Does Lowe’s Price Match in 2024? Price Match and Adjustment Policy

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If you’re looking for a place to shop for home improvement supplies, Lowe’s is definitely the store for you. They already offer great deals on many of their products, but does Lowe’s price match?

Lowe’s price-matching policy is called the “Lowe’s Price Promise”. If you find an identical item that is in stock and less expensive at a competitor, Lowe’s will match the lower price. Send evidence of the lower price to their staff, and once confirmed, you’ll get a matching price.

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How to get a price match at Lowe’s

You can get a price match for items that you bought online as well as in person.

According to Lowe’s website, you can price match with any employee, but for the best results, it is recommended that you go to the customer service desk as they are more familiar with the policy.

The Procedure for Requesting a Price Match at Lowe’s Stores

  1. Gather proof of the lower-priced item through an online store link or an ad in a paper. Make sure you have the exact price, model number, brand, and size to help verify that the item is identical.
  2. Make sure that the item isn’t excluded or on clearance, which would disqualify it from the price match.
  3. Bring the proof of the lower price to a Lowe’s employee at the customer service desk. Let them know you would like a price match on the item.
  4. The employee will then discount the item on the spot, so be ready to purchase the item if you’re satisfied with the new price.

The Process for Requesting a Price Match Online

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  1. In order to negotiate a lower price on an item, you will need proof that the store is selling it for less. You can do this by finding an online link or advertisement that lists the item’s exact price, model number, brand name, and size.
  2. Go to the Lowe’s Price Promise page.
  3. In the lower right-hand corner, you’ll find a chat box. In the chat box simply type in “Price Match” and a Lowe’s representative will assist you.
  4. Provide the item information to the representative. This can be a screenshot or a link.
  5. Let them know you found it for less somewhere else and that you would like to get the same price from Lowe’s. The Lowe’s Price Promise team will review your request and get back to you with a decision.

Requesting a Price Match on the Phone

  1. As with the above methods, gather any evidence that you can to prove the lower price.
  2. Give the customer service team a call at 1-877-465-6937 and let them know you would like to request a price match.
  3. Provide them with the item information and let them know where you found it cheaper. You may be asked to provide your proof of the lower price, so have any evidence ready to send through email or phone.
  4. The representative will validate your claim and either immediately offer you the price match or request time to review the information and get back to you.

Which Specific Stores Does Lowe’s Price Match With?

On the Lowe’s site, it is stated that you can price match with online vendors such as Amazon, Wayfair, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, JC Penney, Tractor Supply, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, and Ace Hardware.

Their brick-and-mortar retailer policy is a bit vaguer, and they state that items from a “local retailer” will qualify.

You’ll need to contact Lowe’s customer service to verify stores, however, keep in mind that a local store refers to a store within the same zip code as the one you’re asking for a price match from.

Lowe’s Price Match Policy Exclusions

Unfortunately, there are some exclusions to Lowe’s price match policy. Some of these include; items on clearance, items marked as “hot deal,” “limited quantity,” or “special buy” which would disqualify them for a price match.

Here are some additional exclusions to Lowe’s price match policy:

  • Services: If you’re seeking labor, installation, or any custom services, you won’t be able to price match.
  • Unverified Prices: Though Lowe’s strives to price match all of its competitors, there are some instances when the company is unable to verify a lower price. If this happens, you unfortunately will not receive the price match.
  • Out-of-Stock Products: If the other store doesn’t have your desired item in stock, then you’re out of luck when it comes to getting a price match.
  • Discontinued Items: There will be no price match for you if the item is no longer produced and sold by a competing store.
  • Refurbished Store Items: If an item has been returned, refurbished, and relisted for sale, you won’t be able to price match it.
  • Senior, Military, and Employee Discounts: These specific discount opportunities that are offered at competing stores don’t apply to Lowe’s pricing.
  • Products with Pricing Errors: If your desired item is listed at an accidental price due to a pricing error, you’ll have to pay the price offered by Lowe’s.
  • Auctioned Items: Lowe’s is unable to price match items sold on auction websites, such as eBay.
  • Coupons from Competitors: If you’re only seeing a lower price because of a coupon offer, Lowe’s cannot sell the item to you at that same reduced price.
  • Clearance Items: Clearance items will not qualify for a price match, as they are already being offered at the lowest possible price.

Does Lowe’s Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

If you see an item you bought from Lowe’s within the last 30 days for a lower price, you can ask for a refund of the difference.

The Lowe’s price adjustment policy promises to refund you the difference if their prices drop after you purchase an item. So the price adjustment will depend on where you bought your Lowe’s items.

How to Get a Price Adjustment At Lowe’s

The process for getting a price adjustment from Lowe’s is the same as getting a price match. You have three options; to contact them online, call their customer service number, or go into a store and speak with an associate.

Other Ways to Save At Lowe’s

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A price match can help you save a good chunk of money, but there are even more ways you can save money when shopping at Lowe’s. Here are a few of them:

1. Buy in Bulk

If you’re looking to make a big purchase, consider buying it in bulk. Lowe’s offers discounts on larger purchases and you can save even more if you get the item online, as they sometimes offer free shipping.

2. Visit the Savings Center

On the Lowe’s website, there is a section called the Savings Center that offers up to 50% off of select items. This is a great way to find discounts on items you wouldn’t normally expect to get.

3. Shop the Weekly Ad

Lowe’s also offers weekly savings and specials through their online ad. Be sure to check this out if you’re looking for something specific, as there could be some amazing deals just waiting for you!

4. Sign Up For the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

The Lowe’s credit card will give you 5% off throughout the entire store or special financing on your purchases. You’ll also be able to get a $100 bonus discount when you sign up and are approved for the card.

5. Use Their Military Discount

Unfortunately, there isn’t a senior discount at Lowe’s. But they do have a Military Personnel program that will save those with a military ID up to 10% on each and every purchase.

Those who qualify can also register their spouse for deeper savings.

The Bottom Line

So, does Lowe’s Price Match? Yes, they do. You can get a price match if you find an identical item at another store that is sold at a lower price.

However, there are certain restrictions that must be met in order for the price match to be valid.

Combine these policies with other money-saving techniques and you’ll be able to get the best deal on all your Lowe’s purchases. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to save a substantial amount on your purchases.

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