McDonald’s Free Food Survey: Here’s How It Works

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Free food at McDonald’s? Count me in.

You might have heard of the McDonald’s survey hack, where you can get free food every time you shop at McDonald’s. 

Sounds great, right?

Well, it’s not super clear from most of the viral TikTok’s but in the United States, it’s not instant free food on offer, and it’s not available every time you go to McDonald’s. 

Fear not; McDonald’s still wants to give you free food, but they want your opinion for it, and it’s usually only a BOGOF offer.

(That’s shop speak for Buy One Get One Free – I think the acronym sounds like something a British person would say if they wanted you to leave their presence – “bog off, will ya??” – no? just me? OK).

So basically, McD’s will give you a free Quarter Pounder with Cheese or an Egg McMuffin if you give them your opinion AND buy one of the items. 

How to Get Your McDonald’s Freebie

Buy something in-store.

You’ll get a receipt which you’ll need to keep because that’s where the survey code is. See my example below:

Visit within seven days of your purchase and enter your survey code.


They’ll ask you to confirm the restaurant you visited, how you placed your order (with an employee, in the app or at a kiosk etc), and if you were satisfied with the order.

They’ll also ask if you were asked about using the mobile app, which food items you purchased, and how satisfied you were with them.

At the end of the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to provide specific feedback on your experience and be asked which is your favorite fast food store.

When you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be given a code to write on your receipt and claim in-store when you make your next purchase.

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey took me five minutes to complete.

Only you can decide if your time is worth a free Quarter Pounder or Egg McMuffin.

Things to know

You can only participate in up to five surveys per month per restaurant.

So if you want to do this more frequently, you’ll need to switch it up among your local McDonald’s restaurants.

Franchisees own McDonald’s restaurants, so not all will participate in the Mcdonald’s survey free food offer 

You have 30 days from the date on your receipt to claim your free burger or muffin.

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