Does Rei Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

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When shopping for your next outdoor adventure, it’s great to get the best deal possible on your new gear.

REI Co-op is a popular store for all things related to exploring the great outdoors, and they are aware that prices might fluctuate.

That’s where REI’s price adjustment policy comes into play.

You might be wondering what happens if you find a lower price on an item you recently purchased at REI.

Well, you’re in luck! REI offers price adjustments on items within 14 days of the original purchase date, as long as the items are the exact same product, color, and size.

This way, you can ensure you’re getting the best possible deal while still enjoying quality gear for your outdoor escapades.

Rei Price Adjustment Quick Guide for Savvy Shoppers

So, next time you gear up at REI for your hiking, camping, or climbing adventure, remember to keep an eye out for possible price changes within that 14-day window.

Understanding REI Price Adjustment Policy

What Is REI Price Adjustment?

A price adjustment at REI is a partial refund given to you, the customer, when the item you purchased goes on sale or is available at a lower price within 14 days of the original purchase date.

It is essential to note that REI does not price match with competitors, and the item must be the same product, color, and size for the price adjustment to apply.

Additionally, REI Outlet items do not qualify for price adjustments, so keep that in mind while shopping.

How to Make Price Adjustments at REI

To request a price adjustment for an eligible item, follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep an eye on the prices: Monitor the price of the item you purchased, and if you notice a drop in the price within the 14-day window, it’s time to request a price adjustment.
  2. Proof of lower price: You’ll need to provide evidence of the lower price, such as a link to the item on REI’s website or a store receipt showing the new, lower price.
  3. Contact REI: Reach out to REI’s customer service either in-store, by phone, or through online chat. Make sure you have your original purchase information handy, including the transaction number and product details.
  4. Receive the difference: Once the price adjustment is approved, REI will refund the difference between the original price you paid and the new, lower price.

Keep in mind that the 14-day window is crucial when it comes to price adjustments at REI.

If you miss this deadline, you won’t be eligible for a price adjustment, so make sure you stay on top of price changes and act quickly if you see a price drop.

Easy Steps for REI Price Adjustment Process Online and In-Store

Rei Price Adjustment

REI Price Adjustment Online

If you’ve purchased an item from REI online and discover a lower price within 14 days of the original purchase date, you can request a price adjustment.

To do this, sign in to your REI account on the site or app.

Once you’re logged in, locate the item in your order history and request a price adjustment.

Alternatively, you can contact REI’s customer service team via phone or email to request the adjustment.

Keep in mind that REI doesn’t price match with competitors, so make sure the lower price is from REI itself.

REI Price Adjustment In-Store

For in-store purchases, visit your local REI store with the receipt of the item within 14 days of purchase.

You must also have proof of the lower price, which can be in the form of the online listing or a printed ad.

When requesting an in-store price adjustment, be prepared to present your REI membership card or provide the phone number associated with your account.

Remember, REI’s customer service team is there to help you! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with the price adjustment process.

REI Price Match Policy and Its Exceptions

Understanding REI’s Price Match Rules

At REI, they offer a price adjustment policy rather than price matching with competitors.

This means if you purchase an item from REI and find the same item at a lower price within 14 days of your original purchase, you can request a price adjustment from REI itself.

Keep in mind that the item must be the same product, color, and size to qualify.

However, there are some exclusions you should be aware of. Firstly, REI does not price match with competitors, so if you find a lower price at another retailer, you won’t be able to request any adjustments.

Furthermore, REI Outlet items are excluded from the price adjustment policy (those with prices ending in $0.73).

So, while shopping at REI, make sure to keep track of any price drops on their website within 14 days of your purchase and request an adjustment if you’re eligible.

Just remember the limits and terms of use, and you can potentially save some money on your gear!

Benefits of REI Membership and Other Services

Rei Price Adjustment_eGift cards

As an REI Co-op member, you can enjoy various benefits that cater to your adventurous side.

From exclusive discounts to expert advice, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect with your membership.

Discounts and Dividends for REI Co-Op Members

When you become an REI Co-op member, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of perks for a one-time fee of $30.

Not only do you gain access to special pricing and promotions, but you’ll also receive an annual Co-op Member Reward. This reward grants you around 10% of your total purchases for the year as a dividend.

So, if you spend $1,000 at REI throughout the year, you can look forward to a $100 dividend.

In addition, your membership allows you to shop at the REI Outlet and even trade in or purchase used gear.

REI’s Expert Advice and Adventures

Your REI membership offers more than just discounts. As a member, you’ll have access to expert advice on various outdoor activities, as well as exclusive adventures led by trained professionals.

You can take advantage of various classes and events designed to enhance your skills and level up your outdoor experience.

Plus, you’ll be among the first to know about any new, limited-edition products and upcoming sales.

Explore the great outdoors with confidence and take advantage of the many benefits your REI Co-op membership has to offer, all while enjoying a casual, welcoming, and helpful community.

Rei Price Adjustment

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