Does Home Depot Price Match in 2023? (Price Match and Adjustment Policy)

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Home Depot is a one-stop shop that helps you find all of the home improvement supplies you need for your home.

But does Home Depot price match?

Yes, Home Depot is happy to offer a price match for customers who have found a more affordable option at another retailer. Home Depot’s “Low Price Guarantee” will match that price with proper proof of the lower price.

Let’s dig more into this policy so you can feel confident in requesting a fair price from this popular home improvement store.

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How to Get a Price Match at Home Depot

The Home Depot price match policy works both online and in stores.

In order to ask for a price match online:

  • Make sure the lower-priced item is in stock and ready to ship from the competitor
  • Take screenshots of any relevant product information for reference
  • Call a Home Depot customer service agent at 1-800-466-3337 or start talking to an agent through Home Depot’s chat feature
  • You’ll be connected to the Home Depot price protection team and have your price matched

If you want to request a price match in person:

  • Save the ad, photo, or print a screenshot of the lower-priced item you want to price match to
  • Bring your proof of a lower price to any Home Depot Store
  • Ask an employee for help with the price-matching process
  • The employee may contact the competitor to validate the lower price
  • You will be price matched on the spot and can buy the item in-store at the lower rate

Will Home Depot Offer an Additional Percentage Off?

Home Depot used to match their competitor’s prices and beat said price with an additional 10% discount. Unfortunately, this promotional discount ended in May 2020.

However, Canadian Home Depot shoppers can still take advantage of 10% off while price matching, since the language was never removed from this region’s policy.

What Items Are Excluded From Home Depot’s Price Match Policy?

Does Home Depot Price Match

You’ll want to make sure that the item you’re reaching out to price match is eligible for the policy. Here are some items that are excluded:

  • Items from wholesale warehouses or clubs
  • Any items that are sold by third-party sellers
  • Black Friday sales
  • Any items that are excluded from sales tax
  • Liquidation sales
  • Clearance Sales
  • Items that include rebates
  • Buy one get one free offers
  • Seasonal or limited-time promotions
  • Open box items
  • Refurbished items
  • Items purchased on auction sites
  • Installation services
  • Labor services
  • Items that are bundled for a promotional sale

When in doubt, reach out to Home Depot’s customer support to confirm if your item is eligible for a price match.

This can save you a lot of time and trouble, especially if you plan on going in person for your match.

Does Home Depot Price Match Wayfair?

Yes, you can easily price-match an item from Wayfair if you want to get a lower price at Home Depot.

There may be exceptions for certain items, so it’s best to check with the Home Depot customer support team if you’re looking at clearance or open-box items.

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

Unfortunately, Home Depot won’t price match with Costco as the company doesn’t price match with any bulk retailers, including BJ’s Warehouse and Sam’s Club.

This is because Home Depot doesn’t offer bulk discounts on general item purchases.

Does Home Depot Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Home Depot will price-match Walmart.

However, when shopping online at, there are plenty of third-party sellers that won’t be eligible for a price match.

So make sure that you only try to match items that are clearly labeled as distributed directly from Walmart.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

As long is the item is directly sold by Amazon, Home Depot will match their price. Any items sold by a third party seller isn’t eligible for a price match.

At the time of the price match, you’ll need to be able to prove that the item is in stock and can be shipped to your current address.

Some shoppers have reported that it’s harder to receive an Amazon price match when visiting a store location. So make sure to call your local Home Depot before heading over to price match in person.

Does Home Depot Do Price Adjustments?

Price Adjustment Policy

You may be wondering, does Home Depot honor the sale price after purchase?

Home Depot will allow you to ask for a price adjustment within 30 days of your original purchase.

You can’t use Home Depot price protection after 30 days, so check your bill and submit any requests for a price adjustment before the window closes.

In order to receive a price adjustment, you’ll need to bring proof of the sale price to the store or online support agent. Special services, installation fees, or products that have been customized don’t qualify for a price adjustment.

Home decor, appliances, gardening supplies, live plants, hardware, and tools all qualify for the adjustment policy.

Other Ways to Save at Home Depot

Price matching and price adjustments are great ways to save money at Home Depot, especially if you’re a regular shopper. However, the savings don’t end there.

There are plenty of other ways to get discounts, cashback, and deeper value from your Home Depot purchase.

1. Simply Ask For a Discount

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where we would save money just by making a request?

Customers who aren’t shy to speak up are in luck.

There has been documented evidence that Home Depot employees have the agency to offer up to $50 off of major purchases.

So if you’re nice, persuasive, and ready to spend more than $200 on an item, it won’t hurt to ask for a discount.

2. Take Advantage of the Special Buy of the Day Page

The Special Buy of the Day section of Home Depot’s website regularly features deep discounts and free shipping on hundreds of items.

Since these sales only last for a day, make sure to check back regularly to find the items you’re looking for.

3. Take Advantage of Free Classes

Does Home Depot Price Match_ A Complete Guide

Home Depot saves shoppers thousands of dollars by providing them with the equipment they need for D.I.Y. projects.

However, they also offer free D.I.Y. classes that can help you to save even more money on your home decorating, maintenance, and repair.

These workshops are offered both online and in-person, so you can choose the option that works best with your schedule.

There are even free kids’ workshops that come with a kit that teaches your little ones how to be handy around the home.

4. Buy Pre-Mixed Paint

Painting projects can be quite expensive, especially in larger homes.

But if you’re not married to a specific color or shade, you can pick up a gallon or two of paint that was mistakenly mixed.

There usually isn’t anything wrong with the paint itself. It was most likely mixed incorrectly and the color was slightly off.

But if you like the color, you can use it on your walls and pick it up at a fraction of the price.

5. Let Home Depot Cut Your Wood For You

If you plan on buying several large pieces of wood at Home Depot, feel free to request them to cut those pieces down to size for you.

This can save you a significant amount of time or reduce labor costs for your project overall.

Lumber cuts are available depending on the size of your purchase and the type of wood you’re buying, so make sure to ask an associate for assistance on what they can cut when you’re shopping.

6. Pay Attention to Ad Sale Papers

Sign up to receive Ad papers from Home Depot to stay updated on current offers, sales, and promotions. Don’t want more junk mail coming to the house?

Luckily, they offer a digital copy of their Local Ad paper on the company website.

7. Join Home Depot’s Garden Club

Gardening enthusiasts can get significant discounts and coupons by signing up for the Garden Club.

You’ll also have access to free online gardening workshops, written gardening guides, and a garden planting calendar.

8. Use a Military Discount

Military discount benefit
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Those who have served in the U.S. military are eligible to receive a 10% discount at the store.

Even better, your spouse is able to take advantage of this discount as well.

Simply present your military card to an associate when making a purchase in person or register your military card online.

9. Utilize the Volume Pricing Program

If you regularly make larger purchases at Home Depot, you can save a lot of money with bulk discounts through the Volume Pricing Program.

Simply sign up, head to your nearest store, and speak with an associate to get a quote at the Pro Desk.

You could potentially save 100s of dollars with the right major home project.

10. Sign Up for Texts and Emails

As with most major retailers, you can get promotional codes and coupons sent directly to you if you sign up for the Home Depot newsletter.

And if you sign up for the Promo Text Home Depot Program, you’ll receive an instant coupon for $5 off your next purchase.

11. Leverage Coupons with your Price Match

Surprisingly, you can get even more savings when price-matching an item if you use coupons.

Simply match the price of the item and then present your additional coupon during checkout for even deeper savings.

12. Sign Up For the Home Depot Credit Card

Responsible credit card users can get plenty of benefits from using the Home Depot consumer credit card.

This card unlocks financing that lasts between 6 months and 2 years, which is perfect for those who want to break up major projects into smaller financial installments.

You’ll also get up to a year to make returns, so you have plenty of time to decide if your purchase was the right one.

The Bottom Line: Does Home Depot Price Match?

Shoppers are happy to hear that Home Depot price matches with competitors, which adds additional value to their already reasonable prices.

This can be useful if you’re working on major renovations, shop at Home Depot for work, or have a tight budget.

Take advantage of these additional ways to save at Home Depot.

Over time, they could add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars of savings, which can have a significant effect on your checking or savings account.

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