Is Adidas Product Testing Legit in 2024? Requirements and Compensation

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If you love sportswear brands, then you may have heard of the Adidas product testing program. And wondered – can you really become an Adidas product tester and get free stuff? Or better still, get paid to test products?

Here we take an in-depth look at the Adidas product testing program so you can decide whether or not it’s something worth signing up for.

The Adidas product testing program requires you to test top branded Adidas products for free before they’re released to the public. You then give valuable feedback to be used in product development. It’s not a way to get free shoes, however, as products must be returned. There is also no cash payment for taking part.

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This post covers subjects like how the testing process works, how to join the Adidas product testing platform, how long the testing period is, and whether or not you can really expect to get free Adidas shoes that are yours to keep.

Stay right here for a deep dive into the Adidas product testing program. All are outlined as briefly yet thoroughly as possible, in plain English and without any fluff.

What Is the Adidas Product Testing Program?

Adidas product testing. Is it a thing, and if so is it legit?

A quick Google search for ‘Adidas product testing’ will soon reveal that it is indeed real.

The web address is currently the top result and clicking the link will take you straight to the dedicated official website.

However – before you proceed, a pop-up message appears, which you should read before continuing. This is from Adidas and states several facts.

Firstly, Adidas does not pay those who test products for them. So doing so will clearly not earn you any extra cash.

Secondly, they refer to social media users who may indicate otherwise, warning that this is untrue.

There is no Adidas product testing pay involved. Anyone claiming otherwise is either mistaken or knowingly sharing false information.

So is there any point in taking part in Adidas product testing? What’s in it for you if you do go ahead and sign up? Assuming, that is, that you are selected?

How to Apply for the Adidas Product Testing Program

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Once you proceed to the Adidas product testing website, there are three simple steps to becoming a tester.

These are to apply, qualify, and test. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

1. Apply

There are minimum requirements to meet before proceeding with your application for the US or EU programs, as follows. You should:

  • Be aged 18 plus
  • Be resident in the US or Europe
  • Have English as your main language
  • Have a valid email address
  • Have an internet connection
  • Be willing to supply body measurements
  • Agree not to share information regarding test products (this includes via social media personal messaging)
  • You should not be involved in testing competitors’ products

2. Qualify

To qualify for Adidas product testing, you’ll also need to:

  • Meet the minimum criteria for participation in your sport
  • Fit one of the sizes for the products used in the testing process

3. Test

Being selected to test is at the discretion of Adidas and may depend on factors like:

  • Your geographic location
  • Your shoe size
  • Your demographic profile
  • Your sporting profile

How the Adidas product testing program works

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So let’s assume, for now, that you meet all the criteria stated above. What’s next? There are five steps involved in testing Adidas products.

These are acceptance, receipt, testing, returning, and feedback. Here’s a little more about each of those stages.

1. Accept

If Adidas decides you’re a good match, you’ll then receive an email inviting you to participate in a test period.

2. Receive

Once you’ve agreed to take part, a test product will be sent to you with full instructions.

3. Test (And Record)

Throughout the testing period, you’ll need to try out the product for a given mileage or number of hours per week. This Adidas product testing process typically lasts between a fortnight and a month.

Do keep records at this point, as you’ll need them when you reach stage five – the feedback stage.

4. Return

You’ll then need to say goodbye to your Adidas products. They must be mailed back using the return label supplied.

5. Feedback

The final step is to give your valuable feedback on the Adidas shoes or other products you’ve been testing. This is via a straightforward online questionnaire.

Is the Adidas Product Testing Program Worth It?

So let’s assume you meet the Adidas product testing requirements and are invited to take part. What’s the benefit, and are there any drawbacks?


  • You get to test premium brand sports products for free
  • You get to wear Adidas shoes or clothing for up to four weeks
  • You don’t have to pay anything to send the product back
  • Your feedback may be used to shape future product development


  • You must supply your body measurements
  • You may not receive test invites if you don’t meet the requirements
  • You don’t get to keep the product you are testing
  • You don’t get paid as an Adidas product tester

Due to the way that Adidas product testing works, it’s not a way to get free shoes that you can keep.

But if your athletic profile matches, you don’t mind sharing your personal details with the brand and you’d enjoy taking part for two to four weeks, then why not go through the application process?

Not everyone’s happy to do something for free. It really might depend on how much you’re into the brand, or how keen you are to have your voice heard.

It can be a fun way to try out new running shoes or sports clothing and equipment before everyone else does. As long as you’re happy to answer questions at the end of the trial period.

Not everyone wants to do something for free, and this program from Adidas works in such a way that you won’t get anything tangible such as a pair of new shoes or cash payment.

But if taking part is something you’d get excited about, then you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

It’s certainly interesting when it’s what you’re into – and you can also have your say.

This kind of product testing also has a feeling of exclusivity about it, as you can get to see and try out a new kit before it’s unleashed on the general public.

Just remember, before signing up – you can’t share your opinions via social media or any other platform. Nor be testing products for one of the company’s competitors.

So if you’re already testing Nike, Reebok, Canterbury, Under Armor, or New Balance products, for example, then this is not the one for you!

What’s in It for Adidas?

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Well first of all Adidas get to choose who takes part in their product testing program.

Even without even the enticement of free Adidas products, you could be up against a lot of competition when applying. There’s no way to tell, unfortunately.

So let’s assume you meet the profile and minimum weekly activity requirements and are happy to fill out a simple online questionnaire in exchange for trying out top sportswear for free.

What’s in it for Adidas? Why do they want to receive worn shoes or clothing, and what happens after you complete the feedback questionnaire?

Adidas is a major brand in the sports apparel marketplace. As such they must strive to stay at least one step ahead of their competitors.

And that, in short, is what’s in it for them. They get access to real-life consumers – who may well be exactly the sort of people who would actually buy their products.

As an Adidas product tester, your feedback and suggestions can help them to improve their products.

This puts them out in front when it comes to beating the competition.

Since you send it back, Adidas can also examine the footwear or clothing once it’s been worn.

This makes them aware of any weaknesses, as well as how the product performs in a real-life situation.

There’s another potential bonus for them. If you love the product, you might well end up buying it. And/or recommending it to your friends once it’s been released.

Adidas Product Testing | FAQs

Is Product Testing a Real Thing?

Yes, product testing is a real thing. Some brands pay top dollar to members of the public who will give their products or services a test run before providing feedback.

Some prestigious brands don’t pay anything for this, as they can recruit sufficient testers willing to try out what they offer for free. In some cases, testers get to keep the products they test.

Are Product Testers Paid?

Product testers may be paid, or they may get to keep the product in return for testing it and supplying feedback.

In some cases, they receive no long-term reward at all, but simply take part because they’re excited enough about the brand to do so for free.

Even where there’s no monetary or physical reward, what testers do get is to give their opinions. They also get an exclusive look at a new product or service before its official launch.

Does Adidas Pay Their Product Testers?

No, Adidas does not pay their product testers. Nor do they get to keep the products they test, or receive payment in any other form.

The only rewards are getting to use a new product before the general public even sees it, and giving feedback that may be used in shaping the products of the future.

Despite this, Adidas product testing is very popular and there’s a lot of competition when it comes to being selected for a product trial.

How Much Does Adidas Pay to Test Their Products?

Adidas product testing doesn’t pay – in financial terms at least. You simply get to use the product for the length of the test – nothing more and nothing less.

At the end of the trial, the product must be mailed back to Adidas and no payment of any kind is made to the tester.

Remember that there’s no guarantee of being selected for a trial after making your application!

What Does It Mean to Be an Adidas Product Tester?

A young man in yellow shirt signaling a thumb's up

Becoming an Adidas product tester does not mean getting shoes for free. Nor even any form of payment at all.

What testers do get is an exclusive trial of brand-new products that aren’t yet on the market. You get to see, feel and actually wear them before anyone else.

If you’d like to have your voice heard in the sports apparel world, then the chance to give your feedback to such a big brand may also be attractive to you.

Being chosen is the first stage. If you’re picked to take part in a trial, then you’re already a step ahead of other, less successful applicants.

How Does Product Testing for Adidas Work?

There are three steps in applying as an Adidas product tester. You apply, and if you qualify you may then get to test a product. If you’re lucky enough to be selected, that is.

Then there are five steps to testing a product. You receive an email invitation to take part, then the trial product will be sent to you.

Next, you test the product for a specified number of hours or miles per week for the length of the trial.

Keeping detailed logs is important here, as you’ll need to refer to those for the final feedback stage. This is the last step after the product has been mailed back to Adidas.

How Long Is the Adidas Test Period?

The Adidas product testing period typically lasts between two and four weeks. So you’ll get to wear or use the footwear, clothing, accessory, or piece of equipment for up to a month.

After the trial period has passed, you’ll need to mail the product back to Adidas. Unfortunately, you don’t get to keep it!

Adidas Product Testing | Final Thoughts

So should you sign up for Adidas product testing – or not?

Whether there’s anything in it for you really depends on your interests.

For an Adidas fan, the chance to try out the brand’s not-yet-launched products for yourself may be enough of a reward.

You also get to give your personal feedback to a major brand.

This may be used to influence how products are developed, tested, and marketed in the future, which can offer a feel-good factor to those who like to have their say.

What you won’t get is a cash payment in reward for your efforts. Neither do you get to keep the product after the testing process is complete.

If you’re in it for financial recompense, then this isn’t really the right product testing program for you.

But if you’re excited by the prospect of previewing products from one of sportswear’s leading brands worldwide, then this could be well worth signing up for.

As Adidas provides the return label for mailing, you have absolutely nothing to lose by taking part.

If you’d love to best new shoes or other apparel without it costing you a dime – and you love the brand – then why not give Adidas product testing a go?

Remember, though, that there’s no guarantee of being accepted. Even though it doesn’t pay, you may be up against legions of competitors.

And that’s just to take part in the Adidas product testing process for free!

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