Does Rebel Sport Price Match? (Price Match and Adjustment Policy)

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When it comes to sports goods and related products very few stores can compete with Rebel Stores. With over 160 stores, Rebel Sport is one of the biggest retail stores in Australia. 

However, even with their many stores, one thing that we shoppers will want to know before we walk into one of the Rebel Sport stores is whether or not they price match.

Well, you will be happy to know that Rebel does have a price match policy. The policy applies to all identical products and only authorized Australian stores. 

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How to Get a Price Match at Rebel Sport Stores?

Before you get to claim a price match, there are a few conditions that need to check to ensure that your claim is valid.

First off, as mentioned in the intro section, make sure that the product is available from an Australian retailer either in-store or online.

The products also need to be identical, and this goes down to the color, size, model, and brand of the product. 

Another requirement for the policy to take effect is the availability of the product to be purchased and delivered within seven days. So no sold-out products from other retailers.

The price match will not be valid if the product price results from a closing down sale, wholesale offer, commercial quantities, or liquidation sale.

Likewise, any delivery fees, service fees, handling costs, taxes, and any other costs related to the product’s delivery must be included in the final price. 

As is common in most price match policies, you will be required to produce proof of the competitor’s cheaper price. The cost has to be the total cost in Australian dollars.

Here Is a Quick Checklist of the Rebel Sport Terms and Conditions of the Policy

  • The products must be identical in color, size, brand, and model.
  • The product must be available for purchase and delivery within seven days.
  • Any additional costs such as service fees, delivery fees, handling costs, and taxes must be included in the final price.
  • The price match will not be valid if the product price is because of a closing down sale, wholesale offer, commercial quantities, or liquidation sale.
  • Bring proof of purchase or evidence of lower price.
  • Only applies to products in Australian stores.

Once you have confirmed all these, chat with the store employees to claim the price match as you checkout.

Alternatively, you can call the store’s number (1300 654 502) for online price matching.

Does Rebel Sport Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No, unfortunately, Rebel Sport does not offer a post-sale price adjustment on its products to complement its comprehensive price match policy.

There is no documentation for it but their hotline says so when you make a call through to them

Other Ways to Save At Rebel Sports

Website of Rebel Sport on where to register to become a member

Like many other retail stores, the easiest way to start saving is to get a membership with Rebel Sports.

You will immediately get access to exclusive member-only deals that will cut down your spending costs. Members of Rebel Sport have access to lower prices on a variety of goods.

Additionally, members receive access to competitions, exclusive giveaways, and VIP events.

Even if you aren’t a member, don’t worry. You can still save by using discount codes found on various websites to get discounts on products such as roller skates, shoes, bikes, and weights, among many others.

A good tip to use is always to ask the store employees if there are any special product offers while at the store.

Does Rebel Sport Have A Refund Policy?

Yes, in Australia you can return a product if it has been damaged, wrongly described, or is different from what was described.

However, the policy states that the shop is not obligated to replace products simply because one changes their mind.

The period you can return a product may vary according to each product. Make sure to carry proof of purchase.

Does Rebel Sports Price Match Adidas and Nike?

No, this is because these two are not Australian companies and Rebel’s price match policy only applies to authorized Australian dealers. However, if a Nike or Adidas product is sold by an Australian dealer, then the price match policy applies. 

Does Rebel Sports Price Match in New Zealand?

Yes, if you can find an identical product cheaper, the stores promise to beat the price by 10%.

Other than the ‘beat the price offer‘ the price match terms and conditions are largely similar to those that apply to Australian Rebel Sports.

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