Does GO Outdoors Price Match? (Price Match + Adjustment Policy Explained)

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Whether it’s clothing, footwear, sports equipment, or a camping kit, GO Outdoors often offers the best value for money on the market.

But what if you find a cheaper item elsewhere – does GO Outdoors price match? 

GO Outdoors does offer a price match policy to Member’s Card holders. This will beat any competitor’s price by 10%. The match is available as soon as the competitor price has been checked and confirmed as in stock.

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To claim the price match, speak to a member of staff in-store, or complete the online contact form within 7 days of purchase. 

How to Get a Price Match at GO Outdoors

As with any store’s price match policy, you’ll need to prove the competitor’s price for the item you want to buy. 

Providing GO Outdoors with a URL link to the product is the simplest. 

The GO Outdoors price match plus policy covers both in-store and online purchases. 

What Are the GO Outdoors Price Match Terms and Conditions?

There are some terms of the GO Outdoors price match plus policy to be aware of, as follows:

  • The GO Outdoors price match policy only applies to Member’s Card Holders
  • Offers from JD Sports Fashion PLC companies are excluded from the 10% price match, though these products will be sold at the same price instead
  • Gas bottles and refills and gift vouchers are also excluded
  • Price Match Plus cannot be used alongside any other additional coupons, discount offers or affiliate deals
  • Online and promotional codes are excluded
  • The price match product must be exactly the same in terms of brand, color, and size
  • The product must also be brand new
  • The competitor’s item must be available for immediate sale or shipping to any member of the public
  • GO Outdoors must be able to check and confirm the competitor’s price
  • Price Match Plus applies only to VAT-registered UK businesses and websites
  • The price to be matched should include VAT
  • GO Outdoors has the final say regarding all Price Match Plus discounts
  • GO Outdoors may withdraw Price Match Plus when and if the company decides to do so

You can claim a GO Outdoors Price Match Plus either online or in-store.

How to Claim Price Match Plus


If you want to claim Price Match Plus before buying, talk to a member of GO Outdoors staff. It’s best to have the product URL link ready to show them as proof of the competitor’s price. 

When you want to claim a GO Outdoors price match after buying, you need to bring your receipt or other proof of purchase to the same store you purchased the item from.

Again you’ll also need to prove the cheaper competitor price. 


For an online price match, you need to order your item first. Then use the contact form supplied here to provide details.

As long as GO Outdoors can confirm the competitor’s price and all conditions are met, you’ll be issued a partial refund. 

The form requires the following details:

  • Your name, email address, and phone number
  • The GO Outdoors product code (you can find this online under the product listing)
  • The lower price amount, color, and size plus the URL for checking

Does Go Outdoors Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

The GO Outdoors Price Match Plus policy applies within seven days of purchase. 

So if you find that the exact same item would have been cheaper when buying from a competitor, you can still claim the price adjustment. 

GO Outdoors, therefore, honors its Price Guarantee policy within one week of purchase. 

A refund for the difference in price plus 10% will therefore be made for qualifying items. Remember that this applies only to Member’s Card Holders. 

5 Other Ways to Save At GO Outdoors

A laptop with the webpage of GO Outdoors showing in the monitor with a pair of hands typing on the keyboard.

If you’re looking for other ways to save at GO Outdoors, the good news is that we have a few exclusive tips to share!

1. Get Hold of a Member’s Card.

It costs £5 per year, and in return, you get low prices plus exclusive cardholder offers.

You also need a Member’s Card to benefit from the GO Outdoors Price Match Plus policy. 

2. Subscribe to Their Emails.

At the bottom of the same price guarantee page, you can sign up with GO Outdoors.

This will entitle you to exclusive offers, which will be sent to you via email. 

3. Look Out for Codes When Shopping Online.

At the time of writing, for instance, a banner across the top of the page gave shoppers an additional 10% off clothing when using the code supplied. 

4. Check if You Qualify for a Partner Discount.

Members of both local and national outdoor groups can claim an additional 15% off their purchases.

This applies to anyone with a DofE card, or members of the Scouts Association or GirlGuiding.

You’ll need to show proof such as a card or item of uniform, or use a code when shopping online.

Other organizations such as the YHA, Hostelling Scotland, the NUS, the Defence Discount Service, the Blue Light Card, and the Camping and Caravanning Club also qualify.  

5. Search Online for ‘GO Outdoors Discount Codes’.

At the time of writing The Independent, NHS Discounts, The Telegraph, and more published codes for up to 25% off at GO Outdoors. 

GO Outdoors Price Match FAQs

Does GO Outdoors Price Match Amazon?

GO Outdoors does price match Amazon, as with any other high street or online retailer. The same terms and conditions apply to Amazon as to all other Price Match Plus transactions.

This means the item must be the same color, size, and brand, and you must supply GO Outdoors with the URL to check this. Amazon must have the brand-new item in stock, ready for immediate shipping. 

All the other terms apply, as usual, so you must have a GO Outdoors Member’s Card to qualify. Remember also that the company reserves the right to withdraw its price guarantee whenever they wish. 

Who Owns GO Outdoors?

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As of 2017, GO Outdoors has been under the ownership of JD Sports Fashion plc. The group’s other outdoor brands include Millets and Blacks. 

While the GO Outdoors Price Match Plus policy applies to products sold by other JD Sports Fashion plc brands, in this case, the price will be matched and the extra 10% not applied. 

How Do I Get an Extra Discount at GO Outdoors

Members of certain groups and associations can get up to a 15% extra discount at GO Outdoors. This is in addition to the Member’s Card price. 

Qualifying groups include members of the Scouts Association, the NUS, YHA, the Defence Discount Service, the Camping and Caravanning Club, Hostelling Scotland, the Blue Light Card, and GirlGuiding. Holders of a DofE card also qualify. 

Summarising the GO Outdoors Price Match Plus Policy

In brief, the GO Outdoors policy offers to match an identical competitor’s price plus give customers an extra 10% off. To claim this you’ll need to hold a Member’s Card and provide proof, as well as meet certain other conditions.

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