Do Nectar Points Expire? We Find Out.

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Nectar points are a great way to save money just by doing a weekly shop. But, now that we’re coming up to the 20th anniversary of the nectar point, it’s no surprise if you’ve had nectar points sitting in your account that you picked up in a Sainsbury’s shop over 10 years ago. 

The question now that you’ve reminded yourself of the gold mine of nectar points that you have in your account is how can I use them, or can I even use them any more?

In this article, we will refresh your memory of the rules surrounding the collection of nectar points, including if nectar points ever expire, and how you can use your nectar points.

Do Nectar Points Expire

So, Do Nectar Points Expire?

Nectar points themselves do not have an expiry date, and those nectar points sitting in your account from 2002 will still be able to be used today! The only way you can lose nectar points is if you close your nectar account, or the nectar points programme ends. 

However, if you have redeemed your nectar points as a voucher that carries a specific cash discount, offer, or benefit, then the voucher will have an expiry date.

This date will be specified on the voucher, as will any other terms and conditions.

All terms and conditions on the voucher are related to the voucher itself and not nectar points in general unless specified. 

How Do I Gain Nectar Points?

You can collect nectar points by using a nectar card, applying for a nectar card is free and easy to do. You can either join online by filling out a registration form, and Sainsbury’s will send the nectar card to you within 14 days.

You can join nectar in-store by picking up a registration pack. Alternatively you could use the nectar app to register and order a card.

Once you have a card you can use it alongside your payment card when buying anything in a Sainsbury’s store or on Sainsbury’s website.

Every nectar point you get will be equivalent to 0.5p, and you get 1 nectar point for every £1 you spend at Sainsbury’s supermarket or on Sainsbury’s website.

You can also gain nectar points by filling up petrol at a Sainsbury’s petrol station, in doing this you will get 1 nectar point for every litre of fuel that you buy.

Sainsbury’s also has many partners that allow you to use your Nectar card alongside a purchase, this will also give you Nectar points.

What Partner Brands Can I Earn Nectar Points From?

Sainsbury’s have a few partner brands that you can link straight to your Nectar account, when you purchase goods or services from those brands you will then earn Nectar points automatically.

Brands that you can link to Nectar include eBay, Argos, Avanti West Coast, TransPennine Express, Great Western Railway, and Esso, if you link the card via the Esso app or use your Nectar card at checkout.

Nectar partners will often advertise exclusive partner offers for those who use their nectar account, and you can get discounts when using nectar points. 

Plus, one of the best ways to collect Nectar points is with the Daily Mail – check out our guide for more: Daily Mail Rewards: How To Rack Up Free Nectar Points

How Do I Know How Many Nectar Points I Have?

As soon as you set up a Nectar account, you can access this account through the Nectar app or online, this account will show you exactly how many Nectar points you have as the primary collector.

You can also see how many Nectar points you have by looking at the receipt you get with your shopping or your petrol when you use your nectar card in purchasing these items. 

Can Other People Use My Nectar Account?

If you are the primary collector on a Nectar account then you can add additional collectors.

Additional collectors are allowed to collect and use points on your nectar account and can be a great way to gain more nectar points for couples and families.

As a primary collector, when you are sent your nectar card you will also receive an additional card, this card can be given to an additional collector.

If you want more cards for more additional collectors then Sainsbury’s may take a small fee in either points or cash for additional cards.

Both primary collectors and additional collectors must have an address in the UK, Isle of Man, or Channel Islands and you must notify changes of address to Sainsbury’s.

Primary collectors must be over 18, and so do additional collectors unless they are using the nectar account of a parent or legal guardian. 

Nectar Connect

Another way to earn Nectar points is through Nectar Connect. Nectar connect is a service that allows you to link your Nectar card to your credit card or bank account.

This means that Nectar can automatically give points into your account when you spend money with a participating Nectar partner. 

With Nectar Connect you won’t have to remember to use your Nectar card alongside your payment card when purchasing at Sainsbury’s or any of Sainsbury’s partners, you will also be entitled to exclusive offers with Nectar Connect partners.

All major banks and credit cards will be suitable to use Nectar Connect with. 

How Much are My Nectar Points Worth?

As mentioned previously, one nectar point is usually worth 0.5p, when shopping at Sainsbury’s store or online, you will get one nectar point for every £1 spent, meaning that you will get half of your shop back as nectar points.

You can then spend this money at 0.5p per nectar point in a number of Sainsbury’s partners, including Argos, eBay, Habitat, Brakes, Viking, Eurostar, Dulux Decorator Centre and also with Sainsbury’s vouchers.

However, if you want to make the most of your nectar points you can use them at a few Sainsbury’s partners that issue deals to nectar points users.

For instance, you can buy films from Sky Store at 0.57p per Nectar point, and one hot or iced drink at Café Nero can be bought with 350 Nectar points, which amounts to £1.75. You can view all of your Nectar spending options online.

Final Thoughts

As 2022 sees the 20th anniversary of nectar points, it is a great time to dig into your Nectar account to see exactly how much you have locked away in there.

Spend your Nectar points wisely, and try to get the best deals out of Sainsbury’s partners. If you spend wisely, you could even come out of there with a profit.


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