When Does HomeGoods Restock? What You Need to Know

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Many shoppers often wonder about the restocking schedule of their favorite stores, and HomeGoods is no exception.

As a popular destination for finding unique and affordable home decor items, understanding when HomeGoods restocks its inventory can help customers secure the best deals and choices on the latest trends.

Restocking at HomeGoods happens on a daily basis, with new items being continuously received in stores and merchandised throughout the day.

This frequency ensures that customers always have a wide variety of options during their shopping experiences.

However, certain stores may have busier schedules, receiving shipments more often, and restocking multiple times a week, typically in the mornings. 

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HomeGoods Restock Basics

HomeGoods strives to keep its shelves and racks stocked with fresh and unique products for its customers.

Understanding the restocking practices at HomeGoods can help shoppers find the best items and have a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Weekly Restock

HomeGoods stores generally restock their merchandise on a weekly basis, with most stores receiving shipments at least once a week, usually on Monday.

However, busier stores might restock more frequently, sometimes up to five times a week.

Another source explains that shipments are received four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and new items may appear on the floors daily(Apartment Therapy).

Popular Item Restock

HomeGoods continuously brings in new and popular items, allowing customers access to an ever-changing inventory.

Restocking occurs daily for popular products, ensuring that customers find various choices.

The store updates its inventory in the morning or late at night, again depending on the specific store’s hours

For customers who want to stay updated on new product arrivals at their local store, HomeGoods has an app that allows users to view a variety of items as they come into the store. 

By setting the preferred location within the app, shoppers can explore and discover new items as they arrive.

Factors Affecting Restock

When Does HomeGoods Restock

Several factors determine when HomeGoods restocks its inventory.

These factors, such as seasonality, store location, and supply chain issues, affect the frequency and timing of product restocking.


Seasonal demands influence the restocking of certain products at HomeGoods. During specific periods, such as holidays or seasonal changes, popular items might be restocked more frequently to meet customer demand.

Restocking is more common during festive seasons when consumers shop for decorations, gifts, and seasonal items.

It is essential for customers to understand that restocking may vary based on the season and product popularity.

Store Location

Another factor affecting restocking frequency is the store location.

Busier stores typically receive shipments more often, as their products sell out faster.

As a result, restocking at these locations may be more frequent than at less busy stores.

Supply Chain Issues

Like any other retailer, HomeGoods is susceptible to supply chain issues that might impact restocking frequency.

These issues can arise from sources such as shipping delays, supplier disruptions, or manufacturing problems.

Although these challenges can temporarily affect product availability, HomeGoods’ inventory is continuously restocked and changing to ensure that customers can access a wide range of unique items.

How to Stay Informed

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Keeping up with HomeGoods restocking is essential for shoppers who want to maximise their shopping experience.

To help you stay informed about the latest merchandise arrivals, there are several methods you can use.

Store Alerts

Subscribe to HomeGoods’ email newsletter to receive updates on new arrivals, sales, and other store news.

This is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on restocks and the latest products available at your local HomeGoods store.

Social Media

Follow HomeGoods on social media platforms, as they often post about new items and restock updates.

Here is their Facebook page, Instagram account and Youtube channel for your reference.

Ask Employees

Don’t hesitate to ask HomeGoods employees about restocking schedules or specific products you’re interested in.

They can be a valuable resource for information, as many items are shipped to HomeGoods by department, making it easier for employees to keep track of inventory and restocking timelines.

By using these methods, you can stay informed about when HomeGoods restocks and ensure you secure the best deals on your favorite items.

Tips for Shopping

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Best Days to Shop

If you’re looking to get the best selection and have a more effortless shopping experience at HomeGoods, it’s essential to know the best days to visit the store.

According to Apartment Therapy, if your schedule allows it, the best time to shop at HomeGoods is from Tuesday through Friday midday.

During these times, the store is quieter, and the organization may be better, as most people are at work, providing a hassle-free browsing experience.

Online Shopping

Did you know that HomeGoods now has an app that can make your shopping experience from home even easier?

You can download the app on iOS here

The Android version can be found here

Set your preferred location in the app, and start discovering the latest arrivals without needing to visit the store physically.

Keep in mind that HomeGoods products go through markdowns every three months.

If you have your eye on an item but don’t want to pay full price, waiting a few months could lead to a price drop.

However, be prepared for the possibility that the item may not be available after that time.

When shopping online or in-store, it’s crucial to stay flexible and not fixate on a specific item. HomeGoods inventory can vary significantly, and you may not always find the exact product you’re looking for.

Instead, focus on the solutions you may find and how they can fit into your overall design inspiration. Being open-minded can lead to discovering unique and stylish items for your home.

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