How Does Airtime Rewards Work?

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You may have heard of Airtime rewards, but what exactly are they? Airtime is a cashback application that allows individuals to save money on their phone costs with the process of building up rewards.

Some individuals claim that it’s possible to earn enough to repay their entire mobile bill monthly.

What Is Airtime Rewards?

The application was produced by co-founders Adam Ward and Josh Graham in 2015, who had both been operating in the industry creating solutions for customers for loyalty and commitment. 

Airtime Rewards don’t advertise extensively, but they have managed to attract more than half a million customers worldwide.

Members are able to use the rewards at hundreds of retailers, creating enough savings to vastly reduce their bills. 

In a typical month, users are able to save on an average of £10 or more, although as just mentioned some gain considerably more, creating a substantial saving.

The reward system is available through some of the biggest UK mobile phone providers, Vodafone, EE and O2. Some smaller companies run the scheme too, but it’s worth checking. 

How Does Airtime Rewards Work

How Does Airtime Rewards Work?

To start utilising the program, new users are required to download the app onto their smartphone, add their number and payment card. 

The next step is to link their card to the app itself. That way they can earn money as they go or receive free credit if they have a pay as you go phone.

By doing this, customers instantly get airtime credit reports to their phone bills, helping them minimise the expense of having a phone. 

The app monitors transactions using Visa or Mastercard, require no codes or complicated additional processes. The purchases will show up in a customers’ app 5 days after the transaction. 

During the sign-up process, the reward app will check a customer’s number to check they are the person responsible for the bill. 

How Much Can You Receive?

How much cashback you receive will depend on where you shop and how much you spend. Most participating retailers offer 5%, but many will offer 10% or sometimes more.

Customers have to spend at least £10 before they can claim their reward. 

When the £10 threshold has been reached, users can claim their cash back and use it on their bill. Rewards show up on the mobile phone bill within 24 hours.

How Do The Retailers And The Company Make Money?

The Airtime company agrees with retailers a percentage as a reward for each transaction members make. 

Via the app, most of these rewards are directed back to the customer as rewards for shopping in participating retailers.

The Airtime Rewards company themselves retain a small percentage that is profit for them for  running the program.

The app and service are compliant with PCI requirements and have a direct agreement with a fully integrated service with MasterCard and Visa, making the service safe and secure. 

Individuals’ card details are kept safe in accordance with data protection rules and as well as being encrypted, and users are not charged for this part of the service. 

Who Are The Partners?

Airtime has about 80 major sellers consisting of Bella Italia, The Body Shop, Halfords, Café Nero, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Waitrose. 

Airtime rewards have stated that the stores they partner with intend to utilise it because clients generally invest 20 percent more per trip than the basic customer using the app.

They also commented that the incentives offered increases consumer spending and attracts a different demographic, which helps them gain access to sections of the market that would otherwise not have been accessible. 

How To Maximise Target Benefits

One way to maximise benefits is to stay in the know. The airtime reward creators regularly run competitions and offer exclusive offers.

Stay in the loop by opting to receive emails with details of offers and join the digital community via social media of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

A second way is to link all of your cards. When setting them up, as mentioned, you are required to link a card, but why limit it to just one?

The more cards you use, the greater the benefits are, simple! The company is so great they even alert you to update details if for some reason you lose your card. So, you’ll never miss out! 

At Airtime Rewards, they take security very seriously as we mentioned earlier, so you can feel comfortable adding all your cards knowing that they are secure and safe without risk. 

Another great feature of the app is the ‘send a gift’ option. If you have your mobile phone bill paid by someone else such as a parent (lucky you) then you can save credits and give the balance to another person. A great birthday gift option or just to show someone that you care. 

As if the rewards weren’t enough by themselves Airtime Rewards also offer a monthly challenge option where you can unlock an extra bonus. This is where you collect a virtual ‘stamp’ for each transaction you make. 

Simply login to the wallet section of your phone and select ‘opt in’ under the challenge section. This will trigger an email that will explain exactly what you need to do in order to complete that month’s challenge. 

You will receive a tick for each purchase you make and receive a bonus at the end of the month if you have completed it.  What’s not to love about that?

Another way to get maximum rewards is to pass it on! Get a ₤ 1.50 perk with a little aid from your friends.

Share the application with a friend (or member of the family) so they can obtain money off their mobile costs too.

Merely click ‘share and earn’ which will send you a referral code, you will receive 50p and so will the recipient.

If they start purchasing at the participating retailers within seven days then you’ll both get £1, it just gets better, doesn’t it?

There are no limits to how many people you refer, so what are you waiting for? Start sharing that code. 


So, there you have it. Download the app today to start reaping those monetary rewards. 

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