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Myer is a chain of department stores with around 58 stores in Australia dealing in all kinds of products from clothes to accessories and even house brands.

They pride themselves on offering a wide range of products for competitive prices. But, do they price match that huge range?

The answer is yes, Myer does price match. According to their website, Myer has a competitive policy pricing that assures customers that they can get a price match if they find a lower price for an identical product in another store.

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How to Get a Price Match at Myer

To get a price match at Myer, place a match pricing request with a customer service attendant at the store before making your purchase.

For the price match to be accepted:

  • The products must be completely identical. This means they must be the same brand, colour, size, model number, etc.
  • The items must be in stock. Moreover, offered for sale right away by Myer and the rival.
  • They must be on a shelf in both Myer’s store and the competitor’s store.
  • You have to request the price match in person before purchasing the product.
  • The store staff must be able to confirm the competitor’s price.

Price match is accepted for products in bundles and product offers on the condition that they are identical in both Myer and the competitor’s store.

The competitor must also be:

  • An authorised seller
  • If the store is online, it must also have a physical location.
  • Registered in Australia

Some stores may require that the competitor store’s price is far from being close to the Myer store. Once the price match has been accepted, it is only available for that day.

You cannot use discounts, promotions, or bonuses after your price match has been accepted.

When Is a Price Match Not Accepted?

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Some conditions are outlined in the competitor pricing policy that will make the price match fail that you need to be aware of, and they are:

  • The product is on a clearance sale.
  • The competitors’ price is below Myer’s cost price.
  • The competitor’s product is not in stock and readily accessible for purchase; instead, it is a demo model, used, or refurbished.
  • The rival’s merchandise comes from a retailer subject to additional requirements or trading restrictions, such as duty-free shops, companies that are subject to insolvency management, clearance centres, factory outlets, or warehouses.
  • The product is a second-hand item.
  • The product is obtained from an unlicensed retailer.
  • The product is taken from a website that is only available online and doesn’t have a physical shop in Australia. 
  • The product is on offer in Myer’s online store.
  • Price matching is unavailable for services like delivery or care plans.
  • A store staff member must be able to confirm the item’s cost and availability.
  • The price has been negotiated or is for a specific person, for example, members or subscribers.
  • The price is a discount from other ways of purchasing other than cash like loyalty points or coupons.
  • Only the day and time offered to constitute the availability of the agreed Price Match.

To read in-depth about these conditions, you can visit Myer’s website.

Does Myer Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

A price adjustment is an offer to price match a store’s price after the initial purchase. This means that if a product’s price gets lower, the store will match it for you. 

Myer has no price adjustment policies, so they are not likely to match their new prices on request.

Does Myer Price Match David Jones?

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Yes. Based on their policy Myer should offer a price match for David Jones since it fits all the descriptions required for the competitor store.

The price match is as long as the product is identical and does not go against any other stated conditions.

Does Myer Price Match Amazon?

No, it doesn’t price match with retailers that don’t have a physical store. So, According to their guidelines, they do not price match Amazon.

Does Myer Price Match Online?

Yes, Myer should be able to offer a price match for a competitor’s online store as long as they have a physical store in Australia.

However, you must request a matched price in person at their stores. They will not price match if the online competitor does not also have retail locations.

Does Myer Price Match Mr. Simple?

For Mr. Simple, Myer does allow price matching. Mr. Simple satisfies the requirements for price matching since it is an Australian-registered company.

Provided the item and its price complies with the guidelines of Myer price matching policy, that is.

Does Myer Price Match Chemist Warehouse?

Yes, there is no reason Myer wouldn’t price match Chemist Warehouse as it is registered in Australia and has physical stores in Australia.

Make sure the product meets the conditions and is not on any excluded offers, and you should get your price match.

Does Myer Have a Student Discount?

No, unfortunately, there are no discounts at Myer specifically for students. You can try applying for their membership instead to get discounts and other offers.

Does Myer Have a Loyalty Program?

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Yes, Myer has a loyalty program called the Myer One program. Through this program, you can earn points for every store purchase.

Joining this program is free; you only need to register on their website.

The program has levels based on how much you shop at their stores. The higher the level, the more credits, and rewards you get.

There are three levels, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with Platinum being the highest. 

Myer also has partnerships with other businesses like Hertz and Europcar, where you can earn more loyalty points if you make purchases in these businesses.

Other Ways to Save at Myer

If you would like to get more value for less, here are a few ways to save at Myer:

  • You can get products on sale and seasonal offers through their website.
  • You can also get free shipping if you buy products worth 49$ or more.
  • You can get rewards through the Myer One loyalty program, for example, 2% cash back on purchases.
  • Keep track of coupons and promotions through Myer’s Facebook page.

Price Matching at Myer

Myer has a broad-reaching price match model that only requires the competitor to have a physical retail store in the country and be an Australian-registered company.

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