Can You Use Nectar Points At Argos?

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For too long, businesses put far too much emphasis on customer acquisition, neglecting their established followings, but rewards such as Nectar Points turn that growth-obsessed position on its head, encouraging and showing an appreciation of loyalty.

Can You Use Nectar Points At Argos

However, a point system such as this is only rewarding if you actually shop at participating establishments — Is Argos one of them?

You’ll be happy to hear that Argos is indeed a Nectar partner company, so you’re free to use your stash of accumulated points to offset the purchase price of their incredibly varied products — Hooray!

But before you bend the knee and swear your undying loyalty to Argos, there are a few things you need to know. Read on and all will be revealed!

How Does The Nectar Point System Work At Argos?

Those already familiar with the Nectar system will know that one of the best things about it is its simplicity, and Argos continues this easily-understood process.

For every pound you spend on Argos products, you will receive one Nectar point — a simple 1:1 point generation rate!

How Much Are My Nectar Points Worth At Argos?

For every 500 Nectar points you collect, at Argos or any other partner establishment, you will get £2.50 off your purchase, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you shop at Nectar participators exclusively, you stand to be making some pretty serious gains in no time.

Think about it… let’s say you do your food shop at Sainsbury’s and your budget is £250 per month. That’s 3000 Nectar points a year. 3000 ÷ 500 = 6. 6 x 2.50 = £15.

But let’s say you take advantage of 2X Nectar point promotions; you’re looking at a max £30 from your food shops alone.

Now let’s think about the fuel you use to get to Sainsbury’s (and beyond). On average in the UK, we spend £1154 on fuel per year, so if we fill up at Esso garages, that’s another 1154 Nectar points.

But remember, you get 2X points for all purchases made inside Esso, so let’s say you spend roughly £48 on drinks, snacks, newspapers, and last-resort bouquets in-shop over the course of a year; that gives you a total of 1250 fuel-derived points, taking our potential sum total to 7250 points.

This equates to £35, plus £1.25 in partially earned rewards.

But what about eBay? Should you spend around £200 on this e-commerce platform throughout the year, you’ll end up with 7450 points. Add on a £50 purchase at Argos come Christmastime, and you get 7500 points, but don’t forget the annual holiday!

Spend £500 on flights with British Airways and you’re at a whopping 8000 points, giving you a final total of £40 — Free money!

Are There Any X2 Nectar Point Opportunities At Argos?

Unfortunately, there are currently no ways to earn double Nectar points on any Argos purchases, but don’t let that get you down. A points double up is a great marketing tool, so the infamous outlet may well advertise one eventually.

Besides, there are other ways to earn point bonuses… you just need to download the Nectar app on your phone and turn on push notifications for bonus events alerts.

Will I Get Nectar Points For Shopping At Argos In-Store?

Yep! You will absolutely be rewarded Nectar points for shopping at Argos in-store, so next time you head into town, go ahead and flip through the pages of those bulky laminated catalogues and see if anything takes your fancy.

How Do I Use My Nectar Card In-Store At Argos?

It couldn’t be easier to claim or spend your Nectar points in an Argos shop, but you’ll need either your physical Nectar card or your digital Nectar card on your phone.

Can You Use Nectar Points At Argos (1)

To use your physical or digital card, simply present it at the till when paying. You’ll swipe it as you would a credit card, and you’ll either receive Nectar points or use your accumulated nectar points to offset upfront costs.

To use a fraction of your points, simply let the Argos employee know how many points you wish to allocate to the purchase.

When checking out at a “pay-at-browse” terminal in Argos, wait for the prompt to swipe your Nectar card and then do so.

Whichever checkout you shoot for, your points should be visible in your Nectar account after a maximum of 30 days.

Will I Get Nectar Points For Shopping At Argos Online?

If you prefer shopping online from the comfort of your own home to hitting the streets and visiting brick-and-mortar stores, I’ve got some fantastic news for you! For every purchase you make, you will earn the very same 1 nectar point for each pound spent.

How Do I Use My Nectar Card On The Argos Website?

It’s a little more confusing when you want to collect or spend your Nectar points when shopping at Argos online, but once you know how it works, it’s a total breeze.

All you have to do is link your Nectar card to your Argos account, which I know for many is easier said than done, so let’s break the process down right here, right now.

How Do I Link My Nectar Account To My Argos Account?

  • Step 1. Log in to your Argos account.
  • Step 2. Go to “Your Account”.
  • Step 3. Select “Ways To Pay”.
  • Step 4. Type in your Nectar card number and account password into the corresponding fields.
  • Step 5. Start collecting or spending Nectar points online by specifying details during checkout.

Are There Any Nectar Point Limits When Shopping At Argos?

You can spend a maximum £500 in Nectar points per purchase at Argos, which, if you’re curious, is 100,000 points worth of reward — Congrats big spender!

Typically speaking, you have to spend your points in £2.50 (500 points) increments, but there is one exception… if the product costs less than £2.50 and you have the equivalent in points, you can use them to cover the total cost of the purchase.

For more terms and conditions, you can read the small print over at the Argos brand page on

Final Thoughts

There you have it — You can absolutely use (or collect) Nectar points at Argos, which certainly takes the sting out of birthday and Christmas present buying! Spend at any participating establishment, and you’ll be making your purchases work for you!

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