Can You Add Nectar Points From a Receipt?

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If you’re signed up with the Nectar reward card scheme, then a question that’s likely to enter your mind from time to time is ‘can you add Nectar points from a receipt? 

We’ve all been there – doing the shopping in a rush, perhaps distracted all the while by bored, hungry kids who are keen to let you know that they’d rather be anywhere else. 

So you haven’t brought your Nectar card, or cannot find it. Typically this seems to happen when you’ve spent the most money – and would therefore earn the most points – or is that just us?

If this all sounds familiar and you’re wondering whether you can add those points to your account at a later date, stay right here for the full lowdown. 

Why would you miss out? If you’re shopping in-store or online anyway, all that lovely free Nectar is just there for the taking.

So make sure you get your fill every time you make a purchase by checking out this quick-reference guide!

We’ll take you through various scenarios, including the possibility of adding Nectar points via an app or the website.

Also covered are the questions affecting anyone who shops at Argos. Can you link your Nectar card with Argos, or add points from a receipt after you’ve made a purchase?

Can You Add Nectar Points From a Receipt: The Full FAQs


This article will tell you all you should know about adding Nectar points from receipts you get when shopping at Sainsbury’s, Argos, and other Nectar partners. 

Can you add Nectar points from a receipt?

If you’ve been shopping in Sainsbury’s and forgotten to take your Nectar card or ended up popping in unexpectedly – can you claim those Nectar points you should have earned later on?

Yes, you can – as long as you visit Sainsbury’s within the next 14 days. You’ll need to show your Nectar card and the shopping receipt. Then those points can be added to your account by a member of the customer service team. 

Another bonus you may not have thought of is that you can also use bonus Nectar points vouchers retrospectively.

If you have a voucher that you forgot to show when paying at Sainsbury’s, you can take this along with your Nectar card and receipt to customer services. 

Again this must be done within 14 days, and you should also make sure you meet the extra points criteria stated on the voucher.

How to add Nectar points from a receipt on the app

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There is no facility on the Nectar card app for adding points that you missed out on collecting. That’s why you need to present the card and receipt in-store within 14 days so that a Sainsbury’s colleague can add the points on your behalf.

The Nectar app can be used to see Nectar card offers to use when shopping at Sainsbury’s or with other partners. There may also be ways to collect more points, such as when linking a bank account to your Nectar card. 

Special Sainsbury’s Nectar card prices are also shown on the app, and you can save offers you’re interested in to refer to later. You can also see where you’ve earned points and how many. 

Once you’ve downloaded and activated the app, it also stores your Nectar card number and displays a barcode you can scan. So if you do tend to leave your Nectar card at home or in the car but always have your phone with you, it could be well worth installing the app!

Can I add Nectar points from a receipt online?

You can also earn points when shopping online with over 300 Nectar partners. However as there’s no physical store to visit in this case, these cannot be added later on.

To earn Nectar points when shopping online, you need to access the store via the Nectar website. This is so that your purchase can be tracked.

Don’t forget that if you visited a site or app such as TopCashback in-between, then your purchase would be tracked to that app or site and not to Nectar. 

In some cases, selected online purchases may not be eligible for Nectar points, and the Nectar website also advises that points may take up to 35 days to show up on your account.  

How to add Nectar points from an Argos receipt

Image showing a red card labeled Argos and a purple card labeled nectar

If you shop at Argos (and who doesn’t?) then it’s great to know that you can also collect Nectar points on your purchases.

Whether you’re buying an inexpensive kids’ toy for a birthday party or a costly item for your home, all those points can soon stack up!

To collect Nectar points on Argos purchases, you need to link your Nectar card to Argos. How to do this so you’ll rack up points is explained just below. 

Linking your Nectar card to Argos

Before you start, make sure you have the login details for both your Nectar and Argos accounts to hand. Next, sign into Argos as usual then click on ‘Your Account’. After this, choose ‘Ways to Pay’. 

You will then be guided through the screens, so you can add your Nectar card details to your Argos account. This way you’ll be collecting Nectar points from the very next time you shop with Argos!

Don’t forget when shopping with Argos online that points you’ve accrued may not show on your Nectar account for up to 35 days.

Can You Add Nectar Points From a Receipt: Summary

We hope this guide has answered your questions about earning Nectar points when shopping at Argos, Sainsbury’s and other Nectar retailers. 

In short – yes you can add Nectar points from a receipt if you take that and your card along to the Sainsbury’s in-store customer service desk within 14 days.

For shopping at Argos, it’s best to link your Nectar card to your Argos account, and this task can be quickly and easily completed online.

If you want to accrue Nectar points when shopping online, then you must access the store directly from the Nectar app.

Finally, if you’re someone who always forgets their Nectar card, do download the app onto your smartphone, as a digital copy is stored there in the ‘Card’ area! 

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