Pureprofile Australia Review 2024: Is It Worth Trying?

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Pureprofile is an online survey site based in Australia with online panels in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

I’ve long considered Pureprofile one of the best survey sites for Australians and New Zealanders – for a few reasons.

  • Cash payment
  • High frequency of surveys
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Did not geo-block me when I went on holiday #alwaysbehustlin’
  • They pay a few cents even if you don’t qualify

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Pureprofile Review: Survey Site for Australians

This Pureprofile review will cover the following:

How to sign up

One thing that really sets Pureprofile apart is the easy signup process. They make it simple to join with just a few basic details required.

Then, they utilise fun quizzes and question and answer formats to populate your profile.

This is a neat tactic as a lot of paid survey sites require a decent upfront investment of your time to fill out your profile before you even qualify for a survey.

A fun way to get more surveys with Pureprofile is to take the profile quizzes so they can learn more about you

I’ve got to admit, for someone who gets bored easily, this format really keeps me coming back to Pureprofile.

Earnings and Rewards

No confusing points system here – Pureprofile will tell you the cash amount you’ll earn for each survey.

Then your earnings will accrue until you have enough to redeem a reward.

I’ve got lucky with a few $3.60 surveys lately, but mostly the surveys are between $1 and $3.

Rewards include:

  • Cash payment (Bank transfer in AU or PayPal in NZ) starting from $25
  • Gift vouchers for all the usual suspects from $20

Regularity of surveys

I get survey emails at least once every two days. I usually check my dashboard every morning to see if there are any new surveys available before the email arrives (because I’m a mum and I’m up at the crack of dawn!).

This seems to be a good time to be included in surveys.

What do others think

It’s all very well reading my Pureprofile review, but I’m just one person. A really good site for checking out reviews is Trustpilot.

Pureprofile does have some not so good reviews, but they all seem to be around the UK site and I think I might know why.

Northern hemisphere users are complaining that the surveys are gone by the time they go to check.

I’ve always found that I get the survey emails first thing in the morning and if I’m able to login to the Pureprofile dashboard right away, the survey is still available.

It may well be that by the time users on the other side of the world wake up, the survey has already met its quota.

That’s just a theory, but I will say this, I’ve never had anyone tell me Pureprofile was a bad survey site for Australians or Kiwis.

Things you need to know

Income cap

If you’ve used Pureprofile before, you are probably aware of the payment cap they had in place until earlier this year.

Thankfully, Pureprofile recently removed its 60-day redemption limit and income cap.

This means you can now redeem as much as you want, as often as possible (provided you have a minimum of $20 in your account).

Are paid surveys worth my time?

That depends. Paid online surveys don’t pay a lot, but they also require minimum effort. By joining multiple survey sites, you could make around $8/an hour.

I like to look at the money I earn from surveys as a little extra.

Plus, the Pureprofile mobile interface makes it easy to earn from your phone.

I use it for presents and treats for Christmas. There ain’t no way survey income would let me retire early, but it sure does help reduce my outgoings and I really enjoy taking surveys. Give it a try – you might too!

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