7 Benefits of Working from Home for Parents

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I’ve worked from home for 13 years but it was becoming a parent that really cemented my passion for working from home.

There are just too many benefits of working from home for parents to ignore.

1. No CRAZY morning rush

If you’re a working parent, you know exactly what I mean here.

Getting the kids ready, yourself ready and everyone out the door and to the school, daycare, work, grandmas etc ON TIME is a stressful rush.

That doesn’t necessarily go away if you are working from home, but you don’t need to stress as much to get to your workplace. The school run can be a chilled-out affair. 

2. The piles of cash you’ll save on daycare

Not saying you’re not going to need daycare.

Definitely not throwing shade there (my youngest goes to preschool a few days a week even though I’m a WAHM).

But, you might find the right work from home job that lets you work around naps, or be able to work in fits and starts during the day. 

3. Time to manage your house

Instead of making chit-chat in the lunch room, you can get your slow cooker on, or run a load of laundry.

You can run errands when needed and ensure your home life runs a little smoother.

Being at home during the day can help you get a lot more done than if you were in a workplace all day.

4. The Freedom!

OK you might have a regular boss and need to make meetings to get paid but you’ll still find you have a lot more freedom with both your time and your energy if you are work at home parent. 

You’ll be more in charge of your own tasks and be able to decide how to best use your available worktime for maximum productivity.

For those of us who hate being micro-managed (um, hello!!), this kind of freedom is ridiculously amazing.

5. Make your own healthy lunch

If your office lunch is far from brown bag and more like $10 a day, you will save serious cash working from home.

Hot tip: prep a lunch for yourself when you are making the kids lunches.

6. No more commuting

Is there anything more soul-sucking than spending the best part of your day sitting in traffic?

Well, yes. You could spend the best part of your day sitting in traffic with your kids. 

If your kids are anything like mine, mornings are good times full of good energy (evenings are crazy times full of tiredness and everything that goes with that)

I really want to spend that time together, hanging out or playing or reading or doing just about anything other than sitting in traffic. 

In terms of the benefits of working from home for parents, this one is way up there. 

7. More time with your kids

I’ve saved the best for last here. Working from home means parents get more time with their kids. 

Even if the kids are in daycare or school.

Because you’ll be able to pick them up from school and spend time with them after school, have slower mornings without the rush to an office.

Even if you are locked in a home office most of the day you can take your breaks when you choose, and having lunch with your kids is much more fun than having lunch with that colleague you just can’t stand.


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