use all available ways of collecting the points. Earning £15 a year from the Mail scheme alone will not make you rich.

But if you also shop at Argos, eBay and Sainsburys (and who doesn’t?) then the points will soon stack up if you claim them every time you do grocery shopping, grab an eBay bargain or buy a birthday gift from Argos.

Not to mention the other retailers and offers that are waiting to be snapped up.

Keep collecting during the year, and you might just rack up more points than you bargained for by Christmas. Just when everyone needs a little cash boost!

Doubling up

The festive season is probably the best time of all to use those Nectar points – and not only because everyone could use some free money at this expensive time of year. The approach to Christmas is when the Nectar double up promotion runs.

Usually this takes place during November. It can be used for both online orders and in-store shopping at Sainsbury’s. Not all products are included; normally there are around 10 categories to choose from.

Typically these will include selected wines, electricals, clothing, toys, fragrance, entertainment, homeware and more. Many of these items make ideal Christmas gifts, so this way of spending Nectar points is ideal towards the end of the year.

Supermarket shopping

Assuming you have stores near at hand, shopping at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose can prove very worthwhile in terms of collecting Nectar points. Do your big shop at Sainsbury’s for example, and you can accumulate points on a weekly basis.

Pop into Waitrose when you’re at work or in town, spend £10 plus and you can collect that free Mail newspaper to claim more Nectar points.

£10 isn’t that much, really – just go in to grab lunch and a bottle of wine and you could collect the Mail – and those extra Nectar points – for free. It’s a win/win when it’s shopping you’d be doing anyway.

Online shopping

If you have children, then it’s a fair bet that you’ll be buying kids’ birthday presents on a fairly frequent basis.

Once more – as a purchase you’ll be making anyway – why not grab some extra Nectar points in the process? The same applies if you love an eBay bargain.

The original online bidding store isn’t just for nabbing a used item from someone in your local area, either. All sorts of items are available at competitive prices. Many big name brands have their own eBay outlet stores, too.

Such as Superdry, Homebase, Clarks, Lakeland, B&Q, Dyson and Currys PC World, to mention but a few. Shop from retailers like these via eBay and you can grab a bunch of Nectar points as well as a heavily discounted item.

What’s not to love?

Daily Mail Rewards at a glance

As a quick recap, here’s how to best use the Daily Mail reward scheme.

    • Grab the 12-digit code from the bottom right of the back page
    • Enter these codes online at least every 4 days to collect Nectar points
    • Don’t forget to collect when shopping at Sainsbury’s, eBay, Argos and more
    • Swap your points during the ‘Double Up’ promotion and you can double their value

Good luck – we hope you enjoy spending your Nectar points as much as we do!


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